Jokers To The Right
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  1. Dissension

    Spo always comes completely prepared for any debate.

    • 1boredcanadian

      He’s the world’s smallest politician!

      • mr.muchy

        lol no argument’s there

        • Draven

          Arguments are futil against Spo anyway.

          • Kristopher Tiberius Haven

            Spo need a girlfriend.

          • Valerio

            Does a girlfriend need Spo? :?

          • pb98

            i dictate that spo be crazy

          • valerio

            See? see? YOUR arguments come from crazyland!

          • Verp

            If Spo gets a significant other, let’s hope Spo is what they need, too.

    • Liandrii

      Alt text: “But let’s be honest, EVERYTHING not within my tiny island of true knowledge is crazy land”

      • Celicam

        Thanks! No one usually cares enough to put it up, but it’s good to see that I’m not the only crazy one!

        • Frank

          A two-people majority! Now you can dictate the new debate standard!

    • Revolution25

      I don’t always debate… but when I do, I come compleatly prepared

  2. Ryufire

    More Spo the better! ^^

    • Jackalope121


  3. Zaitsev

    I am enjoying seeing more of the old style strips, makes me nostalgic.

  4. DaveedW

    This strip explains the everyday e-discussion I see.

  5. YoyoDude

    Ee! He’s got a little stand too!

    • Frank

      I think it’s a paperclip he cut up

  6. Shoan

    Spo, god of rewriting reality

  7. IceKitsune

    This is Spo logic.

    • nyathetexascat

      Spo is going to be my lawer someday…

  8. chino doll

    now, all make sense, I think

  9. SamBlob

    …and he doesn’t worry about the clowns to the left of him?

  10. T-Squared

    *reads through comic*

    *head explodes from confusion again*

    Dang it, Rick, why do you have to make things so confusing?! XD

    • holmebrian

      cause its never fun when stuff makes sense.

      • Kohaku Nightfang

        Sense? What fun is there in making sense?

  11. xhunterko

    Wait, wouldn’t that make Fido the standard if he’s center then?

    • xhunterko

      Ahhhhhhh! Politics! Run away!

    • Rick Griffin

      Not if he’s the fringe center

      • xhunterko

        Aren’t all center groups crazy though?

        • Keldor

          I defy you to find a political group that ISN’T crazy… XD

      • holmebrian

        fringe center
        so hes on the edge of the center
        what edge left, right, north, or south

      • DanTwelve3

        Fundamentalist Centrist. The purple party.

        • Captain Rizzian

          Aww, but purple is the BEST color

          • Verp

            Purple is not a real color. It is a mixture of the far ends of the spectrum. There are no purple photons. Violet is the closest thing to purple in the real world. Actually, all colors are our subjective observation of photons of different frequencies. Never mind.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            So purple is just a pigment of your imagination!

          • Verp

            Subjectively, they all are. I must salute you as a master of puns, Argent.

    • xhunterko

      Also! At least we’re having fun! Haters to the left!

      • Frank

        Does that mean non-haters are The Right?

  12. spencershot4


    • xhunterko

      Oh, woops, someone beat me by a second.

      • spencershot4

        ;) yep

  13. T-Squared

    Oh wait, that’s SPO we have a close up on!

    I thought it was a different character!

  14. xhunterko

    And no one yet has commented about his sunglasses or eyes.

  15. Elwood Blutarsky

    Pete agrees with Spo’s approach.

  16. Draven

    I can’t put into words how entertaining this is. I only hope that one day I will be able to form such an irrefutably logical argument in my own defense. I need to draw up some charts quick.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Better hurry up, out here in the real world the center’s about to break the sound barrier.

  17. D-Rock

    I was never one for following debates. Now I’m a bit confused. Although I’ll admit, Spo really knows how to work things in his favor.

  18. Snowmon

    Sometimes crazy is just crazy. I argue with Quantum Physics and all theoretical sciences, not so that I may be acknowledged as right, but rather to find what is right.

    Will you kick me off the Island just because I’m willing to question what is accepted without question? Well, then sir, I reject your crazy reality and substitute it with my own.

    Besides that, I get what they’re both saying.

    • bug

      One day the battle of the minds will take plase between Snowmon and Spo.
      (I’ll be watching you). *creeply walks away*

      • Snowmon

        I can’t believe I was just bugged…

  19. Maxwell

    Spo doesn’t seem like a very common character.

    • Ryufire

      But his logic does make sense to us I think..?

    • Gabe23

      He´s quite unique

      • valerio

        Spo is Bahamuth!

    • Maxwell

      Only seen rarely for a reason.

    • bug

      I think that he is seen ever so rarely because although yes he is genious,genious has few but distinktive moments. This is why Spo is so memerable in the comics he shows up in.Plus at times he can be a smart alic,but of corse this is the reason as to why we love that adorible mouse!!

