The Optimal Solution
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  1. Dissension

    Attaboy, King, use that human ingenuity! x3

    • efhosci

      CORGI ingenuity, you mean. ;-)

    • senorpie7

      Haha wonder what some of the other dogs would have done in that situation…you know, without the help of human ingenuity xD

      • LoneWolf

        Not to piggyback on ur comment i just think the alt text should be high up so ppl can see it quickly
        Alt txt: I was tempted to make it ‘qang’ but i think Dick Tracy beat me to it.

      • Avan

        Actually, probably something similar; grape (well, yes, grape is cat, but w/e) has done this on multiple occasions (First with a broom, then with a pan, and then another broom). Fox was also going to go for the pan in the second incident (the one with bino), but grape beat him to it.

        • RootsofOrigin

          Yes. And Rex had a brick ready.

      • Meike Hund

        @senorpie7 … I have a feeling if it were Peanut, he WOULD pull a MacGuyver. He may act like he isn’t smart, but he can finish a book in less than one car ride home! (He can also finish Dostoevsky and Asimov in 4 Hours. Took me three weeks to get through one, tiny Asimov book. UGH)

        #FunFact: Isaac Asimov has a book published in every category of the Dewey Decimal System

        #85% certain that’s true ^^:

    • 1boredcanadian

      He looked at the items in front of him and thought “No I can’t Macgyver my way out of this.” looks at the wall “But I may have something better…” Because remember the fastest (and sometimes heaviest) solution is always the best in times of panic. Human Ingenuity (as I understand it) is when we see something that can be an improvised anything and use it to our advantage.

      If he had of been Macgyver he could have made C4 out of the items on the floor and escaped.

      • Tattorack

        Hand grenades out of lemons and dead batteries… using only a Swis knife ^^

    • silverfang16

      Simplicity is it’s own reward!

      • Dan

        Anyone besides me think he might have gone a little too far; I mean you want her off what little of a tail you have, not put her in the hospital with a concussion.

        One thing’s for sure, she’s deffinently seeing stars now, lol.

        • Otsoko

          Well you also gotta think, he’s a little guy now, he can’t swing that shovel nearly as hard as he could as a human.

          • Dan

            maybe, but compared to most animals, muscle for muscle, we humans are actually pritty weak.

            Ex., your average orangatang is 10x stronger then any human, yet only 1/2 the size your average adult human. Birds have hollow bones which allow them to fly, yet an eagles talons are so strong they could brake the arm of a full grown man with its’ grip. And lets not forget the wolf, its’ body is completly toned with solid muscle; in all reallity the average human could never hope to physically overpower a full grown wolf.

            The point in all this? King may be smaller now, and even a midget among other dogs, but, pound for pound, King is going to be stronger then any human his size, and if he can get a good enough arc with that shovel, with its weight, it could still patentually crack her skull.

  2. Ryufire

    Owies! o.o

    • Lamandus

      uhh, hopefully, she didn’t bite her toungle off… recovery of such nasty wounds are hard…

    • cheetahwolf

      Lights out!!!

    • 1boredcanadian

      King wins due to TKO! He also just proved that most things used for the garden can have another use.

  3. Wanderer

    Violence! Yay

    • Valerio

      Wow! Knig *does* know how to defend his priorities!

      • Ryufire

        He saw way to many cartoons when he was a human boy! :P

        • Tanner Wolf

          Everyone knows that cartoon violence is better then the real thing, you can hit someone with a shovel more than once ;) btw, where did you avatar come from??

    • Zarvain

      Agreed! This just made my day! ^_^

  4. nyathetexascat

    Ok,Rick got some idea from comment

    • LoneWolf

      Note to self:
      Refresh page, dont look stupid >-<

      • nyathetexascat

        to myself or yourself?

        • LoneWolf

          look down some for my comment

          • nyathetexascat

            Naaaa you don’t look stpuid. It happens to me. I m so Smrt

          • LoneWolf

            *sniff* Really? ;S

          • nyathetexascat

            YSe, I can has cookie. I is being radom. Sorry

        • LoneWolf

          nyathetexascat do you have a forums name?

          • nyathetexascat

            Yes, why? R U reporting me because I’m being silly? :( jk
            But why?

