The Devil You Know
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  1. Ryufire

    Man, what a mind job! All for a silly game! >.<

    • IceKitsune

      This is why I hate the nerds as much as King does (if not more). Everything they are doing is selfish and pointless.

      • Hayate

        Oh, don’t go blaming the nerds. Just about everyone has their own selfish habits…these nerds are just playing on the cosmic level. On the whole, I blame them less than pet owners that dress their pets in human clothing…

        • IceKitsune

          Dressing up pets is not even in the same universe as what the nerds are doing. They are messing with peoples lives for the sake of a pointless game they are playing because they are bored.

          • John willow

            Pete actually did that if you look back about a year

          • IceKitsune

            I know he did what I’m saying is that dressing up animals is not in anyway the equivalent to messing with peoples lives for the sake of a pointless game.

          • Aeonera

            you do realize this IS a comic right?

      • Frank

        But… but… Remember Jules Verne! “I must live my life to the utmost efficiency if my work is to be of maximum use to mankind”!

    • The Bronze Gryphon

      Actually, play various RPG systems as I have over the years, and this whole arc makes perfect sense.

  2. Daggy

    Man, this whole plotline is extremely amusing to me. Dark Paladin best class ever. I would make an amazing Dark Paladin…

    • Yehoshua

      You’re already a corgi too!

      • spencershot4

        no hes fox :P

        • I like your hat

          it looks like a corgi by ther ears and such

          • spencershot4

            no hes not A fox he IS fox whom i asume is some kind of husky?

          • Jayrith

            Yar! Fox bein da husky, and husky’s be cute, and smart..and derpy and excitable. Extremely lovable. :)

        • Daggy

          Haven’t changed avatar, but Yeho is correct

  3. Ozy

    Maybe he should have named this arc “Wall of Text”

    • T-Squared

      No Kidding! :D I want this trial to be over already and Pete to get his comeuppance!

    • Frank

      Didn’t you ever see “courtroom dramas are the best kind of dramas” in English class?

      • T-Squared

        Why does that make me think of “12 Angry Men”?

    • The almighty 404

      An even better name would be “Expositionfest 2012″.

  4. T-Squared

    *reads comic*

    *head explodes out of processing overload again*

  5. IceKitsune

    So King is a Dark Paladin thats really neat.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      That’s probably not how he sees it.

      • IceKitsune

        Well obviously King doesn’t but if you have to be stuck with some powers that’s a pretty neat power set. IMO

        • darastrixen

          If he accepts the power. It might be that he has to know where it’s coming from to accept it. There’s also the fact that the happier King is, the less powerful he would be as a Dark Paladin, which is pretty miserable if you think about it =(

          • Akai

            Yeesh, makes me think Pete would make King and Bailey stop being a couple for the sake of a silly game! D=

          • Redallover

            Perish the thought, Akia!!

  6. Jackalope121

    desperate? no.

    a jerk? maybe… no, yeah, hes a jerk.

  7. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    Pete’s TOTALLY desperate.

  8. Elwood Blutarsky

    And finally that’s why he did it…

  9. spencershot4

    reasons why he should play the game and work with us
    1) he want the game to be over
    2)he doesn’t like ANY of us

    hmmm… now that i think about it those are reasons he SHOULDN’T play or work with me…

  10. Yehoshua

    All this for a game, I’ll stick with chess.

    • Facade Kitsune

      but chess is a game of war do you not feel the despair of your pawns shame on you.

  11. 1boredcanadian

    I’m learning so much today! Let me get this strait, so his “followers” can hate him with the passion of 1000 suns but they are still stuck in this mess as long as he uses this loophole? Wow, that is inhumanly evil and quite clever, I’m impressed.

    • kingisawsome

      well i can tell you that there is a reason for it being inhumanly evil.

      he is simply not a human

    • darastrixen

      Well, the “follower” still has to be willing to play ball, so to speak; they must be willing, they just don’t have to like it.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Didn’t I say he was a monster?

  12. I like your hat

    i lol’d so hard :D

    • I like your hat

      on the last panel at least

  13. D-Rock

    If anything, Pete really knows how to exploit a game. This whole arc is nearly impossible to predict.

    • I like your hat

      this is one of my favorites so far cause it explains EVERYTHING pretty much

      • D-Rock

        That too. It’s like everything comes down to this.

