The Morning After
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  1. Xane

    A match made in… well somewhere.

    • maskedman189

      in a cucusion (sp?)

      • CrimsonFox

        “A match made in a concussion”

        I think I Like the phrase

    • silverfang16


    • SilentWolfXIII

      I think it starts with an “H”

    • WingedwolfGirl

      ,,,and ends with an “L”

    • Prof

      They deserve each other ^_^

  2. Ryufire

    Porl ol Duchess!! lol

    • Ryufire

      Will Boris explain everything to Duchess? Since she doesn’t remember anything! King might be in trouble!

      • Nohbody

        How can he? He wasn’t present for it, as far as we know, and King managed to clock her when she wasn’t looking, so even if her memory isn’t impaired by the knock on the noggin she doesn’t know exactly what happened.

      • Nohbody

        On the other hand, is Bino is observant enough he might notice the shovel missing and that King’s scent was there at one point, and perhaps put two and two together.

        Heck, he may even get “four” instead of “rutabaga”. :P

        • spencershot5

          not true look at the comic when he hit her he hit her he made that shovel out of a rope ,a ruberband, a box of matches, a paperclip,and one of those weird medicine things.

          • Nohbody

            Those were present (presumably for the MacGyver reference), but not what he used. The shovel was silhouetted by the door, and then in the next strip we see him holding onto the shovel when talking with Bailey.

            Unless you were making a joke and I missed it… :P

          • spencershot5

            i was making a joke thx for ruining it

  3. maskedman189

    this may not end well for bino

    • The face

      Ah, maybe. They have bossy, irritable personalities.

      • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

        I second that.

        • SilentWolfXIII


        • Ryufire


          • Wut

            67th because I know more people agreed with their minds.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      This could be good for Sasha.

  4. Camtheman16

    Bino in love? FINALLY

    • nyathetexascat

      Isn’t he supose to be with relationship with shasha?

      • efhosci

        He would be, but Sasha needs to be reminded every five minutes or else she’ll forget. (or she’s extremely good at feigning it).

      • silverfang16

        Depends on her mood.

      • Valerio

        Sasha will be better off without Bino.
        So, boy, go for Duchess!

  5. Zukio

    Of course! Bino and Duchess have a bit too much in commone.

    • Valerio

      They have King in common.

  6. senorpie7

    I think he would have liked the love whip more than king :/

    • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

      He has no idea. xD

      • fox-it

        yep. hope he has always a shovel around.

  7. 2MK

    I wonder who’s shed belongs to.

    • P0lo

      Well if that’s Bino’s zone, then it must be Ryan’s shed.

      • Little Puppy

        Not necessarily! Concidering how much of a megalomaniac Bino is with boundary issues who thinks pretty much everything he happens upon is ‘His’ then it stands to reason it could be anybody’s shed and he just decided to mark it as his. What is the community’s is mine. Much like anyone in a government position >_>

        • Keldor

          Bino would make a fine buearocrat. I can just see him now:
          “No, we absolutely cannot alter the deadline, even by 20 minutes! You’ll just have to fill out a new form and have it notorized again. Now stop bothering me!”

  8. volkoseba

    In before people talk about having predicted it.

  9. IceKitsune

    Heheh that would be one weird relationship. Also new ship has been started :P

    • Valerio

      tons of fun to come. YAY for brand new ship!

      • Ryufire

        End of the love whip crisis, prelude to the another….

        And so it begins..:P

    • Argent Stonecutter

      The whip ship.

  10. nyathetexascat

    Bino is ditching ShaSha??

    • volkoseba

      Bino was probably only with her because she’s clueless… or she’s an excellent actor.

    • Xane

      Well he’s mean enough to just up and ditch her if it came down to it. Sasha is a good influence on Bino but she deserves better, really. I know a lot of people wanted her to be with King but I always thought he felt more like a protective brother to her than anything else. Fido is taken, so… hmm. Tiger? :lol:

      • nyathetexascat

        Tiger, naaaa He is not that kinda style I think.
        Ps. Just take me Shasha, I’ll Love u more than Bino did.

    • Dissension

      I believe you mean Sasha.

      • Aeonera

        i believe he knows that ^_^

  11. jjkronos

    If duchess does the same with bino, then he is in real trouble.