          • nyathetexascat

            It is, texascat018

          • LoneWolf

            sry i randomly got distracted by youtube (also check out the housepets theme song) i just wanted to friend u

          • nyathetexascat

            Add me as Friend on HP fourm! :)

      • GrapeFan

        Yeah, I have mixed feelings about the Macgyver reference, just because I remember a comment from the last strip, but it did make me smile to see what King did with the rope, rubber band, matches, turkey baster and paper clips…

        • GrapeFan

          Of course, it could be mere coincidence.

          • LoneWolf

            -of course

          • LoneWolf

            i have no idea what that is

        • HolyGNade

          Seeing the matches i hoped king wasn’t going to make a mistake and burn down the place

  5. notU

    XD classic

  6. IceKitsune

    lol Maybe it will knock some sense into her.

    • xhunterko

      Are you kidding? Sense? In that head?

      • SilentWolfXIII


    • RootsofOrigin

      *rim shot*

    • GrapeFan

      She may get amnesia after a blow like that…Or after she comes to file a suit against King for assault.

  7. LoneWolf

    oh lol someone on the last comic called this! good job!

  8. RootsofOrigin

    Aaaand more violence!
    Alt-text: “I was tempted to make it ‘qang’ but I think Dick Tracy beat me to it”

  9. Camtheman16

    Classic star eyes. For our younger viewers Macgyver is a guy who could make a weapon/something awesome out of a toaster, a piece of string and some wire…Or anything you handed him :P

  10. ZV

    It’d be ironic if they put King into the pound for assault (severe head trauma yo). Jail as a human, the pound as a dog. :P

    • RootsofOrigin

      Aaaand lawsuit.

      • Valerio

        Your Honor, It was in self-defense! Have you seen that WHIP?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I would have mixed feelings about that, on the one hand it could be argued self defence, on the other I don’t think anything Duchess was likely to do justified this. On the third hand, animals seem to be expected to fight and injure each other (look at what happens to Bino).

      • Warp

        You mean, she wasn’t trying to do the thing someone would “normally” use handcuffs and a whip for?

        • Warp

          Only “wasn’t” was supposed to be in bold :(

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I think he might have enjoyed what she was likely going to do, if it weren’t for Bailey.

          • Nohbody

            I don’t know if I’d go that far, the way he ran away screaming from her instead of just telling her to get her tail out of his house.

            (Yeah, yeah, he doesn’t own it, I know :P )

            Though, neither Joel nor King are exactly known for reasonable responses to abnormal situations, primarily due to Rule of Funny.

  11. xhunterko

    Maybe a bit hars-*…Wait, never mind. Hopefully he hit hard enough.

    • Valerio

      Oookay, boy, now to hide the body well enough so that the Canine Scene Investigation doesn’t catch you till you’re in Alabama

      • RootsofOrigin


  12. Barker

    Oh…. This was rather unexpected. King solved his own problem.

    Now where is Boris?

  13. (Humanoid Typhoon) Vash The Stampede

    hopefully she’ll develop amnesia

    • Ryufire

      That would probably make things more easier for King lol!

  14. Mint Jelly Sandwich

    Ouch, well, looks like she’ll not be diggin’ that message.

  15. ryanwolf77

    I love bad-genious king face!

  16. SilverZeo

    Well… umm… I don’t think a law-suit can be made of this….

  17. SamBlob

    What did he hit her with?

    • Mint Jelly Sandwich

      A spade.. or shovel… whatever the name lol but now i must sleep now that my day has been made

    • nyathetexascat

      Shovel, for now his primary weapon is shovel.

    • Otsoko

      Powerup: Shovel to the Face

  18. kimo

    awww, i like mcgyver

    • Valerio

      but then comes the moment in which you do as Vin Diesel would!

    • kimo

      as much as i hate to spam my own post this comic made me think of one of my favorite xkcd comics

  19. Shadow Wolf

    better hit her twice king, just to make sure.

    • SilentWolfXIII

      Rule #2: “Always double tap”

      • LoneWolf

        ha! to the previous comments: Rule #1: Cardio

        • LoneWolf

          ***previous comics

      • P0lo

        Rule #3: Beware of Bathrooms

        That would have saved him from nearly drowning earlier.

