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  1. Dissension

    Wow, Dragon’s kind of a jerk!

    • The face

      Yes, well people get edgy about their games.

      • Some guy

        Well, keep in mind that Pete is the one telling this story. Of course he’s not going to make himself look like a jerk. In his mind, he’s the good guy.
        I think it’s safe to say Dragon might tell the story a little differently…

        • thel_vanemee

          BINGO, and besides, when you are playing a DnD like game AND its a duel, you play for the WIN!*. BUT that WAS kind of a UNhonorable move there Dragon….

          *lol at lest in when I play….. XD

          • Drakiel

            Yes, but when one starts to brag about a slight advantage the temptation to “knock down a peg” becomes really strong…

      • thefirstonethere

        is this what normally goes on in DnD?

        • Keldor

          I dunno – it reminds me quite a bit of MtG…

        • CrimsonFox

          not in any game i’ve ever played, but you never know x3

        • Masque

          Nah. The full game with all the other players/spirits would be like D&D. This is more like a duel of Magic: the Gathering, or Starcraft, to settle a grudge.

    • IceKitsune

      I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again They are all Jerks every one of them.

      • Xane

        Yeah. Definite agreement on that one. Hmm, I kind of wonder what kind of effect (if any) the avatar has on the celestial’s personality.

      • Valerio

        Each one in his/her own way, but in the specific cases:

        Pete is guilty of underestimating his mortals. He thinks he can even override their free will for their greater benefit. He should be put in place for such attitude, but as long as he doesn’t commit a crime, at least he’s doing his job.
        Dragon is guilty of manipulation. She is keeping Peanut in the dark, and through Tarot she’s keeping Peanut and grape separated as an item. And she’s been guilty of omission in trying to manipulate Peanut into ‘warning’ him about Pete. OK, so Pete it’s a ’sort of jerk’, technically that much is true, but she’s not being sincere with him.
        Kitsune is maybe guilty of screwing up the game to prolong it at his will. the LEAST he can do is granting King that ‘boon’ he mentioned.

        • pet_panda

          i don’t think Dragon is keeping Peanut in the dark, since he hasn’t asked any questions about her or Tarot. Also, Tarot is actually in love with Peanut and Dragon seems to like him to, so she won’t just tell Tarot to break up with him for no reason.

          • pet_panda

            OK so he has sort of asked, but she just gave him the usual cryptic crud and sent him on his way. and she did promise to tell him eventually. not totally in the dark…..just a dimly lit foom.

          • King

            I thought dragon was tarots celestial or whatever that thing is

        • RedDwarfIV

          Then by the same thoughts, is Max being a jerk for keeping Grape from Peanut?

          I don’t believe so. Max loves Grape, Tarot/Dragon loves Peanut, the only problem is that it’s not a fanservice romance.

          • Valerio

            situation’s a bit…complicated.
            Grape’s not exactly straight about her feelings for peanut, I’d say she’s still in the ‘undecided’ territory and is more comfortable with other cats on that side -doesn’t mean she feels really engaged.
            Max has proved to be a ton o’fun with her, but Peanut brought her that too AND the sweet part of their hanging together.
            Tarot is supposed to be supporting peanut until Grape makes her decision, but she seems to be taking advantage of her position… On the other hand it is also true that she could be using Grape’s indecision as fringe benefit since there is the free will and the stuff.
            In other word, forcing the couple together would be a rule violation in the game and Tarot is too happy to comply.

    • cheetahwolf

      Wait? What!; it went from Pete is a jerk to dragon is a jerk? Could Pete be the honest player and dragon the lowblower.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Seems to me that Pete’s problem is he’s been playing for lulz instead of playing to win. If it actually mattered to him that King was an effective avatar why was he tormenting the poor son of a charming young woman?

    • Frank

      All’s fair in love and duels

    • Kes

      It’s a duel. You don’t win by turning your back to your opponent, sticking your fingers in your ears, and whistling Dixie.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        How does taking King down to the Sears Photo Center and playing dress-up help him win his duel?

