You Could Wait A Lifetime

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  1. Ryufire

    Blast these cliffhangers!!!

    • I like your hat

      eh i like the 5th one more

      • I like your hat

        how did this get here???? it was supposed to go down there

        • Ryufire

          Pete crying? o.o He deserves an Oscar for that! :3

          • I like your hat

            i thought he was a jerk… but Rick portrays him so adorably in this…

          • Avan

            Well, he was described only as ‘kind of a jerk’ ;)

          • illeatyourself

            That makes him sound like me somewhat… XD

          • I like your hat

            so not a JERK but rude…

          • Verp

            I saw his treatment of King as tough love to try to get him to figure out they mistreat other sentients as pets when I saw Tarot was for keeping everyone in the ignorance is bliss state. (I broke my rule again).

      • Cristian100n

        nah i prefer the 1st : /

    • DHJones

      Pete got why gamers dont socialize with people who dont play the games they’re playing it’s because we dont want to explain how to play it we show how to play it :P

      • legendario13

        What Bahamut said, THAT^

      • flintfang

        I disagree with your statement. I am slowly converting my entire high school waterpolo team to Magic: The Gathering.

        • The_Rippy_One

          We commend you for undertaking this righteous mission!

        • LordWorpeltinger

          are you just telling your water polo team how to play it? Or are you bringing them a deck to play with while you show them how fun the game can be? The way it sounds, you are just telling about MtG and not showing them the game.

  2. Cristian100n

    he looked cute in the first pannel!

    • Valerio

      and in the second…
      …and in the 3rd…
      and in the 4th…
      and in the 6th…

      • Keldor

        Not in the 5th?

        • thel_vanemee

          um i think it was a typo? or idk,
          OMG how can a dragon NOT understand?!?!?! *_*


          • I like your hat

            he looks so much like a kid that is admitting to his parents he DID put some gum in his sisters hair on the 5th panel

          • I like your hat

            or is bout to be punished by his ‘parents’

    • Elwood Blutarsky


  3. kimo

    refresh my memory, what theology is Bahamut froma

    • DaveedW

      I think Bahamut is the Arabic version of Behemoth (Giant being in the Jewish mithology).

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Dungeons and Dragons.

      Oh yeh, there’s a behemoth/bahamut in the middle eastern mythologies, but that’s just a big fish, no relation to THIS bahamut.

      • Xane

        I like the explanation I read awhile back that some (but not all) of the things we dream up are echos of what actually exists. So if our souls are aware of higher order creatures like Bahamut existing then someone will eventually write up a fictional depiction of him without knowing where the idea came from. Or maybe he really did appear to someone in a dream, just for fun.

        Two of them? Who said higher order beings can’t have the same name?

      • Zarvain

        The giant fish is Levaithan, the great sea monster mention in the Hebrew bible/Old Testament who people fear. Behemoth is the (holy) beast of land. When people, like Job, complain about how only God himself could contain Levaithan and how much they fear him, He gets on to them for it and tell them that in the end days he will slay Leviathan with His sword (think sword been a while for me reading this) but in the mean time if Levaithan gets to much out of control they can call on Behemoth and he’ll send him back to the depths of the seas…at least for a time.
        One of those Old Testament trials/punishments that historians seem to like to try claiming was a big sea dino or something. History channel also tried saying behemoth was an elephant/mammoth in same show…just one of about 10, maybe 20 thousand question I’ll be bugging the apostles or whoever I can question about things should I get there.
        probably be shoved in some ofrm of library duty so I quit being on their nerves. =P

  4. Dissension

    Pete is so adorable. <3

  5. T-Squared

    *reads 3 panels in*

    *head explodes*

    • Jakkal

      *cleans up*

      is it just me, or the “game” they are talking about reminds me of “populous” and “black and white”.

      • Keldor


        So, does this mean that Zeus, Thor, Ra, etc. were all just superbeings playing in their own assorted U&U campaigns? XD

        • Xane

          For some reason it annoys me that Heaven doesn’t really care about outsiders messing around with our lives. On the other hand if they’re fighting demons that’s probably the reason why…

  6. I like your hat

    im am so confused right now
    this game makes no sense o.O

    • T-Squared

      I KNO, RITE?! :D

    • I like your hat

      i like the last panel tho :D

    • McFly

      You’ll get it sooner or later. ;)

      • I like your hat

        probably later

    • Yehoshua

      He is basically explaining religion in a gamer’s eyes.

