To The Window
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  1. Ryufire

    King is just an innocent victim of the Love Whip! >u<

    • rallyjr

      not yet, he is keeping just out of reach

      • Sharkie

        He’s too cute and helpless to outrun the whipping of love for that long.

        • Tattorack

          That would all be great… if Duchess is actualy going after him because of that.
          She wouldn’t care less about who King is, she just needs something to show off! >.<

    • Alucai Vivorvel
  2. DaveedW

    Fox couldn’t help this time.

    • Thoth

      Well, it would have required that King have a little good luck – and how likely is that?

      • DaveedW

        Considering he saved King’s fate clock thingy I say that was rare lucky moment.

    • Keldor

      Eh? What was that? Oh well, I guess no one is there.

    • silverfang16

      Now what do we do then? -_-

  3. Cm4F

    Run King RUN!!!

    • Zarvain

      “And when you’re through running, RUN SOME MORE!”

  4. T-Squared

    Closed Captioning: “[No Audio]“

    • rallyjr

      closed captioning brought to you by Fox Headphones, keeping you nearly oblivious to any emergency since panel 1

      • falcon01

        dono if I laughed harder at the strip or your comment!

        • WolfBrother

          that was pretty awesome, i’m not gonna lie! XD

  5. notU

    poor king

  6. Zukio

    Fox in headphones looks pretty cool.

    • NyaTheTexascat

      Cuz his dad earn lots of money to feed twelve wolves

      • NyaTheTexascat

        Oh wow, my phone just chops off my words.

        • spencershot5

          his dand dont own the wolve the ferets own the wolves and king fox is the cops only dog

    • Valerio


    • AthiosDvK

      I think he uses Skullcandy. :P

      • Alucai Vivorvel

        Eewno. Those are horrible quality, I bought a $100 pair w/ subwoofer at HMV and they sucked compared to my $40 in-ears. And my sister’s $40 pair just broke completely – the left earpiece fell off and the right stopped working.

    • silverfang16

      He does get a good allowance I suppose.

  7. IceKitsune

    heheh knew he would go to Fox

    • silverfang16

      It has worked before! : /

      • Trey

        Well Fox can’t help King now. Back to reading and being completely unaware of the outside world.

  8. 2MK

    I can’t believe that the film “The Artist” inspired you.

  9. Cristian100n

    Run as far a ur lil feet can take you!

    • rallyjr

      and then keep going

      • maskedman189

        run captian nubs!!!

      • The face

        And then… run faster

  10. NyaTheTexascat

    Now who is going to help him??

    • Tattorack

      Pete is!
      *Evil grin*
      …. actualy I wouldn’t know….

      • mr.muchy

        i think it will be peanut or grape some how

        • spiritkitsune

          Tonight at celebrity deathmatch:
          Grape with frypan VS Duchess with love whip!! O_O
          Good fight good night!

        • JeffCvt

          I think it would be sasha.
          Sasha VS Duchess – That would be a good strip or two

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            ^That is all.

        • spencershot5

          well come to yhink of it peanut has never meet king

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            Not necessarily, I’m pretty sure he’s met him, just they haven’t been shown a lot together on-panel.

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            Looking at later comments… nevermind.

        • nyathetexascat

          I agree but I find no reason that grape to be mad at her, I know “she” is kind of ‘I kill u’ but I think Rick will give us the unpredicted consequences.

        • silverfang16

          Maybe he will save himself! :)
          …..Nah. -_-
          I am going with the idea that this is the first time he meets Peanut.

          • NyaTheTexascat

            wait.. he never met peanut?? That is true! I didn’t know that

          • silverfang16

            Yeah it’s hard to remember that. I usually forget that he hasn’t myself. : /

  11. Draven

    Headphones and a good book, there’s nothing quite like it.

    • Draven

      In all honesty I’m surprised that Fox noticed at all with such a potent distraction mix.

      • Valerio

        His friend-sense tingled…

        • maskedman189

          or was it that feeling you get when your being watched?

          • Keldor

            Well, King *was* shouting at the top of his lungs and banging on the window…

        • silverfang16

          Not quickly enough.

  12. notU

    i think this is going to lead to peanuts house

    • notU

      for some strange reason

      • NyaTheTexascat

        Ummm I hope it dose not leads the story to triple date.

        • notU

          i know it wont be comfortable for king

          • NyaTheTexascat

            Or Suddenly Baily appear… canine fight!!

