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  1. Ryufire

    With great power comes great responsibility remember that Pete! :3

    • I like your hat

      but Pete has no responsibility… he just goes with the flow

      • cheetahwolf

        i guess time really does fly. ;)

        • illeatyourself

          LOL GOOD ONE! XD

          • illeatyourself

            Is it just me, or do our avatars’ faces reflect our actual faces? XD

          • Facade Kitsune

            but isn’t it only of your having a good time?

          • Erikuto

            Wow that list of replies and the avatars with it made my day <3

    • TurtleCopter

      What a lovely arc that was! :D

      • I like your hat

        That would be implying its over… Pete might still fly down to earth in a blaze of glory and steal kings soul….. i hope that dosen’t happen tho :D

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Rick rarely tidies up all the loose ends like that. Always gotta leave a hook for a later arc.

          • mr.muchy

            that’s why we love housepets cause there is always something

        • TurtleCopter

          I always was one to think ahead way too quickly. :s

  2. Dissension

    I can certainly see the advantages of subjective time!

    Also, I imagine Bahamut’s gavel makes a squeaky toy noise. I’m not sure why, it just humors me.

    Finally, Pete is the king of cool.

    This is the fourth thing, apparently invalidating the “finally” part of the above item.

    • redwolfmatt

      I heard the sound effect they use in phoenix wright =P

    • Redallover

      My name is Redallover, and I approve of Dissension’s gavel comment (It made me smile). Vote for Me!!

  3. Shoan

    That’s a wrap, CONGRATULATIONS

    • IslaKariese

      *claps* Congratulations!

    • Shoan

      I just realized, since I have been in subjective time since the fall of the Soviet Union doesn’t that mean I’m still technically 3 months old? o_o being an adult is broccoli with no cheese terrible -_-

  4. Xane

    Worst. Uppance. Ever.

  5. Xero1414

    panel 2: so innocent ^_^

  6. The Maverick Man

    I find the defendant Pete: GUILTY

  7. I like your hat

    i love this one he looks so innocent nice job xD

  8. IceKitsune

    Ok then I wonder what the last page is going to be? Maybe him at the game table with the rest of the players.

  9. Verp


  10. I like your hat

    anyone else think bahamut has a awesome gable. i think thats what its called

    • Jackalope121

      frankly it needs some cool hotrod flames or at the least, more cowbell.

    • River_Dragon

      A judge uses a gavel. A gable is on a house.

      Yes, it’s cool.

  11. Senorpie7

    Excuse me if I may ask, but why would such a place like heaven without linear time have any use for any form of punishment that does not inflict pain? Then Again why does a system of timed punishment even exist in the displayed parameters of heaven? Also, in the “time” Pete was in solitary had they come up with a final ruling?

    • Dissension

      Why would Heaven use a form of punishment that inflicts pain?

      Further, I believe that was the final ruling. = P

      • IceKitsune

        Why would beings that experience time subjectively use time based punishment? (I know the real reason Rick did it is for the sake of the story) It makes just as much sense.

      • Valerio

        no pain was ever mentioned.
        Looks like being barred from heaven is a punishment hard enough for a creature that is supposed to belong there. Very biblical.

    • Katsohjn

      Because this is a comic

      and its funny :p

      Thats why

  12. Draven

    Court adjourned, bring in the dancing lobsters. (\/)^•^(\/) (\/)^•^(\/)

    • Redallover

      I get that reference. Does anyone else?

      • Alucai Vivorvel


        • Alucai Vivorvel

          I just looked it up. I’ve never heard of that show before.

          • Draven

            If at least two people got it, my work here is done.

    • Erikuto

      I miss that show :D

  13. Tailz

    I know how you feel Cerb, I feel your pain.

  14. Jackalope121

    according to the doctor; time, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – i’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.

    darn you time, and ill stick to my guns and say pete is still a jerk.

    • Snowmon
    • Shuma Jindivi

      I’m now completely confused.

      • Snowmon

        Simply put: Time is relative.

        Complexly put: Time equals Change. Slow change in one area is defined as slow time in the same area, despite that a quicker time is taking place outside of that area. Example: One Year for the earth to revolve around the Sun does not equal One year for Mars to revolve around the Sun. “Geniuses” say that the closer to light-speed that an object moves the slower that object will age over the same course of time than an object of a similar make up while moving slower than the light-speed object. (Of which, BTW: I think it’s bullonkie. Greater Acceleration equals Greater Resistance and therefore deterioration, I say.) SO on and so forth, smartypants words. Enter narsisistic attitude here and I’m done. So you’re free to wake up and realize that it’s now morning.

        • Frank

          Deterioration of the vehicle. The theory of relativity is concerned with what happens to those inside it.