      • I like your hat

        after reading it 4 times i think i get it :/

        • spencershot5

          ive read it 10 times now and im like 0_0 AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    • silverfang16

      It makes a LOT more sense if you play DnD. -_-

      • IslaKariese

        With my lack of interest in DnD, I must rely on my average deduction skills to get past the technobabble.

        • silverfang16

          Oh that will never work here.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It’s like Midiclorians, but not as lame.

    • Justice193

      as allot of people that are confused seem to be replying to you I’ll break down the general message of each panel for you:

      1 two powers: power you have to use, and power you assign to your followers.

      2 to prevent Omnicience from making the game dull, or outright stupid, you are limited to how many actions you can perform within a set time period based off how much energy it would cost to perform those actions. to recover lost energy, you must spend time in your temple area, which is the equivalent to resting in DND. you are further limited you what kind of actions you can perform based off your focus, you are in effect a God, your focus is your chosen behavior, or play style. DND lists them as 2 groups of 3 for simplicity,(Chaotic, Balanced, Focused) (Good, Neutral, Evil) you must chose 1 from each group, and that defines your focus, I will not go into detail on that unless asked, it can take a long time to explain and even longer to fully understand.

      3 Granted power is assigned to beings of the world you are playing in. Followers are those that you have influenced in some way or another, and are now devoted to your cause, they grant bonuses to yourself in many different forms and normally receive buffs from you or your avatar. their devotion to you means that they direct some or their energy your way, and in DND at least it’s not at all impossible to influence your opponent, or team mates followers to change faith and follow you instead.

      4 You Avatar is really the meat and potatoes of any DND game. Like you, they are bound by rules, like an assigned class (carpenter, warrior, cleric, mage, etc…) and faith aligned with your own Focus. In DND as we know it, your avatar is your liaison to the world, and you have full control over the Avatar, however, if you perform any actions as your avatar that is outside of your focus, it can cause a Faith Shift, bringing the wrath of your chosen God upon you for a time, forcing you to “search” for a new God, and removes any positive (and negative) buffs you may have aquired as a result of your Faith.

      In this version, the player is the God, and the Avatar has a will of their own, which the God may influence in any number of unmentioned ways, and as the Avatar performs different actions, they rack up EXP, which will give them more abilities, ways to interact with their world, and influence, which can sway followers to your cause. Being an omnicient God is limiting, you’re not allowed to interfere with the mortal world in a way which would disrupt the natural flow of time. However; the Avatar is a mortal, and as such, is not bound by that rule at all, and can change the course of history as he sees fit… it’s up to you as the God to convince them that following you is what they truly wish to do, and so lead them into those changes.

      5 In DND, there are players, and a GM, or Games Master. (otherwise reffered to as a DM, or Dungeon Master) the GM is entirely aware of the plot, and where s/he wishes to lead the story being played (or perhaps in this case, where it should be going), and it is the GMs job to ensure that players play within their limits, play moves along fairly, disputes are settled properly, guide the players to their goal, and present obstacles designed to test the players skill, teamwork, or just outright stall their progress if things are progressing too quickly and could mess things up if they don’t take a moment to chill.

      Players typically work together, attempting to unravel the GMs plans for the game, try to figure out what they are supposed to be doing, and move through the story that the GM has planed. a Player, however, is also free to try and set their own path in the game, to deviate from the main story, mostly because they either don’t know what the end goal is, or because it fits their focus better. This is where things get interesting for both the players and the GM. players may have disputes with each other because their focuses are conflicting, for instance, a neutral Good player would not be allowed to overlook a misdeed performed by a chaotic evil player, however, and the chaotic evil player cannot allow the Good player to foil their plans, so they end up dancing around each other until one or the other slips up, and then you get something like this.

      6 I think it should be obvious at this point that being forced into a mortal body is not a favorable way to resolve a conflict. it removes most of your influence from the game, and gives the player you had the conflict with time to destress on you… Players may not Discuss their chosen focus or their Avatars class before a game, this is done to keep things interesting.

      7 you Play DND in a subjective manner, that is to say, it’s relative to the progress of the game, and you can spend a whole day your time fussing over ever little action if you like, which your Avatar will be completely oblivious to as what took weeks for you may have only taken seconds, or more normally a couple of day for them when players are being fussy, but it can also move very quickly, and what takes years for the Avatars may have just been some less eventful days for the Players.