        • Ryufire

          Rule #32: Enjoy the Little Things!

          King sure has! :D

          • Nohbody

            Yeah, but he’s preventing Duchess from doing so. :P

          • Sadistic Rarity

            In conclusion, just watch zombieland and you’ll be fine in case this happens to you.

      • tahrey


        Always reserve four rounds per target, in case you miss the first shot.

  20. RootsofOrigin

    What if that shovel-to-the-head causes her personality to change, and she actually becomes sweet and bubbly?

    • P0lo

      Or she’ll become famed Italian speedster Goggles Pisano

      • RootsofOrigin

        Okay now you have to tell me.

    • tahrey

      ….and next year, she wins the pageant as a result!

    • Sansash

      [sasha]Oh boy! I like sweets AND bubbles![/sasha]

  21. 2MK

    Does that count as animal abuse?

    • Ryufire

      Nah, its was self defense from the love whip! :P

      • P0lo

        Yeah, I’d say the stalker shovel canceled out the love whip.

      • GrapeFan

        Have you guys noticed that through this whole chase, Duchess hasn’t used the love whip to get an upper hand (or “upper paw?”) on King? She could have caught king in the leg with that thing and dragged him away. Case and point: Duchess doesn’t really know how to use a whip.

        • Nohbody

          Grabbing with a whip is a lot more difficult to do in real life than it is in the Indiana Jones movies, especially when the “target” is moving.

          (And with how short they are, his legs would need to be moving pretty dang fast to keep ahead of her. :P )

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      I really hope he didn’t just kill her… but this is HP! so it’s basically a given he didn’t (See Bino’s survival rate when he’s done much worse).

  22. SilentWolfXIII

    Not quite as epic as Duchess and Dragon having a punch up but it’ll work

    • P0lo

      Duchess and Dragons… Sounds like an RPG.

  23. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    This makes me think of The Looney Toons Show now.

  24. Xane

    Wow, he actually hit her with a shovel? :eek: I thought at first it was just his imagination. But I guess this was the only way to stop her. Of course Boris might decide to use a snow shovel on King when he finds out…

    • nyathetexascat

      As law and justice perspective. King’s action is legal, which consider as self defense. He can call Bino for it, maybe

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Then King will retaliate with a snowplow. And Yeltsin will use “the birdbath”.

  25. nyathetexascat

    I’m sure that this is where Rick got idea from.

    • Nohbody

      Or just maybe he watched the show when it was on the air, and it came to him without any assistance from XKCD. :P

      • nyathetexascat

        Is it still on air? it is from 60’s-70’s :)
        I love 70’s. I lisent to 60-80’s rock alot and song Free bird makes me cry..

        • nyathetexascat

          Nevermind, I messedup with other comics.

        • tahrey

          80s, man. 80s. It’s the only decade in which his hair was legal, for a start.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Richard Dean Anderson never used violence.

      • roguebfl

        Tell that to Jack O’Neal ;)

        And MacGayver did use violence on occasion, just never guns.

  26. Cristian100n

    Awesome Plan!!

    • Valerio

      simple does it, lalala

      • Cristian100n

        but where’d he get the shuvel?( idk how to spell )
        (if im right then please someone tell me, i hate looking like a fool)

        • Valerio

          silly, there is ALWAYS a shovel in a toolshed when you need it ;)

      • Cristian100n

        i mean the idea of the shuvel (again idk how to spell well)

  27. Cm4F

    That’s somewhere along the lines of what I would have done.

  28. Varaleo

    Make way for El-Kabong!

  29. thefirstonethere

    Simple, yet abusive. It is absolutely BRILLIANT

  30. Zaitsev

    King didn’t watch Macgyver clearly, he turned those supplies into a flamethrower once.
    A flamethrower that shot flaming shovels…

    • Valerio

      King watched Ahnold!

  31. rallyjr

    new weapon has bin added to the Housepets’ arsenal

    • AuvaAkita

      Broom to the face has been overused, it’s time to switch to shovel to the head! :3

      • silverfang16

        Somehow not as epic….

  32. wolf long fellow


  33. nyathetexascat

    Just a question, how does everyone knows about Macgyver eventhough it is from 60’s??

