Emphasis On The H
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  1. Zukio

    The love whip sounds fun.

    • Barker

      I… really hope the love whip isn’t a literal whip. I liked her right up until… oh…. Oh…. She’s serious.

      • Tynach

        She probably is serious.

        On another note, nice Family Guy reference (title of the comic). Stewie pronounces Cool Whip with the emphasis on the ‘H’.

        • Dissension

          That is the correct General American pronunciation.

          • Yehoshua

            I suddenly dislike the correct general American pronunciation.

          • Draco

            It is not normal for Americans to put emphasis on the H in words like coll whip. I say it like this: Cool Wip, and I live in Florida.

          • Tynach

            I’ve heard many Americans say ‘Whip’, and all of them say it as ‘Wip’. Not only that, but I’m an American myself – I live in Arizona.

            The only time it was ever pronounced with emphasis on the ‘H’ was in family guy, as a joke. That is NOT the general pronounciation – sorry.

          • facade11663

            nobody i know in Minnesota dose that eather

          • Dissension

            My dialect textbooks indicate otherwise – my degree is in broadcast journalism and my ‘accent’ is General American. The common and correct pronunciations are not always the same thing.

          • Vladimir Zharkov

            We Canadians also pronounce it without the emphasis on the “H”.

          • txteclipse

            In the same sense that the correct pronunciation of “while” emphasizes the “h”. Communicative English uses a lot of shortcuts, simply because it’s more efficient. This is not necessarily “correct”, though that correctness is based more on a construct of institutionalized education rather than the language as it is spoken. Which isn’t to say that the education system is wrong: we want to communicate efficiently, but we also want to have some standard to base that communication on, so we need both.

            …I’ll stop now.

          • DRAGO

            Wisconsin here, Georgia before that, and neither of those places ever pronounced it “hwip”. I’m with everyone else who says they’ve only ever heard that pronunciation from Family Guy.

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            I’ve never even heard it on Family Guy, as, well…
            I don’t watch it. :P

            But yeah, I, a proud Ontarian, have never heard any word such as “Whip” pronounced with emphasis on the “h”.

          • Draven

            Well if it is in a dialect textbook I guess it falls in the same category as grammar; existent but not always used.

          • The Bronze Gryphon

            Professional author and college-educated aspiring journalist, here. In my living all over the United States (Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, New Hampshire, Florida, Idaho again), I haven’t ever heard anyone pronounce “Whip” as “Huwip” so much as “Wip” as if it had no H in it at all. Also, according to Associated Press style, the H is supposed to be silent in pronunciation but always in there because that’s how the word is spelled. Silly English. At least it isn’t as bad as French and its silent X.

          • Lanny

            Every one, please. He’s actually right. Placing the emphasis on the H over the W where the word contains the letters next to each other is in fact the correct general pronunciation, thing is, General English is a minority accent despite being prevalent in places such as movies and television. So you wont here it to many places.

          • Xuncu

            California here; no H.

            Also, I’m an in-training ESL Teacher:
            the way we teach english (ie: General English), like “what do you do”, and conversational english, “whadaya do,” are extremely different. ie, even if it’s “correct”, nobody talks that way— at least not for the past century or so. Another example: “the others and I.” vs “me and the others”

      • notU

        the only place it will hurt is your heart

    • King Sandwhich

      This doesn’t seem good.

      • reaperofuria

        i can see right now that this is somehow going to end very badly

      • Texascat

        I think she likes king, but expressing herlove in anger.

    • The_Peanut

      You dog you

  2. Xane

    You said I’d be paid handsomely and you were right, I am handsome! Oh, you mean you wanted to win

  3. Dissension

    Duchess is clearly used to persuasion.

    • senorpie7

      Or trained in the arts of persuasion….ouch

    • King Sandwhich

      I’m not sure whipping someone until they love you would work. That’s probably what not what it means though it’s just the first thing that lept to my mind.

      • roguebfl

        As the T-shirt says “The whippings shall continue until morale improves’

        for the right kinds of person it does work ;)

      • The Bronze Gryphon

        Stockholm Syndrome, maybe?

    • Valerio

      the hard way!

