With A Twist
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  1. Ryufire

    Oh silly Grape! :P

    • Maengun1256

      YAY!!!!! More Grape Nut

      • Maengun1256

        Is it me or do the both of them look fluffyer??

        • Ryufire

          More fluffier and adorably awesome! :D <3

  2. volkoseba

    I remember having a similar problem…

  3. senorpie7

    I actually find the floor more comfortable than my bed at times.

    • 2MK

      Are you a dog or somthing?

      • volkoseba

        You must have a good bed, 2MK…

        • Deadly-Bagel

          Or a bad floor =D

          • Derrath


        • phosphorus

          Umm… Rick, you are a genius, but your comic panels are starting to just flip from one to the other, what is the point, not that I’m complaining, it is really cute.

          • Tattorack

            These ARE one-offs.

          • Crackles

            Usually there is a week of one-offs in between the arcs. Not always and not recently, but definitely most of the time.

          • Boethefurry

            there is no point, thats the point. it wouldnt b as fun if it always had a point!

          • Foxstar

            They are called one-offs for a reason.

    • Therolyn

      I do occasionally too.

    • The Guy in the Background

      I understand, the feeling’s mutual.

    • Tommyrazor

      Glad I’m not the only one.

    • legendario13

      and I though I had a strange sleeping ritual

      • senorpie7


        • Legendario13

          (i think i have a piece of idea but)
          When you use “this” as a expresion as you did…
          What does it mean?

          Sorry i dun understand

          • senorpie7

            When you use that, it means you are showing that you approve of the statement above your post. Generally it is used on forums but I use it to save space :3

          • legendario13

            My theory was wrong…..

            Thanks A LOT Senorpie!
            Now I know something new
            Again guys sorry for getting out of topic ^_^’

    • 1boredcanadian

      But has anyone slept on the floor of a truck?

    • ShadowclawFC

      Same here, especially if it’s wood~ Tile’s good for getting cool, though. And carpet provides a cushion, but sometimes it can be a bit rough on the skin,

  4. IceKitsune

    lol Why is she napping there anyway? that has to be really awkward

    • Argent Stonecutter

      She’s a cat.

      • IceKitsune

        I’ve never had my cats sleep in an awkward place when they could do it more comfortably somewhere else you know like on top of the chairs.

      • CrimsonFox

        this is just one more reason I love cats x3

    • SilentWolfXIII

      My cats have slept in stranger places than that…

  5. Cristian100n

    I cant say i havent tried something like that

  6. Jackalope121

    i cant help but wonder what Grape’s sleep number? eek

    • Xane


    • SilentWolfXIII

      It’s over 9000!!!!

    • Frostfauna

      No, you see, the idea behind that is this. Grape always gets woken up by peanut when she naps ON TOP of things. She must have thought, “Hey, if I sleep UNDER something, peanut will leave me alone”. That’s how I figure it anyway. And Jackalope121, why is your picture thing the same as mine?

      • Frostfauna

        Scratch that, yours came a couple panels before mine.

      • Jackalope121

        technically speaking mine is a little differently positioned lol

  7. SilverZeo

    Oh, please tell me Mrs. Sandwhich has a photo-album filled of LOL-Grape pictures…

    • efhosci

      That would be AMAZING!

  8. nyathetexascat

    Why you napping there Gape? Nevermind If she is napping under the chair, but on chair legs? LOL

  9. MikuMickey

    what a twist!
    (Peanut and Grape) 0_0
    uhhhhh, you know what they say, uhhhh, HEY want the Wii, peanut want your Wii?

  10. Argent Stonecutter

    This is what happens when you stop the cat from sleeping on top of the TV.

    • Xane

      Or when the cat falls off and pretends they meant to do it.

      • SilentWolfXIII

        Or when the cat wants to lie in a place where it’s sure to attract attention

        • Draven

          Or when the floor is too cold to sleep on.

          • Tynach

            Or when the warm bed is TOO warm.

  11. efhosci

    And your bed doesn’t work because…?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Because she’s a cat.