        • IceKitsune

          For that matter how in the world would stealing Joels Fate ball help him? Why not just move on from King after it was obvious he wasn’t going to be his Avatar.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I don’t think Pete’s the smartest weakly godlike supernatural intelligence in the multiverse.

          • I like your hat

            petes not the smartest cause i think that the judge dragon is the smartest.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I suspect there’s shoggoths smarter than Pete.

          • Valerio

            The book of fate allows Kitsune to turn the game’s course at the most unexpected moments.
            Pete (crybaby) decided he didn’t want fate to work against him again.
            Pete tries to steal Joel’s fate: that would override the book of fate and keep Pete free to play with his avatar without interferences, since fate must be connected to King’s final choice about being dog or human
            Problem: stealing fate is somehow frowned upon in heaven.
            Solution: pete of course knows, he now must prove that his actions were justified and get away with the equivalent of a fine, since now King is his own player and Pete must seek for a new avatar

    • Shuma Jindivi

      ……it’s a dual.

  2. Ryufire

    That poor ol Pete deserves a hug! :(

    • Dissension

      Why weren’t you saying this two years ago!?

      • Maxwell

        Lol, Yeah Ryu! Why not?!

      • Zaitsev

        Because two years ago he was the guy who tricked the pets into releasing him and making an overly dramatic entrance.

        • I like your hat


        • Ryufire

          And the birth of an awesome Corgi name King! :3

          • Valerio


        • Frank

          So this is a case of a prisoner “kicking the dog” where it turns out this was the only way to make the dog notice the key?

      • Xane

        Hmf, just because he’s drawn cuter and portrayed more as a victim now…

        Remember he made King do horrible things… like take a series of photos in embarrassing outfits at the Sears photo center! Okay, bad example. Flaming hoops of death jumps!

        • The almighty 404

          Well of course he looks cuter and Dragon meaner ! He’s the one telling the tale now !

          • Valerio

            let’s not forget that in *this* case he has no chance of fooling the Judge, so even if he can add some cute nuance, what Pete’s saying must be truth

        • Masque

          That happens a lot in storytelling. What looks like a black & white Good-Vs-Evil gets complicated when the hero finally meets the villain… and discovers the villain had some compelling reasons for their actions. Throws a bit of a dilemma into the story; sometimes its just the villain trying to excuse their behavior, and sometimes it really WAS the best thing they could do at the time.

    • Valerio

      *hugs Pete*
      Hmm, fluffy

  3. rallyjr

    That was pretty cheap

    • Facade Kitsune

      but you have to admit Pete was calling for it by taunting dragon.

  4. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    Patty cake, patty cake!

  5. RootsofOrigin

    That’s how he got sealed in his temple!

    • Ryufire

      And a very long nap at that!

      • Frank

        Remember he experiences time subjectively. “Long” for us could be simply turning the page and reading “and then, one fine day” for him

        • Argent Stonecutter

          He was aware enough of the passage of time to mess around with Grape’s dreams.

    • IceKitsune

      I still don’t understand how “Curse of the Mysterious Temple” sounds like its supposed to seal him in the temple at all.

      • Draven

        It scares the mortals away. No mortals means no worshiping, and no worshiping means no mana.

        • Valerio

          that’s why Pete turned to animals, these times: the woodland critters weren’t affected by the human POW about curses and such -in fact, the animals thought the temple held the secret to usher in their golden age

        • IceKitsune

          I can completely believe that’s what the spell does (and in fact that is what I’ve been saying it does from the beginning) but that is not exactly sealing him in the temple because for what ever reason (most likely the spell weakened over time) It didn’t scare away The Woodland Animals nor did it scare away Mr. Milton and whoever he hired to move the thing.

          I’m saying the reason that Pete was still in the Temple when it got to BG was because he needed his Avatar to free him, and so did Tarot as well.