    • coyoteBR

      I think Bino is a mutt, so she can’t take him to the Valentine Dog Show.
      Oh, you’re talking about the aftwards…

  12. Keldor

    Bino finds true love…

    • Z

      …and thus a new ship is born.

    • efhosci

      Finally, someone who understands him! *swoon*

      • SilentWolfXIII

        I don’t know if I should feel happy for him or pity him. . .

  13. Camtheman16

    For the phoners (As I just invented that name) heres alt text “love at first spite”

    • Keldor

      Wouldn’t phonies be better? XD

    • dibs

      the google reader app on droid actually lets you “view caption” which is in this case the alt text. just figured i’d throw that out there

    • Camtheman16

      He may be right, but I like my source, straight from the horses (Dogs? Cats? Mouses?) Mouth…

      • dibs

        oh yeah, whatever works, i was just making a note

  14. notU

    funny king attracts bino repels

    • Valerio

      King rules with cute. What girl could resist his innate huggable charme?

      • AthiosDvK

        Heck, I’m a guy, and I have the urge to hug him.

  15. 1boredcanadian

    Annnd they’re perfect for each other. This can only end badly….for everyone else.

    • Keldor

      With any luck they’ll end up too busy vying for political position with each other to bother anyone else.

      One thing’s for sure, Max will be teasing Bino about his “trophy girlfriend” now.

    • SilentWolfXIII

      And so the apocalypse is put into motion

  16. Jackalope121

    bino, if you knew what was good for you you would run as fast as you can… NOW

    • nyathetexascat

      I think He’ll like it

      • Jackalope121


    • Argent Stonecutter

      If he knew what was good for him he wouldn’t be Bino.

  17. Cristian100n

    King is in trouble now

  18. xhunterko

    Word: Perfect.

  19. the fry pwnr
    • Camtheman16

      No it wasn’t :P

    • spencershot5


      • Camtheman16

        You were supposed to think Mr.Rogers was gonna lose, but I was glad when he powned Mr.T.

    • gamer35

      what does this has to do with Housepets! ?

  20. AuvaAkita

    Oh yes, shoving your head in a furnace is VERY romantic!

    • Alexander

      What can you say? It would certainly be a firey romance.

  21. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    They both have sass. xD

  22. P0lo

    Now they would make a cute couple. In a sadistic kind of way.

  23. Thoth

    They do seem well-matched in a variety of ways.

  24. rallyjr

    so… Kings with Bailey but is being sought by Duchess who is now loved by Bino who is with Sasha who is best friends with King who Bino hates….. is that about right?

    • Keldor

      Throw in Sasha having a big crush on Fido, who secretly loves Sabrina (who is a cat! 0.o), and you might be getting close.

      Now we just need to come up with a love web so large that it sucks in the whole cast…

      • rallyjr

        i can see that happening, but i wounder who would be in the center

        • Keldor

          I don’t know that it would have a “center” so much as being a big sprawling thing, similar to Bailey/King/Duchess/Bino/Sasha/Fido/Sabrina/Max/Grape/Peanut (am I missing anyone there??).

          • Keldor

            Yep. Forgot Tarot. And Dragon, hehe.

          • rallyjr

            i think we could work a few more in there somehow

        • LoneWolf

          Spo of course…….

          • Keldor

            Better yet. Pete.

    • SilentWolfXIII

      I’m not sure if a love hexagon would have enough points

  25. Ryufire

    The shovel and the love whip has started a new chain of events! Bino….in love? Has he ever felt it before?

  26. nyathetexascat

    Does this conclude this arc?

    • IceKitsune

      Yes I would say this arc is over, plus its Friday arcs usually end on a Friday.

  27. Cristian100n

    If Bino dumps Sasha I’d be a lil happy, she didnt deserve him!

    • nyathetexascat

      Then who is she deserving?
      these are the list of solo males: Tiger,Rex,joey,fox,Rex…
      Me; foreveralone…

      • Zaitsev

        Joey has Squeak.

      • Camtheman16

        You said Rex twice o.O Anyways Meh Rex and Duchess don’t seem likely to fit. However, kind of hard to tell, with so little character development around Rex. We know he’s nicer than he looks, and secretly likes to cook food…And films Bino being naked (That didn’t sound good at all)

        • Zaitsev

          Rex-Rex ship?

        • nyathetexascat

          Opps. Really? I never saw Rex cooking before, and that is true. Bino is always one who is being rude, not Rex. Also what is RexRexship??

