The Pachyderm Lodge
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  1. Ryufire

    Whoa third panel! o.o

    • Tynach

      Karishad will probably open it.

      • volkoseba

        Would they put Pete back into something so obvious?

        • Ryufire

          Trap Pete in there completely lobotomizing him thus King becomes Joel again?

          • Tynach

            I wonder how many people post replies to the first few comments just so they can have themselves permanently as far up on the comment page as possible.

            *cough* I would NEVER do that… *cough*

            Maybe it’s just me, but it looks rather doubtful that King will ever become Joel again. There’s too many painful memories, and besides, even if he did… He’d probably just go to prison or jail or something. Besides, it’d break Bailey’s heart.

          • Tynach

            By the way, I realize now that my above comment can be taken as an accusation. I was meaning it more as making fun of myself – your comment is in fact a direct response to someone else’s, so please don’t take mine the wrong way :)

          • Ryufire

            No worries Tynach! ^. .^

            But no we don’t want Joel back. The world loves King as he is!
            Seeing Bailey’s heart broken would the most horrible thing in the world :(

          • Dissension

            There may very well be people who want to see Joel returned to his original body. = P

          • Crackles

            I wouldn’t mind seeing King going back being Joel. It would make definitely an interesting twist.

          • Neromon

            Aww….. but I like Joel as King…. could you imagine the DRAMA that would go on with Baily and Fox?!

          • mr.fluffy

            i think i also like joel as king and it would also break my heart to see poor baily upset she is way to sweet!

          • spencershot5


          • Draven

            I want him to turn back because “King stays a dog and lives happily ever after with Baily” is a boring plot.

          • dibs

            boring or not is an opinion matter i think. regardless, “happily ever after with Bailey” is not necessarily the only possible outcome of remaining as King. all sorts of variation is possible for the plot.

        • Kohaku Nightfang

          That was my first thought. We will see if he’s in there soon I hope. I think Karishad will be Pete’s avatar, but we will see :P

          • Tynach


            Karishad as Pete. Lord have mercy on us all.

    • Tuctchone

      it looks like the beginning of infinity blade but sideways

  2. Dissension

    Mr. Steward is echoing the sentiment of a handful of fans. = P

    Fortunately, I am not one of them! Bring on the Nerds!

  3. kimo


    • SilentWolfXIII

      That’s so sharp you can cut your finger on it!

    • AthiosDvK

      Stuff just got real! O,.,O

  4. Jackalope121

    still no book 1 on the shelf :p

    • Dissension

      Why would it appear in a matter of seconds?

      • Zaitsev

        I think the real question here is why wouldn’t it not appear in a matter of seconds?

    • Sansash

      It’s in the temple

  5. IceKitsune

    Oh so that’s where it is. So yeah it was Milton who moved it. But why? Did he just think of it as a nice decoration or did he know something? Also Yay time to sort of move forward on this plot hopefully.

  6. efhosci

    *gasp* Plot twist! The temple is on the Milton’s property! This means…actually, what does that mean?

    • SilentWolfXIII

      That Pepsi is, indeed, better than Cola, and that Newton was only right 50% of the time.

      Sorry, what were we talking about?

      • Sansash

        Praying Mantises

        • SilentWolfXIII

          Are they better than Cola as well?

    • silverfang16

      A dark secret looms in the Milton family… <__>

    • 1boredcanadian

      It’s means this might get fun!

  7. Zaitsev

    What sort of agreement would pertain to Pete’s lair?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      That is, as they say, the 64,000 dollar question. Though it probably cost more than 64,000 dollars to move it from Babylon to Babylon Gardens.

      What agreement? Why Steward? Where does Karishad come in. Why does Keene care? Does Molly know that Sean is secretly Edward’s mysterious benefactor? Wait, what?

  8. nyathetexascat

    I wonder that acient rock relates to That giant big lue bird. (Forgot his name)

    • nyathetexascat

      I look so dumb, it is…but in which way?

      • legendario13


        OH! I see now, you where probably sleepy….

        but seriously, ?