          • IceKitsune

            And by Tarot I mean Dragon. :p Which as I said means that Tarot has to be from where ever the Temple was in the first place since as far as we know you need to physically go to the temple to release what is in side.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            That would mean Zach is his avatar.

          • IceKitsune

            And that could be why he had to move on to King. Also as I said on the Forum: Zach had been in the temple for a bit before Grape and Peanut showed up and he said that he pressed a button (and then pressed the one that released Pete) Most assumed (my self included) he was talking about the Door opening button but its very possible he was talking about the one that released Pete. He already pressed once before but it didn’t work until Grape got there.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            No, I think he meant the one on the door.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            And I think it would be awesome if Pete had to deal with The Opener of the Ways being his avatar. Awesome. With a capital A. Boldface. Outlined. And steampunk embellishments.

          • IceKitsune

            Considering that Only Dogs or Cats can be Avatars unless Zach lets Pete turn him into one that’s not going to happen

  6. Xero1414

    I like the little avatar faces, that’s pretty new for Rick :)

    • Frank

      New flourescent face speech bubbles! Imported from Japan!

  7. kztxl7

    No other words except:


  8. Cristian100n

    Pete doesnt seem like a jerk now

    • Cristian100n

      shes a jerk

      • Xane

        Seems like being a higher order being automagically makes you a jerk.

        • Cristian100n

          Yes, yes it does

          • Gabe23

            Lets remember that it is a duel so … sometimes you have to be a little jerk if you want to win

      • Frank

        I’d say she’s just competitive

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Pete’s a jerk even when being a jerk hurts him. I mean if Pete was playing to win then treating his avatar like a dog isn’t sound tactics.

  9. IceKitsune

    Ok cool so they do have two and that means that I was right Tarot is not from BG and most likely from out side the US (because they could be in like Navada or something I guess).

    • Dissension

      Assuming you mean Nevada, that’s in the U.S.

      • IceKitsune

        Yeah I mean Nevada. That’s why I said Most Likely because there are desert regions in side the US which means they could still be there. But due to the original Map I’m guessing not.

    • RootsofOrigin

      How does this explain Tarot?

      • IceKitsune

        Because as far as we know Dragons Temple was never moved so Tarot has to be from where ever the two temples where originally since everything we’ve seen says you have to be inside the temple to release Dragon or Pete.

        • RootsofOrigin

          But how can you assume that Tarot was in the temple?
          And where does it say that you have to be in the temple in order to release Dragon or Pete?

          • IceKitsune

            I’m not saying she is in the temple right at this moment in the strip. Pete needed Grape to go to the temple to release him which has so far been the only way we have seen how they get out, so we can assume that Tarot would need to do that as well then accept being Dragons avatar.

          • RootsofOrigin

            I’m under the assumption that Pete needed Grape to show up because Spirit Dragon cursed/sealed him in his temple.

    • Valerio

      She’s from Kansas

      • IceKitsune

        Wait why Kansas?

  10. Maxwell

    HAHAHA. I liked the last comment tarrot….or what ever the dragons name is made.

    • RootsofOrigin

      Spirit Dragon

    • Dissension

      It’s Spirit Dragon. Tarot is her current avatar.

      • cheetahwolf

        It just came to me; would be so bad to be Pete avatar. In time you get his powers like Tarrot did. King might have become a real king. “All hail King!!!”

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Pete might have been crying over the death of his avatar in the previous strip, but based on how he’s treating King I suspect it was more like crying over a broken toy.

          “Pete, you can use me, but don’t break me.”
          “Whoops, did you say something?”

          • IceKitsune

            Look as much as I dislike Pete (and everyone else involved with Playing this stupid game.) I’m going to assume it was a bit more then crying over a broken toy, because that would make him a complete monster.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            He’s a gryphon. That’s in the Monster Manual all the way back to the 1st edition. Of course he’s a monster. Sheesh.