    • Snowmon


      • LoneWolf

        Google is ur friend :D

    • jmillart

      Question? If no one knows about Macgyver how do you know it was from the 60’s?

    • Nohbody

      60s? Try adding two decades to that. MacGyver aired from 1985 to 1992.

      There were also a couple of nods in the various Stargate TV series to “MacGyvering”, including in the very first episode of SG-1.

      • Frank

        And reruns for at least 4 more years!

    • Zaitsev

      Or reruns.

    • nyathetexascat

      Whatttttt?? Oh,opps. why am I thinking about times of sam and max?

      • tahrey

        I think you need to go have a lie down and flip through a calendar, none of the things you’ve mentioned are from the 60s…

        • nyathetexascat

          Sam and max comic started at 60, the tv show started at 80.
          I know, it is monday.

          • tahrey

            Fair enough then, but let’s say most people are gonna identify it as being 80s (personally I would’ve said 90s…)

    • nyathetexascat

      I was thinking it wrong, Sorry.

    • GrapeFan

      Reference(s) from friends, although I have never seen an episode myself.

      • nyathetexascat

        You should watch it, I garuantee getting over 85 in chem science. If you are student.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Kids! Get off my lawn!

      • roguebfl

        It was the reason i argued for a later bed time, and won 8)

      • nyathetexascat

        :( it was 1am at monday, lots of people gets cranky and lose their intelligence.
        Ps.Macgyver doesn’t own a lawn, he lives in boat house.

    • nyathetexascat

      Shame on me…

    • Unnesessary

      the same way everyone knows about Chuck Norris without watching Walker Texas Ranger or Mr. T without watching the A-Team. The epicness of them is timeless.

    • filias

      italian television still broadcast old 60’s series

  34. Snowmon


    He hit her with a shovel! (the ultimate multipurpose tool) My brother and I have been throwing that saying around, but to actually see it being done… I hope that the other function of the shovel wont be needed. Wait, this is PG, no it wont… or will it?

    • RootsofOrigin

      It’s just like Cold Case FIles.

      • Zaitsev

        I love step brothers

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Burying the body?

      • Sadistic Rarity

        We all know that’s not gonna happen….heh heh, or will it?

  35. lightwolf21

    Those items remind me of a Super Bowl commercial featuring MacGyver. Looking back at it on YouTube though…it was just the paperclip, rubber band and turkey baster. :3

    • roguebfl

      For everything else there is mastercard?

  36. leaffly

    I like that plan. Plain and simple :)

  37. AuvaAkita


  38. jmillart

    She kinda deserves it.

  39. Lahi

    Love shovel to the max

  40. volkoseba

    Oh come on, excessive force… shovel when she was only coming after him with the ‘love whip…’

    • falcon01

      Considering all the things that they do to Bino, is this really all that excessive?

      • volkoseba

        Dutchess isn’t Bino.

  41. Ryufire


  42. DaveedW

    Finally King stood up against adversity without any help from others!

  43. Pogiforce

    At first I couldn’t tell what he hit her with. Then I realized it was a shovel, and that pile of weird doodads and the Mcguyver remark were just a red herring.

  44. Hokorippoi

    turkey baster, rope, matches, ….
    I was thinking “This does not look good for her” but then I remembered that this is PG.

    • LoneWolf

      *get out of my head*

      • P0lo

        What are you talking about, I don’t get i…


    • Ryufire

      King may tie her up with the rope! Then he’ll leave her there and make his escape!
      Or, Duchess might recover quickly catching King by surprise, tying him up and gods know what she’ll do next! o.o

      Ok like you said its PG so it wont go to that extreme! :P

  45. Tailz

    :D …Need I say more. (Evil grin)

  46. falcon01

    Fortunatly he did not hit her in a vital organ. As to if fixing the problem, i doubt it, i have a feeling Boris may get a lil upset about it….maybe….

    • GrapeFan

      I’m not feeling a Boris appearance, but who knows? Oh, I know, Rick does.

    • Frank

      Yeah, because she doesn’t need that brain at all, right?

      • silverfang16

        Eh, her brain is protected by a hard head and inflated ego.

        • Lookatmyfakename99

          She has a brain???

