The Exciting Adventures Of Tiger
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  1. Camtheman16


    • Zenaku


      • 1boredcanadian

        and…THE TABLE!

        • rtlstien

          I’ve missed that Table!

          • volkoseba

            Be sure to let it know how much you love it before it leaves once more.

          • Keldor

            Tiger sleeps on the table?!

        • SilentWolfXIII

          The bed…THE BED!

          • Sadistic Rarity


        • efhosci

          Ah, the ever present waist-high table, how I’ve missed you!

        • Rukinom

          It’s not a table. It’s a floor that Marvin has magically sunk waist deep into.

      • Robin Bobcat

        Yes. Haven’t seen much of Marvin. Less than Tiger, really.

    • The face

      Is now so much like Garfield it hurts.

      • GrapeFan

        Yes!! That what made me laugh, especially when I saw Tiger sleeping in a box that looked so similar to Garfield’s bed. I even remember a scenario where Garfield complains about Mondays.

        • Liandrii

          Reminds me of a Garfield poster ^^

          Monday: Mondays suck
          Tuesday: Start each day with a smile… and get it over with
          Wednesday: Show me the COFFEE!
          Thursday: Is it Friday yet?
          Friday: Don’t know, don’t care

          • Tynach

            What about Saturdays and Sundays?

          • Liandrii

            I feel those are kind of in the wrong order, though that’s mostly noticeable via the smilies. They go from shocked, grumpy, to unhappy going very happy. (I think Saterday is better than Sunday though, since Saterday still has Sunday behind it, instead of Monday) :P

            Saterday: Life’s a beach
            Sunday: I can, but I won’t

      • gaboris

        Oh Garfield and his hate of Mondays. I got SUCH a huge stack of his comics over the years and I just remembered that some of them I didn’t even get to read yet… Funny that I still clearly remember a bunch of scenarios I read years ago now that I was reminded of them. :)

      • Dave

        Seriously though, there have benn many clues that tiger is actually a hommage to Garfield (or rip-off, however you see it) and as a great Garfield fan (one of the first comics I ever read), I’m shocked that it took this long to notice. A few more examples beside this strip:
        His name is that of a huge orange and black cat.
        His owner is Jerry Arbelt (familiar much?).
        He owns a teddy bear named “Poom”.
        He hates cockroaches and I’ll bet you five bucks that he knows many creative ways to squish them.

      • Jesse James

        Dear Gawd this.

        Cool strip tho.

    • Camtheman16

      Tigerrrr! *Wags finger at Tiger*

  2. kimo

    Zack and Garfield would get along so well…

    • rtlstien

      “Wake me up when Jerry orders some Pizza”

      • Valerio

        wake me up/before you sleepy-sleep

  3. Dissension

    *giggles* You’ve gotta love Tiger and Marvin.

    Also, Wednesday is my Monday, so…

    • senorpie7

      Really? Because Friday is my teusday

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Seven is the new fourteen.

        • 1boredcanadian

          Does that mean that black is the new black? I’m so confused by these things.

          • volkoseba

            No. Slightly reddish tinged black is the new black. Ask Samsung… They call it ToC.

          • Wut

            Ya know what’s funnier than 24? 25.

          • Perfesser_Bear

            Actually, some Goths have figured out that in Asia — particularly Japan — white is the color of mourning. Guess what the mew black is, now?

          • Tynach

            Ultraviolet is the new infrared.

          • Keldor

            *Pictures a Goth dressed in a white robe with their hair and nails dyed/painted white.*

            Now there’s a strange image…

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Brown is the new black.

            That is to say:

            “Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown”.

          • 1boredcanadian

            I can’t be a colour correspondent it appears much to complex so I’ll be a philosophizer.

        • SilentWolfXIII

          And all that was once good is now evil?

          • Camtheman16

            Wait, so now Pete’s the good guy? T_T

          • silverfang16

            No he’s still sort of a jerk.

          • Dissension

            Being sort of a jerk does not preclude one from being a “good guy!”

          • SilentWolfXIII

            But it does help

        • Mewfifteen

          Left is a new right!

          • Mewfifteen

            My previous reply was to Argent Stonecutter’s comment ‘Seven is the new fourteen.’
            Juuust an FYI~

          • The face

            Yes, and chartreuse is the new Burgundy!

        • Lookatmyfakename99

          Walls are the new up

    • nyathetexascat

      Soviet Russian think that is normal.

      • MythicalRedFox

        That entire comment thread seems to be describing Soviet Russia.