          • Argent Stonecutter
          • IceKitsune

            I can’t really tell if you joking or not. I don’t mean in the D&D sense, I mean he would emotionally be a complete uncaring monster and I don’t think he actual is meant to be that way.

        • Draven

          I figured Tarot already had powers, that’s why she was chosen to be SD’s avatar. Being open to the spirit world already, she would jump at the chance to act as a conduit for a higher level being.

  11. spencershot5

    may i have the cookies and milk if Pete doesn’t want them Dragon?

  12. leaffly

    Ouch… He got owned right there…

  13. Zaitsev

    I hate when people immediately find a way to counter your long thought out plan.

    • The almighty 404

      I think that in this case “long thought out plan” means “an opening gambit he used and reused a few times before (or after as they probably don’t use linear time)” or “an opening gambit he wasn’t the first to use in front of Dragon”. Anyway she knew the trick, and she knew the counter.

    • Frank

      I take it you don’t like chess

      • Zaitsev

        I do, but when I play I hardly plan ahead.
        People call me foolish, but I say it makes me unpredictable.

        I am…The guy who almost never wins at chess.

  14. xhunterko

    I mean, face it, she’s got you owned.

    • nyathetexascat

      why can’t Tarot make that face infornt of Peaunt?

  15. I like your hat

    lol i like the dragon in this one

  16. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    And thus, this is how the Mysterious Temple came to be behind the Milton Ferrets’ home.

    • Zaitsev

      But didn’t they say Pete’s temple was moved to which he notified them it was moved by a third party?

      • Frank

        I’m willing to bet the Aswan dam had something to do with that third party

        • RedDwarfIV

          Isn’t that in Egypt?

          I thought the game was being played predominantly in America?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            According to Pete’s U&U character sheet, it started in Babylon, not Babylon Gardens.

  17. D-Rock

    Game got heated pretty fast. I also hate it when a great strategy falls apart on me by one move. But when it’s the other way around, the fun ensues :) .

    • Indagare

      If one move can cause it to fall apart, then it’s really not a great strategy.

      • D-Rock

        I was thinking a Pokemon match I recently had with my brother. Froze his very powerful Dragonite, then immediately thawed and layed a beating on me. If it wasn’t for that, I would likely have won, and even he admits that.

        wow, that really isn’t much of a strategy…

        Still can be fun, though I wouldn’t imagine Pete enjoying having a counterplay like that happen.

  18. *White Fang*

    I like the way pete looks in the thrid panel^ _^

    • McFly

      Same here. ;)

      • Qin Ugimachi

        McFly! I thought I told you not to come in here! :P

    • Ryufire

      Just perfect for a banner! :P

  19. Verp

    Pete reminds me of the time a got to help take care of African gray parrots.Many of the other parrots I took care of where like colorful flying drag queens. They would do anything for attention, including acting up, screaming and biting. The grays seemed like well behaved little gentlemen in their gray with just enough red feather accessories to show they knew life should be fun. They liked to size people up but give you the benefit of the doubt. They quickly realized I would be their friend and let them out because they were so well behaved.

    • Qin Ugimachi

      I liked the Grey I met at the vet’s office one day, he was out and just walking around the floor, I picked him up, sat him on my shoulder and even took a few pics of myself with my iPod. He seemed to enjoy it and was even posing and stuff for the camera lol.

  20. DJ Nightfire

    Ha! reminds me the beginnings of a wizard’s duel. One person is has a long well thought out plan, pour his mana to set up his spells.. and the other wizard has counter-spell. Like a big slap in the face. :)

  21. The Maverick Man

    It figures she’s a spawn camper

    • Spiritwolf15

      Hey, spawn camping is a valid tactic… Albeit an incredibly cheap one…

    • zeroslash

      All’s fair in love and war.

