Tight Spaces

Today’s comic was supposed to be a double strip, but since I got rather sick today you’ll have to make do with it split up

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  1. Dissension


    The End.

    • Zukio

      This would be a horrible way to end for anyone.

      • alexanderseton

        speak for yourself, woof

    • volkoseba

      So.. that’s it? He doesn’t die, he just walks into a room and… ends?

      • xhunterko

        The room is dark. You are most likely to be eaten by a grue.

        • HolyGNade

          i see wat u did there, nice zork reference

        • T-Squared

          In front of you is ye flask.

          What wouldst thou deaux?

          • Kea

            GET YE FLASK

          • darkgloomie

            You can’t get ye flask!

          • Grip the Wolf

            I WOULD get ye flask, but I already know that I CAN’T get ye flask. So instead, I’ll just sit here for a few hours and wonder why in the world I can’t get ye flask.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            n; n; in; take all; xyzzy; lamp on; take rod

        • Onemanarmy11

          What about creepers? D:

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            “What’s that fizzing sound?”

            “Oh, just a creeper.”

      • efhosci

        Yep, he just disappears in a puff of logic.

        • volkoseba

          You win one internet for that reference. Use it wisely.

          • efhosci

            I certainly will! *runs off to nearest shiny object shop*

          • volkoseba

            Internets are non-transferrable. You and you alone may use it.

          • efhosci

            Dang. Guess I’ll just have to eat it then.

      • The face

        Uh, possibly. What’s with all the chairs?

        • pet_panda

          looks like gardening equipment and other stuff, i think thats a lawnmower in the forground.

      • T-Squared


        that’s it? o_o


        That’s bettttteeeerrrrrr!!!!

        • silverfang16

          It’s not a balcony, we can’t use that Teen Girl Squad death here. : /

      • The_Rippy_One

        This is the time for King to channel his inner MacGyver.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Is that the alt-text?

      • Ryufire


        • Ryufire

          alt-text: IS THIS THE END FOR KING?! (Not a serious question)

        • Kohaku Nightfang

          Is that a pony reference Ryufire?

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            It’s just a different way to say yes. Other people use it, even Lana from “Archer” also has that as a catchphrase.

  2. Xane

    Hall of… Chairs?

    • SilentWolfXIII

      At least they aren’t pink…

    • Aenbr

      …Those are a lot of chairs, aren’t they? huh. My new goal in life is to obtain a gigantic chair room. You have inspired me, Rick.

      • volkoseba

        I once helped some traveling political pundits stack chairs after an event and put them in a giant empty room. You should’ve been there. Chairs everywhere.

        • The face

          Cool. Did you build a fort ?

          • Aenbr

            A chair fort!! I’d love to stand in one someday!

          • nyathetexascat


    • dibs

      i’m guessing it’s a garage, at least it could be

      • omenaapple

        Who knows, it might be Peanut’sn Grape’s garage? Or storage or something? >>”

    • GrapeFan

      I don’t see chairs. The shed is full of equipment, it looks like, as pointed out by pet_panda above,

  3. Ryufire

    Oh Jenkees!!! @_@

    • xhunterko

      Quick! Go through the trap door convienently placed at the back of the building! It must be a way out!

      • cheetahwolf

        duchess will be waiting ;)

        • Ryufire

          She’s like Sniper Wolf from Metal Gear Solid! Waiting very patiently for her prey!

      • rallyjr

        the trap door is too obvious use the chairs to get up to air vent

        • LoneWolf

          Either way he’s gonna have to do a scene of him running back and forth through multiple doors in a hallway while Dutchess chases him

  4. kimo


  5. IceKitsune

    She is rather persistent

    • Valerio

      nothing can stand between the whip of love and its intended target!

    • The_Rippy_One

      King still has a chance, we haven’t yet seen Duchess pursuing at a leisurely bounce. or speak french.

  6. Cristian100n

    It had to be the dark!
    It just had to

  7. IceKitsune

    And Hall of Mirrors? What in the world is she talking about?

    • GrapeFan

      Perhaps the Hall of Mirrors is just an expression used in a situation where the pursued tries to lose the pursuant duchess in this case, by leading her on a zig zagging chase around the neighborhood?

