Righting The Wrong Rights Wrongly

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  1. Xane


  2. Zaitsev

    Opinions are what are destroying this great country…

    • Jackalope121

      ^ that

      • Alucai Vivorvel

        Which country are we talking about, again?

        • Valerio

          not mine.
          It’s been ALREADY destroyed by opinions!

          • Zaitsev

            Maybe (Insert Generic Supposedly Fascist Country Here) has it right after all.

          • Firewolf

            I dunno what you’re all talkin about XD but yay American derp.

  3. RootsofOrigin

    Krunlk bad with words more than Hulk.

    • Camtheman16

      Is that possible?

      • RootsofOrigin

        Well it’s either him or Peanut.

      • Alucai Vivorvel

        Have you seen the Avengers?
        There’s a reason Hulk barely talks, let alone in that movie.

    • Gamerkitty

      Hulk scientist, what you know?

      • Zarvain

        No, puny Banner scientist, Hulk big green neander–no wait, script rewrite NOW hulk big green hairless gorilla…yeah ok who’s idea was this again?

  4. IceKitsune

    lol Spot did over react quite a bit.

  5. Dissension

    Personally, I find only forced relationships between beautiful people truly emotionally fulfilling and cathartic.

    • Rick Griffin

      “I am so interested in your body”
      “As am I. Your body, I mean.”
      “I can make a stilted analogy about love, comparing it to, I don’t know, waterfalls?”
      “It is the most romantic thing ever, whatever you said.”

      • RootsofOrigin

        You make the best dialogue.

      • Xane

        ♫ When loving lovers love ♪

      • Ryufire

        Download it now on i-tunes or HP’s channel! :P

      • Argent Stonecutter

        It’s not true romance if it’s not full of knee—watering terror and ear–burning embarrassment.

    • RootsofOrigin

      Must be an intestinal problem.
      You should get that checked.

  6. RootsofOrigin

    Bat-Bat looks like a koala and Krunlk looks like a parade float in panel 5.

  7. Maxwell


  8. Maxwell

    I was expecting Ryufire to get the first comment again tonight.

    • Ryufire

      Nah, not always Max! :) (hugs)

      Will the Avengers beat “Hunger Games” Box office earnings?

      • Maxwell


        The Hunger Games was a Bash of the Book series in my opinion.

        The Avengers is awesome.
        (Gives Ryu a hug back).

        • Ryufire

          =^. .^= (purrs with happiness)

          Oh yeah for now its a huge hit! There are two BIG movies to come next in the summer, Batman and Spiderman! Even Spot will go and see them! :P

          • Maxwell

            Hehe =^.^=
            Problem with Spiderman 4 is they changed the actors.
            But it should be good.


            YAY for Cats!

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            It’s not Spiderman 4, Maxwell. It’s a reboot of the whole series. Not even a prequel. He doesn’t naturally have the web-shooting powers, he has to build the canisters.
            The other three movies might as well not exist.

          • Frank

            Spiderman can run out of thread now?
            My childhood’s back!

          • Zarvain

            That means all the neat/weird web mixes can come back too? Great!
            Now if next time they start Batman they’d remember one of my favorite referances a character ever said about him I can be content: “Sometimes its easier for me to think of Batman as an institution than an individual.”
            (may have not gotten that right word for word, been at wrok all night but should be close enough =P)

          • Maxwell

            OH YAY!!!! I remember watching the cartoon spiderman and him running out of web cartridges and stuff! That will be awesome!

  9. SilverZeo

    The line about the mask was good in the movie… besides… he could have said “Herald the Goose”…

  10. brnldnl@yahoo.com

    Honestly wonder if this is what a lot of critics experience. Though that is a pretty lame reason to give something a poor review. Maybe kids dragged him to it?

  11. Xane

    Alt-text: “I just couldn’t get enough of how little chemistry they had onscreen!”

    Sounds like the average relationship to me!

  12. efhosci

    Silly critic. When will you learn that “Spot” is objectively good?

  13. Tailz

    When I see this, am I the only one who thinks about Krunk from The Justice Friends? (Dexter’s Labratory)

    • RootsofOrigin

      Oh jeez, now that I think about it, the Justice Friends are a parody off of the Avengers.

    • Kohaku Nightfang

      Oh man I totally remember them. That was so funny. I love how Peanut drew a pink version of him

  14. johnwolf

    The movie isn’t good because i don’t like superheros…… opinions are ok but if you are reviewing ANYTHING you can’t let your biases make a bad review. Yatzee dose and he dose BAD reviews. now look at Total Biscut, much better reviews. just hating something because you can’t stand the content it’s based on is ok. hating on it because you can’t stand the content it’s based then review it based on that bias…not ok.

    • rayne

      I think you’re missing the point of Yatzee

      • johnwolf

        what, i love it when he slams a game. most of his fan base takes his reviews to seriously. i loved how he bashed SSBB even though i loved it my self. bad review is a bad review though and i was trying to make a compairason. sorry if i came off as “I DON’T LIKE YATZEE BLA BLA BLA” which is cool to because it’s an opinion.

  15. Draven

    I don’t like when beautiful people have a forced love, it makes my love with other beautiful people look forced as well.

  16. DanTwelve3

    Will The Critic become a furry pancake? Will Spot (superdog) realize that crushing someone for a dissenting opinion is immature? Will Krunlk, instead of quashing the critic, give him a much needed super-hug? Tune in Friday to see how the story continues!

    I see this going the way of Syndrome in The Incredibles.

  17. *White Fang*

    I like the last panel^ _^

  18. Tailz

    I’m surpised no one has an avatar of Spot, or the other superheroes.

  19. Frank

    I stopped considering The Green Lantern a superhero when they gave the powers to Daffy Duck. Which makes me wonder, what would be this universe’s Daffy Duck?

  20. Eric

    This Spot (Superdog) series is great! I think I hurt myself laughing!

  21. T-Squared

    I remember it so you don’t have to! :D

    Oh wait… wrong Critic.


    Wait… DANG IT! DX

  22. Frostfauna

    Hmm. I wonder what grape will have to say about this segment of peanut’s comic. She usually has something to say after she has read them.

  23. Grip the Wolf

    The Krunlk then proceeded to slam the critic into a cement wall until he agreed to remove his negative review. And they all lived happily ever after… except the Critic, though. He was stuck in a full body cast for six months. But that isn’t important, because he’s a minor villain who will definitely never return to seek revenge.

  24. Erikuto

    Peanut Improved his drawings a bit :3

    • legendario13

      Spot’s eyes on seventh panel?
      Cause I like those

  25. Valerio

    The Green Lamp?!?
    Man, you CALLED for it!

  26. Maxwell

    (hums a tune in his head while waiting for the next comic)

    • legendario13

      but I liked it ..

  27. SilverZeo

    I like that movie too… as a cheesy sci-fi flick… it’s about aliens with magical science ring that can make anything they want while taking order from blue god-like minchkins, fighting off a giant yellow space bug that is the embodiment of fear lead by a traitor whose name is “Sinestro”…

  28. 1cedGuardian

    Love the ‘Green Lantern’ burn, gosh what a horrible film to a great comic. Otherwise Avengers dominated!, this is how I felt with Harry Potter 7 part 2 though