    • GameCobra

      The way i see it, even gods can’t stand time on their permament record. the only thing is though, their years are beyond what we’re suppose to think.

      AFterall, what would a god who is like a Grandfather to a younger god have to be to be considered old?

  15. Snowmon

    Whoa! Pete can give my brother (an expert at finding loopholes) a run for his money.

  16. leaffly

    So what does this mean for King?

    • volkoseba

      Nothing good.

      • I like your hat

        Pete will force him to play for him probaly Q~Q poor king

        • Justice193

          That was the whole reason he broke into heaven, to force king to play for him… because otherwise he’s barred from directly interacting with King. that initial barring still stands, and this attempt Pete made fell through. he’s lucky to have been let off with such a light warning, but he did inadvertently make Joel’s life better and more or less on a better set of rails by turning him into King so, perhaps in the long run there was no harm done there… and now we can get to seeing which potential future they bring about now.

          • Redallover

            Yeah, but I was hoping some decision would have been made as far as the piece of Joel/King’s soul that is currently in King’s possession. When is a messenger going to be sent to collect that?

    • Valerio

      we seem to have a conflict of interests, here.
      Pete needs an avatar, badly. After losing his options over the Dream Sunderers because it’s clear Dragon will thwart his plans, he opted for the Dark Paladin… but:

      in this arc he’s been essentially ordered to keep the game limited to the game itself. in other words, Petey, do NOT attempt to involve heaven in this.
      Pete is forbidden to meddle with King, and he must have a ‘full avatar’ to get back into the game.
      Problem is, such a ruling is quite ambigous. As I see it, Pete cannot INTERFERE with King’s life in a DIRECT way, but if the gryphon set the stage so that in the end king will DESIRE to be a full avatar then Pete, though heavily bending the rules, can be back into the game.

  17. Ryufire

    I wonder how community service is like in the heavens! >u<

    • John

      Community service = you become a judge.

  18. Cristian100n

    so whats gunna happen to king?
    someone tell me!

    • Snowmon

      Essentially, He’s doomed! Hopefully, Pete doesn’t know about Bailey yet.

      • Cristian100n

        But does it mean that he’s not gunna be a dog anymore?

        • Snowmon

          Oh, no he’s going to be a dog for a good long while.

          • Cristian100n

            Why do u say so?

          • Snowmon

            Because people (Housepets Fans) love King, Even King loves himself.

            Besides it wouldn’t be a good story if King disappeared any time soon. (Even though I believe that Peanut and Grape are the main stars of the strip).

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            They are, King’s supporting like Fox or Bino. Meanwhile Tiger keeps to himself

        • Besbes

          Honestly it’s probably best for King at this point to not go back to being a human. The legal troubles he’d be in at this point are kind of staggering. Joel is, as I understand it, basically an escaped felon at the moment(Even if dognapping isn’t a felony charge, I’m pretty sure escaping from prison is.)

          • String Petoun Ping

            Well, there are always the statute of limitations of this crime. If he stay a dog for a long time, he will not be hunted by the cops when he come back. The problem is that this imply a really good portion of his life as a dog.

  19. T-Squared

    About time Pete got his comeuppance!

    (Did you actually read my comment on the last comic strip, Rick? D8)

  20. IceKitsune

    And wait is he still barred from Heaven? Or was that only during his Solitary? (which considering he was in Solitary that would make no sense)

    • Gabe23

      I think those were two different rulings, yes, he´s still barred from heaven

  21. blitzfolfy

    awww.. i was kinda hoping maybe pete would be gone for a while..
    non time-subjectively, of course.

  22. efhosci

    So if he served 100,000 years in confinement, does that mean it’s now 100,000 years after the rest of the events of Housepets? Or do I yet again have no idea what’s going on?

    • IceKitsune

      If you ever watched DBZ it was like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (or The Room of Spirit and Time as it is known in the Japanese version) 100,000 years there is a few seconds on earth.

    • Nebulous

      But you see, Pete just spent 100,000 years in incredibly boring solitary confinement, but from his point of view everything else got put on hold until he got back.

      • T-Squared

        Stop. XD You’re making my brain hurt, and I just woke up. :P

  23. Verp

    100,000 years is the age of the present human species.

  24. Kalasnokov
  25. spencershot4

    hmm… he is barred? do you mean banned? also i love the whole subjective time thing!