      • IceKitsune

        KJOokami brought that up on the forum and its likely that’s what it means in this case, but I have never ever heard it used this way before.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Maybe he’s on the Milton mansion grounds. They would be most likely to have a Hall of Mirrors.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Oh, if he’s on the Milton mansion grounds there’s probably a ferret-sized pneumatic tube tunnel from the garden shack to the ballroom. Just big enough for a corgi to get stuck in.

  8. rallyjr


    • cheetahwolf

      you cant run anymore and no use hiding
      just SNUGGLE and get it over with
      (rallyjr comment comes after mine)

      • rallyjr

        now my comment makes little to no scene

  9. xhunterko

    Will King escape the pursuit of Duchess?
    Will King get out of this tight situation?
    Will this narrator learn to not use bad puns?
    Tune in again next week! Same comic time, same comic schedule!
    Be sure and find out in the next episode!
    *insert witty show tone*
    (right after these commercials)

    • xhunterko

      Tune! Darn it! Tune!

    • efhosci

      Escape. Canine Cibble.

    • Zaitsev


      • Ryufire

        ^ Kyle Henry Hebert approves this!

    • Blue_Elite

      Will Fox ever switch over to iTunes?
      Will Sasha ever get even remotely close to a correct answer on Jeopardy?
      Will Bino complete his snow dog before someone inevitably ruins it?
      Find out next time in My Kingdom for a Chair, or Duchess to B-4 Checkmate.

      • Corgiwolf

        1) Who’s to say he doesn’t already? He seems like the kind of dog who would be intelligent enough to Sync Different.
        2) … That would be awesome, but no :(
        3) I wonder if we get to see how that turns out. Maybe in the next arc (or between arcs in the one-offs) we’ll get to see it finished! That would be neat, if he spends all night on it and it helps him like relieve tension… then have Grape run right through it, causing him to be angry again X3

        Also, loving the chess reference. Have a cookie *hands cookie*

        • Blue_Elite

          Cookie! *nom* *nom* *nom* *nom* *nom*

  10. thefirstonethere

    must… fear…. all things….. XD since when did we get to the hall of mirrors?

  11. Aenbr

    I still can’t imagine what she’s going to do with those handcuffs and that whip…

  12. nyathetexascat

    when is he getting his real collar back?

    • Aenbr

      Perhaps Duchess will use it as bargaining material. And…I wonder why Duchess is naked? I swear upon this tub of ice cream that she had collar on earlier…

      • nyathetexascat

        Her first naked part was at when she was at King’s place, so it means, she was chasing king naked…. ??? oh wow….

        • HolyGNade

          Gotta remember that she was trying to seduce king :/

        • The_Rippy_One

          Yes, if anyone had seen her collarless, the tabliods would have a field day.

  13. LoneWolf

    Off topic is there anyway to get an avatar here not through gravatar?

    • nyathetexascat

      seems like no otherway. why? Gravatar is easy to use.

    • The face

      Tell me about it! The only reason I’m. Not getting an avatar is because my email is dead.

      • nyathetexascat

        well, only action that u can take to get an Avatar is creating new email. sorry.

        • LoneWolf

          At this moment the activation link in my email just won’t work so I am looking for a more instant result

          • nyathetexascat

            Hummm. have u check that Email is not blocking it?
            I’m not good at this kindof solution.
            Can someone HELP LoneWolf???

          • LoneWolf

            *dramatic stare into distance*
            LoneWolf helps himself… cause he’s a lone wolf
            (I got it working)

          • LoneWolf

            Is the username I put on gravatar what I’ll have to use here?

          • nyathetexascat

            I think it is… not sure,

          • Grip the Wolf

            You don’t need to use your username from gravatar. When you comment, you just have to use the email that you used to register on gravatar. So if you used fakeemail@fakewebsite.com to register with gravatar, then you would have to put that email address in the textbox asking for your email when you comment.

        • cheetahwolf

          i must ask how your off topic comment is still up there?

