Da Bet
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  1. Ryufire

    *Puts on the lunch bag* Peanut take us with you! >u<

    • Maxwell

      (Follows Ryufire with a bag on head)

      Yay! Roleplaying!

      • noghiri


        What are we playing?

        • Maxwell

          (Shoves a paper babg on his head).
          Paper bag hats =D

          • Maxwell

            (Looks at his typo)

          • Argent Stonecutter


          • m is for wolf


          • Ryufire

            =^. .^= (Joins the crowd)

          • pb98

            (puts a bag on head and draws a musical note on it)
            im with peanut
            (grabs trumpet)
            wa wa wa waaaaaaa

        • I like your hat

          id play a tuba…. for reasons between me and fat people….

          • TheTiger

            I would, join Peanut :D

  2. chino doll

    is awesome

    • thefirstonethere

      I feel like this is all one big inside joke that Im left out of :/

      • mr.muchy

        the beg or the brass instrument :P

      • Masque

        The whole series is a twist on the play “Guys and Dolls.” It all revolves around gambling, and the big bet is for Sky (played by Max) to convince a woman of Nathan’s (played by Peanut) choosing to go out with him. So Nathan picks the very conservative Christian missionary (played by Grape). Hilarity ensues.

        Mod Edit: Fixed Link

  3. Cristian100n

    wha wha whaaaa!

    • nyathetexascat

      Rick should have made this comic actualy play the sound effect

  4. IceKitsune

    Heh well this should be interesting.

  5. Exulen

    Lol peanut.

    alt text: everyone needs to play a brass instrument for this exact purpose

    • S*T*A*T*I*C

      Darn, now I need to buy a new trumpet.

    • anon_omis

      I bet I could do this on my violin

      • Frank


        A piano, however…

      • C-Shock

        you play violin too?

      • Dontlookmenaked

        Well I can play this on my…. carp.

        • Aeonera

          oh god where?

        • Aeonera

          if it’s in a murky pond you’re about to have !fun!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      A kazoo is good too.

    • Salenstormwing

      I wonder if Peanut can play the tuba as well. Playing it allows you to do the Price is Right “Sad Tuba” music.

  6. Keldor

    Peanut sure changes costumes quickly.

    • Cristian100n

      Despite the fact that the costumes are only papper bags with letters and symbols that shows what they are over their heads!

      • Cristian100n

        So yes, yes he does!

        • C-Shock

          oh hey! i just realized Peanut’s bag has a musical note on it in the last panel!

      • pb98

        kitsune!!!! pic!!!!
        (grabs trumpet)
        *wah wah wah waaaaah*

  7. Keldor

    By the way, what does Grape’s first sign say? Grateful Sow? Baleful Escrow? Aweful Kapow???

    • Crystalwind

      It could be “careful now”, I suppose. Makes about as much sense as anything else.

      • Dissension

        I’m 99.872% certain it reads “CAREFUL NOW.”

        • Sisco

          It’s careful now and down with this sort of thing, I’m betting it’s a reference to Father Ted they protested in an episode and that’s what they had on their placards.

          • Valerio

            In the episode ‘The passion of st. Tibulus’

        • Frank

          What does the other 0.128% think it says?

          • Aeonera

            “CAREFUL MEOW”. They are pets after all

  8. C-Shock

    Ah Grape. She was having NONE of that.

  9. gamer35

    i like peanuts muffled trumpet in the last box

    • Baxtrr

      ::Begin Stupid Trivia::
      The mute in the trumpet in the last panel is a Harmon mute, also called a “wah wah” mute, for obvious reasons. But it won’t actually make the “wah” sound unless you have your right hand over the mute rather than holding up the trumpet at the valves. Sorry, I’ll shut up now.
      ::End Stupid Trivia::

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Also, how does a dog play the trumpet with dog lips?

        • dibs

          (yes, with a “z”)

  10. sevitian

    How can they see is the question lol

    • WingedwolfGirl

      Hmm… the bags have no eye holes …transparent bags? -I got nothin’

  11. Crystalwind

    …Looks like Sky’s about to say goodbye to either his self-respect or $1000.

    I found this comic hilarious, especially the trumpet. If there was an actual Guys and Dolls play that was done like this, I would go to it without hesitation.

    Keep up the good work, Rick!

    • Verp

      Especially as all the actors only have collars and paper bag hats on.

  12. GameCobra

    I like where this is going =3

    I’m finding it very hard to not spoil myself by reading what happens after this. X3

  13. Gabe23

    I simply love the last panel … just love it

  14. 1boredcanadian

    Hmmm, this could be problematic. I do believe Peanut has bested you Max.

    • C-Shock

      when it comes to games, you just can’t beat Peanut. EVER.

      • I like your hat

        those wolf cubs almost beat him :3 in checkers, Latvian gambit http://www.housepetscomic.com/2009/10/26/how-terrible/

        • Argent Stonecutter


          • Jackalope121

            same difference

          • Argent Stonecutter

            HEATHEN! REPROBATE! Incorrigible unprincipled son of a charming young woman!

        • Crystalwind

          No! Nobody could defeat Peanut! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?

          Anyway, we don’t know if they almost beat him or not. All we know was that he was using that strategy, not that it wasn’t working against them.

  15. Tarot&Peanutfan210

    Peanut is hilarious

  16. leaffly

    Lol! I get it!

  17. Sisco

    Ah Father Ted reference! Love it!

  18. Predictable

    Of course, I think a tuba would’ve been a better instrument for that moment.

  19. mike123asd5


    • Valerio

      BY JOVE! You so got it! *shakes hand* I thought I was the only one watching it…

  20. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    Denied! XD

  21. WingedwolfGirl

    Oh Max, what have you gotten yourself into now?

  22. The Dark Ferret
  23. Tom Flapwell

    Kinda wish the horn would squirt cider in Max’s ear.

  24. aaronthemutt

    God, im finding this current arc to be especially hilarious because i was in a stage production of guys and dolls. This has been totally grand so far. XD

  25. Frank

    I’m suddenly reminded of that scene in Mouse Hunt where they try to mail the mouse to Fidel Castro

  26. D-Rock

    Smooth one, Max.

  27. Draven

    Totally not a fair bet, Grape and Max are already together.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Yeh, but Sky and Sarah aren’t.

      • Draven

        I call shenanigans irregardless of the situation in the play.

  28. FrostTheCat

    can’t go wrong with peanut in the situation

  29. CyberSkull


  30. purple griffin

    ha ha ha ha ha i would love to do that to my friends

  31. zeroslash

    Did Peanut shrink or is that just my perspective?

  32. Random Brony

    I was in this play once btw. I was a minor character…

  33. Tea Leaves da Panda

    Wa wa waaaaaaa.

  34. Draven

    Peanuts left hand doesn’t connect to his body in the last panel.

  35. PG

    i’m loving this comic so far, but i must say, it sucks trying to do anything online using a PSP…

    • Shoan

      heh, try doing this on a DS :(

      • I like your hat

        and that’s why you invest in a laptop ;)

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Don’t need a laptop, you can get a cheap generic tablet for about 70 bucks at Walmart. Just fine for web.

        • Xero1414

          I think a laptop is a better investment…

  36. Insigma

    I was so bored by this musical…

  37. Grey t' floydian sergal

    Nice Father Ted reference in there