          • notU

            but we havent seen them in a while

          • NyaTheTexascat

            Yeah I kindda miss them eventhough we got the best reaction from king.

          • notU

            i know this chapter been funny

    • Xane

      Duchess vs Grape?

      • NyaTheTexascat

        But I find no reason for grape vs duchess,

        • notU

          still would be awesome

      • nyathetexascat

        I mean… I think there is going to be unpredicted consequences.

  13. Barker

    Oh… that’s why King hasn’t been saved yet. And probably won’t be. Now his only hopes are Bailey surprise visit, Sabrina uncharacteristic intervention, Pete… doing something even more horrendous, or growing a backbone. Welp… hi ho love tri-angle thingy!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Tarot. It’s not like she doesn’t know what’s going on.

      • WingedwolfGirl

        Tarot: What am I? the keeper of Babylon Gardens?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          You knew the job was tough when you took it.

        • silverfang16

          Naturally, who else can see everyone’s future?

    • Xane

      Sasha likes King a lot too, she might help out since she seems to know Duchess.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        “omg duchess you forgot your collar. Quick, put that pink leash on, maybe nobody will notice… Boy, this is a funny leash, maybe if I slip it through here… That’s not too tight!”

        dutchess: *choke*

  14. GameCobra

    The chase continues!

  15. AuvaAkita

    Next time don’t add the Alt text and it’ll truly be a comic without any text lol

    • cheetahwolf

      Ha!!! wrong! there is text, or is Fox reading a blank book.

      • P0lo

        Well it does look blank when he holds it sideways.

        Maybe he just uses it to fool people into believing he’s doing something constructive.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Nah, we know he reads a lot. Not as much as Peanut, though.

        • Pogiforce

          or maybe it really is a blank book. It’s a sketchbook, and he’s deeply contemplating what he should draw in it!

          • Keldor

            So caught up in his planning that he hasn’t realized he forgot to bring his pencils yet. XD

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            Nah, he keeps them in his collar.

      • Tgh

        Or it could be a book like those cat reads in red dwarf. No text but with the story. Written out in scent

      • Xane

        Maybe it’s a picture book!

      • Draven

        He closed the book because he was anticipating the need to stop reading, but kept his thumb in to hold his place just in case.

  16. Musclecar326

    Alt text please. And he was just a little to late to see king. Poor king:(

    • notU

      they would need a censor for what i would write =)

  17. RootsofOrigin

    Alt text: “First comic without text! Oh wait now I ruined it”

    This arc ain’t over yet! Maybe.
    And Duchess looks a little too crazy now. Not in the, “vengeful” way, but in the “I want to have your poppies” way.

    • dibs

      funny thing is, i actually thought it was over last week, or at least was about to be finished, ha. little did i know….

      • maskedman189

        little did the man know, he had just typed his way into, the dog house zone.

    • Pogiforce

      Yeah, I noticed that too. she’s got wide manic eyes and a goofy grin. Even though she acts like she hadn’t fallen for his cuteness, she DID recognize that there was no other dog who could help her win it, so that may be her weird way of recognizing his good traits. I said this before, but I wonder if as she continues this charade of being madly in love with him, she ends up actually madly in love with him.

    • Keldor

      More like unrestrained glee. She’s loving every second of this.

      • mr.muchy

        yes she is and its fun to watch! King is yet again the lady magnet

  18. Draven

    I wonder what song he is listening to?

    • notU

      and does the music play strait from the head set ?

      • Bubby

        Maybe its a radio headset.

        • notU

          very true your a genius

      • Corgiwolf

        If you look in the third panel, there’s a cord coming from the left ear. They’re plugged into something, probably an MP3 player of some sort.

    • Ryufire

      Ready steady Go!!! By Paul Oakenfold :D

      • HolyGNade

        Good choice of music

    • NyaTheTexascat

      The right lyrics for this scene: ‘Leave the message after tone~’

      • NyaTheTexascat

        Maybe not…

        • maskedman189

          perfect song: by the time you get this message by flobots

    • Otsoko

      Yakitti Sax. Perfect song for the occasion that he was oblivious to. XD

    • 1boredcanadian

      Boards of Canada Dayvan Cowboy. It’s a great song for when you want to do nothing but lose your mind in a quiet place.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Now Playing: Powerhouse, by Raymond Scott.
      Next Up: Merry Go Round Broke Down, by Barney Kessel.
      Album: Greatest Hits from Wacky Cartoons

    • roguebfl

      Who Let the Dog’s out?

