Mitigating Litigation

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  1. Ryufire

    Pete is to cool to be punished! >.<

    • Caelo

      No , by self-admission Pete is a total dork and deserves all that is coming to him.

      • shadowfire

        absolutely true

        • raver528

          Hey! we dorks are cool too.

          • I like your hat

            kitsunes not afraid of sounding like a dork :D

          • silverfang16

            Kitsune can’t be a dork, he has too indifferent an attitude. :P

  2. Dissension

    Thus we now know there are more players than just Pete and Spirit Dragon.

    Also, that Great Kitsune remains awesome. ;3

    • Xane

      Kitsune’s publication-to-avatar timing has gotten so small that I think he’s finally beaten King. His expression in panel 2… are we sure that’s not Karishad with a bleach job? ;)

      • darkgloomie

        We can’t rule out the Avatar angle, either. We don’t know if the Kitsune has any, although come to think of it Karishad would be a tad too chaotic for the Big F’s tastes, most likely

      • The_Rippy_One

        If he were Karishad, he’d be speaking to the judge from the bench; as in, he’d be standing behind the judge…

      • silverfang16

        We don’t know if these others even have avatars, they may be searching like Pete had to.

      • silverfang16

        Also I don’t think Karishad is an avatar, he seems to have no idea what those ruins are.

    • Aenbr

      Are there others involved in the game? The Great Kitsune, The Sprit dragon, King, Tarot. Couldn’t they be the 4?

      • rtlstien

        I believe he’s implying there are six players in total. Spirit Dragon is absent, which means there are three unknowns also playing the game.

      • MenachemSchmuel

        Tarot isn’t a player, just an avatar for the dragon. We know of three players, and two of them are present in court. Pete says there should be four others, and one of those others must be the dragon–leaving three players we’ve never met.

  3. T-Squared

    Dorkiness has no legal basis here!

  4. kimo

    not sound like a dork?? IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    • kimo

      also, am i the only one reading the judge in Morgan Freeman’s voice?

      • DanTwelve3

        I read Bahamut’s voice as James Earl Jones.

        • T-Squared

          Actually I’m reading Bahamut’s voice as John deLancie.

          Now you can NEVER get it out of your head! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!! >8D

          • Rick Griffin

            Actually I’ve been imagining him similar to Robert Z’Dar

          • Dissension

            Really, Robert Z’Dar? Really?

          • Zaitsev

            Until Housepets gets animated and he voices the Bahamut you don’t need to complain. Or criticize or whatever you feel like calling it.

          • Verp

            If anyone deserves to sound like John de Lancie, it would be Pete.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I still think Pete should get Jonathan Harris. Come on, say “you bubble-headed booby”. Just say it.

          • The_Rippy_One

            I support J.E. Jones for Bahamut, and Mr. de Lancie for Pete. Who’s on tap for Cerberus? And would she have one VA, or three?
            Part of me wants at least one head to be Melissa Etheridge…

          • zeroslash

            For some reason, I always imagined Gary Oldman as the voice for Pete, even though I really have no ideal why.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Well, Gary Oldman and Jonathan Harris are both Zachary Smith. :)

          • Verp

            Someone should sound like Alan Rickman.

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            I have absolutely no idea who I’m hearing the judge’s voice as.
            Or, for that matter, any of the characters. I never bothered learning the names of actors, only the characters they play, so if I am imagining a particular character saying a line, I won’t be able to put a name to it. :-/

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Alucai – James Earl Jones played Darth Vader.

        • I like your hat

          I have no idea who these people are but i’m reading it as the kind of voice a judge on a television show would have deep but not too deep and really refined

      • Ryufire

        Or Andre Braugher who did Darkseid’s voice! ^^

      • Stryde

        Kevin Michael Richardson. :B

        • T-Squared

          No, it needs to be Christopher Judge. :D

          • Stryde

            Well most of us seem to be in the “deep voiced black man” agreement, anyway. xD

      • ShadowclawFC

        I think he would sound like LeVar Burton, aka Geordi LaForge. It’s the visor that does it for me ^^;

        • Stryde

          LOL I -had- thought of LeForge with the visor, but the character voice just didn’t do it for me. xD

    • Zaitsev

      I don’t know why but I always imagined Pete to sound like Hexxus from Fern Gully

      • Big Fan

        Probably the black speech bubbles.

      • Verp

        Pete sounding like Hexxus, a Tim Curry character? Interesting.