          • LoneWolf

            Maybe it’s a good question so the mods are leaving it be? I’d create a forum but I created this profile literally hours ago so I’m not even sure how to

          • LoneWolf

            I honestly didn’t think anyone would even answer me cause I never get noticed or payed attention to ;(

          • GrapeFan

            No Fair!! I asked a very similar question when I was just starting out and the moderators took it off within 5 minutes. (grin inside) Although, I must say, I was able to solve my problem as well…

          • LoneWolf

            What was your solution?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Get a new email. Go to gmail.com. Create a new account.

  14. nyathetexascat

    ps. If I can, I would snugggle with Duchess to buy some time for King.

  15. nyathetexascat

    I just relized, Duchess was chasing King Naked Whole time. since from (Good Clean Wholesome Fun)

    • Sansash

      Naked Neck! Nekked Nac! Naekked Nec! Necked Nak!… oh never mind

      • The_Rippy_One

        Are you Bad Ash?

      • Sansash

        I’m not Bad Ash, and I have never heard of him

        • The_Rippy_One

          Sorry – its an Army of Darkness refrence. No insult intended.

  16. rallyjr

    poor King you always have the worst luck

    • nyathetexascat

      I’m jellous of his life… cuz he is a dog

      • cheetahwolf

        its the best life, its like being a kid for your whole life

        • River_Dragon

          Best life–hmm…Let’s think about this. You get up in the morning with your people, who are rushing around doing stuff that means they’re going away and eating delicious-smelling stuff, YOU get to eat the same old kibbly stuff that you can chomp, but end up just swallowing whole because you don’t have MOLARS to chew it up. Or maybe you get some overcooked chunks of something that pretends to be meat that sticks to your teeth.

          Then, you get a thing tied to your neck and you get to go for a walk where you don’t even get to sniff all the interesting stuff, because your people are in a hurry and keep telling you, “go potty” so that they can get back to the house. If you’re lucky, you have a fenced yard where you can run around and sniff to your heart’s content, but all the smells are you.

          Then, your family leaves you FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER and all you have to do is sleep and bark warningly when a stranger comes to the door, but there’s no one there to hear you. Sure, you may have some toys, but there’s no one to play with, so sleep is really the only choice. Finally, after FOREVER is past, someone comes home and you FINALLY have someone to play with, except they have homework and cleaning and dinner to make, and video games and television and the internet and…

          If you’re lucky, you may actually get an hour of quality time, but the rest of the time, you sleep. I’d be bored out of my mind in 30 minutes.

          Let’s face it, it ain’t the Housepets Universe out here–that’s why I have three dogs and two cats–so they have someone to play with when we’re all gone. (Though, we DO have to keep reminding the half-Mal that the cat’s whiskers are not dental floss for dogs)

          • MrMutt

            What other use is there for cat whiskers?

          • nyathetexascat

            By refering to your comment, I changed my mind.
            I want to be outdoor cat. Because half of their life is based on humans and other half is their own and freedom. Which fulfill the disadvantages of dog’s life
            Still your comment is so true.

          • Kalasnokov

            Boredom alone in a house, that why you need a cat living in the same house you can wake whenever you feel like and tell him/her totally pointless thing for fun!

      • nyathetexascat

        ahhhhh…. I’m just sad… I’m highschool student and I’m not happy with my life.
        I just want to become some sort of animal, even though I can possibly get hit by a speeding car, starve, etc… still, I want to.
        Pete I want to meet you, change me in to dog please.

        • cheetahwolf

          so you want to be pete avatar ;)

          • nyathetexascat

            Is that how it is called as??
            If my life can get better, Yes.

        • GrapeFan

          I can relate…I think it would be cool to be a dog in the Housepets! Universe.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Unless you’re Sasha.

          • nyathetexascat

            I think her low level of intelegence covers up her unfortunate.
            Just like that old story where king and poor change their life, It would be intresting if rick make stroy that ShaSha and Fox change their life.

  17. Ryufire

    Goosebumps: Enter Petsland! x.x

  18. Fluttershy

    I told you King not to go in my shed!

    • cheetahwolf

      a hall of mirrors between Sasha house and the shed?

  19. Tailz

    The shed room, that’s perfect you can get all kinds of weapons to kill Du……. You know what, never mind this was a horrible joke.

  20. Hokorippoi

    It is like a wood roller coaster. As long as there is banging, he is safe. It is when the banging stops that would give great fear to a heart.