          Ps. I can be with Sasha! I’ll pet her,love her and snuggle with her.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Terrance x Sasha

      • Caynine

        What about Borris? There’s no evidence that he is in a relationship that I know of….

    • Ryufire

      But wouldn’t Sasha be sad of being dumped by Bino? Does she truly like him in the first place?

      • nyathetexascat

        Yeah.. that will be sad story but wouldn’t she forget about it in 30 min?

        Ps.If Maxwell and Tarot ever get to see your avatar hide it! C’mon Peanut and Grape kissing, It’s old story.

      • Crackles

        Well she was pretty fast going out with Fido when Bino got hospitalized.

      • Valerio

        hmm, Sasha proved she can be tough when needed.
        I think she’s more possessive than she lets known… Oh, yes, this will make some interesting girl rivalry!

  28. Baxtrr

    There is a famous old saying that I can’t bother looking up the provenance of at the moment: “This way they make TWO people utterly miserable instead of FOUR.”

    Duchess and Bino deserve each other, and I am sure Sasha will not be lonely for long. :)

  29. DerpHerp

    Wooo epic love shenanigans in the future.
    Bino,King, Shasha, Bailey, n’ Duchess. Lets see where this leads (one day)

  30. Ozimul

    “Whoa! That’s the first GIRL dog to ever say something like that to me!”

  31. Kalasnokov

    she does not seem to remember anything at least, thats good.

  32. Wildey

    Hey, isn’t Fox a single husky? If Fido declines Sasha’s love proposal (which he mostly will do), she can try her luck with Fox! So then, Bino and Duchess could be together, and nobody will end up alone, ergo happy ending!

  33. SilentWolfXIII

    Well, they say love has many faces. I’m guessing this is one of its more ugly ones? o_0

  34. Shuma-Jindivi

    …wait, I think Bino is officially Sasha’s boyfriend?

    • volkoseba

      It was on and off to begin with…

  35. spencershot5

    aw there perfect together the insane man and his crazy wife :P

  36. thefirstonethere

    Best hangover EVER

  37. Valerio

    I knew it!
    This so gonna to be epic…ok, though much to King’s problems…

  38. Valerio

    My, Bino surely looks buff today

  39. Sadistic Rarity

    Hooray, Bino and Duchess comic I was hoping to see one soon.

    Duchess- (I’m going to MURDER that corgi)

  40. Kitch

    Dang it! Sasha becomes available, and King has a girlfriend. :p

  41. TheSilentChoice

    Aha! The secrets of the females has been discovered! Ignore them and treat them terrible, and they will follow you tongues hanging low. Brilliant! Note to self though, train in reverse psychology.

  42. Flyboy1945

    Bino, meet Duchess.

  43. falcon01

    Bino may fall for her but will SHE fall for him? ahhh questions questions, the grand soap opera of life!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Bino will come up with a wacky scheme, involving red crayons, a cement mixer, and a picket fence.

    • gamer35

      and crowbars :)

  44. Yehoshua

    Awwwww, they hate each other!!!

  45. Crackles

    It kinda looks like it’s missing the letter T.

    • Zaitsev


  46. T-Squared

    Uh… o_o

  47. WingedwolfGirl

    It’s fun watching you all try to re-work the shippings when a new pairing is introduced. XDD

  48. Grip the Wolf

    Vat a tweest! Seriously, I did NOT expect this at all. Keep up the good work, Rick!

  49. Hiddenterror

    Love the coloring!

  50. NumberUnoFan

    This reminds me of when Grape hit Bino in the head with a frying pan… Ah… Good times

    • gamer35

      really good times

  51. Agent Sandwich

    GASP! What about Sasha?

  52. gamer35

    should i be scared?

  53. Perfesser_Bear

    These two so deserve each other — I’d pay to see how this ones turns out.

  54. Tattorack

    GREEEAAAAAT! Now got yet ANOTHER problem!

  55. FatalFox

    happy ending =D

  56. gameangel147

    Oh gosh, more shipping, this can only end with long story arcs.