  14. The Maverick Man

    Looks like after the trial, their gonna nerf the Dark Paladin class.

    • I like your hat

      i dunno what that means ‘._.-

      • The Maverick Man

        It’s when you weaken a weapon or class in a game

        • I like your hat

          ooooh…. now alot of stuff on all games forums makes sense :D

          • The Maverick Man

            Yup, just think of nerf darts when you hear the term.

          • Starcat5

            @Sigma: I’ve read too much Sluggy Freelance to EVER think of Nerf Weapons as weak. Under powered, maybe, but hardly weak.

      • Tailz

        This game can be very confusing to people, cause I’m so lost now.

        • Valerio

          *trying to recap*
          CN (cosmic nerds) are bored of playing the same game along the millennia.
          CN decide to play a new one with limited species of avatars (but still with ample choice of classes). Loser becomes entrapped in a mortal body, much like Jafar was trapped inside the genie’s lamp.
          Pete spawns a temple in the desert in the middle east. he gets trapped by Dragon through a curse thrown by her. The curse keeps any potential follower away from the temple. Pete, trapped inside his own creation, must wait until he can get new followers.
          WHY?? followers give mana energy to the CN and the CN in return share some of their power with them in the form of miracles. The strongest kind of follower is the ‘avatar’, who shares a continous bond with the CN. Such bond streghtens with time and it goes to the advantage of the CN as inevitably the avatar dies and his/her power goes to the CN.
          Back to the game: in the last 5000 years, dragon has accumulated a non-specified kind of advantage over Pete. Pete is desperate and first thing first he convinces a Henry Milton to move the temple elsewhere so that he can get followers and some more power in exchange for an equalization between humans and animalkind. Milton, very sensible on the subject, agrees and the temple is moved to Babylon Gardens. Pete rebuilds power via the animal followers, enough to move his attention onto two kind of potential avatars:
          1) the dream sunderers (Fido, Peanut, Grape known so far). he tries to forge a bond via their dreams, but his attempts to get them to free him are thwarted by Dragon, or rather her avatar, Tarot.
          2) The Dark Paladin, an avatar that powers up with ill feelings. Pete transforms Joel into a dog for some ‘bonus points’ and to have a permanently angry creature (and his power) at his disposal.
          Whew, hope I got it right so far

          • Frank

            Great! Except for the “bored” part. They had an argument over what the point of the game is. According to Pete, it is to “work together with mortals to fight archdemons and all that.” Dragon thinks differently (probably “to forge relationshiops”? “To make life more enjoyable”? “To have fun”?).

            So, like any pair of Pokémon Trainers, Yu-Gi-Oh duelists, or what-have-you, they decided to settle it by to battling it out! With high stakes!

          • darkgloomie

            Like you’ve never had a cooking duel over some trivial matters such as what constitutes a better mid-game snack or the fate of a low-order universe…

          • IceKitsune

            No Frank they are playing the first game for the heck of it. Rick already said that hes not going to do the whole demon fighting thing. Everything points to them just playing the game because they are bored, even if they have goals in mind its not actually necessary that the U&U game (either of them) be played at all.

          • Frank

            I meant the point of the game itself. Take Pokémon for example: is the point of the game to catch pokémon? To find “perfect” movesets? To battle? It’s an argument that can go on forever, getting infinitely heated. Now remember that this game is hundreds of times more complicated and that these beings literally do have forever. The argument must have gotten pretty bad before they decided to settle it with another game.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            The point to Pokemon is cruelty to animals.

          • Starcat5

            @Stonecutter: Which is why I prefer Digimon. It’s less about collecting critters as it is about raising them. The best of the batch would have to be Digimon World 3 and Digimon World Data Squad. Having a hard limit to how many of the little `mons you can have tends to endear them to the player more than a game where you are always trying to find the next “Best” critter.

  15. Profesor Rod

    I knew this strip was going to explain King. Poor corgi, I like him.

  16. Drakiel

    … and neither one of them ever thought a lifetime as a mortal would be amusing, if not fun? I mean unless they lose all memory of the supernatural, they could have some pretty good times.
    And even if the do lose memory, it’d be like a really long movie, or videogame marathon once they return to normal.

    (none of the above is fact, just theory…)<..>

    • Camtheman16

      This is how I feel about real life sometimes.