  21. SilentWolfXIII

    I’m still waiting for the climatic battle to the death

  22. Sevin

    I bet anything the Gryphon is in there.

    • GrapeFan

      I admit, I had that thought too.

    • silverfang16

      Well he should still be stuck in heaven, but we have yet to see an emissary come for the watch.

  23. Kalasnokov

    hold the barricades! do not give her an inch!

  24. Wildey

    Time to start fighting your own battles King, grab something to defend yourself, and show her what a corgi can really do!

  25. Valerio

    King’s fearface is so cute in panel 1

  26. Valerio

    …just noticed.
    Yay! King’s ears are back to regular size! *noms*

    • GrapeFan

      I don’t get it. I was never aware that they were of abnormal size :-/

      • Valerio

        they had gotten smaller in the latest comics

        • GrapeFan

          Really? Who knew?

          • LoneWolf

            Who knew? Not yew! Haha! Get it??? Yew like you?
            no?? no…
            ( ._.) okay….

  27. oddly placed husky

    i cant help but think dutchess is terribly adorable in the first panel lol i ant wait to see how this pans out. you have yet again built stupendous suspense!

  28. icexcap

    Is this the end of our hero!? Will he be able to escape the clutches of Duchess? Will the crazed Duchess make King her Duke (for all the wrong reasons)? Tune in next time on Housepet!(R), same bat-time, same bat-channel!

    I always wanted to say that. :)

    • king4life

      no no no its “same pet-time, same pet-channel”

  29. GrapeFan

    I don’t like taking credit, but Duchess jumping out of the shadows was one of my predictions. I sort of feel smug inside.
    Look at the situation now, though. King is trapped in a nondescript shed with Duchess banging on the other side of the door. She my pull the classic (and very cliche) horror, thriller/suspense movie trick where the banging stops, there is silence and King decides it’s safe to venture out and then “I GOTCHA!!” King somehow escapes (at least I hope he will) and the chase resumes. Perhaps it will eventually end up at the Sandwiches after all, as some of us predicted earlier or something cosmic and inter-dimensional happens withing the shed,

    • GrapeFan

      (involving a certain blue gryphon (which I fear will occur) or some other being sent to fetch the part of King’s soul…)

  30. Valerio

    take care, Rick! :(

  31. fox-it

    Maybe he will meet the a-team in this boxroom and they escap in a cool construction?

  32. GrapeFan

    I know, you all think I’m quite verbose, but I just read the explanation Rick left below the title of the strip, something I believe most of us missed, reproduced below:
    “Today’s comic was supposed to be a double strip, but since I got rather sick today you’ll have to make do with it split up ”

    To which I say, “uh, Not Fair!!” (JK Rick, get well soon, but you have at least one devoted reader sitting on the edge of the chair for the second installment of this strip. I can’t speak for the rest of y’all. Honestly, I don’t know what you are thinking and I have no idea the level of devotion you put into this comic).

    I do wish I knew the outcome, though…Rick, you sure do a great job keeping me hooked and now I’ll stop. I think I hear the commotions of an angry mob convening although the intent of said mob escapes me…

    • LoneWolf

      He has devoted fans
      Evidenced by the fact he gets 50+ comments within like 2 minutes of posting

      • GrapeFan

        Of course-I just can’t speak for all of you, that’s all.

  33. Xander

    I just gotta say it, the lights and shadows in this strip is fantastic!

  34. Haru Totetsu

    I know this is probably a t wrong, but I want King to just go completely mad and lose his cool to the point he makes Duchess feel insignificant and insecure.

    …but that’s probably because I don’t like her. If there’s one character I wouldn’t mind you killing off Rick, its Duchess.

  35. Cookiethebluecat


  36. Jackalope121

    man this just gets stranger and stranger.

    im not sure if i can make the logical leap and say this is the end of king as was posted above but maybe i just cant bring myself to imagine it too.

    ah well, either way it’ll be a heck of a ride im sure!

  37. Damien James

    Feel Better Rick! Sucks being sick!