  4. rallyjr

    that doesn’t sound too good

  5. Kalasnokov

    love whip? oh noes!

  6. IceKitsune

    Love Whip? what in the world?

  7. Barker

    Okay, she’s graduated from edgy enough to be interesting to scary. Scary scary.

    • reaperofuria

      got to admit thuogh not as scary as grape when SHE gets mad

      • Tynach

        Very, VERY true. Of course, when she gets mad, your only hope is if there are no brooms lying around.

        Off Topic Note: Whenever I hit ‘tab’ to go to ‘Submit Comment’, it puts me at the TOP of this page. Rick, you really should fix that, so that ‘Tab’ goes to the submit button! It’s driving me nuts!

        • Rick Griffin

          How in the world would I even do that!

          • txteclipse

            Push buttons!

          • Grip the Wolf

            I do know of a way to easily fix the problem, but you would need to be able to manually modify the HTML file through a text editor (such as Notepad or TextEdit).

        • RockstarRaccoon

          That’s the content manager that lays out the HTML. He probably has no idea how PHP and HTML works, let alone that complex of a system.

          Doesn’t do that for me though. I don’t really worry about using Tab for things like that…

          • Grip the Wolf

            Actually, all he would need to do is add tabindex=”5″ to the tag for the comment submit button, but I don’t think he has that level of control over the HTML code…

  8. rallyjr

    Alt Text: “why am i suddenly craving rawhide”

    • Tyris

      Move ‘em out, head ‘em up, etc…

  9. cheetahwolf

    i dont think anybody want to be with her.

    • rallyjr

      well she going to spend a whole year working on that… with one person

    • Barker

      I liked her up until the “love whip” comment….. I guess I have lines.

  10. 1boredcanadian

    She is mad that King is not into her I WAS RIIIIIGHT!!!…I think…

    • Barker

      Inb4 she has a sensitive side that makes King feel bad for blowing up at her aggressiveness in a future arc.

    • Xane

      We were both right. She’s more upset that her manipulation without thinking about showing and King’s focus on another girl was what cost her the prize. But I think there’s a hint of jealousy in there too, but more out of vanity/inability to believe that not everyone thinks she’s royalty.

      Royally spoiled, I’d say. Poor Boris… though he deserves it for abusing King in the past (I’m still surprised King didn’t take off running the second Boris appeared behind him).

      • Barker

        Speaking of Boris, he doesn’t seem too thrilled with where this is going, either. He also seems to have had said problem before “love whip”. It’s actually a little disconcerting seeing him with that look given how nonchalant he’s been with everything up until this point.

        • Camtheman16

          I agree…We don’t see Boris scared often (Actually isn’t this the first time) and I’m sure a man of his constitution isn’t easy to scare.

          • Xane

            He’s not in public or around other dogs like Bino right now, maybe he’s really just a nice puppy on the inside that puts up a tough image, like Rex. But I doubt it, I think he really is just a big mean dog (most of the time, anyway). He has even more reason to be scared since he was probably the one who suggested King in the first place!

          • Barker

            Really hope you’re right, Xane. Not for his sake, but for Duchess’. I really want her to have something akin to depth, but any development with King would do weird Bailey love triangle things and Duchess already has enough hate.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            boris x duchess

          • Barker

            Anything but Duchess -> King x Bailey. Cliche for one and would hurt the popularity of Duchess for two. Bino has fans, why can’t this ‘very nice lady’?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Now I’m reminded of Krunk in The Emperor’s New Groove.

          • darkgloomie

            let’s hope she doesn’t diss his spinach puffs then, huh?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I’m hoping for a “why do we even HAVE that lever?” scene.

        • mr.muchy

          i think boris likes her

          • ThatGuyWithABurrito


    • silverfang16

      I believe so, but only time can answer this.

  11. PrivateElliot

    Love whip.

    • Xane

      Love Hwips are on aisle six, where Hwil Hweaton is restocking, next to the Cool Hwip.

      • RootsofOrigin

        Curse you

      • 1boredcanadian

        How much fun are running gags you may ask? Alot, when done correctly such as this example.

        • Xane

          May as well relax, we’ll be here for a hwile.

          • Yehoshua

            I hate you.

          • Onemanarmy11

            You, sir, made my day.

