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  1. Ryufire

    *Puts on another lunch bag* Its never to late to join Peanut’s gang! :P

    • holmebrian

      alt text: Max goes through a lot of toothpaste

      • Z24

        9 out of 10 cats recommend what Max’s using

        • silverfang16

          Uh huh,,,,,the other 1 out of 10 being the cats that have actually tried it. :P

          • Z24

            If dentists make money from extracting rotten teeth, why use something they recommend?

          • I like your hat

            That makes so much sense its scary….

        • holmebrian

          Orbitz gum
          Dirty mouth try new Max flavor it keeps your teeth max white!

      • Prof

        Best alt text of the year – at least.
        I almost fell from my chair laughing ^_^

  2. LindseyCrew

    lol IOU

  3. Xane

    If he grins any bigger his teeth will fall out!

    • Dontlookmenaked

      That’s what I love about Max
      Such a wonderful grin!

    • thefirstonethere

      I wonder what the ratio is from grin to panel is.

    • holmebrian

      and that grin is in no way creepy! Stalkerish

  4. Zaitsev

    You mean to say his smug doesn’t clean his teeth?

  5. IceKitsune

    That grin is his pride and joy I would guess.

  6. Jackalope121

    grapes face in panel 4 is just priceless.

    • I like your hat

      i only see a mouth and nose xD

  7. GameCobra

    I hope he uses Colgate =P

    • Valerio

      dat smile…*melts*

    • Gabe23

      Indeed …. That´s a beautiful smile

  8. nyathetexascat

    *sigh* da best!

  9. *White fang*

    “IOU” ;D

  10. gameangel147

    So was Max waiting there the whole time?

    • Frank

      Wouldn’t be surprised

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Max was offstage, waiting for his cue.

    • gameangel147

      He was just that desperate, and he loves to smile.

  11. Gabe23

    And now just do the math and guess what Sarah´s (Grape) next move is going to be

  12. yinsoul

    the greatest money ever the IOU XD

  13. C-Shock

    hold on…Cheshire?

    also, alt text: Max goes through a lot of toothpaste.

  14. The Wolf Kin

    Seriously, Maxwell has the best Cheshire grin since the Cheshire Cat.

  15. xhunterko

    @Alt-Text: You don’t say.

  16. D-Rock

    An Alice in Wonderland arc would have the perfect use for Max. That smile seems to be his trademark.

    Wonder how the bar scene would work in this arc.

    • Frank

      That’s not a bad idea, actually! Maybe they could do that for their next imaginate! (I guess this is where I’m supposed to call out “Rick, are you listening?”)

      • D-Rock

        I’ve already spoken to Rick a while ago, and he told me that major story arcs are planned a long time in advance. Still, that is an interesting idea, isn’t it?

  17. p0lo

    Wow, Max has been behind her this whole time…


  18. lumpking

    And Max’s amazing timing strikes again

  19. Mega Creep

    What is IOU stands for? I just didn’t get it :’(

    • DanTwelve3

      I Owe yoU. It’s a promise to pay.

  20. WingedwolfGirl

    Smiling, ear to ear.

  21. Salenstormwing

    Irony: Powering punchlines for years.

  22. Quez

    As a general rule Sister Brown doesn’t measure up?

    *inches himself out of reach*

  23. DanTwelve3

    A missionary going on a date with a notorious gambler can’t be so bad, can it Sister Grape?

    • Gabe23

      yep … waht could possibly go wrong ?

  24. Z24

    9 out of 10 recommend Max.
    The remaining one’s Bino.

  25. John willow

    This would be another good moment for peanut and his trumpet

  26. efhosci

    The first thing I thought of was, “Problem, Grape?”

  27. Maxwell

    I love Max’s grin there.

    • Talonstripe

      I wonder what brand of toothpaste Maxwell uses to brush?

      • valerio

        given the result, that brand should have a label with that grin and ‘Max-approved’ indication

  28. GameCobra

    I don’t know how you do it, Rick, but Max’s tail on the final panel looks fluffier than~ no :|

  29. Kurra

    I so don’t get what’s happening here. But still paper bags over their heads is funny alone.

    • holmebrian

      there putting on a play called guys and dolls. look it up on google
      as for the paperbags they always use them to do the imaginates although i dont think the first one had them

  30. Adryan

    Alt text: I C Wot U did Thar