Hungry For Cheddar

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  1. Ryufire

    *Still wears the lunch bag* Peanut always makes that arc well worth the read! :P Happy 4th Housepets! :)

    • holmebrian

      alt text: Nicely done, Nicely-Nicely

      • holmebrian

        i wonder if thats some sortive response to what sabrina said?

      • holmebrian

        this might help people understand the alt text
        sabrina is playing as Nicely-Nicely Johnson
        i had to look that up before i under stood that

        sorry bout posting to my post twice

  2. kimo

    HAHA… oooh didnt see the mice coming

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Yes! More secondary characters! I can’t wait for King or Sasha to get into an Imaginate arc.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      I never thought we’d see them again.

      • Legendario13

        Well Grape has now work to do

        • C-Shock

          Politics better not come up…

    • Valerio

      No one expets the mice coming!

      • xhunterko

        *while riding through town on horseback*
        The mice are coming! The mice are coming!

        • Valerio

          You fiendish rat!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Our main weapons are surprise and the ability to hide under furniture.

        “That’s two”

        Our two main weapons are surprise, the ability to hide under furniture, and the strength of numbers!


        Among our weapons…

        • Keldor

          Argh! I said it!

          Argh! I said it again!

          Argh! I said it three times!


          • Oberon

            Monty Python? XD

    • Frank

      Look at the tag! They’re rats!

      • i like your hat

        But the cheese is a steriotype

      • xhunterko

        The Rat Pack is capitalized on both words meaning it’s the name of the group.

        • The_Rippy_One

          But can they sing?

      • Valerio

        it’s easy to mistake them for mice: identical fur color, identical ears, same size. I think those are mice calling themselves ‘the rat pack’. It’s cool, man!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        So is the Rat Pack the new name for the Mouse Mob or not? Grape’s confused too!

        • m is for wolf

          Perhaps Rick Griffin is calling them the rat pack because of the pun on pack rats even though they aren’t rats. That’s kind of a weird thing to do, though.

  3. xhunterko

    Return of the mouse brigade.

    • John

      How come I’m getting the idea that this scene wasn’t entirely in character for the play… :)

  4. IceKitsune

    The Rat Pack is a nice touch.

  5. Lunyk Stormdragon

    Ooh the mice return!!!!

    • Frank

      But they’re not the same ones!

  6. YoyoDude

    Oh my Tarot is so adorable in that last panel!

  7. Ding

    Spontaneously produce medieval weaponry! I think every gal comes equipped with that skill. :D

    • Profesor Rod

      Yes. I have suffered that kind of wrath more than once D:

      • Frank

        Frying pans are medieval weaponry?

  8. Xane

    What, no mini paper hats for the mausen?

    I think Rick is teasing all the shippers with the Peanut/Tarot wedding.

    • IceKitsune

      uh its part of the play I don’t think you can count this as ship teasing. Also they are already dating you can’t “ship tease” something that’s canon.

      • darkgloomie

        Looks like somebody hasn’t read the shipping rules thoroughly!

        You can always count something as shipping, be it character interactions, common background or quirks, or the fact they’ve never been in the same room together!

    • Frank

      Do you know how much medicine they’d need to buy to get enough paper bags in the right size?

      • Crystalwind

        Anything is worth seeing all those mice wearing paper hats.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        They could fold little paper boats.

  9. LindseyCrew

    Well, this explains last strip…

  10. FerreTrip

    What, the actors don’t even know who’s in the play? X3

    • Frank

      Picture this:
      “Peanut, you’re in charge of costumes. Tarot, props. Sabrina, casting”
      “We need a crowd for Act 1 Scene 5 now, fall out!”

  11. Draven

    So much funny, it hurts to read.

  12. D.Z.

    Bwahah at Grape breaking character to recall one of the few times the fact that biologically she ought to be chomping smaller critters is brought up. :p

  13. Valerio

    today’s comic is SO full of awesome!
    Heh, missed the free republic of mouse/mice brigade :D

  14. sonic id furreh!!!

    *giggles* … the rat pack XD

  15. volkoseba

    Well if someone ate MY leader I would certainly consider being in a play with them…

    • Gabe23

      Seems legit

  16. The Wolf Kin

    Hah! The rats are back! Awesome!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      They’re mice.

      • Frank

        No, no! look at the tag! These are rats!