          • maskedman189

            i love you good sir

          • Grip the Wolf

            I think you mean “Hwell”…

          • Dissension

            Improbable, as there’s no ‘h’ in that word.

      • Barker

        Wait, there isn’t even an H in that one.

    • dibs

      maybe the love whip is a topping for the rawhide

  12. notU

    i wonder if the love whip hurt?

    • notU

      it does when she uses it (>_> my @$$ still hurts)

      • maskedman189

        nice man

        • notU

          yay a person how apreciates my humor

  13. notU

    pink pillow ^_^

    • RootsofOrigin

      So it is confirmed. She loves pink.

      • notU

        indeed but seriously who

      • RootsofOrigin

        The incredibly vain, love whip wielder of pain, Duchess

      • notU

        thks but does it hurt

      • RootsofOrigin

        Look at Boris. You tell me.

      • notU

        only your heart i hope

  14. RootsofOrigin

    “Next year starts now”
    “Love whip”
    “Suddenly craving rawhide”

    All of this sounds both confusing and ominous of events to come.
    Beware the snarky dog with flair.

    • notU

      pink pillow ?

      • RootsofOrigin

        Yes. Pink pillow.

        • notU

          splendid ill tell my self

          • maskedman189

            not purple?

          • notU

            hay now hes stalking me splendid

    • Barker

      I think the rawhide alt text is in reference to a song to be combined with the whip.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Also she’s a dog.

        • Elwood Blutarsky

          No dog can resist rawhide.

        • darkgloomie

          maybe she just wants to sink her fangs into something.

          And rawhide gives resistance while offering the minimal trouble?

  15. efhosci

    Wow, Duchess can be dang scary when she wants to be. Even Boris looks frightened!

  16. cheetahwolf

    RUN BORIS RUN!!! to late. now it time for the love whip.

  17. RootsofOrigin

    Argh. The title. I’ve heard that far too many times.

    • rallyjr

      “Say whip”
      “Now say cool whip”
      “cool wHip”

      • Xane

        You’re acting hweird!

        • rallyjr

          wHat do you mean?

        • SilentWolfXIII

          Oh, come on, that didn’t even have an H in it!!!

        • Valerio

          don’t be weird girl!

        • Zaitsev

          wHere do you get off?
          I love Hot Rod.

      • RootsofOrigin

        I hate you

        • rallyjr

          and i can live with that

          • RootsofOrigin

            But I doubt I’ll last long in this thread.

      • Hera_Ledro

        Stir, whip, whip, whip,
        Stir, whip, whip, whip.

        10 e-cookies to the first person to get that reference ;D

        • 1boredcanadian

          I’m going out on a limb and saying the Star Wars Holiday Special thing?

  18. Legendario13

    The situation just got serious!
    If the love whip is as powerful as the dooms broom
    this will be epic.

    • RootsofOrigin

      Princess Periwinkle vs. the Pink Duchess

      • notU

        fight of the centery

      • Camtheman16

        This is the ultimate showdown, of Ultimate Destiny

        • notU

          it will end all life as we know it

        • WingedwolfGirl

          An Apocalypse Of Purple & Pink.

          • maskedman189

            purple and black all the way

    • RootsofOrigin

      Also, you want a weapon to have a name that not only rhymes cheesily, but is as long as possible. So:
      “The Broom of Doom!”

      • notU

        who are you refering to?

      • Legendario13

        That was my original idea, but my sister told me to change it.
        If everybody is agree ‘The Broom of Doom’ will be the name.

  19. Camtheman16

    I’m starting to believe this arc will be surprise development arc for Duchess. Perhaps she’ll discover the universe doesn’t revolve around her, and maybe be a better person. Before its said and done though, I think Kings definitely in for some more hurt…

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Or maybe she’s headed for a Face Heel Turn.