        • ShadowclawFC

          More like scary. Tim Curry creeps me out no matter what I see him in…

      • silverfang16

        I have been wondering where I got that voice for him from! :O

  5. Cristian100n

    He’s not guilty . . . . wait, yeah he’s toast

    • Cristian100n


      • spencershot5

        you used the piture i was gona use so now i have to use this one!!!!!!!!!!

        • Cristian100n

          OH sorry

          • spencershot5

            well i alredy croped it out and everything >:( i hate it when i see the PERFECT PICTURE and someone beets me to it

  6. efhosci

    Random thought: do witnesses in heaven have to swear on a Bible?

    • spencershot5

      no you swear on the BOOK OF FATE :P

      • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

        A standard issue of the Book of Fate.

        • The face

          Standard issue edition 4.6.3, to be exact. They are really picky about that.

          • Krin

            Standard Book of Fate v5 is coming out!
            They’re revamping split fates and acts of fate!

          • The_Rippy_One

            I don’t like the way v5 handles multiple fate interactions. Take the Mongol questline – under the new rules, you’ve got an equal chance of them being swayed by Pope Leo I (Oratory Miracle), slaughtering him and conquering Rome (Destiny: Conquest), or have a Blessed Visitation or a Hellgate open up (under the Unifying Effort rule set that seems to be the conflict resolution de jure). Okay, yeah, the DM can declare DM’ Fiat on that bit of stupidity, but it’s still the core rules.

          • silverfang16

            New fate options, indifferent and lazy.

    • Shuma Jindivi

      Since every single one of them are omniscient, I do not consider cheating as a possible option……

      • I like your hat

        yeah and they’re like dolphins they speak telepathically and can read minds sadly dolphins cant :P

        • I like your hat

          read minds that is

  7. Lunyk Stormdragon

    Dorkiness :D gotta love it, gotta have it.

    Four more players: Kitsune, Dragon, who else?

    OMG is Spot (superdog) a player?!?!?!?!?! He should be.

  8. Zaitsev

    I hate people who are willing to play DND but then say its dorky to talk about it if asked sincerely.
    Some good Great Kitsune snaps to be had with this strip.

    • Zaitsev

      Also is it just me or is The Kitsune trying to flex when he’s leaning in the background?

      • Dissension

        That’s just you.

        • Zaitsev

          But at first he has the muscles and then he doesn’t have them, it’s all very confusing.

      • Frank

        If it helps, he was leaning slightly further back last strip, so it’s possible that, yes, he is flexing. Probably a startle reflex.

  9. xhunterko

    Your dorkiness does not however withhold you from being tried.

  10. Cristian100n

    man i love the kitsune

  11. spencershot5

    he is such a dork!

  12. IceKitsune

    So there are at least 3 other players in this game (assuming Kitsune doesn’t count as part of the 4) very interesting.

    • Valerio

      Pete didn’t say anything about ‘players’. He talked about 4 others that should be there with him.
      And those could be pretty well spirit dragon, Tarot, Sabrina and King

      • IceKitsune

        True. However I don’t think that Pete is stupid enough to think that King should be held accountable for a game that He was forced in to. Tarot willfully agreed to play (as far as we know anyway) and Sabrina lives with Tarot and helps her with this stuff so I can kind of see that. Though its kind of a stretch to include her in that as well.

        • IceKitsune

          To clarify this a bit because it seems weirdly worded to me: I understand including Tarot in that since she agreed to play (as far as we know.) However including Sabrina while I understand, since she lives with and helps Tarot, it seems a bit of a stretch

          • Valerio

            You are right about King.
            Tarot interfered with pete’s original choice for an avatar. She may have been an instrument of the Dragon’s will, in which case she should simply testify to that, or she was a willing accomplice and both her and Dragon are accountable.
            It’s harder to tell for Sabrina: did she watch over king to help him stay ‘unmolested’, or did she guide him in a direction according to Dragon/Tarot’s instructions? She should testify as well.
            Kitsune could be the fourth one to be called since he, apparently just like Pete, liked to bend the rules and make the game the more interesting according to his tastes.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        You’re forgetting Karishad.

        • Valerio

          *snaps fingers*
          I KNEW I was missing THE ONE

  13. leaffly

    He is not proud of being sounded like a dork?! Say whhaaaatttt???

  14. Yehoshua

    We all have some dorkiness inside us, even Bahamut just for using the word dorkiness.

  15. DanTwelve3

    You’re in good company, Pete. We all are dorky to some extent.

    • Keldor

      Pete: “And that’s supposed to make me feel better??!”

      • silverfang16

        No, but he’s in good company!