      • SilentWolfXIII

        I concur. Cats seem to do whatever they want, regardless of logic

        • Tynach

          Quite a bit like humans at times!

  12. Lance

    my cat’s done something close. X3

  13. avorin

    alt text: ‘how did you even get your right hand there?’ ‘that’s my left hand’ ‘okay . . . now i’m even more grossed out’

  14. Musclecar326

    Alt text: ‘How did you even get your right hand there?’ ‘That’s my left hand’ ‘Okay… now i’m even more grossed out’

    I don’t understand what that means at all. can someone help me with that? Also whats up with all of these one-offs, i thought we were in the middle of arc: What money buys. What happened?

    • IceKitsune

      That arc was To Be Continued until the end of the comic year arc at least somewhat anyway. (so in a week or two depending on how long the continuing arc will be) Next arc is more Peanut and Grape.

      • Musclecar326

        thanks that explains a lot, but what about the alt text? i don’t understand what it means.

  15. Profesor Rod


    Also, a friend whose fursona is a mewthing pretty much summarized for me why do cats sleep like that:

    “Because I can? :3″

    • Tynach

      Agreed with the ‘Because we can’ bit!

  16. GameCobra

    In order to have the best sleeping position in the house, you must have at least 4 body parts off of the floor and touching wood.

    A foot on the cold kitchen floor can substitute for if you want a cold leg for sleeping.


  17. 2MK

    Grape really needs to get a hammock next time.

  18. ShiroNoOokami

    Totally used to do that. :I

  19. Valerio

    cats are the masters of napping!
    Must…resist…urge…TO SCRITCH HER BELLY! *fails, maimed*

    • GameCobra

      *joins in* … *uses tummy as a pillow* … *gets mauled twice as much* @_@

      • Valerio

        /Bino mode on
        ALL WORTH IT!

  20. kiyotewolf

    If they got mushy, that would make for an interesting position to get mushy in..


  21. SilentWolfXIII

    Let’s just hope she doesn’t have a nightmare. Falling onto the floor would be the least unpleasant thing that would happen

  22. Argent Stonecutter
  23. Reese

    What does it look like she’s doing? it looks like she is playing “The floor is lava”

  24. xhunterko

    Ahh. The good old chair hammock.

  25. Firewolf

    Yay Bigger Peanut Ears!

  26. Z. Guru

    Well, I have found that I occasionally like to sleep in strange places accompanied by odd positions. Atta girl Grape!

  27. REB

    I did that one time… I was only five at the time and it felt good on my back xD

  28. Tailz

    That seems normal for Grape, who doesn’t sleep like that?

    • Vladimir Zharkov

      I sure do.

  29. AFreedom001

    The previous sentence to Grape’s was:
    “GRAAAAAAPE what are you doing?”

  30. Zaitsev

    I know where Grape’s coming from, for around 7 years now I can’t fall asleep in less I’m in some normally uncomfortable-bordering-on-the-painful position.

  31. Draven

    Silly Grape! That’s not where you take naps, you don’t even have a pillow.

    • Valerio

      Peanut could be pillow :D

      • T-Squared

        *immediately thinks of Grape resting her head on Peanut’s belly*

        • GameCobra

          Would be much better the other way around <3

          • Valerio

            oh, so much yush! :D

  32. Grimlock88

    Silly Grape I once tried that as a kid and it’s not very comfortable! XD

  33. spencershot4

    Ok sorry but did I seriously wait 2 days for a 1 panel comic strip!? step your game up Rick!

    • Zaitsev

      If you don’t like his work you can GIIT OUT!

    • Foxstar

      Are you complaining about a free comic? I’ll be happy to show you the door if that’s the case.

    • Deadly-Bagel

      Ok sorry but did I seriously scroll all the way down here for a lame, whining comment? Step up your game Spencer!

      Seriously, if you’re going to waste two days sitting around waiting for a comic you need a hobby.

    • Valerio

      Poor dear!
      Here, let me help you to get lost, dude!