  38. yellowfox780

    KING! Use chairmode! She won’t find you then… maybe…

  39. tdkepsel2

    I don’t know about all of you, but I think king should give up at this point, let himself get caught, then try to enjoy it, even if this who thing is pete’s doing I would personaly still just give in. if anything I am sure king is quiet tired, I mean who knows how much longer he could keep doing this, he should swollow his pride and just give in to the madness.

    • Doitean

      Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never!
      Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy!

    • GrapeFan

      To give in is to compromise his love for Bailey. He is a loyal person, a loyal dog, therefore he would never do that.

  40. 1boredcanadian

    King: Hmmm, this has somehow gone from bad to worse.

  41. Grip the Wolf

    Looks like M. Night Shyamalan isn’t needed here.

  42. notU

    the worest fate for any one

  43. FerreTrip

    Someone’s in a bit of a situation…

  44. doomwolf

    Where’s Macgyver when you need him.

  45. Sansash

    IS THIS THE END OF KING? [tarot]No, that would be dumb[/tarot]

  46. Kitch

    Darn you and your cliffhangers, Rick! =P

  47. Erikuto

    Aww poor King…. He needs to think of something and fast….BRAIN POWER ACTIVATE!

  48. Boethefurry

    i feel bad 4 poor King…. and slightly jealous….

  49. notU

    then a random shed appeared

  50. Zeekthelion

    When did they go through a hall of mirrors!? O-o

    • Erikuto

      I think that’s what he meant as in “it was suppose to be a double strip” at the front page

      the other strip probably was them running through it haha

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I think they’re on the Milton mansion grounds. He’s in the groundkeeper’s shed. He’s about to discover what the ferrets have secretly put in there. I’m betting on a giant pneumatic tube leading to the ball room, but it might be the entrance to one of Keene’s underground lairs.

  51. Frost

    & in the next frame King is going to see a guy with a big knife & a ski mask….then it will be the end lol

    • Valerio

      no, he’s gonna see Sabrina & Fido…

      • Argent Stonecutter


      • IceKitsune

        Maybe (It would explain where Sabrina was earlier in the arc) but I’m still guessing either Pete showing up because in desperation King calls him or he runs into the person that is coming to get the Watch.

      • Frost

        lol if any thank i would bet that king’s story end’s with him tied up & tossed in the back of a peta van

  52. roguebfl

    Is King facing the reality he’s in the closet?

    I just hope the alt-text doesn’t mean it becuase he becomes Joel

  53. Mewfifteen

    KING! Keep a lookout for them spiders and creepys.
    And ye shall get lost in the hall of chairs instead.
    If ye can bolt the door.

  54. Fatalfox

    Cliffhanger, nuuuuuuu

  55. Ozimul

    Is this the end of our hero? Will King escape from the closet?!
    Find out next time on DRAGON BALL Z!!!
    [Next Episode: Closet Escape]

  56. Firewolf

    Noo no, he aaalways knew he would end up as a dog in a closet holding the door against a canine beauty pageant runner up with a whip trying to snuggle with him, as all part of a celestial game involving a dragon, kitsune, and gryphon. Totally not surprising.

  57. Jesse James


  58. Alexander



  59. AthiosDvK

    Huzzah! Let there be escape!

    Let’s see how many Housepets readers get THAT reference. ^,.,~

  60. Kasper

    ..wait. She’s been running around without a collar?

    Oh my.

    • Z24


  61. dalonewolf25

    That’s what’cha get for not asking for Bino’s help, King. :P

    • dalonewolf25

      …then again, Bino would probably restrain him so that Duchess could catch him. :U

  62. Mint Jelly Sandwich

    Hm, i fear she may be either 1) Get nabbed by pund guys and king fights with himself before saving her, 2) peanut comes waltzing about and helps king, or! 3) King goes into imagination land, where you fly in the water and swim in the sky.

  63. Argent Stonecutter

    Hide under a box, it works for the dogs in Metal Gear!

  64. WizzardRabbit

    panel 2 reminds me so much of Portal 2. Don’t know why though.

  65. spencershot5

    i saw this coming he is now traped!

  66. Tailz

    Luckily he got away in time otherwise, he would have experienced… TORTURE…

  67. gameangel147

    If only King had his Queeen(Bailey).

  68. Unin Raller

    Wait, I just realized that Dutchess is essentially trying to rape King. Isn’t this a PG rated comic?