Wise And Dolls

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  1. Ryufire

    Oh goodness, Rick we’re still full from the awesomely dairy Cuban goodness! >u<

    • Shoan

      *squirts hot water from water gun* no BAD BAD

      • i like your hat

        for those people on phones and such : that…that came out wrong

  2. Lunyk Stormdragon

    Dont worry mice, no one will think you became good people.

  3. Dontlookmenaked

    I just love Sabrina’s big bottle.

    • Z24

      …Of Cuban preservative

  4. Draven

    First the mouse had a borked tail, then Max borked his face.

    • holmebrian

      i feel really sorry for that mouse i hope max didnt really hurt him

      • nyathetexascat

        My condolerence… Stop abusing mouses!

      • Ryufire

        As long as we didn’t hear any nasty bone crunching sound effects its fine! o.o
        Thank you PG rating! :)

        • legendario13

          NO!, Y U mention it >_<

      • Frank

        No bared claws, no pain.

  5. IceKitsune

    awww part of his tail is missing

  6. Dissension

    My butt is always for sale!

    • GameCobra

      His butt is always for sale!

    • Lupus


    • legendario13


      • gamer35

        i dont get it

        • holmebrian

          its better that you dont lets just say it goes beyond the pg rating of this comic

    • Perrin

      a sale on butt, huh? is it a “buy one, get one free”? if so, i’ll just take the free one. XD

  7. Ding

    Well hello Mr. Butt for sale!
    Also, no wonder those mice feel oppressed. They keep getting defeated!

    • Perrin

      defeat is my middle name!
      (in an alternate reality where the mice are all BATMAN…)

    • Keldor

      Not defeeted?

      • Perrin

        never… e.e

  8. xhunterko

    No mice were harmed in the making of this play.

    • Dontlookmenaked


    • Fuzzypaws

      Unfortunately not true, I’m afraid!

    • Valerio

      it must be true: I doubt the mice would play if they knew they’d got hurt.

      • thefirstonethere

        Happens so often, they overlook it.

      • Ryufire

        Now where to sign his body cast!

        • legendario13

          Not to put more fire in the burn but that arm looks a bit out of place, I doubt hes Ok..

          • holmebrian

            no no no! dont go there i dont want to think about it.

          • Legendario13

            I cant make it go away… I CANT

            Is Ryufire’s and the crunching sound effects Fault

          • Ryufire

            Sorry Legend I can’t get it out of my head either >.<

  9. Maxwell

    Lol wrath of god Paw.

  10. bene

    In that case ;) (wink wink nudge nudge)

    • bene

      Srry that was ment to be a reply to dissension

      • Maxwell

        How did you get me confused with dissension?

        • bene

          No I’m on my phone n I got fat thumbs and my phone just sucks

    • GuyFace101

      Say no more, say no more.

  11. Cre-8

    And so the mouse was here after known as “Cat toy”

  12. Dontlookmenaked

    How do you pronounce Adelaide?

    • Draven

      Ah – del – Aid

      • Argent Stonecutter


        • p0lo


          • Argent Stonecutter

            I’ve BEEN to Adelaide, they don’t pronounce it ANYTHING like that!

          • Perrin

            i love lemonade, so it matters not! ^(o0o)^

      • p0lo

        You can’t fool me Rick, that’s a PAW!

        STAMPS go on letters.

        • p0lo

          Lol, totally out of place but whatever :3

  13. Gabe23

    Nicely-Nicely drinking Nicely vodka and not going nicely …. nice

  14. *White fang*

    Stamp? Hahaha love it! Reminds me of grape in the “mouse mouse revolution” :D

  15. Russiarules1

    Yes. That came out wrong.
    Very wrong… teehee…

    • legendario13

      Soo… How much

      • Verp

        is Soo related to Spo?

        • Perrin

          yes, he did refer to how they’ve been going through the letters…. i’d assume that “Soo” is, in fact, related to “Spo.” although after severe squashings, eventually that won’t matter much.

  16. The Maverick Man

    Cruelty to mice much

  17. Valerio

    too many funny things to list :D

  18. Fuzzypaws

    At least it’s a quicker end than some!

  19. VoidedFiIms

    Hi Rick, I just found out about this comic the other day on some forums and have spent the last 3 days reading it start to finish. I absolutely love it! Being able to watch your art, over all style and writing on the comic get better and better has been such a treat. Every character is adorable in there own way and I am unable to pick a favorite anymore.