  16. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)
    • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

      Just for that 5th panel. ;)

      • Camtheman16

        Stop stealing my site >.<

        • Ryufire

          Its an awesome site >u<

  17. Xane

    Alt-text: “Notwithstanding his dorkiness may be so enormous as to warrant its own investigation”

    I don’t care how he justifies it, Pete’s still one of the hugest jerks ever.

  18. Zaitsev

    So many new Kitsune fans…Now I’m not as hipster as I want to be ;_;

    • Ryufire

      King is losing his top spot! o.o When was the last time Kit got popular?

      • Zaitsev

        I think he never really did, only a couple people used any pics of him but suddenly there are like four people in this comment section using him.
        That’s like, four times as many as before.

        • silverfang16

          Well he has only appeared once before. To get a top spot you must appear at LEAST twice, regardless of how awesome you are.

  19. Cerberusx

    Keep think McCoy from Law & Order will show up abd the judge will say, “Watch yourself McCoy!” or something funny.

    • Zaitsev

      I’m going to allow this.

  20. sutr

    Am I the only one to see cerberus in panel 4?

  21. Verp

    Speaking of dorkiness (Firefox spell check does not like that spelling and suggested I use kinkiness instead) that should not be held against someone in a court of law, I feel I must point out the only entity entitled to be called The Great Kitsune is The Lady. She is the only kitsune with ten tails. Of course no mortal has been said to have ever seen her.

    • Whitekitsune

      Except “Great Kitsune” is a generic sort of title, and this guy right here only has 9. Depending on the source, the exact timing is different, but basically reaching 9 tails and 1000 years of age grants a kitsune immortality and -some- level of omniscience.

      Also, see here for clear proof of GK’s 9:

      • Verp

        One of the versions I am familiar with is the addition of a tail every century and infinite wisdom at the age of 900 years. I did know he had nine tails. Seven tails is scarey enough according to some legends. The rest is a question of semantics, which is subjective. I was simply trying to be funny by expressing my dorkiness. Hopefully I did not offend.

  22. adambluewolf

    pete is gonna get away from this one…. hes just too awsome

  23. volkoseba

    Perhaps he could prove that he hasn’t broken the spirit of the law, but he’s still breaking the rules of the game…

  24. IceKitsune

    I would say that the most likely outcome for this is that Pete (and possibly all players in the game) are told to leave King alone.

  25. Verp

    I should break my rule about speculation. Could Mr Kitamura be the fourth game player?

  26. Hayate

    ….fry the turkey

  27. Kytan

    Ooh ooh maybe this judgement will become so huge hand of god himself rick griffin himself will get involved!!!

  28. *White Fang*

    No pete!!!!•Π•

  29. Argent Stonecutter

    Regardless of what happens with King, they still have him cold for breaking and entering.

    • Valerio

      could be considered a minor misdemeanor, especialy should Pete prove that he did it (or tried to) for King’s actual good.
      And Pete DOES have a point: jerk or not, changing Joel into King made a lot of good to him in the end.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Did it? Don’t forget, his sentence WAS going to be “time served”.

        • IceKitsune

          Beyond the fact that his sentence was going to be time served; it is very likely that Joel was willing to change (considering he didn’t really want to kidnap Fox and was going to turn himself in anyway) even if Pete didn’t change him in to King.

          So truthfully changing him was more likely then not completely pointless regardless of his reasons.

        • volkoseba

          “Time served” may not cause a paradigm shift. Pete didn’t help by serving justice, he helped by showing Joel how wrong he was… and by giving him a more trouble-free life to boot (though the latter part only really came after Pete “left town…”)

      • IceKitsune

        Truthfully I don’t think the argument should even be framed in terms did it do any good for Joel to be turned into a dog (though an argument can be made either way on that front), but rather did Pete have the right to even do that to him against Joel’s wishes.

        Personally I think the answer is No, no he didn’t, it doesn’t really matter to me why he did it, the act it self was morally wrong and to me basically unforgivable.

        • Valerio

          technically, Pete’s omniscient. I dare say he’d know what’s best for King…even if he acted like a jerk

          • IceKitsune

            Considering that he and all of them can be messed up by Free Will (he was surprised and angry at King for escaping his cage back in Dog Days.) and the Book of Fate; He can’t always be right about everything. (and therefore is only Semi-Omniscient, which by the way I think is always the better way of doing things when you have multiple beings like the Nerds.)

  30. Valerio

    I knew you would say that.

    • Tsunami

      I never broke the law! I AM the law!

  31. Salenstormwing

    Bahamut is Omniscient and Omnisnarky. I like it. And Pete deserves it.

  32. Tattorack


  33. Q

    Dunno. I figured I’d be Bahamut. You know? Since he’s in charge of the trial.

