In All Fairness

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  1. kimo


  2. IceKitsune

    lol I love the last panel

    • Valerio

      I loved Krunlik in the first panel

  3. m4davis

    alt text for phone users *and far away the faint sound of maniacal laughter*

  4. Jackalope121


    i agree though. once you’ve seen the “greats” most of the movies that get puked out are just that.

  5. xhunterko

    Suggestion: Should not that say Root Bar?

    • IceKitsune

      why would it?

    • Camtheman16

      Last time I check PG rating. Beer in a PG rated thing is not common xD

      • RootsofOrigin

        It would also be punny.

      • mr.muchy

        beer does not break any rules and id hope they were old enough to drink it

      • Air

        Well, there have been occasional suggestive themes in here that I would deem PG13, so…

        • xhunterko

          That was just my concern.

  6. Zaitsev

    A bar? How risque…
    “I want your pity.” is also the catchphrase of the apathetic superhero.

  7. Draven

    Movies are just like any other form of art, completely open to the interpretation of each individual viewer. A meaning can be suggested or implied, but it is in the nature of the viewer to see it however they please.

  8. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    You mad bro? xD

    • Ryufire

      I feel bad for Krunlk :(

      • Xane

        They should have just let him finish the guy off. Someone’s got quite a mouth for being threatened by a bunch of stupor heros.

        • RootsofOrigin

          He’s not scared of us.
          He’s weird, he’s weird!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Because he isn’t allowed in the bar?

  9. RootsofOrigin

    Movies are stupid.
    Case closed!

    • Maxwell

      (Slaps root across the face hard with a straight face before laughing and handing him an ice pack).

      Sorry for that.
      (Gives Root an ice cream cone)

      • RootsofOrigin

        KRUNLK QUASH!!!

        • Maxwell

          (Curls up into a ball and hides my eyes with tail).
          If I can’t see you, you cant hurt me!

    • Valerio

      were you born or were you made??

      • RootsofOrigin

        I was grown in a vial using some green sludge found at the bottom of a deep sea trench. I’m bioluminescent and have transparent skin.

        • RootsofOrigin

          In fact, the Underwater Mutt may be my uncle.

          • Valerio

            I’ll make a film on you, so there!

    • P0lo

      But Case Closed is a great series :D

      • m is for wolf

        Yes, indeed! It kind of steals some things from Agatha Christie and John Dickson Carr and probably other writers I don’t know about, but they really are great mysteries, and I’m a sucker for essentially all detective stories.

    • Air

      The good movies are the exception that proves the rule.

  10. D-Rock

    Sometimes I feel like the heroes here, sometimes I feel like the critic. In the end, everyone will have a preference.

  11. DanTwelve3

    The orange soda is looking a little amber today…

  12. Alechsa

    Okay, so… what movie was being parodied with Bluespace Indians?

    • RootsofOrigin

      Apparently Avatar.

    • Z

      They spent so much time and money making blue cat alien people they forgot to write a decent script to go with it.

      • Asuterisuku

        Sad but true. That said, it was quite the VISUAL treat.

        • tahrey

          I figured as such too in both cases.

          Dances with Pocahontas IN SPAAAACE = Blue Space Indians = Avatar

          And it was an enjoyable enough thing, if slightly empty plotwise. Not that it completely lacked a coherent story, just that – much like a certain other Cameron epic I could name – it could have easily been edited down to fit a running time that didn’t leave you with a numb butt, dry mouth, aching bladder and streaming eyes.

          The spectacle, however, was fancy-gorgeous enough that having seen it in our regular local cinema, and finding the entire remaining run was sold out at the three nearest 3D IMAX locations, I drove 100 miles each way to reach the fourth nearest. And OMG you guise it was like totally worth it. I stick by my original assessment that its the kind of crazy awesome studio ghibli tribute mashup that Lasseter would make (visual-wise that is) if allowed to totally cut loose for once. Sci fi style, as they’d finally just got done learning how to do it with Wall-E and it totally deserved a sequel.

          (Instead, I think the culmination of that took a left turn at the corner of Typical Disney Fantasyville and Pratchett-Shrekland to produce Brave :)

        • tahrey

          And to this day I will tell people who propose watching it…

          “Do you have a 3D TV or projector big enough to fill the audience’s visual field if they sit close enough? No? Forget it then. Watch the Costner or Disney versions instead.”

          I know some whose only experience of it – and of the Star Trek reboot also – have been through somewhat poor quality downloads. These people have clearly made some mistakes. If there’s an argument for traditional monster-screen cinema, it sits with movies like those (and, come to think of it, with stuff like the Avengers too). Crunch it down to seventeen inches diagonal with 640-width resolution, visible compression artefacts and tinny sort-of-stereo sound, and you lose all of the impact.

      • m is for wolf

        They were feline? …I don’t know, I thought they just looked pretty awesome. It’s true that it was more about the special effects than the plot… but the special effects were legend… wait for it… ary.
        You have to admit, they practically didn’t need a plot other than people slipping into alien avatar, the special effects drew you in so much. Just special effects and a guy in a wheelchair.
        I don’t know, I was pretty disappointed by the lack of plot, but when I look back on it all I can think is how amazing those aliens were.