  57. spencershot5

    i now pronounce you Mr. & Mrs. insane,crazy,and dumb :P

  58. spencershot5

    sinece u coment alot ima give u a name for me to call u but ima call u paper bag since ur profile pic is just that

  59. spencershot5

    bino: …?
    bino: idc who u are i peed on this shed so its mine now out! MWAHAHAHAHA!
    duchess: shut up ikc who u are ill do what i want
    bino (in his mind): sh-sh-she stood up to me?
    bino: i think…i am in love

    • Camtheman16

      Silly Spencer, When has Bino ever THOUGHT about his actions :P

      • spencershot5

        no not rlly thats why its funeh and howed u know my first name?

      • Z24

        Some days later, he’ll beg for the breakup

        • spencershot5

          ur probrobly right but im still needing to know how cam knew spencer was my real name

  60. Air

    And only now does Duchess’ voice sound British in my head after she says “stupid twit”.

  61. Argent Stonecutter

    I beg to declare that the “whip ship” has a more euphonious ring to it.

  62. Argent Stonecutter

    They both have Boris and Yeltsin as (part time, I suppose) minions, how could they not know each other already?

  63. Argent Stonecutter

    And Duchess needs a sticky-plaster “X” for that head injury.

  64. Grip the Wolf

    This does NOT bode well for King.

  65. pete

    Please make a strip where pete tells he was human, please!

  66. Felidae1994

    Ooooh, looks like bino is gunna cheat on sasha. That look he got after duchess insulted him totally spoke volumes as to his feelings he was experiencing.

  67. Sadistic Rarity

    Do I see a new comic arc coming up, if so I hope it’s with the two of them.

  68. Wut

    Perfect match. :D

  69. 24penguin24

    please in the next comic strip make pete say he was once human!

    • gamer35

      sure lets go tell Rick!

      “sir, 24penguin24 and gamer35 want to speak to you.”
      “send them in.”

      how will we explane it? I love that idea! but how will we explane it i cant explane carp to anyone!

  70. jinxed

    Oh, Bino :3 an arc for the future I hope

  71. GrapeFan

    Has anyone noticed/researched that Bino’s ears hang down while his brothers’ ears (Fido and Joey) look a lot like Peanut’s?

    • Dissension

      Fido’s ears do stand up a bit, but Joey’s hang just as low as Bino’s, if not lower.

      • GrapeFan

        That’s very true, my bad, but why does Fiso have ears that stand up if they are all from the same family? My guess is different genes. Fido is older than Bino, as referenced in the “Housepets babies” arc, so the best possible (and plausible) reason would be that Joey and Bino came a litter or two after Fido, which would once again restore continuity of a vrey minor detail concerning the background of three characters. Pretty petty, now that I think of it, but at least it makes sense, right?

    • Keldor

      Except for the second panel where Bino’s jumping up and down in a pique.

  72. Russiarules1

    Well, I did not see that one coming! … … … well, kinda.

  73. Mewfifteen

    It’s sad that currently, ‘Housepets’ readers are typing comments with wrong grammar, punctuation, capitalization etc. The good old days were with the most epic people reading the most epic comic *sigh*.
    ANYWAY, back to the comic. They say that matches are made in heaven- but so is thunder and lightning. Love at first spite. Ha, good ol’ Rick.

    • WolfBrother

      yeah, i’m not so sure how this is going to play out…but i’ve been saying that through this whole comic. so, again, we will just have to wait and see how this new found love progresses.

  74. Duez

    Oh man, poor Duchess there, hope that heals up alright. XD Well at least she seems okay, and does not recall her nightly escapade! XD

  75. Shiro

    Am I the only one seeing that Duchess is a tad bit chesty or am I going crazy?

    • Alexander

      Welcome to a dozen strips ago. It’s a conversation that’s been had, and I don’t think any off the… -ahem- upper management is interesting in bringing it back.

  76. Firewolf

    Oh you and your love triangles XD How many couples would this make?

  77. Sansash

    Thank you for getting me to laugh out loud today, Rick. Thank you. :)

  78. HardCore64

    Love this comic man!!!!!! And I love how these 2 have such a twisted sence of love for peop……….I mean Pets! Yeah that’s what I meant! :) ….. ……..x3

  79. Dan

    match made in heaven… … or the other place i proubly shouldn’t mention.

  80. FancyTomato

    Dear God no……

  81. Draven

    One’s own medicine has never tasted so bitter-sweet.

  82. James Smith

    Same feather flocks together…

  83. wolf long fellow

    all bino’s marking for nothing lol