  26. Shuma Jindivi

    Wait, in my opinion experiencing time subjectively means you can experience a hundred thousand years as if a minute, but it’s still a hundred thousand years from the perspective of others…..which means between 3rd and 4th panel it is actually a hundred thousand years passed in “mortal” world (aka Housepets universe)? Or timelines in different universes are not parallel so they can enter into different time periods of other universe as they see fit; or, they do not experience time in a linear fashion, which means……I can’t imagine……

    • Critter Rhode

      From the comic view, every person has a subjective time. For Pete, he did his time, but for the others it may only seem like a quick minute. For why would they want to spend that same amount of time waiting for Pete. But also for Pete being subjective about it a 100,000 years could only feel like to us 10 seconds.
      And all of this could of happened in only a pico second releative to the Housepets.

  27. rallyjr

    I’m sure there is a way to get this quote in there:
    “is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules”

  28. xhunterko

    Ffft. Slap on the wrist.

  29. Rithnok

    Ah! Subjective time a concept of temporal movement that boggles all. For while I might have experienced a hundred thousand years and died long ago. To another I might just be going to high school. and to yet another I might be having my first hatchling.

    Subjective time is just that, subjective to the perception of the being experiencing it. It cannot unfortunately go backwards. Only forwards, by inches and milimeters or by years and centuries. (In this case Eons.) But, the constant of this understanding is that by subjective time. A hundred thousand years of time has past, meaning that to the perception of Pete (And the other deities), he’s free to go, while to anyone in the HP universe, it’s Monday morning. *Grins*

    A good example of subjective time is the Eccreation Disc of a Black Hole, where time slows (Theroretically) to the point of standing still. But to those observing it from outside this Disc see the unfortunate finality of the being approaching the event horizon of the black hole and being reduced to the component parts of matter where compression, heat and spin break apart the molecular bonds of the individual. But the energy of one’s mental thoughts continue until time resumes itself in normal space [I.E. The death of the Black Hole. Yes, it's the only thing I ever learned in Astrophysics that Stephan Hawkings was wrong about, when it was proven wrong he had to give up a complete first edition encyclopedia brittanca to the physsist (sp?)].

    Enough space talk…

    Nice loophole Pete! Stay Birdy!

    Bottom line: Hundred thousand years for Pete = Monday morning for King. :)

    Rithnok Tatsukao Flamespewer
    White Lotus Samurai

    • Shuma Jindivi

      I really don’t think Pete experienced the a hundred thousand years as in mortal sense. In my opinion it’s more like, it’s a hundred thousand years in some sort of standred, but from Pete’s subjective perspective it’s only a second……

  30. Scruff

    Hang on, I think I’ve missed something – we know why Pete turned Joel into King, but did we ever find out what he wanted the soul-globe-thing for?

    • IceKitsune

      To negate the effects of Kitsunes Common Book of Fate. How it would do such a thing we never found out from what I remember.

      • Justice193

        Pete isn’t allowed to just control King, he needs king’s consent, his plan was to take Kings fate and litterally hold it in his hands, to force King to join him. that plan fell through, so we’re back to square 1: what is going to happen next?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Next week: Karishad gets his tail sucked into the ferret’s pneumatic tube and has to be rescued by Spo armed with a a tube of moustache wax and a tiny pair of scissors!

          • Frank

            You know what? I think I’d pay to see that

          • Justice193

            I’m just waiting for him to take a bath in the mana pool… even if he can’t be an avatar, that’s gotta do Something… lolol.

  31. D-Rock92

    Huh. That was fast by mortal standpoints.

    • WingedwolfGirl

      Mortals don’t experience time subjectively.

      • D-Rock

        I realize that. Also, meant to put “standards”, don’t know why I put in “standpoints”.

        • Frank

          changing your mind halfway through from “standard” to “point of view”?

  32. Gabe23

    So … does this means that King will be Pete´s avatar ?

    • IceKitsune

      Its very unlikely that King will ever accept it unless tricked into it again (as I can see no good reason for him to do so otherwise) so most likely not.

      • Gabe23

        But again, the last two panels of the last strip makes me think… (

        • The Wolf Kin

          King still has a choice, though. He’ll only be Pete’s avatar is he accepts the power. Pete thinks he will because King doesn’t like anybody and want the dog life over with. But, Pete doesn’t know about Bailey.

          • K

            I kinda figured that Baily was King’s compensation for Pete’s wrongdoing, but that might be unrelated.

        • Shuma Jindivi

          I think Kitsune didn’t allow that as GM.
          ……or UM in their game.

  33. Argent Stonecutter

    Time to go talk to Bino…

  34. Salenstormwing

    Poor Cerberus, she needs more hands to facepalm herself with. Two is just too few.

  35. WingedwolfGirl

    Epic gavel is epic.

    Anyway, I can definitely see why experiencing time subjectively is a plus.

  36. DanTwelve3

    Aaand he’s back.

  37. Tattorack

    So… does this mean he wont be bothering King anymore….?