    • darastrixen

      Well, without knowing too much about them, it doesn’t seem that far a stretch to say that living in a mortal body comes with certain negatives for “higher-order” beings. For starters, there’s the whole “pain” thing, regardless of which mortal body they end up in. Certainly, exploring a moral life might be fun, but I imagine it would be in the same way that it’d be fun to try and survive in the wilderness with nothing but a knife. Sure, it’ll make a great story someday, but it’s going to be a lot of work and pain and sweat, and really, you’re going to want to keep your cellphone in the back pocket in case things go bad. That’s why they play games like U&U rather than do the actual thing.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        On the other hand, he’s been hang around in that temple for 5000 years. If he’d lost it’d be over by now.

  17. NightFox12

    What kinda creature is that judge supposed to be? I’ve never seen anything like him. And what’s that on his head?

    • I like your hat

      Its supposed to be bahamut and i dont know

      • Dissension

        That is a halo.

        • NightFox12

          Actually, I was talking about the visor thing. Thanks to everyone telling me about the bahamut stuff.

    • Justice193

      Bahamut, as told by Final Fantasy, and some D&D mythology, is the King of all Dragons, who reigns supreme over all life. He has many manifestations, this particular one I remember from a Final Fantasy game. He is in a class all his own, (he’s credited with the creation of almost every Final Fantasy Universe) and to merely be in his presence is considered a great honor and blessing… unless he hates you… then you’re probably dead, completely and utterly.

      There’s also another side to it, where he’s the ruler over all the powerful spirit beings, but not necessarily humans, it’s still an honor to be in his presence, but he’s not as all powerful in that version, and some particularly strong or fated individual or party may have a chance of besting him in a 1 on 1 battle, in which case he’d normally agree to help said party or hero on their journey. Though that is Final Fantasy mythology there, not D&D mythology… It’s nice to see Rick pulling his sources from multiple universes though, there is definitely a huge cult built around Bahamut in the Final Fantasy universes, which gave me a nice chuckle a couple of strips back :p.

      Try doing a Google images search for “Final Fantasy Bahamut”, you should get many images of this particular version of him, and some of his other manifestations as well.

      • Nakami no Senpuken

        More specifically this is Bahamut from Final Fantasy X

        • Justice193

          I’ve thought about that, I think this is just a version he’s chosen to fit his current situation/role… the one from Final Fantasy X does have similar features, but I believe Rick pulled parts that he preferred from various forms of Bahamut, and added parts he thought fit his current role better, like the Helmet, and the wings, and the spikes on the Halo, to name a few… :p

  18. efhosci

    So he’s turning people into animals, knowing and indeed relying on the fact that it’ll cause emotional pain, all for the sake of a game? And this is supposed to be HEAVEN?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      No one said Pete lives there, he just tried to break in.

  19. Maxwell

    I don’t like Pete.
    never did.
    never will.

    • Dissension

      He’s so cool, though!

    • Valerio

      I used to appreciate his doing, not long ago.
      I hope he gets de-winged.
      (but he’s still so cool tho!)

      • darkgloomie

        I used to like the nerds, but then I took a Wall-o’-Text to the face…

        /is shot

    • Ryufire

      To hate or not to hate Pete that is the…

      Ok fine he’s still cool! :3

    • Valerio

      Heh, think of it, the nerds may be pretty well responsible of Max’s breakup with Sabrina! Talk about meanies!

  20. Verp

    I find the theory of relativity easier to follow that the arcane nerd driven rules of this game. At least physics forms an often subtle yet ultimately deeply consistent pattern.

    • Valerio


    • darkgloomie

      Welcome to the world of Tabletop RPGs, where obsucre rulings and downright circular erratas is where the fun’s at!

    • Verp

      Call me weird, but when I used to play D&D, it was for the fun of everyone present and we enjoyed the social aspect of it too.

      • darastrixen

        To each their own.

      • darkgloomie

        It’s really a matter of what kind of player you are, in the end. Different people like different aspects of a game

  21. SleepySandMan

    If Pete wanted a dark paladin follower, Why not choose Bino?
    He’s one of the most discontent “naturally” born dog in this universe and he would surely want all that power from Pete.
    Unless of course Bino is another class of avatars….

    • Valerio

      …or, Bino could be plan C

    • Keldor

      Most likely Pete got so deeply entranced in his schemeing that he overlooked the obvious.