  34. Grip the Wolf

    It’s like me on a school day: “Mom, go away and let me sleep….”

  35. T-Squared

    Is it bad that I was immediately reminded of that one Garfield comic? :D

  36. crazyBalto

    Rick if you’re having difficulty to think of a ner arc, I can understand…

  37. Gary (from Radio free Housepets)

    How did she end up there in the first place? O.o

    • Valerio

      becuz she can!

      • Draven

        Cats are floppy, and can squirm into the strangest positions for optimal napping weirdness.

        • Tynach

          This, by a million times.

          I have one cat that can still almost squeeze their body under doorways. Full grown cat. It’s almost like they don’t have any organs.

          • Gary (from Radio free Housepets)

            Flexible cat is flexible.

  38. black fox

    Odd way to tack a nap I say even know I slept on a table once

  39. Sunnie Kolme

    Cats sleep in the darndest places. o_O

    • Valerio

      a neighbor of mine once started her washing machine…without knowing her cat was napping in there! Luckily, she turned off the thing before it got ugly. O.o

      • RedDwarfIV

        When I think that the washing machine in my house will not open until spin cycle is finished…

        I start fearing for my cat’s life.

        • legendario13

          your avatar shows that concern just perfectly…just saying

          • RedDwarfIV

            That’s strange. Its supposed to be a neutral expression. Oh well, I guess it must be the lopsidedly drawn sunglasses and the realistically shaped mouth – giving the impression of him looking sad.

            That’s what I’m assuming, anyway.

    • GameCobra

      Every cat I know can’t resist sleeping on a clothes dryer.

      It’s safe to assume if the Sandwich household doesn’t have one yet, Grape will be in heaven if they ever buy one someday.

  40. A.T.

    The looks painful…

  41. microbuss

    cute & cats do sleep in weird & odd places
    I wants moar big mouths! LOL ;-)

  42. Frostfauna

    Silly Grape. That’s not how you use a chair.

    • Valerio

      wonder if she could use Peanut and Max that way… ;)

  43. Tailz

    I tried sleeping like that once on chairs in my house, guss what happened next…

  44. Kohaku Nightfang

    My kitten tend to hang her head and legs off her cat bed and it looks just as uncomfortable as that. We used to have a cat that would sleep in even worse positions. One time he slept on his back with his legs spread out and his front hanging off the couch. When I went to pet him he spread his legs even more and slowly slid off the couch and fell and didn’t even care lol

  45. ALPHA 6

    now this is the way 2 take a nap :-)

  46. Draven

    Peanut and Grape look really fluffy here.

    • Yehoshua

      Even moreso than usual.

  47. elijah

    I don’t have a bed I have carpet yay!!!!!!

  48. legendario13

    HAHA grape thought she wasnt going to be found there hahaha
    You can run
    You can hide
    But you cant avoid being sniffed

  49. Zanzawolf

    Ah cats and their desire to sleep in the most bizarre manners they can think of ^_^.

    • Skit

      If it fits, I sits. :3

  50. Roadrunner

    What a cute♡

  51. D-Rock

    Didn’t get the alt text at first. Then it dawned on my and I ended up cringing. That probably explains Peanut’s reaction.

  52. NotU

    Looks kind of fun.

  53. pokemonhistory

    I already tried to do that…. result:
    nap like a boss.
    but mom come and say it is dangerous and throw the char (WITH ME IN).
    and I said:Mum! wtf!?

  54. Doomwolf

    I use to have a cat that liked to sleep in awkward ways and places.

  55. Valerio

    Back when I had cats, one of them would call me, use my back to jump onto a closet and from there up to the beam. Loved napping there

    • Draven

      My friend had a cat that would use my legs and arms as a ladder so it could lick my face. It was adorable… and painful. But mostly adorable.

  56. ResCoin999

    Dangit, Peanut! I never thought you;d find me here!

  57. Furtelligence

    I see What you did.

  58. Damselinnot-so-muchdistress

    My two cats usually end up curling up until they look like they are trying to suffocate each other

  59. kiyotewolf
  60. Caroline

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