        • m is for wolf

          Ignoring its special effects, it wouldn’t wow anybody, but it still wasn’t a terrible plot, for what there was of it, and it had some good action.
          Besides, why don’t you like the idea of blue space kitties, as you put it? Sure, aliens probably wouldn’t have those tail-plugs, but other than that it didn’t seem unrealistic.

        • tahrey

          Dude, they were TOTALLY space-kittens. The face, the eyes, the movements.

          In fact they were alien smurf-panthers.

    • Chip Uni

      It was “Blue Space Half-Naked Kitties… in Outer Space!”

      Also known as Avatar.

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      Avatar had basically the exact same story as Dances With Wolves, only with aliens instead of Indians.
      And by Indians, it of course means Native Indians. Not those actually from India.

      • m is for wolf

        Native Americans or American Indians, you mean. You need to distinguish them as Americans. Native Indians would be the people natively from Indians, those whom you think of when you talk about people from India, as opposed to the British settlers. (It’s kind of weird to think of them as “Native Indians,” but that’s only because the British didn’t win against their fight against the Indians, whereas Americans did with the near-extinguishing of Native Americans.)

  13. Kamike

    But Pocahontas in space had Sigourney Weaver, which is apparently all they need for a sequel.

    • Salenstormwing

      All you ever need for a sequel is Sigourney Weaver, ergo Aliens Resurrection.

      • tahrey

        *All you ever need for a movie

  14. *White Fang*

    Movie are stupid at some point or another

  15. Argent Stonecutter

    What about Alien Refugee Camp?

  16. CyberSkull

    It took me a second to parse Avatar. But yeah, movies are stupid.

  17. WingedwolfGirl

    Moivies arn’t stupid, the people who watch blue cat ali-*cough* The people who watch MOVIES are stupid.


  18. Exulen

    Poor Krunlk

    • legendario13

      Made my day!
      Thank you Exulen

  19. Slice

    Ahem: Blue Space ‘Native Americans’.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      But Housepets “Native Americans” are coyotes!

    • tahrey

      Great, now you’ve put a vision in my head of the Pandorans speaking with an exaggerated Mumbai Call Centre accent, trying to kid on that they all have english-sounding names.

  20. Fox

    Hey, that’s not really a very fair implication.

    Ferngully: A Space Odyssey was visually stunning and still retained the charm of the original. I found it to be a spectacular remake.

  21. Salenstormwing

    I preferrred the Live-Action remake of The Lion King to the animated version. I honestly didn’t know there were that many classically trained Shakespearean lion actors.

    • tahrey

      OK, are we still talking Avatar or have we switched over to Hamlet? And if so, which version?

  22. RedDwarfIV

    Most bars don’t allow pets in unless they are Guide Dogs, in my experience.

    I wonder how Peanut would have gotten into one to know what it looks like.

    • darkgloomie

      well, most universes don’t have talking animals as pets with intelligence comparable to a late teen, so your point is kinda moot.

    • Salenstormwing

      I’m going to say… TV. I don’t care who you are, if you’ve watched TV, you’ve seen a bar at some point. Or Cheers. Maybe Peanut thought it was a really funny show.

  23. Nintendosagafan

    dawww hehe poor krunk XD

  24. Valerio

    Hmm, best nemeses of our heroes are yellow-furred.
    I see a pattern here…

  25. Verp

    Hi, my name is Verp. I am new here. I am a anthropomorphic sehlat (look up that on line) but I am not from Vulcan. Think of me as an anthropomorphic sabertooth tiger with an IQ of 190 and the personality of a Labrador retriever and we should all get along fine. If what needs to be said can be done so with an simple inflected monosyllable, I say grak. It is my species version of woof, meow, or dude.

    I am rather enjoying this whole comic and have ideas where things are going, but I have enough of a clever imagination that I might come up with unintentional spoilers, so I will keep them to my self. Now we have to wait three days rather than two between postings. FANBOY DENIED!

    • Dann Leonn

      Erm, Didn’t get a word of that, but welcome to Housepets!

    • Legendario13

      As Leonn said
      Welcome there!
      You should join the forums too, im sure everybody will love to to get along with you.

  26. oddly placed husky

    oh my gawd x3 why did it take this long for me to notice that krunk is himself a parody of a parody! lol, crunk is a character in a side show on Dexters Lab ( who is also purple i believe)

    rick, you are awesome for being able to play homage to two of my favorite comedic super heroes in one go! way to utilize the double entendre.

  27. Draven

    Blue Space Indians, I say again, was just Dances with Wolves with giant blue aliens.

    • zeroslash

      I just realized what Blue Space Indians is a parody of. I thought it was okay, but highly derivative of other fictional works, like Dancing with Wolves.

  28. Moony

    i do not really get what just happened….

    • legendario13

      The yellow guy won…somehow