  47. Ryufire

    King its rude to hit a lady! :P

    • River_Dragon

      But Duchess ISN’T a lady.

      • AuvaAkita

        You’re right, she’s a Drama Queen

        • rallyjr

          which also makes her a royal pain

      • Keldor

        Oh, she’s most definitely a charming young lady!

  48. Kaiserbix

    I think he will get serious consequences after doing this O.o

  49. Kalasnokov

    Critical hit!

  50. P0lo

    Well you can’t spell “Welsh Corgi” without “Slog Her”

  51. Firewolf

    Haha! Rubber band, paper clip, and a few matches = instant bomb! XD

    Duchess uses Bang on Door, it’s not very effective.
    King uses shovel, it’s really effective!

  52. Alastar

    THERE we go! Maybe that will knock some sense into her! (bad pun is bad.)
    Not so much “cunning” as it is more of a “direct approach.” lol.

  53. RegularBird

    This makes me wonder if he just found a shovel or actually made one out of all that stuff o _ o

    • Sansash

      Actually, you can see the silhouette of the shovel in the second panel.

      • RegularBird

        I never noticed that D:

  54. JSkunk

    This is not going to end well.

    • Valerio

      definitely not.

  55. Hopper200456

    D: ouch!

  56. GrapeFan

    Well, now what?

    • GrapeFan

      Good predictions everyone!

      • Valerio

        likely: skip to Fox talking to the phone with king, last panel King calling from the pound

    • Frost

      if king is smarter than we all thank he is he had better grab that rope in frame 2 & tie her to a pole lol

  57. Zaitsev

    King already has a shovel, the next part will be easy!

    • reaperofuria

      hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha! i like you nice comment ;D

    • digizaruk

      *Plays a laugh track*

    • Valerio

      For he’s a good ol’ fella, for he’s a good ol’ fella…

  58. Alexander

    I’m pretty sure we all just witnessed a murder.

    • Frank

      Bah, it’s a cartoon!

    • nyathetexascat

      I witnessed self defense.

  59. CyberSkull

    Bunt force trauma & concussion: the average man’s dog’s MacGyver solution

  60. Sadistic Rarity

    I wonder what he’s gonna do to her next, it probally won’t be plesant. (Original name:Tailz)

  61. Draven

    Subtlety is for the weak.

  62. reaperofuria

    small minor office supplies: 13$
    turkey baster: 5$
    rope: 9$
    unreplaceable canine tongue surgery: 6000$
    fractured skull & concussion: 3000$
    ALL in panels 2&4: priceless

    me: “seems legit”

  63. digizaruk


    • spencershot5


  64. Salenstormwing

    Random Violence, solving problems since the dawn of man, which is a weird phrase in the Housepets universe since even back then animals and humans could probably talk with one another.

  65. Jackalope121

    well thats one way to get it done… of course you know, this means war.

  66. Lookatmyfakename99


  67. James Smith

    Pls dont tell me that cute little innocent corgi just hit a lady barbarically

    • tahrey

      A lady with no sense of romantic boundaries. If the tables were turned no court in the land would convict her for shoveling him.

      • Nohbody

        Arguably, she could get away with it but King couldn’t, thanks to legal double standards.

        That argument, however, isn’t suitable for here, so I won’t get into it.

        • tahrey

          That was kind of my point ;)

          • James Smith

            Well I am fully understood you guys point but…
            i donno maybe im just too conservative…
            I cant get over this situation TT_TT

          • Nohbody

            Oh, okay. I missed that. My mind was thinking you were saying both could do it without punishment, my bad.

  68. NumberUnoFan

    Heheheh… Duchess is angry now… RUN, KING, RUN!!!!!!

  69. Wut


    • VinceVelcen

      You mean “Canadian Squirt Gun”

  70. Dena

    Looks like King took lessons from zeetha.

  71. Nintendosagafan

    hehe XD this reminds me too much of tom&jerry

    • Sadistic Rarity

      Except that instead of a cat and mouse, you got two dogs. And one of the dogs is in love with the other dog and tries to whip him….pain is pleasure

  72. Blucan

    Who here thinks Rick was lying about being sick just to make us suffer/wait for Duchess getting a well-deserved shovel to the cranium? (If he really was sick i hope he’s feelin’ better.)