    One of the real joys in reading this for me has been the various story arcs and the humors/epic over all story regarding Pete and Dragon. This comic has kept me on my toes and I find myself guessing quite often on what will happen, something I rarely get to enjoy in most media.

    You’ve got me hooked and I can’t wait to see more!

    • spencershot4

      that coment…. so official looking… it hurt my brain =/ *dies*

  20. nel

    did the mouse die? :(

    • T-Squared

      That’s what I’m wondering myself! D8 I hope that poor mouse is okay!

  21. El

    So, am I the only one who has really no idea what’s going on anymore?
    There must be a ton of jokes and meanings behind all of this that I’m just got understanding.
    I mean, i’ve been reading Housepets! for like a year now, it’s not like I’m new to it.
    I guess I’ll have to stick to looking at the cute pictures.

    • Profesor Rod

      You need to watch the source movie

      The plays arcs are starting to do this. In the bigger picture take them as practicing their powers for the upcoming fight against… Pete?

  22. Valerio

    Monty Python Flying Circus reference FTW

    • RedDwarfIV

      Da-da da da ba na na da-da-da da da…
      Da da da da da-da-da na na -splomp-

      [Liberty Bell resulting in a foot splatting something. For anyone who doesn't get it, that's the opening theme to Flying Circus.]

  23. T-Squared

    Panel 6:

    Oh dear! o_o I hope he doesn’t end up like that revolutionary mouse! Is he okay? This is only a part of the play, right, guys?



  24. Valerio

    And so, Maxie gets to be the hero of the play, this time.
    guess the direction owned him one.

  25. RedDwarfIV

    Look out! That mouse has a mini gun!

  26. Valerio

    SO CUTE the portrait in panel 4! :D :D

  27. DanTwelve3

    The dice has no dots. He had it coming.

  28. Xane

    Mouse crêpes for appetizers while we gamble!

  29. Elwood Blutarsky

    Love the drawn-in background character in panel 4

  30. Perrin

    ~ TROLLER: “free butt!?”

  31. Tom Flapwell

    Big Nate? An intentional reference to the newspaper comic?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Shouldn’t that be Big Jule? Panel 2 and Panel 5 are inconsistent, and it’s Big Jule in the play.

      • valerio

        perhaps Big Nate is Peanut..?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Nathan Detroit’s not loaded enough to be down 25k and still in the game, if he had to bet Sky $1000 to raise enough to host a game.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Also, 25k is anachronistic, it’d be 25 grand (or 25 gee).

  32. 7sevin7

    wait… that mouse just said his but is always for sale…. o.O….

  33. Xuncu

    Fer a cute and cuddly anthro comic, we get a pretty decent body count.

  34. holmebrian

    blue eyes green eyes, the mice are so cute up close dawwwww

    • gamer35

      i bet they make grape hungery

  35. bhPixelFire

    Hello, I’m kinda new.
    But I’m already a fan of this comic!
    Read them all…

    • holmebrian

      and what do you think of the interpretation of this play rick is doing?

      its called Guys and Dolls, look it up on google if you never seen it before

      • bhPixelFire

        I don’t really know the story but I think I get the jest of it.

        And thanks for the welcome!

    • gamer35

      i remember when i was kind of new, couldn’t pull my face away from my computer, which proved to be a problem.

      ps. welcome to this awsome comic

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Go easy on the double-sided sticky tape, and you’ll quit getting stuck to the monitor.

      • bhPixelFire

        Yes, I’ve done this.

        For the last week or so I’ve been glued to my computer reading this awesome comic!
        I don’t know the story of Guys and Dolls jest!

        And something unrelated…
        I can’t help but like King. Even though he IS a misguided criminal.

  36. Perrin

    cool, new people! i started this about a month ago, so i remember when i got on here…. no one ever said anything to me or responded to me. XD

  37. bhPixelFire

    Thanks for the welcome!

    And I love this comic.
    I’ve been glue to my computer screen reading the pages.

    And I don’t know how to reply…
    Like you guys did.

    • bhPixelFire


  38. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    Sixth panel. PWND!

  39. BlackNinja

    I just started this series 2 days ago. I am now caught up. and addicted.

  40. C-Shock

    “My butt is ALWAYS for sale!”
    *spits out vodka*

  41. dylan

    why did max step on the mouse the first place