    • Xane

      Something about huskies by Frank Zappa…

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I think Evelyn, a Modified Dog, would be appropriate:

        “Evelyn, a dog, having undergone
        Further modification
        Pondered the significance of short-person behavior …”

    • 1boredcanadian

      Actually, I retract my current choice in favor of Can’t You Hear Me Knocking by The Rolling Stones.

  19. leaffly

    Ah Fox… Wrong timing there…

    • notU

      which makes it funnyer

  20. coyoteBR

    Am I the only one picturing King running full-speed and Duchess doing that Pepe Le Pew prance behind him?

    • notU

      now you got me thinking about it

    • NyaTheTexascat

      Like that cat in retro WB that always chased by skunk?

      • notU


      • maskedman189

        nope, the other one

        • NyaTheTexascat

          Other?? I have no idea what is other.

    • Ryufire

      Duchess: “Le bow-wow-wow! Le bow! Le wow! Le Rawr!!!” :P

    • Keldor

      Except that Pepe Le Pew was actually lovestruck. Duchess here is only doing it to push King’s buttons.

    • GameCobra

      Think i mentioned that in the last comic =P

    • Filias

      i think King would rather be chased by an army of skunks

      • Nohbody

        He quite possibly would rather be sprayed by an army of skunks, at this point. :P

    • Argent Stonecutter

      No, no you’re not. I was absolutely thinking of the end scene in Pepe le Pew cartoons, where he’s being chased by the love-sick cat.

    • Frank

      Not anymore, you’re not!

    • Xane

      Duchess seems to be going at full tilt though. You probably can’t do effortless love prancing unless you’re actually in love.

  21. cheetahwolf

    grape will save the day with the power up: (BROOM TO THE FACE!!!)
    or mabe the k9 unit

    • cheetahwolf


    • McFly

      Or the frying pan. ;)

    • darastrixen

      Perhaps, but I don’t think King knows Peanut/Grape that terribly well. If he doesn’t find a way to get Fox’s help, my bet’s on Sasha’s house next.

      • NyaTheTexascat

        I’m getting a feeling that Baily is coming soon in somepart… just thinkin’

        • Gary (from Radio free Housepets)

          Remember, Bailey’s in Kansas (which is where I’m from). :-P

          • darastrixen

            Exactly. She was in Kansas during the Dog Show (presumably, because she was milking cows). I don’t believe a day has passed, so it’d be quite the coincidence to just happen to run into her during the chase scene, although I can definitely see her getting involved soonish.

          • Gary (from Radio free Housepets)

            I can see that.

          • maskedman189

            i can see drama on the horizon followed by a 60% chance of halarity following

          • Dontlookmenaked

            I’m from Kanses too.

          • WolfBrother

            i’m not FROM Kansas but i lived there for a few years =)

        • nyathetexascat

          “Texas”cat cries…
          maybe the rich ferrot can give her a ride with plane.

  22. Dissension

    Fox is super-observant.

    • 1boredcanadian

      He’s not the only one to respond like that with headphones on to noise. It’s the turn-look-and-if-there-is-nobody-there-go-back-to-what-you-were-doing approach, very common among headphone users.

    • Xane

      For someone with such big ears…

    • silverfang16

      Well he noticed it faster than most would.

      • kingisawsome

        I get distracted to easily.

        I would have noticed…I think.

  23. RootsofOrigin

    To the walls

    • SilentWolfXIII

      Woo, good job. I was afraid that post was going to be up to me : )

  24. 1boredcanadian

    Quick, King make like an action star and jump trough the window, your stuby legs can do it!

    • P0lo

      Ka-Thump! Double pane.

      *Slides down the window*

  25. pet_panda

    you’d think he’d call fox’s house on his cell now, or run to sasha next, or fido, or call bailey and tell her what happening so she can call fox…or forgive him for whats about to happen.

    • notU

      i like the last thing you said it make me think of me in a devious way mmmmmmmmmmmwoooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

    • Argent Stonecutter

      You ever try and dial a cell while running?

      • Big Fan

        A smart dog would have them on speed dial.