      It goes without saying that Pete does not find being constrained to the relative time flow very beneficial, he won’t know what the other Gods are doing unless they advise him as such, or he manages to figure it out based off their Avatars actions and whatever miracles he witnesses, and his influence over his Avatars progress in the game will be all but none.

      The Great Bahamut does not see what is so bad about this, he may see the opportunity Pete does not here but I’ll get to that (being omniscient means you know everything, it doesn’t mean you understand it, and it doesn’t mean you can use that knowledge without context)

      8 Being locked in a mortal body means you can no longer perform miracles, and you cannot interact with the other Gods in a normal manner, and you will have to influence you avatar in an entirely different manner, but it is not without its advantages. Pete will be fully engaged in the game this way, he is constrained by time and whit, but in a sense, he has much more time to influence the game as he sees fit, and much more say in it’s outcome if he is locked in a mortal body, where players may have an uneventfull day or two, Pete can take advantage of that lul in their influence to perform many more actions than they will ever get the chance to in that period, and if the Players decide to stress over the actions he performs, what may be 100 years for him could turn into centuries of mayhem for his fellow players, the ultimate revenge in this case would simply be the bliss of the situation, and equally, the ultimate advantage… like he’s playing within a time Flux.

      I would also not follow Pete’s logic if I knew the “lifetime in a mortal body” he was doomed to serve was within say, the body of housefly, or some other creature with a short lifespan… as it would not be a very long ‘lifetime’, but that remains to be seen I guess, and wouldn’t have as many good plot points… and wouldn’t fit Pete’s foreshadowing as well :p.

      • darkgloomie

        It’s also possible, imho, that he’d simply find it painful (or something like that) to live in a mortal body, lacking most of his normal powers and awareness of the universes and stuff. You can try to fit a square peg into a round hole, or a bigger peg into a smaller hole, but it’s not gonna be easy or comfortable for either.

        • Justice193

          that is a very good point, but we are both going on the assumption that being locked in a mortal body means the loss of your Godly powers, which in many respects may be true, but we don’t know how much of their power they’ve agreed to allow the loser to keep, If that was even a point discussed at all.
          I got this wrong: (Chaotic, Balanced, Focused) should be (Chaotic, Neutral, Lawful), chaotic being completely outside the law, Lawfull being within the law entirely, I do apologize.

          it should be noted that none of the other players will be able to do anything to Pete that would be outside of their focus, and that we can figure out the players focus by studying how their Avatars acted in the game, or at least, how they initially acted. King for example, feels to me like a Chaotic Good, he was acting outside of the Law, but his heart was in the right place, so while we’ve been made to see Pete as an Antagonist, we can only rightfully assume, at this point, that his intentions are indeed true, even if he’s playing outside what would be considered normal… unless King was never really his Avatar to begin with; we know for sure Pete is playing Chaotic, but that second character focus could be “Evil”, and misdirection breeds Chaos rather well, we may never know until we know the nature of the disagreement he and Dragon had, and even then, only the GM needs to know what you’ve chosen as a focus.

      • The_Rippy_One

        Another drawback of living in a mortal body is YOU’RE LIVING IN A MORTAL BODY! They get hurt, they get sick, they get bored, they are the playthings of their own hormones, and, ultimately, they die, which, almost universally, sucks while it happens. And there is probably a rule about not suiciding until after the addiction to living properly sets in; and that’s assuming Pete retains even some knowledge of his Omniscient self while he’s in his new vessel.

  7. Xane

    Pete was in love with a lower order being!!!

    • volkoseba

      It’s less funny when they die…

      • Keldor

        I see no reason that they couldn’t keep visiting in Heaven after the mortal dies. Now, if the mortal went to Hell instead, losing visitation rights could be a part of the mortal’s eternal punishment…

        • The_Rippy_One

          You’re assuming that mortal death leaves the postmortem soul in any state worth visiting. We’d sort of like to hope that, but…If nothing else, losing a body has the potential to rather dramatically alter perception and cognition; Pete’s Avatar might not be the person she was when she was alive, if “person” is even a vaguely relevant term for “her” current state.

    • Valerio

      so CUTE dawww!

    • Keldor

      I gather the “falling in love with a lower order being” thing happened to Zeus quite a bit.

      • I like your hat

        but wouldnt they be sent to human heaven?
        instead of dog/animal

        • The_Rippy_One

          Assuming A) the christian religion is correct, B) that there is a separation between human heaven and animal afterlife and C) being an Avatar to, functionally, a lesser deity doesn’t constitute a violation of “No other god before me,” thus leaving all Avatars immediately downward bound, I don’t see why not.