  4. cheetahwolf

    i hate Mondays

    • cheetahwolf

      wait a min? This is all wrong!!! the cat should be in bed and the dog should be up.
      well in the Sandwich’s it would be

      • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

        It’s like, in a way, their (Peanut and Grape) exact opposites. Only Tiger and Marvin are both male.

    • Valerio

      I hate mondays AND thursdays!

      • Keldor

        I also hate Wednsdays and Saturdays. Also Tuesdays. Fridays and Sundays kinda suck too, now that I think about it…

        • Therolyn

          Only two days that don’t suck?. Sucks to be you, I think

        • Therolyn

          And I kinda suck at reading it seems….*facepaw*

  5. IceKitsune

    Yay! Tiger and Marvin! Its been a while for these two.

  6. AuvaAkita

    THEY’RE BAAAACK!!!!!!! :D

  7. Cristian100n

    Thts why Tiger is my fave!

    • Valerio

      M&T’s wisdom is umnatched!

  8. m4davis

    all very good points

  9. Camtheman16

    Silly Marvin, weekdays are for kids!

  10. nyathetexascat

    Alt text please

    • nyathetexascat

      For mobile user

    • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

      “Also, why are you sleeping on the table”

    • Camtheman16

      Alt text: “Also, why are you sleeping on the table?

    • Wut

      That awkward when two of the replies are the same.

      • Keldor

        They aren’t *quite* the same; each one has a different piece of punctuation missing!

        • Camtheman16

          Actually there is indeed no question mark. Sorry Rick, I have failed you T_T

          • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

            don worry, it’s all gon b k. =D

          • nyathetexascat

            What ya’ll did is Good for Internet community. Be proud of your self!

  11. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    What’s this? A Garfield spinoff?? Staring Tiger as Garfield!

    • SilentWolfXIII

      You can’t say it doesn’t fit : P

      • GrapeFan

        The whole idea has been going on for months. This is the best representation of Garfield/Tiger and Friends I’ve seen! I love it!

  12. Jackalope121

    oh man do i know the feeling. in fact its like 0100hrs here! why the heck am i up this late!? … oh wait. never mind…

  13. McFly

    If you can’t beat ‘em, ignore ‘em. ;)

  14. 1boredcanadian

    Marvin may have a point there Tiger…or many of them.

  15. The Wolf Kin

    Today just feels like a Friday to me. Maybe because I have no assignments until next week, and I just want to skip my classes and relax, but I can’t. Why can’t it be Friday?

    • nyathetexascat

      Oh dat mid term.

  16. nyathetexascat

    Who ate all the lasagna?!

  17. xhunterko

    Garfield called. He wants his joke back. His lawyer says so.

  18. valerio

    Ahh, missed those guys and their deep understanding of the facts of life! :D

  19. 2MK

    I didn’t see any dog sleeping on the table in my entire life.

    I mean, it’s not possible for a dog to climb up to the table and just sleep here. That’s the cat’s job.

  20. REB_MAN

    Ooh the good old days when I used to read Garfield… actually I still read Garfield just not every day… I love reading HousePets X3

  21. fox-it

    It’s so simple and soooo good!

  22. RegularBird

    Hah I know Tiger’s feel.

  23. SilentWolfXIII

    Why not just say “I hate weekdays.” I think most everyone does

  24. Xane

    On Friday, join us for an all new strip, Tiger Minus Tiger, where we peek at the life of a neurotic, hallucinating orange cat, his traumatized owner who goes along with blaming an imaginary dog named Tiger after Marvin eats all the pizza, and his oblivious bunny sidekick.

  25. GrapeFan

    At first, I thought Tiger would say something like, “Wait, that was a dream?” and then see a figment of his dream, like one of dragon’s scales with the question, “Or was it?” showing up somewhere on the strip. However, I couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out. (smiles)

    • GrapeFan

      PS-Did anyone else notice that Marvin takes the place of Jon in this situation?

      • REB_MAN

        Now that you mention it… wow I like how this is going… Garfield feel and Garfield similarity :D

  26. Sadistic Rarity

    So is Tiger’s favorite food spaghetti?

    • Dissension

      No, it’s pizza.

      • Valerio

        ALL the pizza!

      • Valerio

        and ALL the cookies!

  27. mxchan3

    as sleepy as garfield

  28. notU

    yes the best solution…. sleep

  29. Firewolf

    But I love Mondays

  30. Yunor

    We like to sleep all day – and party all night =3

    It sure is how i’d like to live my life =3

  31. Argent Stonecutter

    That’s very … catlike … behaviour, “Tiger”.