  20. cheetahwolf

    like in family guy (my family part)
    Stewie: Hey, pass over some of that Cool wHip Brian: What? Stewie: Well, you put Cool wHip on pie. Brian: It’s Cool Whip Stewie: That’s what I said, Cool wHip Brian: Cool Whip
    Stewie: Cool wHip Brian: Cool Whip Stewie: Cool wHip Brian: Why are you putting so much emphasis on the H? Stewie: What are you talking about? I’m just saying Cool wHip Brian: Say whip Stewie: Whip Brian: Now say Cool Whip Stewie: Cool wHip Brian: Cool Whip!
    Stewie: Cool wHip Brian: Cool Whip! Stewie: Cool wHip

    • Tynach

      Hah, you beat me to it!

      I’m surprised more people haven’t caught onto this joke.

      • rallyjr

        scroll up

        • Tynach

          I hadn’t seen your post – Sorry about that!

          I had done a page search for ‘Family Guy’. Should have done it for ‘wHip’ or the like, and put on case sensitive search.

          • Onemanarmy11

            Try “cool Hwip

    • Onemanarmy11

      You forgot one thing..

      Brian: You’re eating hair!
      Stewie: PFFFFT -spits out pie-

      • cheetahwolf

        i didnt forget. i was just saving it until i gave you the pie.
        Onemanarmy11: can i have a Hcerry on top
        cheetahwolf: you mean a cherry
        Onemanarmy11: that what i said
        cheetahwolf: cherry
        Onemanarmy11: Hcerry
        cheetahwolf: Why are you putting so much emphasis on the H?
        Onemanarmy11: What are you talking about?
        cheetahwolf: Say chair
        Onemanarmy11: chair
        cheetahwolf: Now say cherry
        Onemanarmy11: Hcerry
        cheetahwolf: Cherry!
        Onemanarmy11: cHerry
        cheetahwolf/Onemanarmy11: STEWIE!!!
        Stewie: HA!! you’re eating hair
        cheetahwolf/Onemanarmy11: PFFFFT -spits out pie

        • cheetahwolf

          sorry that last (Onemanarmy11: cHerry) was by stewie not Onemanarmy11

        • Dissension

          How would you even pronounce that? x3

          • Onemanarmy11

            Like cerry (Carry) with a kind of sigh at the beginning? xD

  21. King Sandwhich

    I feel like everything is going to work out alright as this is Housepets! but something about Dutchess in this mood strikes fear into me.

    • Hera_Ledro

      Well, considering this is King involved and that it is Housepets!, I’m sure that it will work out; King’s involvement, however, almost necessitates a bittersweet/pyrrhic victory, as it were.

  22. Kohaku Nightfang

    Oh geeze I think that whip may be used on poor little King. Well I think Bailey needs to come and kick some Duchess behind

    • notU

      i would love to see them fight

      • maskedman189

        pitch fork of revengatude anyone?

        • notU

          no this is war we need swords

  23. leaffly

    Sadly… You can not buy love. Lesson learned.

  24. FoxBlood35000

    I like what Rick did with his strip title. Emphasis on the H.

  25. Valerio

    anypet who can get Boris scared scares ME.
    King is SO in for it now!

    • notU

      yay the love whip

    • GameCobra

      I suspect a surprise visit from Bailey or Fox. mostly Bailey =P
      I bet they developed “Corgi in trouble” senses at this point.

      • Xane

        Gotta be Bailey, wouldn’t be right for Fox to fight a girl to defend King. I doubt a show dog would do well vs a farm dog, but Duchess might fight dirty! Poor King, I know he had a lot of bad karma built up when he was human but I think he’s paid it all back and then some!

        • Valerio

          agree on that.
          He’s got a girlfriend, he’s happy, he needs some REST, sheesh!
          OK and we need some more comedy. Argh!

          • mr.muchy

            i don’t think it will be bailey that steps in or fox i think boris will set duchess straight cause if you think about it he ALWAYS pays a little more attention to what she wants and is not exactly thrilled about king

        • P0lo

          Cat fight!

          Wait… :/

          • notU

            the best kind

  26. GameCobra

    The Love whip: Dragging your love home by the feet no matter what he says!

    • RootsofOrigin

      Buy one today!

      • notU

        were can i get one

        • Chaplin

          Your local dumpster.

          • notU

            noes i want a clean one

  27. RootsofOrigin

    A charming young woman? In certain forms of the word, yes.

  28. SilentWolfXIII

    And here I thought my opinion of Duchess couldn’t be altered. Kudos Rick, I didn’t see that one coming

    • Valerio

      Rick Griffin: Unexpected Twists since strip #1!