  22. Justice193

    ahh, that explains why someone needed to open his temple before he could start getting out, it was all mysterious and cursed and the like… so while he took longer getting into the fray so that he could do more with a larger mana pool, she was already in the fray, had her temple open, and sealed his temple so that it couldn’t be open until someone figured out it’s mysterious puzzle. (whereas, I’ll assume, anyone that chanced upon it could open hers.)

  23. Verp

    I just hope King’s soul gets put back into the safe spot in Heaven.

  24. Gabe23

    Well … I dont think any of these guys are jerks … at some point they kinda are (for example Dragon in this strip and Pete in the past) but dont blame the players, blame the game

  25. Valerio

    Considering both of them are being jerks, insofar Pete is ‘guilty’ for overriding Joel’s will in becoming a dog, though that act offered King the chance to live a new and better life.
    Dragon is probably keeping Peanut and grape apart to satisfy her own feelings and involving her avatar in it.
    I think Dragon is being more of a jerk.

    • Shuma Jindivi

      Nobody keeps Peanut and Grape apart except for themselves. And I’m sure there are multiple ways leading to a better life other than transfer into different species…

      • Redallover

        Yeah, plus Tarot only comes into the picture when Peanut is somehow left out.

        • Valerio

          …and in doing so, she strengthens her bond with Peanut, a bit at a time…

  26. Tendo

    Seems more like typical gamer smack-talk than either of them being jerks really.

    • Xane

      It’s really more of the overall portrayal of them. Pete’s on trial so we have to assume he’s telling the truth, insofar as the “truth” which puts him in the best light (and Kitsune hasn’t piped up about Pete being full of it). Dragon telling Peanut through Tarot that Pete is evil and the whole drama fest prediction about “all who do not hold love in their hearts shall perish” and Pete’s release being “the beginning of the end” (of the game?) may actually just be Dragon being horribly manipulative to win.

      Of course it could still be true, but I’m starting to doubt it. Also it could be Tarot that’s the ridiculously dramatic one and not Dragon.

      • RedDwarfIV

        Though if you were an omnipotent super-powerful being threatened with living a life as a mortal if you lost a game, wouldn’t you be as manipulative as you possibly could to ensure it didn’t happen?

  27. Profesor Rod

    And now Universes & Unrealities sounds a little more like Magic: The Gathering… o.O

    • Valerio

      DISENCHANT YA, draggie!

      • Qin Ugimachi

        Mana Tithe, BOOM!

        • Valerio


  28. spiritkitsune

    Lol, the temple looks like scrooge mcduck’s money bin.

    Bahamut: If you two don’t stop arguing, i’ll send you to bed immediately without supper
    and bedtimestory!

    Pete & Spiritdragon: Awwww you can’t do that!

  29. volkoseba

    So… pretty much like a Zerg rush on an inexperienced player.

    • Qin Ugimachi

      I’ve actually done something similar using Suicide Grunts on Halo Wars. It was hilarious. XD

  30. John willow

    I have no idea what just happened but dragons last comment was hillarious

  31. Justice193

    Pete’s trying to pass some blame here, but if you read back to the last time we saw both him and Dragon together, I think you’ll see Dragon isn’t really being a jerk here, Avatars need to give explicit permission to the players before the player is allowed to control them, or manifest through them. Implied permission is ok for miracles and the like, but Pete is clearly trying to fast track and avatar for this game and has overstepped his boundaries… I think the funny and ironic thing here is Bino, and the striking similarities that Pete either hasn’t noticed, or doesn’t want to admit would be a good fit for him… Pride is a fickle thing :p.

    • Lenn


    • Xane

      Kitsune mentioned that the avatars have to give permission to the celestial before their will can be overridden (“if you wanted a dragon, you should have just asked” :lol: ). If he had just been nice to King and tried to show him the good sides of the game (he certainly reacted positively to Kitsune’s promise of “rewards”… puppies like treats!) instead of humiliating him at every chance, maybe King would have said yes a long time ago!