        • The Wolf Kin

          He’s right, though. Last time we saw the “rat pack” they were the “mouse mob”. Guess the term “rat pack” fits the imaginate story better, though. They are mice.

  17. Profesor Rod

    Tarot’s happy wiggly tail is SO ADORABLE! :3

    • Crackles

      This :3

    • Valerio


    • GameCobra

      a tail full of fluff wuff!

    • holmebrian

      in panel 8 a definite yes so adorable

  18. D-Rock

    Huh. Didn’t think we’d see the mice again.

    Also, I’m guessing Tarot is wearing a different bag, there’s no design on this one.

  19. *White fang*

    I love how tarot and peanut look in the last two panels just cute :D

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Agreed, Tarot in general is stealing this arc with her cuteness.

      • Crystalwind

        All they need now is for King to join their group and the cuteness of the comic would go beyond the possible limit.

        • *White fang*

          Hahaha 10 hours later after posting this i was sitting at the mall alone then all of a sudden i get trampoled by my gf and hugged on* sigh* ironic

  20. Gabe23

    This strip is aswome !!! So much things in here, the rats are back ! Sara (Grape) went to Havana with Sky (Max), great comic strip !!!

  21. LoneWolf

    Why hasn’t ANYONE mentioned the bottom left corner of the 5th panel????

    • DanTwelve3

      Those are Peanut’s feet from Grape knocking him over in panel 2.

    • Frank

      Well, it does say “shove”

  22. John willow

    I’m surprised they all actually know the concept of marriage. I don’t think the word wife or husband has been used once in the last four years

    • Crackles

      Well they do watch a lot of television and I don’t think it’s really relevant to them anyway as they are pets.

    • Crystalwind

      They tend to belong to married couples, so it seems logical that even if they can’t get married, they should know about it from when their “parents” explain about why they can’t.

  23. Valerio

    …just HOW did they convince the mice to play?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Bribed them with cheddar, I assume.

      • Draven

        The rules of conquest perhapse? Grape ate their leader, therefor she became their leader and commanded them to be in this play.

        • Draven

          Or else she’d eat them too. Grape would make a great dictator like that.

    • Frank

      Probably the same way Sabrina “got” Spo to stay with Fido

  24. Argent Stonecutter

    Tarot made an amazingly good leap there, given she’s got a paper bag over her eyes.

    I guess she has no ears on her paper bag because Adelaide’s not in her scantily-clad off-burlesque dancer costume.

    And speaking of paper bags, I like Grape’s “Irish cop hat tip” in panel 3.

  25. DanTwelve3

    The puns in this strip have reached ludicrous levels.

  26. Kurra

    I’m so lost. o.o

  27. Draven

    Is it me, or do Grape’s eyes look unusually effeminated in panel 3?

    • Valerio

      …because she’s a girl?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Nah, that’s “puzzled Irish cop” eyes, not “combed out eyelash” eyes.

  28. Stryde

    Marry the man today. Trouble though he may be, much as he likes to play crazy and wild and free! Marry the man today rather than sigh in sorrow,Marry the man today and change his ways tomorrow!

  29. Kohaku Nightfang

    I love how Peanut facepaws in the last panel :P

  30. Facade Kitsune

    wow grape disappeared

  31. Renkun

    Tarot is in the last panel the happiest pomeranian in the world but peanut look’s not really so happy or?^^

  32. Celina

    this article is really a great help especially to a newbie like me. great one.

  33. holmebrian

    yay not spo but all of his cousins!

  34. Keldor

    Evidently Grape neglected to set aside the necessary budget for seven very small paper ags.

  35. ThatGuyBehindYou

    Lol I have to use that patients joke someday that’s awesome :D

  36. czadaj

    i love all the “curse words”
    what the cristmas
    what in santas name
    son-of-a-charming young woman
    i am sooo using all those, and the doctor joke in this strip.

  37. Argent Stonecutter
  38. GuyFace101

    Finally! I just caught up with all the issues… in one day. That’s because there hasn’t been a series this altogether awesome-tacular since the Bone series. Waiting for another issue is going to kill me, but hey. At least it’s not a full week. :D

  39. Elisete

    thank you for your advice !

  40. Jamie Johnson

    What happened to King?

    • Dissension

      Nothing – he’s not involved in this arc. :3