  29. falcon01

    “he’s not intrested in ME….that is UNACCEPTABLE!’….that sounds like both a rant and a challenge….Qiuck, King RUN!!!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      With any luck he’s immune to her charms, human instincts don’t fail King now!

  30. SilverZeo

    Please don’t steal jokes from Family Guy from that era… it just painful that push that instead of the classics we went till both are faded out entirely….

  31. Russiarules1

    “Emphasis On The H”
    I see whta you did thar.

    • legendario13

      really ?
      cause i dont get it -_-

  32. Lahi

    Hahaha i love the name of the strip
    love hwip

  33. Kodachrome

    “get the love whip” lol

  34. Tailz

    Ah, she seems sad hey you guys let’s all move in and give Duchess a group hug.

    • notU

      she’ll probly try to beat us up

    • Dontlookmenaked

      Already tried *failed*

    • maskedman189

      she said im just a pawn when compared to her king.

  35. Argent Stonecutter

    “Properly applied, the subject’s glassy smile becomes a thing of terrible beauty…”
    “Boss, you’re monologuing again.”

    • Valerio

      …which reminds about the PETA fat guy’s van monologues.
      Was he REALLY worried about humans treat pets? He should meed Duchess…

  36. Argent Stonecutter

    Also, she looks so like Bino in the last panel.

    Which reminds me that Boris and Yeltsin hench for Bino too… What us the relationship between them? The Good Old Dog’s club rents out minions or they just naturally hall into the role?

    • Xane

      I kind of figure Duchess is the “pet dog” and Boris is the “guard dog”. I’m surprised we haven’t seen Yeltsin, but maybe they’re like Fido’s family, theme named brothers but not the same owners.

  37. Filias

    there is a chance taht she like king? Love and Hate are really similar : any time you find yourself thinking of the person for whom you feel , desires to be alone with person ​​in order to get your hands around his neck.

    • maskedman189

      epecially if hes cute

  38. Zaitsev

    I think people are jumping to too many conclusions, it doesn’t have to be an actual whip. It could be some whipping cream for uses other than it’s intended purpose.
    I’m not going into further detail.

  39. tahrey

    Love w’hip, baby love w’hip
    Love w’hip, something something-ip!

  40. Lionbone

    The “love wHip” is just her way of showing that she wants to be loved :)

    • Valerio

      AND that the world needs to suffer

    • notU

      it would hurt if she used it

  41. Draven

    When the love whip cracks it sounds like a kiss.

    • Argent Stonecutter


    • Argent Stonecutter

      That sounds like a line from a country and western song. Is it referring to something like that, or did you make it up?

      • Draven

        I think I made it up, but it wouldn’t be the first time I said something smart that was already taken.

  42. Tailz

    I think the love whip is just like cupid’s arrows, get hit with it and fall in love with the first person you see,it’s just a lot more painful.

  43. SamBlob

    Y’know, Duchess is probably the first female dog in this series really to *deserve* the B-word used on her.

  44. WingedwolfGirl

    Next year starts now? Geez, she prepares for this one event year-round, no wonder she’s so upset about losing.

  45. Blucan

    I was reading this all happy that Dutchess admitted that King was slowly (and unknowingly) trolling her. then i hit panel 4 and the MGS alert sound was the first thing i could think of. !

  46. Frank

    Boris speaks!

    • Frank

      Avatar fail

      • rallyjr

        it was bound to happen, you so many

      • volkoseba

        Well that’s alright, I forgot that there was even a comic yesterday.

      • Legendario13

        Hahahahahaha I dont see the mistake, even like that
        I cant help it but laugh.

    • lenn

      He speaks so seldom, every time is like the first time.

      • lenn

        ….ly. SeldomLY.

        Sorry. Typo.

  47. Grip the Wolf

    I really hope that “love whip” doesn’t mean what I think it means….

    • nyathetexascat

      everyone does.. or do they?

  48. KnightPuppy

    Here’s some advice, duchess. If you try and hurt king, you’ll regret it. I won’t do anything to you, but some other dog might. Just some advice, is all.