          • Justice193

            that is, assuming your assumptions are correct to begin with, and many, including but not limited to other religions, could contend a better picture of the afterlife, Christianity itself (as a whole, each section seems to have their own, widely varying beliefs) cannot settle on what the Bible actually teaches regarding heaven and hell.

  8. Senorpie7

    Hey Pete what’s you Xbox gamer tag? xD

  9. Zaitsev

    Game just got confusing and trippy.

  10. m4davis

    hmm thats new so the loser has to live as a mortal until that mortal dies

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It worked for Christ.

      • legendario13

        I dont even….
        oh god…

      • The_Rippy_One

        Thank You! That was brilliant!

  11. Lunyk Stormdragon

    Ah, makes sense. Now I want to go and play Universes and Unrealities with my friends.

    This is a great arc so far- explains a lot, and Pete is cute to boot.

    Will King build up some of this Avatar granted power stuff?

    • I like your hat

      but you don’t want them to fight cause then one of them HAS to DIE

      • pet_panda

        who said they had to die?

        • I like your hat

          in a duel dosent one of them have to die i mean it IS a DUEL but panda you right bout that he failed to make him his avatar

          • gaboris

            Well that actually depends on the rules of the duel. Not every match has to end with deaf. There’s the option when someone hits the floor, first blood or with these freaks(Am I making it obvious enough that I don’ like these ppl? :D ) the end maybe is just aboot the end of the universe… Okay MAYBE that’s a bit of a stretch, but nothing makes me believe that Pete deserves to be pitied. :P

        • darastrixen

          We don’t know the “victory” conditions of the duel, but the loser does have to spend a lifetime in a mortal body. A mortal body for a lifetime is pretty much by definition “someone’s going to die…eventually.” And if you’re a higher-order being, that’s got to be pretty bad.

          • Avan

            What I understand it to mean is that they would not return to their higher order status until their mortal body dies.

    • pet_panda

      king isn’t pete avatar yet…i think… so he has no power

    • Ezhnopallaton

      Cept i dont think King is Petes Avatar anymore. Granted, Petes been trying to get him back.

    • Xane

      It would be interesting to run a gaming campaign like this where, instead of roleplaying your avatar, you influence the avatar and followers while the GM is the one who actually decides how they react to things.

      It probably wouldn’t go over too well though.

      • Lunyk Stormdragon

        Let’s play! Roll a d100906740231607 for initiative.

        • The_Rippy_One

          *I pull out my TI-82* Sure…3245618286…was low good or bad?

      • Justice193

        might not be the most interesting board game, but, “The Sims” comes to mind….

  12. Cristian100n

    He Bahamut’s a noob!

    • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

      Heh! Lol noob! xD

      • spencershot5

        o_0 NEWBZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • volkoseba

          *looks at Kitsune*
          *looks at Gary’s avatar*

  13. ThatGuyBehindYou

    Lol “mana” I c what u did thar :3

    • The_Rippy_One

      Mana: you never have enough.

  14. IceKitsune

    Ok so I would assume that the woodland animals are Pete’s “followers” I wonder who Dragons are. And the point of the game is to fight Arch Demons (or at least one of the points are) I wonder what the “goals” where that they had. I hope we learn how Peanut and Grape play into this in the next strip.

    • Xane

      Tarot’s tarot customers, maybe? “Your answer came from the spirits! Praise them!” Tarot and Sabrina seem to know a lot more about the spirit world than just the game, judging by the Elevator To The Convenience Store In The Middle Of The Universe they have in their house.

  15. Xane

    Alt-text: “The comic about Housepets, ladies and gentlemen”

    Really, the entire group of metagamers are jerks. In our universe, messin’ with our reality. Stop drawing the jerks so cutely, Rick! ;)

  16. D-Rock

    Honestly didn’t really get the explanation, but still looking forward to what happens next. I’m curious about D&D now, honestly.

    • River_Dragon

      It can be a lot of fun, especially if you have a good DM

  17. thefirstonethere

    YOU just LOST the game!

    • PrivateElliot

      Haha, you are so funny! I love dead memes!

    • spencershot5

      i hate you now

      • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

        Don’t be a hate-a, playa!

        • spencershot5

          i hate him all i want this is the 3rd time ive lost the game today!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Ferrets don’t lose the game.

            Ferrets steal your socks while you’re hyperventilating over losing the game.

            So you lose your socks too.

          • The_Rippy_One

            Argent, why aren’t you an event in Munchkin yet?