  73. Unnesessary

    Hopefully, King is smart enough to call Boris and tell him something fell on her so he can direct blame away from himself. If not, I’m sure duchess is going to try and get revenge if she realized he hit her. And i don’t think I shovel will save him next time.

    Or maybe she will be to proud to admit she got beat up by someone half her size.

  74. John SJ

    Dude! A shovel!?

  75. Frank

    Would never hit a girls!

  76. Darsen

    I love it when a plan comes together!

  77. Frost

    well….it’s not a scooby trap but hay whatever work’s i guess lol ^.^ now let’s unmask this villain…. BINO!! hahaha

    • spiritkitsune


      • Frost

        Tarot: you see Bino was just out to prank King yet again

        Bino: & i would have gotten away with it to, if it wasn’t for you meddling shovel

  78. Warren

    Entertaining article – thanks. This is a truly interesting article. I will come back in the near future.

  79. VariedCookies

    Whoever said brains over brawn clearly didn’t understand the alternate usages of a shovel.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Brains over brawn
      Shovel over brains
      Brawn over shovel

      Just need to figure out the hand signals. One, two… three…

      • OokamiJester

        Brains, Shovel, Brawn, Lizard, Spock!!!!

  80. spencershot5

    i do like ppl geting hit with stuff

  81. randomness12

    sometimes the most most simple (and violent) solution is the best solution

  82. San

    After hitting her with the shovel comes the use of the items in Panel 2. Oh all the Rated R ideas I have.. D:

  83. Sadistic Rarity

    He just didn’t want Duchess to be bothering him anymore so I would be fine with what he did to her… But if you ask me, I don’t think he was trying to just knock her out… *giggle*

  84. Manga Sam

    but even if she does get amnesia if she seen or touch somthing like her whip could jog here memory

  85. Darrow013

    did anyone else notice the assortment of items on the ground in panel 2

  86. adrian

    does Duchess have breasts in the last panel?

    • adrian

      or is it just me and my perve mind?

      • Unnesessary

        Duchess looks like that in every panel she is in. Someone mentioned that is was possible for dogs to look like that as well as Rick trying to make some of them have different features

        I don’t remember the whole conversation but it’s not new for her.

      • Krebs830

        Prominent pectoral muscles are prominent! :-) But seriously, in this universe it probably wouldn’t be unheard of for an animal to desire/obtain enhancement surgery (i.e., implants), and Duchess is a show dog, after all.

  87. Ryngur

    Reminds me of the first episode of There She Is! …but with a much, much more insidious theme.

  88. Ozuan

    Alt-title: No Comic Today, Just Violence II

    Alt-alt-text: Violence is always the answer!

    I thought for sure the above is what would happen.

  89. Lycanthrope

    Simple is the most ingenious plan.

  90. Otsoko

    Okay, so we got a rope, box of matches, paper clip, rubber band, and a turkey baster. Put them together, and you get “Powerup: Shovel to the Face!”

  91. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    King: You wanted to be star, well you got!

  92. Blade

    Now king is thinking with his head

  93. Argent Stonecutter

    After stars in the eyes, come little chirping birdies around the head.

    • Valerio

      No, no no! How many times I have to tell you, Duchess?! Read the script, it says ‘STARS’ over your head, NOT birds! You’ll be the death of me!

      • OokamiJester

        Alright reset! let’s try this again roger….i mean duchess.

  94. OokamiJester

    I don’t always hit women, But when i do, I prefer to use a shovel.

  95. Pizzawolf

    In the words of Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2… SPANG!

  96. Bambu

    I dont like the tools he has to work with. The pump and all

  97. FancyTomato

    Well I suppose that’s one way of solving that problem XD

  98. black fox

    Y is there a turkey baster in a shed

  99. Kasper

    ..I just realized. This could likely hint that King can create shovels out of various items. :O

  100. spencer_shot_4

    make houspets 4 days a week plz! i listen to radio housepets on line u sad u make a comic strip in about 5 to 6 hours go hear to listen:

  101. spencer_shot_4

    sorry but its true

  102. ALPHA 6

    boom!!!!!!.right in the head!!