      • Valerio

        Jerkiness aside, pete’s problem, as someone pointed out once, is that he’s socially awkward. He’s used to think and live on a VERY different level, and by turning himself into ‘Gaspar’ he started a social experiment, or more like a ‘play pretend’ session of ‘master and pet’. What he did with king as Gaspar should be seen as the stereotypical acting of a stereotype human (the only known extremes being the ring of fire and the cage accident).
        But let us not forget that Pete gave Joel this second chance for his own good. That was the start of it all. And, despite Bino and…err, our lady of the pageant, King is on the right way to start a new and better life. Small accidents on the road can be forgiven.

  32. Tailz

    Hate the game not the playa! :3

  33. Lenn

    Pfft, you tell that jerk, Dragon.

  34. The Archon

    [Casts "Sinkhole" under Pete's temple] [laughs]

  35. WingedwolfGirl

    Isn’t that always the truth? Set up your dream house and then get cursed to be trapped in it for centuries.

    Side note. Pete looks like a face painted on the side of an egg in panel 3. You cannot unsee this.

  36. GameCobra

    Dragon’s all like “Oh,please” in the third panel.

    • Valerio

      especially while calling out an awesome magic attack!

  37. DanTwelve3

    Aaah!!! Talking floating heads!

    Also, we need some Zerg rush action in here.

    • Neromon

      Go to google and type zerg rush. xD

  38. yellowfox780

    Would you like your check, Pete? ‘Cause you just got served.

  39. Indagare

    Honestly, I don’t see how Dragon is being a jerk here. Pete made a move that sacrificed an early lead for a long-term gain but he should have been aware that she could do something like this. It’s really not a great plan if it’s this easy to thwart.

  40. Justin

    Dragon runs a nice stall deck. First she cripples his movements and then she denies him avatars.

    • Valerio

      that could put her at a disadvantage in the next game development.
      If the loser gets to be confined into a mortal body, thus getting a lot limited in its movements, then being preemptively locked in his temple could be considered a rule breach…

  41. Unnesessary

    Pete is the more typical kind of jerk. Dragons seems to be the type that will follow the rules while also abusing every possible loophole she can. The fact that she has tried to flirt with her avatar’s boyfriend proves she does have at least some jerk in her.

  42. Kitch


    It doesn’t sound like the consequences of the game are all that dire for the mere mortals. In fact, given the rules, I’m surprised Dragon hasn’t tanked the wager so she could spend a lifetime with Peanut. :p

    • Frank

      Technically, it’s Tarot and not Dragon who loves him

      • IceKitsune

        Oh come on Frank they both Love him.

        • Valerio

          It’s good to be Peanut! :D

  43. Felidae1994

    Actually pet panda, tarot & the spirit dragon are one and the same. Tarot is dragon’s avatar, did you not know that?!

    • Valerio

      Which can suggest that she may be quite older than it shows

  44. Felidae1994

    Oh & unnesessary……….*swipes his claw across their face, leaving the same mark that grape as a kitten, left on bino’s face when he was a puppy.*shut up.*walks away silently in an emerald light*

  45. Ozimul

    Dragon: WAIT That’s not what happened.
    Pete: Yes it is!
    *childish slap-fight*

    (Well, that might happen but Bahamut is watching so they’ll behave… I know Dragon isn’t present at the trial but she could bust in all Phoenix Wright-like.)

  46. Tailz

    Don’t be mad because she plays fair Pete. No one likes a sore loser.

  47. Z24

    A thousand years and a ferret later…

  48. Draven

    Indiana Jones appreciates your cursed temple Pete.

  49. Verp

    I think the one thing about Pete that puts him above the dragon and kitsune is that he cares about others.

  50. legendario13

    Alt text: (for cell phone users)

    FACE. you know,cause you only…appear…as a face…in this comic

  51. Onemanarmy11

    I woke my parents up at like 2 am after reading the last panel xD

    • Onemanarmy11

      From laughing, I mean x3

      • legendario13

        The explanation only makes me imagine more weird scenarios

  52. Medli

    It actually reminds me of Starcraft or any RTS. You know, when you plan long-term and then someone pulls a rush on you.