  18. I like your hat

    its like a video game but instead of destroying virtual planets and lives they destroy REAL planets and lifes

    • The_Rippy_One

      Isn’t the difference academic? From the UnU player POV, aren’t all mortals just some fairly well scripted NPCs in a world no more real than cardboard cutouts, in a game with a really determined autosave feature?

  19. Verp

    How does an omniscient being not follow that? I did write that paper while at Star Fleet headquarters explaining how free will and logically consistent time travel can coexist within space-time, but I was on a roll and pulled an all nighter. I have trouble figuring out what I said but some of my Vulcan friends think it is a work of art logically. My head hurts.

    • Rick Griffin

      I’m going to use Terry Pratchett as my card here (Thief of Time), that sometimes cosmic beings don’t “get” certain mortal matters, because even with in-depth knowledge of what the systems involve, until you experience it you’re just armchairing. Not an excuse for true omniscience, but that was mostly a joke anyway.

    • Rick Griffin

      Or–and this is the other possibility–the judge knows what Pete is talking about, he just doesn’t think it’s as bad a deal as Pete clearly does

      • Dissension

        That’s how I took it.

        • gaboris

          Same here. :D

      • Argent Stonecutter

        The judge has probably never had to deal with objective time himself.

      • Shuma Jindivi

        It certainly doesn’t look as bad if the possibility of it happens on you is low. Lower than 50% that is.

    • Verp

      (I was going with its just a story, but I was staying in character.)

  20. spencershot5

    i didn’t follow any of that…

    • BillyMT

      I could set some examples for that:

      Personal power = Black & White (PC game), as in, the amount of miracles and magic a god can do is limited by the proportion of faith that the humans have on you. So you be a benevolent god, they believe and praise you more and you can shoot more shiney sparks around /o/

      Granted power = the Guardian Force from FF8 (PSX), or heck, Guardian Beasts from Summon Night Swordcraft Story (GBA). A mortal is appointed as the “champion”, meaning, a representative of a god (or similar supernatural being, like spirits from the Aether), and their coexistence and bonding grants to the mortal stronger powers and a better channeling of the powers from said God/Spirit/Whatever.

      Though this bet with Pete and Dragon ,that is badly explained on purpose. We’ve to wait for that answer

      • spencershot5

        could you simple that down im only 13 0_0 verry confuseing

        • Nick (from Radio Free Housepets!)

          Personal Power: The more people believe in you, the quicker it charges.

          Granted Power: Lots of power that doesn’t have to charge.

          Keep Up Spencer, or you may not gain advancement you seek

          • Nick (from Radio Free Housepets!)

            well, not exactly, but close enough.

          • aerion

            I would have put it like this instead:
            Personal power: What the ‘gods’ can do. It’s limited, though, so therefore they give:
            Granted power: Power invested in a mortal. For the Avatar – which would be people like Tarot – the power will end up as more than what the gods can do through miracles. For example, if Dragon can grant vague glimpses of the future to mortals, Tarot might be able to see it in great detail.
            Granted power also includes just people who are on the god’s side, charging mana – they might be granted some minor strength in return, the comic didn’t say.

        • Skitz

          Gods can do things 2 ways:

          1) directly (aka personal power), they are gods they just make things happen, doing miracles and stuff, lot’s of old testament stuff. The players feel this is boring, so they limit themselves with mana which bascially is just a “currency” they use, ie “if you want to appear on earth as a burning bush that’ll cost 10 mana”, you get mana from your followers and from your avatar.

          The avatar is a specific person that is very important to you and represents you, but isn’t you (like a prophet). In panel 4 Pete explains that the avatar slowly gains the ability to use more of your powers, sometimes taking generations to reach full power, and the avatar is still a mortal and it might make him go crazy (mad with power/just plain coocoo) if done too fast.

          2) Through someone (Granted Power), you let your followers use some of your power when they want to. Normally they can’t use much, but your avatar gets to do ALOT more. Granted power doesn’t cost a thing, and is only limited by how much the mortal can handle it, ie your avatar needs to get more used to and/or practice it (aka “level up”) to do more.

          As an example to illustrate let’s use the story of Moses (umm i’m not religious myself, so i’ll be using what I remember from that 1998 move “the Prince of Egypt”:

          Personal Power: God appearing and talking to moses, probably costs mana, (sidenote: how much mana would it take to make it rain manna?)