      • Valerio

        or…since discontent is the juice of a dark paladin, what happens when all King built with time and trust in Fox goes awry once Fox learns the truth or something similar? How much discontent can power up King then?

    • Xane

      Even Pete won’t touch Bino with a ten foot pole. The dog is too nasty even for someone like Pete to deal with! :D

  22. Valerio

    aside from everything else, one must once again give love to Rick for giving us such an emotional rollecoaster with these guys. I mean, from jerk, to sympathetic, to jerk again and just with pointing out game rules.

  23. blitzfolfy

    oh pete… :P

    • Valerio


  24. adambluewolf

    pete my man you are just to clever

  25. Phunkiezero

    But what if King wants to remain a dog? Will he be able to stay in his adorable corgi form, or will he change back?

    • Valerio

      At this point, it’s legitimate to suppose that Pete will do all what he can, without violating King’s free will but doing all he can to force him to choose, so that King will want to return a human and ensuring he keeps being a very, very discontent creature in the process.

      • Frank

        But it seems like he really, really needs that youth bonus…

        *gasp!* He’ll turn him into a child!

  26. Rithnok

    I actually, don’t normally make any comments to comics; but, this one actually seems to be a bit relevant. Pete is essentially cheesed off that Dragon had locked his powers in the first ten seconds of their duel. To that end, he’s been trying to search and exploit every loophole in “The Game”.

    While I tend to agree he’s a jerk, I also tend to see the detachment of Pete and Dragon with relation to their Avatars (Re: Characters). If you stood in front of a gaping chasm with lava flowing beneith would you have the fortitude of mind to actually TRY and make that jump check? Oooor, would you back away and come back later with a better plan?

    In terms of the game, the detachment (Or attachment) of the player to the character comes with the mindset of “I can always roll a new character if this doesn’t work.”. Where the attachment of player to character would actually have some concerns about the end result (Perhaps like the previous comic showing Pete sobbing over the loss of an avatar.)

    On a cosmic level though, they are competing in a PvP (Player vs Player) duel which ends with one of them becoming mortal for a lifetime. This comes with all the perks and drawbacks of being mortal (As is evidenced by Pete’s comment about the passage of time).

    So! Dragon has a five thousand year head start, played cheap from the get and now Pete who’s actually in the game now, has to play catch up to level the playing field. But, of course… Tried to cheat the game getting desperate and now we see him here.

    Do I blame him? No, not really, he’s just really desperate and is going for a last ditch effort to avoid a fate he really can’t imagine. But, regardless, he’s still a jerk…

    Then again, so, is King especially with his PETA rap. We know that dragon will use that if she has to. :)

    Wall o’ text over!

    Rithnok Tatsukao Flamespewer
    White Lotus Samurai

    • Jayrith

      All of that is true, and they don’t want their avatars to actually be hurt in the game, ‘duel’ does not have to mean to the death, or even with physical violence. Pete doesn’t hate Joel/King. In fact, on some level, I’m sure he likes him.
      Keep in mind, Pete is _SCARED_ because of having to become a mortal, for a _LIFETIME_, if he loses. Also note the lifetime clause, I’m sure suicide is out of the question and would be prevented.
      I mean, sure, being a mortal for a lifetime might not be _so_ bad, from our point of view, especially with modern day medications and techniques to help with ageing pains. But keep in mind, Dragon is _ALSO_ a jerk, instead of playing fair, she played _DIRTY_ at the beginning of the game. What do you think she’ll demand he become?
      It’s like one of us being told that we have to become an animal, say a dog, for the entire potential lifetime of the dog. Without any of our ‘powers’, no speaking, no thumbs, no clothes, no say in our lives, fleas, dog food, and so on and so on. No cheating like writing with our mouths, possibly only able to use a dog’s reasoning abilities. And completely aware of the whole thing. Can you blame him for being scared?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        How do you figure she played dirty?

      • Frank

        Uh… we use HTML here. <i>italics</i> produces italics. <em>emphasis</em> produces emphasis.

        As for playing dirty, well, suppose checkers / draughts: if you see the opponent is about to take your piece (that is, increase his own score) blocking him by putting a piece behind him is a perfectly valid move

        And does the fact that the hypothetical lifetime is short serve as consolation?

    • darkgloomie

      THANK YOU. Finally somebody who’s reasonable enough to not get their attachment to some character *coughKINGcough* get in the way of how they see things.