  20. Za3ck

    Is it bad if this makes sense to me?

    • Frank

      Not at all!
      (Welcome to the dark side. Bwhahahaha)
      Uh, I mean, “Knowledge and Wisdom are the real power!”

  21. The Maverick Man

    You know what they say, big ideas always start small

    • rallyjr

      “An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.”

  22. Smallfoot

    Haha! You fool! You fell for one of the classic blunders!

    • xhunterko

      Waits for him to start laughing with a smile on his face.
      One of the funnier parts of the movie.

  23. Draven

    The only firm conclusion I can make is that Spo is walking a delicate tightrope between total genius and utter insanity. In four short panels he has re-written the argument for some unknown topic, toppling any opposing viewpoints and establishing his own as a new standard. Such an act is brazen at best and heresy at worst. Spo, I tip my hat to you.

  24. Stray Cat

    At least the conversation gave Fido an idea for his internet comic strip this week.

  25. Argent Stonecutter

    He better not try that logic on Grape.

  26. Verp

    I would not call spin doctoring a winning move in a debate. I am more a consumer of the lunatic middle biased news, such as is found on Comedy Centrist Network.

  27. metaecho

    Your going to need a new tag for all the strips with Charts and Graphs in them rick

  28. rallyjr

    I think reality is open to interpretation

  29. Gabe23

    What could have they been arguing about ??? I think we´ll never know …

  30. JohnMosesBrowning

    If Spo keeps this up, we’ll see changes in universal physical constants and we’ll all wake up in some freaky world like in Quite Earth.

    • Verp

      Do we get to choose our species?

  31. Faithful Nymph

    Of course, by that logic, since no one is opposite Fido’s stance after Spo sets the new standard, Fido will win the next debate, setting the standard back to where it was before, meaning that Spo will set the standard back again…

    Help! I’m trapped in a logic loop!

    • holmebrian

      i end your logic loop with a paradox.
      i am there for I’m not.

    • Verp

      Yes, you aren’t. Wait, no you are?

  32. spencershot4

    is it just me or did spo get smaller?

  33. WingedwolfGirl

    Ummm… Your charts are too small Spo, I can’t read them.
    *Runs away from his weird logic*

  34. Grip the Wolf

    I for one welcome our new adorable overlord!

    • Valerio

      All hail Spo the Reality-rewriter!

  35. Argent Stonecutter

    Never get involved in a land war in Asia, and never go up against Spo when logic is on the line.

  36. Tea Leaves da Panda

    *sigh* That’s our Spo.

  37. Valerio

    My, Fido DOES look cuter, today :D
    And Spo even more so than usual

  38. Argent Stonecutter

    The scary thing is you get real hits googling for “fringe centrist”.

  39. holmebrian

    wait those arent sunglasses there lens caps.
    i dont see a bridge or the things that go over the ears.
    was he tanning before he got in this argument with SPO?

    • Frank

      The bridge is hidden by his bangs

      • holmebrian

        i guess that could be true ive seen sunglasses that only have the bridge.

  40. Tom Flapwell

    The continuation of Spo’s life defies logic.

    • Verp

      Especially when you take into account the look on Fido’s face in that last panel.

  41. DanTwelve3

    Er, Spo, you just made yourself the center. You just called yourself a… ah… nevermind. Carry on.

  42. Cristian100n

    Thats why Spo is Spo!

  43. illeatyourself

    Hey! Spo and Fido are back! :D And they are arguing over whether or not reality should be changed! Wait… XD

    • Frank

      It should! We need talking pets in this reality too!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        That’s like saying we need creepy ethical and moral issues that will tear civilization apart.

        • Frank

          Eh, we’ve already got plenty of those. What’s one or two more?

  44. bug

    Personaly I wonder -_- … whare exatly did the cards,stand,and pointer come from?…O_o

    • valerio

      if you ask, you’re crazy.
      Again, Spo wins over your weak logic

    • Frank

      The stand started it’s life as Iron Ore in a humble mine in… oh, you mean just now? They were simply off-panel

  45. Draven

    What would happen if Spo met someone with identical debating prowess, but polar opposite viewpoints?

  46. Cobra

    Yay for crazyland!

  47. HardCore64

    rage+more politics= shotgun spree!!!!!!! (YEA!!!!!!)

  48. legendario13

    the stardars are ephemeral !!!

    in this world lacking of common sence, spo would be a master of puppets

  49. The Invisible Friend

    I met people at debate tournaments who argued like that.

    • Draven

      I got thrown out of a debate tournament for telling my opponent to shut up. I guarantee that if I had had Spo’s logic in my corner I’d have won.