  9. Xane

    Is Mr. Milton really dead? Will Keene ever find a maus on the driving range!? Did Karishad “move the temple” many centuries ago!?!?!?

    Why, that would be as silly as a purple bunny being the Opener of Ways.

    Alt-text: “The upkeep costs for temples holding sources of unspeakable power aren’t all that terrible” Pete’s pretty speakable though.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Speakable? He warped reality and a guy’s species for funzies. Last check that dude was still so shaken up he slept with a shovel.

  10. Nohbody

    “Not the literal one”

    So… they have a real live white elephant in a room? Must’ve been a pain in the neck to get it in there… :P

    • Keldor

      Or maybe the agreement had to do with the ferrets getting something in return for NOT putting a white elephant in the ball room.

  11. cheetahwolf

    Does that have to do with Pete vs. Dragon thing?

    • SilentWolfXIII

      Well Dragon was accused of moving the temple illegally at one point.

  12. REB

    Yay Stewards get to stay for now :D

  13. Snowmon

    If that doesn’t scream “Foreshadowing”, I know a guy that can do it for us. Really cheep too.,

    • SilentWolfXIII


    • Xane

      Foreshadowing? More like a full Fore-eclipse!

  14. SilverZeo

    ….. An extra set to the John Carter of Mars movie?

    • dibs

      bwahahahaha… nice

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      That was actually a good movie, don’t know why it flopped so badly.

      • dibs

        yeah, i really liked it. i’m a sci-fi fan, but still, i thought it was pretty well made

  15. Awavian

    If that is pete’s lair why is the strip titled pachyderm lodge? This begs a whole lot of questions…

    • IceKitsune

      because its the “Elephant” in the room and an elephant is a Pachyderm

      • pixel

        Which, given the dialogue, would make the title “The white elephant lodge” – which I’m guessing is a reference to the surreal-but-dangerous spirit world (white lodge/black lodge) from the “Twin Peaks” TV series.

        If there are suddenly red curtains everywhere and a midget that talks backwards, I’m leaving. :P

        • RootsofOrigin

          The closest you’ll get is to a crazy old man who only speaks in limericks… that lives in a cabin near a giant stone fist.

  16. Erikuto

    I’m pretty sure someone’s going to open it since it’s been mentioned.

  17. xhunterko

    Accent? Accent? What would you consider a lawn Ornament sir?!

    • SilentWolfXIII

      As if pink flamingos weren’t enough

      • Keldor

        The Milton ferrets would no doubt hire a flock of actual pink flamingos to stand around the lawn on one leg.

        • xhunterko

          ^ That.

    • xhunterko

      Wait, wait, there’s a LITERAL white elephant in the room?

  18. DHJones

    betting the ghost will be back?

  19. Valerio

    This is SO going to end up in chaos…

    Do I also smell Karishad = Pete’s avatar in the near future?

    • IceKitsune

      Hes not a dog only Dogs and Cats can be Avatars.

      • Valerio

        you are underestimating KARISHAD!
        Shame on you!

      • Keldor

        Foxes are canines at least….

  20. Opteisen

    Karishas is The Great Kitsune’s avatar!!!

    • Valerio

      everybody want to be Great Kitsune’s avatar!

    • Xane

      Not possible. Clearly, the Kitsune is Karishad’s avatar. No superbeing could hope to control a nexus of chaos.

      • RootsofOrigin

        No superbeing would WANT to control the nexus of chaos.

    • Crackles

      Does gamemasters even have avatars?

  21. Valerio

    at this point, an observation flashes in mind.
    Mr. Steward was NEVER appointed by the legals.

  22. GrapeFan

    So I admit, I’m a little slow on the uptake. What agreement between Keene and Mr. Steward concerning the temple is now nullified? Plus, a gryphon and a dragon is represented on the temple, but where is the Kitsune?

    • IceKitsune

      We don’t know it was never mentioned before. Kitsune is the GM the temple is the starting place for the players which is why they are the only ones on the front.

      • GrapeFan

        Well, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you. I must also confess, I haven’t so much as glanced at a real game like D&D, so thank you for the clarification there as well.

