Drinking In The Locale
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  1. Ryufire

    Awesomeness! ^^

    • Ryufire

      That’s it they need to put Max in Telenovelas! :P

      • Valerio

        Maxwell, starring in “The Furs of Passion”!

        • Z24

          I’m still waiting for the evil twin

          • Gabe23

            Who turn out to be the evil step father of their third cousin

          • Z24

            And we still don’t know who’s the the cub’s daddy

          • Valerio

            It’ the character played by Max, of course! That’s why there is so uch hatred between him and his twin!

      • Adrián

        No, please. We don’t deserve to die that young!

    • holmebrian

      alt text: Boy it sure is Cuban in here

      • thefirstonethere

        Cuban will henceforth replace “hot,” forever.

      • pb98

        dude that sounded racist

        • Tara

          You’re way too sensitive if you regarded that as racist, lol.

          • pb98

            i am not sensitive!!!!
            *peanut shows up with trumpet*
            wah waah waaah waaaah

    • pb98

      he ordered her an orange soda!!!!
      is he trying to knock her out or be nice?
      *orange soda in this comic is like alcohol to the animals*

  2. leaffly

    Coconuts! :D

    • Perfesser_Bear

      “Cuban in here” — I can take that, but I was watching a movie on TV the other night, and then it just went all Belgium

      • m is for wolf

        Was it Hercule Poirot?

  3. Dontlookmenaked

    Yay More pets getting Drunk!

    • holmebrian

      just good acting but now that he ordered orange soda she will really get drunk lol

      • mr.muchy

        no thats king that gets drunk off pop :P

        • Dontlookmenaked

          No, All animals get drunk off of Orange soda.

          • i like your hat

            Bur IR only takes one for king ;D

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Low body weight, plus he’s not used to it.

        • CommodoreBasic

          Well, Keene gets drunk the same.

          • i like your hat

            yeah but hes a tiny ferret
            ferret ;P

  4. IceKitsune

    hmmmm I wonder if she actually is having Orange Soda right now.

  5. Shoan

    Where did they get this stuff?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Cartoon Theatrical Supply, Inc.

      Your source for dramatically oversize fireworks, anvils, and coconuts since 1921.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        (ACME went through Chapter 11 after Wile E. Coyote retired, and CTSI bought the rights to the name. ACME products are no longer made in Toontown, and classic “Toontown Era” ACME is VERY collectible)

        • ShadowclawFC

          ^ As a 90’s kid who grew up on the old looney tunes alongside cartoons of the times, this made me very proud.

    • Ding

      I was half expecting the drinks to be represented by a groundhog holding a little umbrella and wearing a paper bag hat that said “Booz”.

  6. GameCobra

    Max speaks Spanish!
    That is so… awesome?

    • IceKitsune

      It might just be acting just like Grape being drunk. That phrase is not really hard to memorize.

      • GameCobra

        Only if you don’t know anything about Spanish, which i do not =P

        I can pick up some simple French, however.

        • Frank

          êtes-tu sûr?

          • GameCobra

            Some, but not much. and mostly by hearing it, not by reading it. I forgot all of my french readings :( how do i say it?

            Parle lou francai?

  7. Draven

    Holy carp, I actualy understood that Spanish! I am surprised with myself.

    • Draven

      Especially since the only thing I learned in Spanish class was how to sleep sitting straight up.

      • Vartra

        Learning via osmosis, you absorb the knowledge while you sleep. For some it’s more effective than any other form of learning. I just play audiobooks while I sleep.

        • RedDwarfIV

          Did you learn what osmosis was whilst asleep?

          Because that’s not the definition I got.

          • S*T*A*T*I*C

            Although technically, if you DID learn by osmosis, you could do it in your sleep. Naptime in class, done learning History!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Dos cervesas, por favor.

      • Adrián

        Dos cervezas, por favor. Hablemos con propiedad… =P

        • Yehoshua

          Para mi no, me gusta estar sobrio.

          • Gabe23

            Mesero ! Ordene una tercer cerveza, gracias.

          • Z24

            Otra ronda pa’ todo el mundo!

          • Frank

            ¿Viste, Yehoshoa? ¡Esa es la peor forma de evitar que te sirvan cerveza!

        • Gabe23

          Y DJ, ¡ ponga salsa pa´ poner a todo el mundo a bailar !

        • Mwolf

          Yo quiero solo una, gracias ;)

    • Verp

      My dad was working on his PhD in Tucson and my mom was working on her Masters. I was between the ages of 2 to 5. My poor Anglo starving student parents needed a place to keep me during the day. A well to do Spanish speaking woman took pity on the poor Anglos and took me in during the day. I was completely bilingual by the time we left, but I need to relearn Spanish at some point.