    Or Great Kitsune. I like that guy.

  34. I like your hat

    ones extreme dorkiness DORK

  35. Wildey

    GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY! Pete never does something unless it for himself only, shows how much of jerk he is! I hate Pete, he only deserves to be sealed again, which he would still have been, if it hadn’t been for Zach…

  36. Grip the Wolf

    If I was on trial, I’m pretty sure that my dorkiness would be held against me.

    • Valerio

      In Pete’s case, it’s balanced by his cuteness

      • ShadowclawFC

        Indeed. Pete’s supercute from the back view (his back and wings).

  37. Frank

    Wait a second, if King accepts to being a dog, he has a much easier entrance into heaven, so Pete is affecting his “pass into eternity”, so hasn’t he already admitted to being guilty? Or is this one of those trials where the culprit tries to bring out mitigating factors to reduce his sentence?

    • darkgloomie

      Bear in mind that he only has trouble getting into Heaven in the first place because he was turned into a dog, if he were still human his afterlife would’ve been much more clear cut (and possibly with no happy ending)

      I guess Pete can always plead the “Spirit guide” clause, you know, eat weird mushrooms from questionable indians, trippy trips through the unknown, woah-was-my-hand-always-this-big and so on

  38. D-Rock

    Wow, even Universes and Unrealities is considered a nerd’s game here. By the way, four more? I think we’ve only seen Kitsune and Dragon. Maybe their avatars, or yet to be revealed characters?

  39. Tomas Aldrete

    That vizor thing that Bahamut is wearing is really neat! Also I always thought Bahamut was more blue than purple, wasent he blue in the Final Fantasy franchise?

    • Tsunami

      He was lots of different colors. For instance, FF VII had him in at least three different colors.

  40. juandi001

    This is getting hard to read to me. So many words I still don’t understand >_<

  41. Peanut

    im just noticing i havent commented in a while well i think that his dorkiness should be held against him and that king should turn into a human at the most akward moment ever also seriously the diet poision where the heck did you go!?!?

  42. Facade Kitsune

    Pete you would definitely be found a dork by a court of law.

  43. Crescent Fox

    Everything was serious but then the last panel came.

  44. legendario13

    If I could only make people not to take into account my dorkiness when I talk to them…

  45. BillyMT

    …Seriously Pete, dat waistline… Whoa… *stares*

  46. illeatyourself

    He doesn’t want to sound like a dork by explaining a game that supposedly the judge already knows about, as shown when Pete tried to accuse Great Kitsune of being a pain to deal with during the game. Explain that to me. Also, I thought they said the life of every being on earth was a part of their game, in which the divine judge should certainly know about it since every divine being rules over said planet. And is it just me, or is this jury sentencing Pete for committing a crime because it was against the rules of the game, with the judge having seemingly no clue as to why he or Pete are even there?

    • Zaitsev

      Well the Book of Fate could easily be a tool for people to mess around in mortal worlds with that he chose to use in their game.

  47. Zaitsev

    Anyone notice the Book of Fate font is similar to the Death Note font?
    (Reference link.)

  48. Wildey

    Dots inside the ‘O’s does not a Death Note font make.

    • Zaitsev

      Yeah but it also has the bony-looking letters like the Death Note.

  49. Maxwell

    Pete’s a dork.

  50. Draven

    If I had a nicke for every time I said “I really don’t want to sound like a dork,” I wouldn’t need a job right now… or ever.

  51. Pogiforce

    the way he’s standing, Pete’s butt is quite prominent in the last two panels…

  52. I like your hat

    kitsunes not the ONLY on looker there’s Cerberus too >.>

  53. I like your hat

    but dorkiness should always be held against him and always will ^.^

  54. Bluewho

    Whoa, is it me or is Pere ripped in this strip? 0_o Jail does really does wonderful things to an omniscient immortal being’s physique, haha.

    • Bluewho


      • Bluewho

        Really does* gah, this phone shall be the death of me!!!!

  55. Alucai Vivorvel

    Has it ever been pointed out that, from behind, it looks like Pete’s dressed in tan pants? He’d look very businesslike, if not for the lack of a shirt.

  56. ResCoin999


  57. I like your hat

    now that i think about it when are they gonna get the watch from king? hes had it for quite some time now

  58. jos975

    whoa, exelent story xD

  59. Bernardina

    thank you for the article. i just about passed your web site up in bing but now i’m glad i clicked the link and got to go through it. i’m definitely a lot more informed now.

  60. Gabe23

    This story arc is getting better and better