      • notU

        i dont think he would risk gettting chought by duchesss

  26. cheetahwolf

    did i do something wrong. my first text is gone.
    (fox, looklooklook!!! —– missed it) so what can i put there if that the problem.

    • Dissension

      There is a link in the comment rules to send an e-mail to the moderators. That is the preferred method for asking such questions.

  27. icexcap

    keep runnin’ d00d!

  28. Valerio

    Only Sasha can help King now!

    • cheetahwolf

      or tarot. (IN DRAGON FORM)

      • rallyjr

        Is there a running gag about Fox yet?

        • rallyjr

          well this isn’t at all where i wanted it to go…. oh and btw isn’t the Tarot and the Spirit Dragon separate entaties?

          • maskedman189

            they are different, yet they are the same. confusing aint it?

      • SilentWolfXIII

        I think that’s about the only thing that can stop Duchess now

  29. volkoseba

    11 strips in and I still have no idea where this arc is going…

    …watch it go back in time to when Max gets his ear bitten in half.

    • cheetahwolf

      we r not with the housepet babies anymore

  30. Jackalope

    i wonder how long king can keep that up… actually, how long can duchess? KEEP RUNNING KING!!!!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Maybe we’ll go into a new arc on Monday, with occasional shots of King and Duchess in the background as a (sunglasses) running gag.

      • JeffCvt

        Now that would be good.

  31. SilentWolfXIII

    It is at this point I would throw myself through a window and beg for help. At least if the cops got called they could save me from the psycho chick with the pink whip of DOOM!

    • volkoseba

      LOVE, not doom…

      • notU

        they mean for king

      • SilentWolfXIII

        Love, doom, in this situation I think they’re interchangeable.

    • Keldor

      She may be playing innocent now, but I swear she’s a psycho-charming young lady!

    • Frank

      That’s psycho chick with a huge amount of money. Something tells me it wouldn’t be hard for her to convince the cops that King has accepted the pursuit

  32. volkoseba

    Nice to see Dutchess enjoying herself, anyway…

    • P0lo

      She seems to be taking her loss pretty well…

      • volkoseba

        Suddenly it sounds as if someone died…

      • Xane

        I think at this point she’s completely gone off the deep end. :eek:

        • Draven

          Funny, considering how shallow she is.

          • volkoseba

            I see what you did there.

  33. RegularBird

    Dang it Rick, your text ruined it >:U

  34. Zaitsev

    I wondered how a dog would wear headphones. King seems have gotten some lead on Duchess if there was at least a full panel’s length between them.

  35. Keldor

    Hehe, gotta love the way Fox shrugs in the last panel.

  36. gameangel147

    So close! Why couldn’t you look faster Fox!

    Also the title reminds me of “Get Low” by Lil Jon + Eastside Boyz. “To The Wall” should be the next comics title.

  37. Firewolf

    No, NO no no no DX word of this can’t get to Bailey, oh please don’t do this to us!

  38. Discostew

    Three words concerning the current King/Duchess situation – Benny Hill theme.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Yackety Sax, by James Q. “Spider” Rich.

      • Smallfoot

        I like to think that’s what Fox is listening to on his headphones.

  39. Manga Sam

    i laughed so hard i droped to the floor rolf loling

  40. Otsoko

    Am I the only one picturing this as the generic cartoon “hallway of doors” chase scene played to “Yakitti Sax”?

  41. TalonStripe


  42. Tailz

    Its good to know he’s going for some help from Fox, now if he only knew King needed it.

    • maskedman189

      king should have jumped right in

  43. Lionbone

    Not the first time we see Fox with a book… since it wasn’t said he is a Pridelands fan, i wonder which genre he likes to read…

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Science Fiction, I thought. Didn’t he loan a bunch of SF classics to Peanut?

    • Xane

      Oh he is such a liar about that anyway. I’m sure he’s read all the books, but tells everyone he’s only read the parts about the wild dogs. :D

  44. CrimsonFox

    I love the subtlety of this comic, it’s awesome x3

  45. Kodachrome

    oh my gosh the funny, it hurts! best strip ever :D

  46. Manga Sam

    and this why i dont want a girlfriend lol

  47. Javier

    Yay! Cute small king! I’m thinking of Puppy Linux XDDD

  48. WingedwolfGirl

    Duchess is a dog on a mission.

    • AthiosDvK

      And oh what a creepy mission it is!