          Avatar: Moses

          Granted Power: All the Hebrews marking their doorways w/ blood, it has a minor effect, but could be argued as a granted power. Moses doing the miracles (ie staff to snake).

          Iffy: The taking of the firstborns, that could be a personal power using the large amount of mana recieved from the hebrews OR a granted power casted by Moses, not sure could be either.

          As for panel 5-8, pete is saying that normally they play against archdemons and fight evil, but their group decided to play differently and set different goals (in D&D you can play any kind of story you wanted, all that mattered was you tried to achieve something), but there was an arguement among the players of “what” to do, since they decided it was not the usual of fighting demons. There was a duel to decided, and we all know how that went.

          • River_Dragon

            “how much mana would it take to rain manna”…my head is now spinning.

            But God (or gods) would not need mana to appear and talk to followers. That is part of what makes him (or them) God(s).
            (Side note: God did not give Moses the power to take the firstborns. He gave Moses a sign to give the Hebrews to mark their houses so the Angel of Death would know which houses to avoid. Which begs the question–if Pharoah had marked his own door (possible, had he believed; he WAS Moses’ foster brother), would the Angel of Death have spared his son, thus allowing him to again refuse to free the Hebrews?)

  21. LastCub

    Dorkiness level extreme confirmed 8D

  22. efhosci

    Good to know that the game isn’t COMPLETELY without rules.

  23. spencershot5

    if you dant understand the rules make your own… BLOW UP EVERY THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SilverZeo

      Or you can easily defy the rules if you hae lots of money… or green hair

  24. Nick (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    I LOVE the little Pete icon when he’s talking!

  25. Kalasnokov

    locked up in a mortal body, i am getting the feeling that Pete sooner or later will loose and get locked up and have to live near king or something.

    • I like your hat

      probaly in the body of a parrot :D

      • SilverZeo

        Nah, too predictable… how about… a penguin! Imgine him being a penguin… a flightless bird that can only waddle in a landlocked housing place filled with crazy pets… and despite what Madagascar said… penguins can slide on ice… try sliding on concrete…

      • Argent Stonecutter


        • I like your hat

          i don’t think they’d make him a chihuahua :lol: that would be a really weird transformation

    • Jim

      It’s more likely that the Dragon will lose.
      She loves peanut, would be nice for them to be together (if real tarot doesn’t actually like peanut or something like that).

      Though, since it’s not certain they will become pets, Pete might as well become King’s owner… (a real one this time).

      Either way I guess the loser will lose on purpose or give up the game to help/save someone they like or something like that.

    • The_Rippy_One

      Here’s my unsubstantiated guess – Pete loses, and King is the mortal life he is forced to lead. Remember, the omniscient can apparently muck with time, so the concurrent head trip is do-able; it’s only a question of just how thorough the insertion can be…

  26. SilverZeo

    Pete… take a look, you’re being judge by a Bahamut wearing a helmet that looks like a fusion between a certain mono-optic superhero who has lost near all likeability since the start of the millennium for things like cheating on his living wife and used his wife as a cheapshot against in a moral debate that even a kidengardner would call immature, and one of the dozen helmets of a standard “helmet wearing anti-antagonist” in a anime series franchise where somehow a giant humanoid robots are the best weapons EVER in space wars with an operation system is like a jet/tank while the one series used one that works with human movement is consider the “cheesecake” of whole franchise… this detachment of reality for him is too vast for a blackhole… in short: you are a sub-nerd being judge by an Uber Nerd.

  27. Valerio

    Adorable. Awesome. Cute.
    Gotta love your Pete! :D

    • Ryufire

      Third panel with Pete so up close, so adorable and with a humble expression on his face? Yup you’ll definitely sleep well at night knowing he’s at your side. If he’s not on your bad side of course! :D

      • Xane

        Pete almost looks… sweet… in that third panel.

        Well I never did think the Cosmic Nerds were evil, just jerks (and Pete’s been much meaner to King than he needed to be!).

        • The_Rippy_One

          Maybe he’s trying to keep some emotional distance, so when this Avatar dies it doesn’t traumatize him the way the last one did.

  28. Rider098

    I really like this strip, seeing Pete cry like that gives him a bit more… how should I say it, humility and compassion? Granted he is still a bit of a jerk, but at least this shows that he does CARE about the mortals he interacts with. At least to me, more so now than he did before.

    Quite curious about how this will turn out and learning more of this “higher” game. Definitely curious about those other players, I have a suspicion of which character we know already that might be an avatar herself… we shall see. Keep up the great work Rick!