      There’s no discussion on whether Pete’s a jerk (or, well, “kind of a jerk” anyway), and obviously there’s no justification to his actions, but let’s admit it, folks. If you had bet, let’s say, next month’s rent on the outcome of a campaign, you’d try everything you could to turn the tide in your favour.

    • Justice193

      I don’t think Dragon will use King/Joel’s PETA background, yes he’d gotten in with the wrong crowd, but he was really messed up, and this change has been for the better for him… he was a good candidate for a “dark knight” until he became a dog, and started to learn what it’s really like to be the creatures he’d been brainwashed into thinking he was protecting… Pete make a desperate attempt to play on someone’s emotions, and it was doomed to fail right from the get-go, Dragon doesn’t need to influence that fact in any way.

  27. fastbreak333

    I hope he loses hard. How dare he rope him into a big showdown. Look at him! He’s totally not prepared for that!

  28. Valerio

    and we have another ‘revelation’: Pete never acted to teach Joel a lesson, he just wanted him disgruntled. Facing the consequences of his actions could’ve made Joel a better person in the end. Instead, kept in suspension like this keeps a shadow of discontent in his personality.
    And it explains why Pete chose Joel of all discontent people: being so close to Fox, when the truth will come out, Fox might well break up that friendship with catastrophic results for King’s personality.

    • Keldor

      I don’t think Pete is talking about discontent in the sense of simple unhappiness. Rather, the Dark Paladin draws his power from discontentedness – he sees the problems in the world, and even in himself, and is driven to change them. The biggest danger to the Dark Paladin is falling into despair.

      In D&D, the big focus that many people forget is character development. Generally, this relies on the DM rewarding the players for good roleplaying, since it’s pretty much impossible to write meaningful rules to deal with it. In U&U, the rulebook alone is the size of three small universes, or one medium universe, so perhaps they managed to squeeze such rules in. In either case, even such a powergamer as Pete realizes that the advancement of his avatar equates to their strength of personality. After all, they will need it to change the world, for this is what avatars do.

      • Valerio

        That’s a valid point.
        It puzzles me that, as you (and i think not only you) noticed, Pete overlooked Bino as a candidate avatar. I mean, even with extra bonus point, one like Bino would make a great difference, as that dog craves power, dislikes almost everyone, and is generally a meanie. Bino is a natural competitor, he’d throw himself into Pete’s wings if he were granted the full control of the doggie part of the neighborhood. By his point of view, Bino would solve many problems with such a position…

        • GameCobra

          One thing though i’m wondering though about Bino though, is if he’s discontent? Bino doesn’t come off as discontent from his jerkish attitude, just thinks everyone should listen to him since he thinks he’s right. That doesn’t mean he’s discontent much, just either loaded with pride or some form of narcissism. I would figure him more of a Corrupted Druid.

        • Keldor

          It’s possible that Bino’s personality throws him into the “henchman” catagory rather than the “avatar ” catagory.

          I also suspect that Bino’s discontent is the wrong form for him to really fill the role. A dark paladin is driven by his perception of injustice in the world, and is determined to change it. Bino is perceptive enough of injustice (at least whenever it’s not in his favor…), but instead tends to whine about it instead of trying to actually fix things. Also, he tends to not notice injustice where it doesn’t effect him. Where a dark paladin is driven by discontent to change the world, Bino is driven by selfishness to take what he can get.

        • IceKitsune

          I realized this as well and its why I think Bino is (much like GameCobra says) a different kind of Avatar. The stat boosts couldn’t be that much to risk it on such an unsure gamble as Joel/King; considering that Dragon now had such a massive head start on him.

          • darkgloomie

            I wouldn’t know. Given the head start Dragon has on Pete, I think that every point is worth its weight in gold to him.

      • Kitch

        Who said Pete understood that meaning of “discontent”?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Yah, this explains all the stuff Pete’s been putting King through.

      What King needs to do is tell Pete “OK, I’ll be your avatar”, then simply ignore the game and use his power to run off with Bailey and get all gruntled* again.

      * The opposite of disgruntled, of course.

  29. Valerio

    also: are Pete’s wings still broken for him to splay them rather than folding them?

  30. IceKitsune

    King actually may be detrimental to Pete as an Avatar at this point anyway. Think about it, Bailey and living with the Wolves makes King more content with life so that weakens his effectiveness. Unless Pete take all that away he might be useless as a Dark Paladin.