  49. Unnesessary

    You know, I don’t get why people say Grape is going to help him. Don’t you all remember when he met her during the party when he was flirting with tarot, she may be more likely to make some popcorn and watch if he runs by her house.

    Even if that doesn’t happen I would expect him to try harder to get to fox or run into Sasha to get help. Worst case scenario, tarot psychic abilities warn her that king is in trouble but the top 2 seem more likely.

    • Frank

      She wouldn’t get to popping it before King disappears over the horizon!

    • cheetahwolf

      it would be funny to see Grape helping King
      Fox is a no go. Sasha would say (aww, that so cute) or something and not care
      Tarot is the best hope

  50. Azal

    I don’t know why, but the visual gag here made me laugh harder than I have in a long time.

  51. tdkepsel2

    dispite everything that has hapend so far this is what I think should happen next. I think either king should give up or get caught at the start (either way getting his legs cuffed so he can’t run anymore), have duchess calm down and reasure king to try to get him to enjoy it and then in the last panal it’s morning (like around 10 I’ll say) and king has just gotten back, someone sees him enter and the only thing said is by king “don’t…ask”.

    • cheetahwolf

      how about King say ok to duchess then they go back to his place. when hes there he uses the the handcuffs to tie her to the bed then he run away.
      (the whip is up to him to use) ;)

  52. Frank

    One of them is bound to tire… eventually

    • Ryufire

      King needs to hold on till then!

    • efhosci

      Duchess is a Saluki…she’s not going to tire anytime soon. Sorry, King. :(

  53. Justacritic

    What if Bino sees this and gets furious over the fact that now King has the lady dogs all over him and then he interrupts with a tirade of his own distracting Duchess enough for King to slink away?

    • JasperNeils

      That would actually make sense…

  54. Kitch

    Duchess is streaking!!!

  55. Frost

    Quick pull out your cell phone king, call Bailey & when she pick’s up jump into her panel for protection …but then again with king’s luck Bailey might have a love whip to lol

    • Kitch

      He wouldn’t mind HER love whip. ;3

  56. Dan

    Classic, that’s all I got to say, classic.

  57. A random person

    Bad timing at its finest

  58. Fox

    Hah. If one of my friends was being chased by my window, that would probably be exactly what I would do/be doing at the time, too. And to top it off, his name is Fox, too. Oh, the irony.

  59. RennisPuniceusTora

    An odd yet unlikely thought popped in my head, Duchess + Fox? o3o and poor King

  60. Grip the Wolf

    Fox, get this girl off me!

  61. Faithful Nymph

    First comic without comments! Oh wait now you all ruined it.

  62. Camtheman16

    Notice the slight shaking and slight decrease in smile, as duchess is in the window? Fox must feel something deep down in his instincts thats somethings wrong ;)

  63. Zaitsev

    Fox seems scrawnier in this strip.

  64. WolfBrother

    dang, i wish i would have checked this comic sooner. i would love fox’s face as an avatar =/ o well, awesome comic even without txt!

  65. pokemonhistory


    • Wut

      Thank you for adding the part for bronies. I’m sure Rainbowdash would be proud.

  66. GentleCorgy's#7COMBO

    To bad King isn’t Dovahkin, cause he could use whirlwind sprint to out dash her, or just use Unrelenting Force for that matter. :)

  67. the fry pwnr

    ha King is all like “WAZZZZZZZZZZZZZUPPPPP!”

  68. Jemini1021

    I have to say im eager to see the next strip i just spent all day and well in to the night reading each and every strip on here from begining to end. (would have taken less time if i wasent getting interupted) found something new im adicted too. makes me want to start drawing again! and i think that it will be Tarot hat saves him….or the dragon >o.o<

  69. Keo

    LOL So glad I’m not the only one who automatically thought “TO THE WALLS”

  70. gamer35

    not even Fox can help you now King! just keep running!

  71. reaperofuria

    *says like shorty from “scary movie”* RUN KING.. RUUUUUUUUUUNNNNN

  72. zeundo

    she hates him but looks like shes having so much
    fun chasing him :I

    • notU

      i cant imagine the thing shell do to him ;3

  73. Corgiwolf

    Oh man, I had such a backlog because I’ve been so busy. Just caught up with this whole arc! Personally, as a corgiwolf, if it were me I wouldn’t be running from the love whip… >:)

  74. notU

    are you sure look who’s holding it