  8. Dontlookmenaked

    Acorrding to google Translate:
    Waiter a ORANGE SODA for lady please.

    • GameCobra

      Bah. beat me to it X3

    • CommodoreBasic

      Never never never never use Google translate!

  9. GameCobra

    Waiter! A Orange Soda for the madam, please!

  10. xhunterko

    Yes. Preservative. That’s it exactly.

    • DanTwelve3

      Just a little to preserve. Something like 20% does the job.

  11. Jackalope121

    how can you say no to that smile though?!

    • Valerio

      I can’t

  12. Frank

    I want to know if he said “Orange Soda” or O-ran-hey Sod-a now

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Refresco naranja?

      • Frank

        Well, that would imply that Orange Soda has no relation to real oranges and is all orange food coloring…
        What am I saying? It is all food coloring!

      • Alone in the dark


  13. Lance

    haha! I’m really enjoying this arc, I have to say. :3

  14. Draven

    I’ll assume that Max didn’t say “fresca naranja” for reader convenience.

    • Keldor

      Or maybe Orange Soda is the actual brand name, and is thus said the same in all languages?

  15. Gabe23

    Oh por Dios !!! Que exito es ver a Max hablar español !!! Ja ja buenisimo

    • Cristian100n

      Dang! i wanted to put the first spanish comment!
      me as ganado!

      • Gabe23

        ja ja well what can I say, besides spanish is my first language

        • Cristian100n

          ha so is mine

          • Gabe23

            In that case, ¡Hola desde Costa Rica !

        • Yehoshua

          My third language is Spanish.

          Pero todavia lo hablo perfectamente (con poquito de acento.)

          • Frank

            se dice ¡”con un poquito de acento”!

          • Frank

            Aw, come on! It’s funny! He says he has an accent and even his writing has an accent? Anybody? No? Just me?

      • Frank

        But it’s not real Spanish! It’s missing the opening exclamation marks!

        • Gabe23

          Oh technicisms ….

  16. Cristian100n

    Ay ay! El gato negro sabe espanol.
    just in case you guys don’t know Spanish i said “The black cat (Max) knows Spanish”

  17. gameangel147

    Where are the dominoes, you can’t be cuban without a smoking game of dominoes.

  18. D-Rock

    Alcoholic dulce de leche? Never heard of that. I know it’s a simple phrase, but now I’m wondering how much Spanish Max knows.

    • Frank

      My guess? It’s not really dulce de leche

    • Javier

      maybe it’s expired dulce de leche

    • Gabi

      Considering that real dulce de leche is milk jam and is not a drink at all, that seems to be someting else entirely. It might ave dulce de leche as one of the ingredients, though. I tried putting it into tea once, the result was not that bad, mostly like sweet milk tea.

      • D-Rock

        Never thought about putting that in a drink, mostly because I’m not really a fan of dulce de leche. Still, I’m intrigued, thanks for the idea.

      • Frank

        It actually depends on where you are. I’ve seen “dulce de lecehe” be used to refer to what might more accurately be described as a bonbon!

        • D-Rock

          Guess I shouldn’t be suprised that what it actually is depends on region. I’ve really only seen the candied versions here in Texas.

  19. *White fang*

    I like how grape looks in the last panel cause i made that face when my gf spoke chinese i was like “OMG u speake spanish”! It was an epic fail but that’s how we met. True story:D

  20. SilentWolfXIII

    Boy this is starting to remind me of my 21st…

  21. Valerio

    and now is the right time for Max to ruin the nice date and lose the bet. (hey, at least the money will pay for the wedding)

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Nah, that’s not how the play goes.

      • valerio

        That’s how Max goes

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Max already messed up one imaginate session. Grape would balance his ears if he tried it again.

          And the money pays for the terrible game in the Biltmore garage.

          • Valerio

            Is that a bet? A THOUSAND DOLLAR bet?

    • Frank

      The bet was that he would take the girl to Cuba. The sign says they are in Cuba. Max has already won!

  22. Fidofan

    Max you never stop surprising all of us:)

  23. deft

    It actually should be “señorita” not “señora”, since the latter means more like “old lady” rather than “miss” like the former.

    • deft

      Also, it’s more respectful to say “Señorita”.

      Okay, I’ll stop now <_<

      • Frank

        Back when this is supposed to take place, “Señora” was considered the more polite form

    • Gabi

      Señora literally means married woman, but can be used as madam.

    • Keldor

      This is, of course, the perfect reason for Max, being Max, to use “senora” instead of “senorita”.

  24. CheshireDCat

    Har I wonder if he is trying to get her actually drunk…

  25. Russiarules1

    I love this kind of bilingual jokes, dialog, whatever.