  49. Tom Flapwell

    His name is King, not Kink.

  50. Z24

    So now, she loves him?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      King does have the potential to be a real ‘ladykiller’ according to Fox… or in this case a real chance to get killed by a lady.

  51. Elwood Blutarsky

    *plays Raiders’ March*… Wait what do you mean it’s not that kind of whip?

  52. pokemonhistory


  53. spiritkitsune

    She has such a dark soul.

    • maskedman189

      yes maam, she does, or possibly misguided

  54. nyathetexascat

    Now who is lover girl?

  55. rakaydos

    Looks to me like Boris is reacting to Dutchess’s comment in the last panel. “He’s not interested in ME!” (boris pops out) “er…” (points to self)

    • maskedman189

      your right, boris might love her.

      • Valerio

        Aw, that would be SO sweet.
        Mayhem and evil genius. The perfect pairing!

  56. Draven

    And if the love whip fails, there is always the wooden spoon of affection.

  57. wolfoxx

    I’d rather go with that Boris. Goodness me he is cute!

    • rakaydos

      Boris and Duchess. It must happen… after suitable shenanigans.

  58. FancyTomato

    im not sure i want to know wat the love whip is….

  59. spencershot5

    LOVE WHIP SONDS AWSOME…wait…next year starts now what does that mean? i love the big dogs face in the last pannel

  60. gaboris

    Huh… this story is going to get an awkward twist or what? :D

  61. spencershot5

    LOVE WHIP SONDS AWSOME…wait…next year starts now what does that mean? i love the big dogs face in the last pannel. ER? wha? 0-o

  62. SacrificerPS3

    Hmm, I wonder. Is this character going to stick around for a few more arcs?

  63. spencershot5

    GET THE LOVE WHIP… you mean the love wip? THATS RIGHT THE LOVE WHIP! say love wip. love whip. no wip. whip…I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Grip the Wolf

      You can’t begin a romantic relationship without the love Hwip!

      • Tailz

        Without the love wHip, this world would be nothing I tell you, (stares you in the face and whispers) NOTHING.

  64. spencershot5

    love this comic

  65. Cristian100n

    Run King! RUUUUUN!!!!!!!

  66. Wut


    • Wut

      It probably would have looked better if it said OH NO! NOT THE LOVE WHIP!

  67. Adoff

    in Colorado i heard people say “Wip” except of “Whip”
    i say “Wip” too

  68. Sansash

    Hoowip :)

    • gagi

      I read that in stuies voice :) and it made me lol :)

  69. Valerio

    at this point, I must believe it’s the name of a perfume!

  70. Haru Totets

    I found a character I’d be happy for you to kill of Rick. You really are trying to satisfy everyone’s needs ^-^

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Nobody dies in Housepets!… except communists mice who cross Grape.

  71. P0lo

    Duchess and King sitting in a tree, W-H-I-P-P-I-N-G


  72. Tattorack

    Love…whip?… O.o
    I don’t quite like the sound of it…

  73. Hethrin

    Why do I suddenly have the urge to write a parody of Love shack?

  74. Pogiforce

    you can’t have pie without cool wuhip.

    OMG love triangle, in a most bizaare, unexpected way.

  75. Sansash

    I can see Boris’s belly button :P

  76. Legendario13

    Yay! More details on every strip!

  77. Trey

    I have a feeling King is doom. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  78. Fuzzypaws

    King is doomed. :3

    • Fuzzypaws

      Very, very doomed.

      • VinceVelcen

        And he’ll look like your Avatar when that time comes. Hehe

        • notU

          that would be some thing to see

        • volkoseba

          He DID look like that avatar…. O_O

      • SilentWolfXIII


  79. illeatyourself

    I wonder what the love whip is. Hopefully not the perverted type of thing (cop lady with a whip). On another note, lovin’ the avatar, facade11663!

  80. Pogiforce

    I wonder if this is going to be like those shows where party A lies and swindles to get in with party B, but once they’re in with Party B, they realize they actually like it there and have a change of heart. but then the deceit of party A is revealed to party B, and party B is angry and party A is remorseful, and they patch it up in the end.

    Either way, sounds like it will be one doozy of a party!

  81. Firewolf