    • REB_MAN

      Agreed… and for some reason it makes me think how much meaning his name is to me… “Tiger”

  32. gameangel147

    Oh what it is to be lazy and unsensical,

  33. REB_MAN

    BTW I’m new to this comic series and I just caught up today :)

    • Gary (from Radio free Housepets)

      Welcome to the show! =D

      • REB_MAN

        Thanks =D

  34. Jpmeister

    That feeling when you take a cat nap for like and hour before a 2pm class and you wake up at 6pm the next day… ughhhhh. lol

  35. Zaitsev

    Did you know that Tuesday is actually the day where the Monday affect takes place? On Monday you still sort of have the fell of the weekend but Tuesday is when the realization that the week is starting sets in for most people.

  36. Valerio

    Tiger sleeps on the table cuz he’s TOP DOG!

    • donimo

      more like TOP TIGER

  37. Draven

    “What are we doing today?”
    “I’ll meet you on the corner of Wait and What. From there it’s all up to fate.”

  38. WingedwolfGirl

    No it’s actually Friday. …Somewhere.

  39. NumberUnoFan

    Heh Is Rick a Garfield fan? Garfield text: “You know it’s a Monday when you wake up and it’s Tuesday.” (Meaning: He slept through a whole day.)

  40. A Wild Meerkat

    Comments? Comments.

  41. Wut

    It feels like Thursday took forever because I was waiting for this to come.

  42. Blucan

    Holy Carp it’s Tiger! Haven’t seen him since June!

  43. spiritkitsune

    Every Monday is a Tuesday for me, especially Wednesdays. @_@

    • black fox

      Same here at lest there’s a thursday then u know the weekend coming up

  44. efhosci

    Man, I know that feeling of going to sleep on Monday and waking up on Tuesday only for it to be Wednesday and me hating Thursdays. *zzz*

    • spiritkitsune

      We will need a Delorean to get out of this! ^_^

      • efhosci

        Great Scott, I’ve forgotten the plutonium! We must catch the lightning!

        • fox-it

          Why do not you go by train?

  45. Z24

    what about Fridays?

  46. Lunawerewolf

    Every day apart from sundays and saturdays suck, marvin, my friend.

  47. Sansash

    The typeface of that Z looks strangely familiar… well maybe it’s the same as what Rick always uses but it looks a lot like the Z’s used when a certain other comic strip animal sleeps… ;P

  48. Zafuyu

    I actually remember the exact strip that this seems to be referring to.

  49. Fatalfox

    Too many days! Make it stoooop

  50. Tom Flapwell

    It’d be one thing if Garfield got bored in the absence of Jon during workdays (tho even then, you’d think that later days in the week would be worse for him), but Jon is allegedly a cartoonist working from home — and rarely seen doing anything like that. No, the only reason for Garfield to hate Mondays is to have everyone who ever went to school or work relate.

    But you know who’s arguably worse? Sourpuss in “Mutts,” which I usually like. He too voices a hatred of Mondays sometimes, and I believe he’s orange. The difference is that he hates everything, having the character breadth of Grouchy Smurf.

  51. Grip the Wolf

    Tiger must be waiting for Friday… gotta get down on Friday.. *shot*

  52. Draven

    So Tuesday is the new Monday, and Thursday is the new Tuesdy? That must mean that Monday is the new Wednesday, and Wednesday is the new Thursday. At least Friday stays the same, or does it?

  53. Canoctane

    Left is Right and right is wrong…or…east is west and the west always wins!

  54. Blade

    Tiger hates everyday

  55. REDD

    So, these Tiger/Marvin strips are homages to Garfield, correct?

  56. Sadistic Rarity

    It’s funny because their expressions look exactly the same like Garfield and Jon. Especially Marvin’s.

  57. MythicalRedFox

    I didn’t realize this was a Garfield reference until someone else pointed it out. FAIL.

  58. moon bay moomba


  59. Dan


  60. Tailz

    Hey I just relized something the Show Buisness arc is over. I was hoping to see more of wat happened.

  61. Blucan

    King bashed Duchess’ face (head) in with a shovel cuz’ she didn’t treat him like a star. (and went into stalker mode) the end.

  62. Blucan

    Also Bino found that one other power-crazed psychopath he was always (i assume) looking for. (unknown if Duchess even can remember the color of his fur.)

  63. WolfBrother

    welcome back Tiger and Marvin!!! XD

  64. WolfBrother

    darn. used the wrong emal =/

  65. will-o-th-wisp

    lol this was cute <3

  66. Firewolf

    Hehe, this was such a Garfield comic X3 loved it.

  67. Shnurui

    And the color yellow keeps going through his mind.

  68. Shnurui

    The color yellow keeps going through his mind.