  26. Profesor Rod

    Orange Soda? Well, now we know that he’s trying to get her drunk :3

  27. Argent Stonecutter

    Wow, Grape can imaginate “drunk bubbles”.

  28. Xane

    I always wondered, in fiction if you get drunk enough, can you be used as a bubble machine for parties? :lol:

    • Frank

      Reminds me of a cartoon where there’s two guys minding they’re own business, when suddenly one says, “Hey, what’s that popping noise?”
      “Oh, that’s just who spotted the love of his life.”
      “Little floating hearts?”

  29. i like your hat

    I believe those are all alcoholic beverages and now she’s drunk D:

  30. illeatyourself

    I love the mildly racist hidden text! XD

  31. FerreTrip

    Hooray for running gags!! X3

  32. sonix

    mas ele não fala português e eu falo ! ^_^

    • Gabe23

      Voce fala Portugues ? Well I speak a little bit, I want to learn to speak it fluently … although I know how to say: Há uma mosca na minha sopa ….

    • Z24

      Ai se eu te *shot*

  33. GuyFace101


  34. Ryufire
  35. nyathetexascat

    Mr.and Mrs sandwich come in…

    • valerio

      they’re already there, watching the play.
      And taking pictures.

      • Keldor

        Oh dear, poor Grape. The Pridelands imaginate incident was bad enough…

  36. gamer35

    xD Max says ” Waiter! One naranja, refresco for the lady, please.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I see you used Google Translate too!

      • Legendario13

        Google only works to traslate individual words

        • Frank

          But “naranja refresco” isn’t proper Spanish! They call it Refresco de Naranja!

  37. Erikuto

    why do pets get drunk from drinking soda?

  38. Hawkeye4Fur

    Hi. I’m new to blogging. sorry if i sound like a noob. I think this comic is funny and cute! Characters are awesome! Love Peanut, love Grape, love Tarot, love Max- LOVE’EM ALL! Don’t like the love triangle between Peanut, Grape, and Max. Grape, if you have to choose between the two, then make your choice already. Don’t continue teasing them on and on. It’s not healthy for you and it’s not healthy for the boys. I feel for Peanut’s pain, and i think you two belong together, but it’s not my decision. Max is cool, and if he’s got your vote, cool. I just think you and Peanut are cuter. Not trying to cause any trouble. just voicing what i feel. I already said how much i love HousePets! and i stand by it. i wish i had a character in this badly. I support your work, Rick, and can’t wait for the next panel. Rock on!

    • Legendario13

      You can always join the forums and make your dream come true (in a way).

  39. Adryan

    I feel like I have something profound to say, but it’s not coming to mind.
    Anyway, weren’t the Irish Car bombs trashcan bombs too? xD

  40. Legendario13

    How old is grape?
    Or is just part of the play…

    • Keldor

      Or perhaps Max only knows the little bit of Spanish he got from watching movies.

  41. Pogiforce

    Of course we all know that housepets somehow get drunk on Orange Soda anyway.

  42. Z24

    For everyone: Max says: “Waiter! One orange soda for the ma’am* please”

    *Technically, it isn’t “lady”, but it can be too.

  43. Hawkeye4Fur

    How do you join the forum? I’m still trying to get the hang of this.

  44. Hawkeye4Fur

    Wait. I found it.

  45. Hawkeye4Fur

    okay, i’ve joined the forum. question: how do you post a fanfic if you’ve got one?

    • legendario13

      Who are you in the forums?

      or contact with a Mod, they will surely help you

  46. Maxwell

    Coconuts!! =D

    • legendario13

      Dude, Dude!
      Dont freak out.. but you’re surrounded…

  47. Hawkeye4Fur

    I’m Victor2.093.

    • Keldor

      Hello, Victor2.093!!

      Oh, you mean on the forums.

    • Legendario13

      Haha indeed hello

      look for the mods on the forums they have all the info

  48. Cloudedguardian

    “So awesome”
    That pose…

    • Draven

      Grape in panel 4 right? I think you may be reading too far into it, but I could be wrong. I have noticed a surprising lack of MLP references though…

    • GuyFace101

      Nonono, the pose you’re thinking of is, /)^3^(\

  49. Legendario13

    Max’s bell got bigger on panel 2? (proporcionaly)

  50. Hawkeye4Fur

    did i make a mistake with my forum name?

  51. Hawkeye4Fur

    Btw, thanks for the welcome, Keldor

  52. Mwolf
  53. Kath

    “I got the horse right here
    The name is Paul Revere
    And here’s a guy that says that the weather’s clear
    Can do, can do, this guy says the horse can do
    If he says the horse can do, can do, can do.

    In highschool, it was one of the musicals that we did and by the end of the run everyone on the cast and the stage crew knew every one elses line- So good to see some of the classics being brought back out-