    • aerion

      I generally think of Pete as one of the people who go ‘But it’s published in Unearthed Arcana! It’s entirely balanced!’ and/or try to find loopholes to get more power.
      He’s not a bad guy, overall, he’s just not the most fun person to play with.

  29. Valerio

    sooo…Pete got Joel’s fate portion of soul so that HE could decide what to do of his mortal shell in the case he lost the Game?

    • IceKitsune

      I think he would get his own body not Joel/Kings so getting Joel’s Fate ball would be useless in that case.

  30. Azal

    Panel 3. Joan of Arc? Just a silly guess.

    • IceKitsune

      Rick said its not the Actual Joan of Arc but she’s suppose to be Joan of Arc like. So your not wrong in thinking.

      • Azal

        Ahhh, okay. Then that continues my thought, knowing what happens, if same sort of end comes… could see a bit of cynicism coming from Pete after that…

        darnit… I’m going to start sympathizing with him aren’t I?

        • Xane

          Pete’s been so mean to King that you kind of don’t want to feel bad for him, but I kind of wonder if the “falling out” was one of the players wanting to be nice to the mortals and one player wanting to win by any means possible. And the nice one may have been Pete in the past!

  31. IceKitsune

    I think I figured something out, when they started this new game they had to pick a blood line to follow to power up their Avatars (hence Pete saying it sometimes takes Generations to gain a lot of power). Peanut and Grape are Pete and Dragons Avatars for the normal game. Pete couldn’t get Grape because he can’t use his main Avatar for the Duel (which is why he was in the Temple in the first place, they had to start a new for the Duel.)

  32. adambluewolf

    well it looks like hes goin to get out of this

    • xhunterko

      Not a chance. The slightly obvious is that Pete felt slighted and decided to take matters into his own hands, to twist the rules of the game in his favor, which, he didn’t get away with. The judge is not going to be easy on the punishment. That’s for certain.

      • I like your hat

        i dunno… despite being omniscient i don’t think bahamut understands the game very well….

      • adambluewolf

        you have a good point my friend

      • The_Rippy_One

        but that doesn’t mean the big B won’t understand the terms of the Duel, even if he doesn’t understand the mechanics under which it was waged, or that the method of contest or the style of play violated some rule beyond the game (ie, if murder is illegal, but a potential outcome of a duel, then killing some one while dueling, while a legitimate move, still violates the higher order law)

  33. Erikuto

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    • RootsofOrigin

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      • Tailz

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    • The_Rippy_One

      The sting is unfiltered sunlight – one of many geek weaknesses…

  37. Salenstormwing

    This sort of reminds me of Black & White, except the big powerful animals have the godly powers and aren’t the avatar.

  38. WingedwolfGirl

    I… think I got all that but I’m confused about the generation thing. Either King a “higher-class” avatar or has Pete been messing around with his family for generations.

    Also, now we know what the temple is important!

    • The_Rippy_One

      I think what he means is you Avatar a bloodline, and your first one can…move a penny. The family “keeps the faith,” and one of their offspring becomes the 2nd Avatar, and can move two pennies independently. With that slow build up, the game probably runs for several centuries, during which you get the fun of dynastic struggles, outside influences, all that good stuff, until, in the end game, you’re final Avatar is like Magneto with currency, when they join forces with Light Lass, able to generate terawatt lasers at will (nth great grandma was able to make a soft glow), and Dusty, who can only manipulate a moderate volume of particulate because the original third family died out, so a new one had to be started, and they didn’t have enough generations left to hit full power…

  39. Valerio

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  41. Q

    Oh Pete I feel your pain. Can’t tell you how many times I tried explaining this to Jean-Luc and his friends.

    • Discord

      Celestia too… Those ponies just don’t understand. They hate the players, not the game. -evil grin-

  42. microbuss

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    This is the lengthiest & longest lines in this comic EVER O.O wow!

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  45. Tapewolf

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  46. Solario the Visored

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  47. Tomas aldrete

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  48. Penwrite

    Does anyone else think Pete actually comes off as the LEAST jerk-like of the three gamers? I mean, Dragon almost never gives straight answers when she can avoid it, while Kitsune enjoys watching Pete squirm way too much, like everything’s a joke.

    Pete, meanwhile, seems almost like a normal person. His face in the third panel looking at the woman looks almost like friendship. The fourth panel looks like heartbreak over a friend’s death. He even experiences social embarrassment and awkwardness.

