Third year in a row! I need to get more space on my wall. Thanks to everyone who voted, even if I don’t have a tendency to announce these things!

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  1. Air

    Congratulations, you deserve it.

  2. Muddypaws


    Congrats Rick!

  3. Draco_2k

    Woo! I always thought you deserved those previous years as well.

  4. sevitian

    Congrats!! your comics are the best!

  5. Alucai Vivorvel

    Too late!
    Muahahahaha! >:-D

    And, I thought we knew this already?

    • legendario13

      I didnt, but now that i do.



  6. Faithful Nymph

    Congratulations! That’s a great achievement. Try not to get vanquished by unicorns, okay?

  7. illeatyourself

    Awesome! I’ve been wondering who won the last few years. Now I know! :D Congrats dude!

  8. Felidae1994

    You get it cause u r awesome & god of webcomics.*bows*

  9. Valerio

    totally deserved!
    Keep up the great job, Rick!

  10. Gabe23

    Congratulations !!!
    Great achievment, Great comic

    • Gabe23

      Also congratulations on the Hat-Trick !

  11. Xero1414

    You deserve it Rick. You are very inspirational. Thanks for keeping up the good work, your art is something to look forward to every other night. <3