    • RedDwarfIV

      Whilst that may make Joel/King more content with his own life, I don’t think it would change his discontendness of the world in general all that much.

    • Frank

      He only said that they gain power when they suffer. He didn’t say they lost power when they were happy.

  31. kingdeathwolf

    man this is boring i want to know whats going on with the others not this bird

    • Foxstar

      Deal with it. It’s a arc. If you don’t like the arc, then don’t read till it’s over.

  32. Jesse James

    Only picked up this arc a couple of days ago, and man is Pete cute in this one. lol

    • Xane

      Rick isn’t playing fair, making the jerk so cute people actually might… like him! ;)

  33. Web_MST3K

    This has more twists than a pretzel factory! Let’s see; King rather than Bino because as a human transformed into a dog, King has both the age and youth benefits. King has become less discontented because he is living with the wolves, has a girlfriend, Fox as a best friend, and Sasha was kind to him. Kitsune runs the game so as to minimize the harm done to mortals. It seems to me that if King does become Pete’s avatar, King would either be a weak Dark Paladin or be really cheesed off. Add that to the fact that if he does go back to Pete, he would be up against Dragon’s followers who include Sabrina and Tarot, and Sabrina has helped him in a desperate situation.

    I wonder if it is possible for an avatar to defect to the opposing team?

    • Frank

      The top dog’s right-hand-man being a double agent? No, that’s never beeen heard of before [/sarcasm]

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Also, this means that Pete turned King into a *young* dog. Not a “same age as he was as Joel” dog.

      • Xane

        Man I really wish Rick would confirm Joel’s human age because to me it seems like he’s barely an adult (20-ish?) while everyone else seems to think he’s 80 or somethin’.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          30s at least, which is pretty old for a dog.

        • Redallover

          OK, this is the way I see it: Joel is in his early to mid twenties, or a young adult and his years as a human were just transferred in dog years, or the equivalent of a young ADULT dog, which is about the same age as all the other characters.

          Now, to comment on how Sabrina could possibly play a part in King’s situation since basically she is one of Dragon’s followers: At the time that King and Sabrina had their correspondence in the “Not All Dogs” arc, remember that King was deemed a third party or an enemy in this comic from “Dog Days of Summer.” So, in this case, Sabrina was not defecting, but just trying to help since at the time, King was not acting as Avatar to Pete. Tarot/Dragon could not interfere personally, (see link above) so Sabrina was probably sent by Tarot to alert King of what occurred.

          Until King agrees to be Pete’s Avatar or otherwise, King is just a third party, not linked to Pete as an Avatar or anything, which would explain why Pete broke into Heaven to snatch Joel/King’s Fate/soul to perhaps force King to comply once again, but as it stands presently, King is just King right now, and Pete is still desperate. Does that make sense?

  34. Max

    Hahahaha Pete’s a Munchkin. I love it.

  35. Frank

    But wait, does this mean that King has magical powers?

    • Valerio

      like all candidate avatars, King has a great potentiality for magical power, but right now he’s like a living battery of mana for Pete to use and perform the real magical feats. When an avatar accumulates enough raw power then the gamer may decide to teach him/her how to perform magic on a smaller scale (like Tarot) and extend his/her psychic talents.

  36. Zobot

    In defense of Dragon:

    While you can attack Dragon’s motives (and I wholeheartedly admit that those motives are suspect if not outright self-driven), the steps taken to pursuing those motives, from our point of view, have thus far always been fairly positive. What exactly has Dragon done? Competed with Pete (which was the purpose of the game. Cheapness isn’t a moral judgement thing), seen to it that Grape has likely “fallen in love”, as well as Peanut, and largely helped King, who has largely been wronged by this entire situation by having his freedom of choice and consent taken away from him.

    Dragon hasn’t yet done anything despicable or horrifying, and while he/she/it’s goals are undeniably to win this Duel, has not done anything to invite scorn.

    • Xane

      While we still don’t know enough details to fully defend or scorn one side, how would you feel if you found out that you were in love with someone only because of some “higher power” playing a game? As someone else mentioned, did Sabrina and Max break up for legitimate reasons or only because Grape (Pete’s first choice) needed to fall in love with someone? Did Tarot originally go after Peanut because Dragon told her to? I don’t doubt that any of the relationships aren’t “real” (because of mind control, love spells, etc… Tarot is possessive of Peanut around Dragon so I know that it’s not faked!) but if the paths to them were set only because of Dragon and Pete being manipulative… that’s kinda creepy.