        • GrapeFan

          Do Game Masters have avatars?

          • IceKitsune

            Normally no they do not, but they do play as the NPCs (Non-Player Characters, basically the computer characters in video games for those that don’t know) so those could be considered the GMs Avatars I guess.

  23. Keldor

    Clearly the correct thing to do when a mystical temple simply appears in the backyard is to never speak of it again.

    • IceKitsune

      But it didn’t just appear, both Pete and Dragon said that it was moved and Dragon saw who did it. However she was unable to stop them because of the game rules. Its clear that Mr. Milton had it moved for some reason. The agreement probably is to not talk about it simply because no one knew what it was there for.

      • RootsofOrigin

        Yup just checked. Dragon says a third party moved the temple, so I guess this means the Milton Ferrets moved it.
        On a related note, and I’m not doubting the extent of their monetary prowess, but how did the ferrets move an entire temple? It must have been the white elephant’s job.

        • IceKitsune

          No Mr. Milton Moved it not the Ferrets as it was moved before he died

          • RootsofOrigin

            Wasn’t the temple previously in the forest? Now its in their backyard. I’ll be pretty confused if the forest is their backyard, because Peanut, Grape, and Zack went pretty far to reach it.

          • IceKitsune

            Its likely that either, they own the whole forest (or at least up to where the Temple is) and consider the whole thing their “backyard”; Or Grape and Peanut took the long way to get to it.

          • RootsofOrigin

            So if a: Milton was REALLY filthy stinkin’ rich.
            Or if b: Pete is actually sort of a jerk.

          • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

            All of the above.

  24. volkoseba

    There’s a literal white elephant… marble?

    • RootsofOrigin

      Quit trying to fool yourself, we all know what he meant.

    • Keldor

      Not *that* white elephant, the other one– No! The *metaphorical* one! …the *other* metaphorical one. Yes, that– No! Not that one, *that* one!

  25. Ryufire

    Will that stone door be opened but by Karishad? What if that creepy old man makes an appearance?

    • Lionbone

      Tune in to find out, in the next episode of… HOUSEPETS!

      • Valerio

        On the same (Spot) channel

        • Keldor


  26. Tailz

    Why do I see a Indiana Jones reference coming up. -_-

  27. Argent Stonecutter

    Why would a ferret be dabbling in things man wasn’t meant to know?

    Never mind. Stupid question.

    • Salenstormwing

      Oddly enough, next week’s comics revolve around the Milton ferrets finding the Necronomicon, and then having to fight the army of the dead.

  28. Draven

    Pete could have at least picked a more attractive lair.

    • Xane

      Not really a lair so much as a jail. Interesting that Spirit Dragon is also engraved on the cover.

  29. T-Squared


    oh. wait, wrong issue. o_o

  30. icarus

    welp. the twin peaks reference has done me in.

    does this mean david duchovney is going to show up in a dress, soon?

  31. Crescent Fox

    Plot twistish!

  32. Argent Stonecutter

    Keene’s really changed, it’s almost like he had some kind of spiritual experience while he was trapped among the wild ferrets for four months.

  33. MikuMickey

    Oh my, this is could end badly for everyone, * walks away into a car and crashes* knew it *faints*

  34. Baxtrr

    Wild speculations abound.

    Personally I think Karishad isn’t an avatar for anyone, but he is an NPC… his sense of slightly malicious but overall harmless fun smacks very much of the Kitsune’s general attitude.

    And what about Naomi?

    • facade11663

      well there both foxes so that would make sense they would act similarly even if they have no relation

  35. The Guy in the Background

    Holy Hanukkah! We got to see Steward’s face!
    Again, nice work as per usual. I like the fast updates, makes me get that nice warm feeling called instant gratification.

    ~The Guy in the Background~

  36. King

    Oh so is this the place that pete was trapped and perhaps keene could perhaps be that multipule tailed fox from the spirit place (I should find the proper names)

  37. FerreTrip

    It was one thing to have someone sneak into our room to apparently do nothing this morning.

    It was another to see THIS on my 3DS a few hours later.