    • SilverZeo

      …. He was dismiss of charges of having destructive intent… but still, they chose NOT to bring in the soul/fate of the mortal?

      • Redallover

        Exactly. The question of Joel/King’s Soul/Fate is still unanswered. May I reference: And with that, there has been no decision as to how/when Joel/King’s piece of soul will be recovered, so King remains in a state of perpetual uneasiness as regarding his piece of soul/fate, but I guess you can look at it this way, until then, King is the “Master of his Fate,” right?

      • Frank

        Well, in real life, when you’re brought to trial for something, neither you, nor the court, are expected to undo it; they only intend to find out if you should provide “just compensation” for doing it (which is why most trials focus on whether you did anything at all)

        • SilverZeo

          And Pete did that how? Sneaking into a room full of souls/fates and was about to steal one….

  38. Whitekitsune

    Anyone else seem Bahamut wagging his finger when he says “And don’t do it again”?

    • I like your hat

      i did :3

  39. Justacritic

    wait, I see a smiling Kitsune in the distance.

  40. lenn

    But they didn’t even cover the fact that he tried to steal someone’s soul.

  41. SilverZeo

    …. this heaven fails more than the Soul Society from Bleach, and they had slums, market places that require material goods, “royalty” with large quantities of said material goods, and a court-guard that is constantly being invaded with members who are either actual traitors or just good hearted members being railroaded… and they always get bailed out by a high school ginger kid…

    Like to hear Pete say the same thing about time after watching Transformers 3….

  42. FerreTrip

    …Well, THAT’S a slap on the wrist. T_T

  43. Z24


  44. GameCobra

    And this is probably the same reason why Cerberus hated Pete in the first place. =P

  45. illeatyourself

    Alright I don’t entirely get what happened or why he showed up again, but I am laughing at the fact that I can still see the Great Kitsune in the corner with a big grin across his face! XD

  46. Z24


  47. Z24

    BTW, Does Cerberus’ heads take turns when it’s time for a facepalm?

    • I like your hat

      naah i think she just slaps her main face the one in the middle :D

  48. adambluewolf

    we i guess i was correct about gettin away with it

  49. Tomas Aldrete

    Oh no! I don’t want king to be Joel again, I like king, Joel is just some criminal while king is an awesome corgi! But I have a feeling he wont change back for a while so that’s a positive, but unfortunately it’s inevitable

  50. Tomas Aldrete

    Also I noticed that the great kitsune is just kinda sitting in the background not doing anything, I was expecting him to be doing something funny, oh well

    • Justice193

      in-case you haven’t noticed, Rick went all Copy Paste fest for this whole courtroom ordeal, so he could focus more on the backstory; that there Kitsune is still “sitting in the bleachers” from a few strips back :p… I’m sure he’s here because he finds this whole ordeal Pete is going through both interesting, and highly amusing… that and the result of the trial directly affects the game session he is hosting, so he’d want to be there to ensure rules applied are later complied with.

  51. Inkweaver22

    Does the gavel remind anyone else of Kyurem and his new forms from Pokemon Black and White 2?

    • D-Rock

      Would never had noticed, but it does!

  52. volkoseba

    100,000 years worth of dust though… Pete’s gonna need to jump in a lake.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It takes forEVER to get the ectoplasm out! That’s why I use Mane and Tail™® Shampoo!

  53. RedDwarfIV

    Look at Great Kitsune, sitting there grinning.

    For a total of three panels. That same grin.

    That is one awesome fox spirit.

  54. Draven

    So Pete failed to
    A) Establish a proper foothold in the game for over 5000 years
    B) Create his dream sundurer
    C) Gain the willing cooperation of a potential avatar
    D) Force the unwilling cooperation of a potential avatar
    Let’s see how plan E works.

    • Verp

      If it involves cats dogs and ferrets, it should be interesting.

  55. Valerio

    what really is those years of isolation about…

  56. Dan the Buizel

    Wait! Then by that time that means that King is Dead!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. John willow

    Is the trial over? They haven’t even adressed him stealing kings fate watch

  58. Maxwell

    Thats a really long time of solitary confinement.

  59. Verp

    Less than half an hour to go (it is only a little after 9:30 pm where I live) and the tension builds (well, sort of). I imagine another episode of Spot. Then we have to wait almost seventy two hours for the next one.

    • Maxwell

      Hopefully we get grape and peanut or King.

    • IceKitsune

      There are still 2 more strips to go in this arc one today to finish it off and one on Monday because Rick thought of a Joke he wanted to do. Which by the way I’m pretty sure I know what it is. So no Spot.

  60. Legendario13

    And the fight for the top comment begins?