    • The_Rippy_One

      Maybe Dragon is under some kind of penalty; “Disadvantage: Inscrutable” in return for occasional direct control and the capacity to teach Sabrina.

  49. DJ Nighfire

    Well it been a while since I posted something on here but i have to say this comic was amazing. I understood every bit of it and I was moved by pete’s emotions on the matter. he does now remind me of one of the player I have in my D&D group that i run. and I love the way religion is explain in RPG terms, sounds like me at time trying to explain my pantheon.

  50. Z24

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    But I think that means Tarot’s doomed in someway?

  51. Thebullybambi

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    • Dissension

      Pete’s always been this cute, but people are just now noticing.

      • IceKitsune

        Well his generally terrible and off putting personality is what made it take so long.

        • legendario13

          he would get really well with Max…. or really bad?
          Opposites attract and alikes repel or how was it.

  52. Fenrir

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  55. lenn

    They don’t do anything that life doesn’t already do them, eh?
    Like being killed, perhaps? >_>
    I really don’t like the ethics behind this little game.

    • The_Rippy_One

      I don’t recommend the whole World Of Darkness setting then.

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        But who wrote the first comment? i didnt get the last part of it.

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  58. Shuma Jindivi

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  59. Tsunami

    To be honest, this is why I could never get into D&D. It’s not that I didn’t understand the rules it’s just that there were too many rules or too many limitations. …I also dislike determining things on the role of the dice. I need something a bit more concrete then that.

    Don’t get the sense that I’m knocking it. It’s just not for me.

  60. Draven

    A mortal life is full of pain and suffering, but also of love and kindness. Pete fears the pain of life so he watches from afar and remains indifferent. In the end he misses out on the joy, but probably hides all of this behind his mask of cynicism and excuses.
    “It’s the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live.” – Bette Midler

  61. Erikuto

    Is it weird for me to check the webcomics every single day even though we all know another page wont be out in 2-5 days (or longer)?

    • Dissension

      The comic updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Midnight CST. Excepting rare circumstances, there is never a delay of five or more days between new strips.

  62. cesarinthewhitedragon

    so, he actually lost a few avatars before..?

  63. Gabe23

    A little theory here= right now, Kitsune is leading the game right ? So, according to what Pete said, you can be the leader is you win the duel. My point is this, Could it be possible that Kitsune duel someone and that that someone lost the duel and he/she is locked in a mortalĀ“s body ??? And thats why Kitsune is the leader ?

    Lets remember that there are other players that we havent seen … yet

    • IceKitsune

      Pete is saying they are Dueling for the right to be the leader of the Party that is playing the U&U game not to be the GM. Kitsune was the GM from the start.

      • Gabe23

        Oooohhhhhh I see …

  64. Frank Furter

    frames 1, 3 and 5 have the cutest expressions from Pete.
    who knew he had it in him :D

  65. Haru_Totetsu

    “Never do anything the life doesn’t throw at them” …so true, just look at the amount of people turning into dogs…its become an epidemic.

    But seriously, I think there needs to be a compromise. If he loses all control over King then Dragon would have it too easy. Maybe add limitations to their powers over them, because it seems like everything isn’t as fair even if Pete were in control of King.

    • The_Rippy_One

      Big thing – regardless of who wins, the next section gets significantly harder, not easier. Remember, Dragon and Pete are on the same team, in theory, and they have the same end goal (or, at least, they will once this Duel is over). With one of them locked down and mortal, their team gets to use fewer miracles, and their Avatars lose guidance and power-ups, potentially, while the Game continues to scale up the difficulty.

  66. Shuma Jindivi

    So…Housepets is the current U&U module/scenario they’re playing?

    • Shuma Jindivi

      Or campaign.

  67. FerreTrip

    Huh. So that’s how this all works. Interesting. And dude, Pete, you’re TOTALLY lying in that fourth panel. I don’t think changing into a Welsh Corgi is something normal life would throw someone’s way.

    And what’s wrong with not experiencing time subjectively? It makes life so much more precious!

  68. GameCobra

    Something tells me that Peanut and Grape are like a shortcut for other people’s avatars: They can give the Avatar a super powerful boost of Mana if certain criteria is met.

    Love this indepth knowledge of the world of Housepets, by the way :D

  69. ResCoin999

    okay, so this either means that King has some sort of cool power, or that Pete cheated, right?

  70. Verp

    As to who might be avatars or players, what about the tanuki, the crazy guy who talks in limericks, Mr Milton or the jaguar spirit?

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