      It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a powerful celestial being doing it or just a jealous friend, it’s still wrong.

  37. Shuma Jindivi

    No, I don’t think any of that can be his excuse for violating heavenly order. The best result he may achieve is bringing down other players with him so they will all be locked in mortal bodies for a life time as punishments (and send to babylon gardon as dogs/cats, which will definitely be hilarious). But from my perspective that argument is also kind of weak……

    • Shuma Jindivi

      …I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bahamut decides either Pete alone is guilty or the game itself is unlawful, but as discussed before Pete’s action isn’t exactly lagitimate within rules, plus his grab-and-smash is really something else……playing magic: the gathering does not give you excuses to steal cards from a shop.

    • Justice193

      if this indeed does become the case, I’m sure Dragon will have no qualms about it, she likes the mortals anyways.

    • Frank

      Well… actually the judge isn’t looking for an excuse, he’s being judged on whether his actions were out of malice.

      • Shuma Jindivi

        In that case, so far he seems to be trying to prove so……

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Whether they were malicious or not, at the game level, he was still breaking into Heaven.

  38. Z24

    No comprende…

    • darkgloomie

      Something in particular confuses you, or is it just the arc in general?

      Because I hear that this arc is the cause of much heads-blowing-up events lately…

      • Z24

        It’s just something on each comic that goes depper and depper on paranormal nerdiness XD

        I do get that King’s constant despair and miserableness made him a powerful, but illegal, player.

    • Frank

      Put shortly, there actually was a point to making King’s life miserable

  39. I like your hat

    Hey you know that kinda smart on his part even tho its evil, i mean as a human hes old so he gets the age bonus but as a corgi hes young so he gets THAT age bonus too and king WAS discontent when he was animal and in the begging in despair until fox found him.. Pete you sly bird cat thing…

    • Shuma Jindivi

      That part confuses me, as it could also be he’s yound as human, but by the standard of a dog he’s quite aged. But he is definitely DISCONTENT even as a human……

      • I like your hat

        as a human he looked to be about 20-35 and as a corgi i guess pete made him pretty young….

        • Drakiel

          or pete could of just kept him at the same physical maturity, turning a 20-35 year old human into a 3-5 year old corgi.

    • I like your hat

      GRIFFIN that’s what its called… a griffin now i remember.

  40. BillyMT

    That shocking moment when you find out that there’s high probability that King won’t remain a corgi for too long now…

    I can hear the cries of a thousand fans seeing his idol being undone :/

    • Kitch

      There’s no certainty it will end that way. What if he decides he wants to stay a corgi?

      • Argent Stonecutter


        • I like your hat

          its his decision to stay corgi or not i mean his life as a human sucked :lol: who would want to go back to a horrible life?

          • BillyMT

            Bahamut isn’t linking this part one bit… S’yeah, brace yourselves

  41. Verp

    Could Duchess’s interest in King be an attempt to increase King’s discontent? I know she would scare me.

    • I like your hat

      Duchess is as creeper >_<

  42. Verp

    I know what I think should happen. Bahamut decides all three gamers should be mortal, then King gets a phone call . . . .

    • I like your hat

      i doubt he’d make them ALL mortal…. just Pete, but it’d be cool if Kitsune was mortal, i mean a nine tailed dog :D who wouldn’t want that.

    • Justice193

      there’s more to this then we’ve been shown, Pete said there are 4 others who should be there, I’m assuming that’s not counting the Great Kitsune, he was there too… though it may be counting the Great Kitsune… which means there’s either 4 or 5 players in this game, or that at least regularly play with them, and they can call people/players to the table, they don’t always need to be there to be playing the game… the others could be anywhere in any world.

    • Starcat5

      Me? I’d slap him with a mortal life time IN ADDITION to his penalty should he loose. That is to say, if he wins, both he and Dragon have to live a mortal life. However, if he LOOSES, he has to do it TWICE!

      I would also offer King the choice of either becoming human again and washing his hands of the whole situation, or to remain a Corgi and become a Dark Paladin as an independent agent. The second option gives King the option to either ignore the Game and his new powers, thus living a normal Corgi life, or to go out of his way to make Pete suffer.