  53. BillyMT

    Reminds me of my early Starcraft days… ~w~


    • ThatGuyBehindYou


  54. Alexandria

    I think I may have come up with a basic rulebook for this, but the game is sort of difficult to come up with rules for. Though what with the avatar/supernatural being relationship so forward that part was easy. I am more then happy to share if you wish, after all it is your invention. Sorry if I overstep any bounds.

  55. Frank

    That may work with paws but not with claws

    • Frank

      That was supposed to be a reply to Ozimul

  56. ~\Rook/~

    Y’know, I’m seeing a resembelence(sp?) to King in pete evry time I see him now… the ears mostly. Especialy in panel 4…

    • Scruff

      Crazy thought: if time isn’t the same to them as it is to mortals, what if Pete lost and Joel/King is his ‘mortal life’?

      • Redallover

        Crazy to think about it that way, but since time as we know it has no bearing on Pete’s and Dragon’s game, it doesn’t make since that Pete turns himself as a mortal into King, since he would know that he had already lost, Joel/King would probably not ever have that experience with Pete since at that point in time (mortal time, to which Pete as a mortal would be subject) he (Pete) would not be able to wield his supernatural powers because he was mortal at the time. Does that even make sense?

  57. subaru

    this game is already confusing (probably because of the vocabulary)

  58. Redallover

    I’m seeing how this current arc plays into the “What money Buys” arc with Karishad (sp?) Apparently (at least it’s apparent to me) this arc provides the needed background to explain how the temple ended up in the ferrets’ possession as well as perhaps the background for what Keane was telling Karishad as far as Mr. Milton and the Human/Animal reconciliation bit that is connected with the temple. If I am correct then, this arc will end with enough being explained for the return of the ferrets and Karishad in the “To be continued” arc of “52. What money Buys.” “Unless I am wrong, and I am never wrong…” (guess that movie! ;-)

  59. Tailz

    This makes me think what Pete’s parents (if he ever had any) were like when he was younger. They would probrably act the same way towards too just like him. It must run down the family.

    • Tailz

      They would probrably act the same way towards *others* too just like him.

  60. Verp

    I think Pete was inflicting “tough love” on King to try to get him to realize that most animals in that cosmos are subjugated people. This ties in with the presence of the temple behind the ferrets’ home. Perhaps being worshiped by the other species would increase Pete’s manna supplies significantly. I am curious how being in possession of King’s soul would help things along. Could he elevate King to be more like his fellow gamers? I think Pete is trying to help out the mortals and the dragon is getting in the way.

    • Maxwell

      I think he’s developing into possibly a primary Antagonist.

  61. Argent Stonecutter

    Anyway, why does Pete’s temple have a picture of Spirit Dragon on it?

    • Valerio

      I imagine that the sigil is there to show the temple is part of the game between them. So that followers of other divine entities won’t go ‘whoops!’ and give mana to the wrong guy

    • Z24

      Maybe it’s like chess, same figures, different colors?

  62. adambluewolf

    that was a bit unfair

    • Gabe23

      “All is fair in love and war” and this is a duel … sooooooo

  63. ThatGuyBehindYou

    200th comment! New reccord :D

  64. kajowwojak

    Just a thought, but everyone says that Dragon is being a jerk.

    This is PETE’S Rendition of the story. That doesn’t exactly make it accurate. Granted, the judge is omnipotent, but thats beside the point.

  65. Verp

    I am wondering if both of them might be made to be mortal.

  66. Verp

    Mister Laughing Ninetails is probably being a catalyst in all this. It might be interesting to see what happens to him.

  67. Verp

    Who are you referring to?

  68. Akemi

    :P what is this? starcraft? Never plated it hands on but I’ve watched a lot