    If this is a sort of throwaway or if this is actually serious, we’ll see, but it’s both a nice nod to the “main” plot and a great, “Wait, it was there the whole time!?” moment. Seriously, we all thought it was out in the woods somewhere, but it was sitting in the Miltons’ backyard all this time!?

    …Then again, “backyard” to them probably means “everything within a 20 mile radius of Babylon Gardens” to us.

  38. Ozimul

    …does this mean Zach was trespassing on private property when he became the Opener of Ways…?

  39. Z24

    I lol’d with the white elephant part.

    looks like a job for…
    *puts sunglasses*
    …The Opener of Ways!

  40. Milamber

    I foresee Pete reappearing to make King miserable again. Either that or Indianna Jones appears.

  41. cesarinthewhitedragon

    oh dear.. so keene will become pete’s avatar? lol.

    • Frostfauna

      I have to agree with Z24, bring back the bunny! Those three pets don’t get much panel time. This has potential to give them more.

  42. ResCoin999

    Revenge can wait…but not forever…MAKE KARISHAD A NINJA, KEENE! PLEASE!!!!

  43. Frost

    -^.^- yay! something to do with Tarot <3 <3 lol

    • Argent Stonecutter

      No evidence of that.

      • Frost

        look at the door, there is a griffin & a dragon….thank about it

  44. MythicalRedFox

    Bum bum bum!

  45. spencershot5

    Elwood Blutarsky looks like your gona lose your bet you made on the last comic!

  46. Firewolf

    This…isn’t going to be good for Grape, is it? Her adventures with that Gryphon ain’t over yet I bet.

  47. Shadowcatcher

    What struck me with today’s comic is that we get to see Mr. Steward’s full face. The only other human whose face was fully revealed that I can think of was Joel’s, and we all know what happened to him!

  48. RedDwarfIV

    Can’t say I’ve heard the term ‘white’ elephant in the room before. ‘White elephant’ and ‘elephant in the room’, yes, but they mean two different things, don’t they? ‘White elaphent’ is something that looks important but is essentially worthless, and ‘elephant in the room’ is something that is obstructive or intrusive in a place that it shouldn’t be.

  49. Draven

    So there is a literal white elephant. Where does one find a white elephant? What kind of white is it? Is it albino white, or “somebody dropped a bucket of white paint” white? How did they get it in the room?

  50. Profesor Rod

    MY GOD… D:

  51. The almighty 404

    Boy, that temple sure looks mysterious, even moreso than usual.

  52. Argent Stonecutter

    I still don’t get why Steward would care about this temple… it was already there when he was appointed.

    • IceKitsune

      He most likely cares about it because the Ferrets care about it. He also most likely finds it creepy from the way he is acting in this strip.

    • Keldor

      Maybe it wasn’t there when he got appointed. Pete was complaining about it being moved, but we don’t know when that actually happened…

      • IceKitsune

        IIRC the Forest Animal said it had been there for quite a while plus Dragon said that it took a team to move it. And since Pete showed up to Grape in the Arc “The Grove” which was before the Ferrets showed up and therefore before Mr. Milton passed away it had to be before the comic started as it would be hard to hide that being moved from everyone.

        I would assume it had been moved sometime before 1987 when BG was finished because it would be easier to do it then as work was already being done where it was being moved to.

        • Keldor

          The Dragon said that a third party moved it. I see nothing that implies it took a team. I’d assume that it was moved by magic, some time after Zach found it, but before King met the LARPers. It would have simply appeared in the Miltons’ backyard, much the way Pete’s house simply vanished.

          • IceKitsune

            Wait you think it was moved a second time? it wasn’t it was only moved once from where it was before to the Milton Backyard/Forest. And baring magic it would have taken a team to move the thing and we have no reason to believe that it was anyone other then Mr. Milton right now.

          • IceKitsune

            In fact what Mr. Steward said in the last panel conforms that it wasn’t moved. He said its behind a “thicket of Trees” which is what it was in when we first saw it. The Ferrets back yard just consists of the forest (at least up to The temple) that’s all.