Crowning Achievement
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  1. Ryufire

    King’s presence will triumph all obstacles! He must! xD

    • King Sandwhich

      He’s gotten himself through things worse than this

      • Camtheman16

        Another trophy, for another day (Most likely not for Duchess to win though…)

    • Camtheman16

      Alt Text: “always goes the the chairman’s dog anyway”

  2. Xane

    Love is blind… and often completely oblivious!

  3. King Sandwhich

    King is quite a good actor!

    • Xane

      Panel 2 is cute, Panel 1 is just… creepy. :eek:

      • AuvaAkita

        He’s looking into your soul!

      • McFly

        You can say that again. :|

      • silverfang16

        Anyone looking so happy is just sickeningly unnatural, the fact it’s King just makes it even worse.-_-

        • WolfBrother

          yah. that whole look just screams “this is for the camera”. the second panel is a little better but still seems fake

          • silverfang16

            I swear it’s the eyes in the 1st panel.

          • omenaapple

            I think it’s they eyebrows ;o Who knows, though.

      • Draven

        He looks as if quite bright is being shined in his eyes. Perhapse the judges took their picture?

        • Draven

          Or just bright stage lights.

    • Camtheman16

      The way she holds him xD They do make an oddly good couple…Maybe King should be a movie star? o.O

      • 1boredcanadian

        I was waiting for her to drink a glass of water while he talked.

        • Camtheman16

          I think it’s cute that’s she holding him…Though its cuteness is negated by the fact that its all just a ploy to look more cute and fool the judges…

        • River_Dragon

          Hey, maybe someone should send that panel to Jeff Dunham. King WOULD make a cute puppet–and Peanut could use some competition…lol

      • GrapeFan

        I don’t know about that-I think King probably protested in between this strip and the last one, “Oh, no Duchess, I am not going to sit on your lap!! Do you realize how demeaning that is?” and then Duchess brings up King’s monetary compensation, hence the compliance. At least it didn’t last long.

    • coyoteBR

      He did improve his acting ways since he tried to talk his way out of police arrest

  4. cheetahwolf

    awwwwwww sooo cute than she goes mean.

    • rtlstien

      yeah, they would make a cute couple if it weren’t for him having a girlfriend and she wasn’t a jerk

      • Crackles

        relationships doesn’t always last forever.

        • Draven

          But they usually last past 5 minutes

        • AthiosDvK

          Technically, this isn’t King’s relationship. He was forced into it. His relationship with Bailey is going very well, though.

          • Yehoshua

            I am pretty sure the handsome pay would differ.

    • senorpie7

      And then she goes and flirts with Karo, who looks kinda like a self absorbed jerk. I really hope rick shows us some fighting!

      • Valerio

        wanna bet that Karo is in fact scared of Duchess and can’t wait for an excuse to dodge this bullet?

        • WolfBrother

          id. put money on that bet =)

  5. RootsofOrigin

    If you’re a crazed shipper, now would be the time for an avatar.

  6. senorpie7

    That… that was actually scary, the first two panels! At least king got some money out of it :b

    • Xane

      I wonder if he gets to keep it if they don’t win.

  7. DaveedW

    King looks a little odd with those big smiles but it seems cute though.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Smiling King is a little unnatural.

      • Valerio

        Panel 1 is…scary
        panel 2 is SUPPADAWWW!!!

      • DaveedW

        Big eyes + big forced smile or big mouth can be nightmare fuel. But if King grabbed an axe while doing that smile could be considered as scary.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          By which you mean awesome!

          • DaveedW

            On second thought, awesome would describe better the situation. I aprove!

        • Frank

          “Can’t sleep, clown will eat me”?

  8. xhunterko

    Good thing no judges were around to see that brush off.

    • mr.muchy

      i’m waiting to see her plan backfire

      • WolfBrother

        me too, she seems a little overconfident in her plans for it to work out perfectly

        • xhunterko

          The question is, will King still get to keep his money or not afterwards? And what kind of “pay” will he get?

          • Score

            The handsome kind.

  9. 1boredcanadian

    Now for our special guest judge, he’s not the stig but he is the stig’s dog whispering cousin.

    • GrapeFan

      The tame racing car driver has a dog? Sweet!

  10. volkoseba

    Nobody looks that happy, even if they’re acting.

    • senorpie7

      Yeah seriously! Look at king’s eyes in the first panel! Now you have nightmares!

      • volkoseba

        That was actually what I was initially going to say…

    • Xane

      But it does happen if you’re overacting! He’s adorable in the second panel though.

      • Valerio

        yup. Must be thinking of Bailey…

        • mr.muchy

          probably thinking of bailey and how much better this would be if she was there

    • silverfang16

      His eyes creep me out in the first panel. That’s the smile of something like a psychotic serial killer. O_O’

  11. FunkyChicken

    Oh my crap, that was way to much cute. WAAAAAAAY to much.

  12. IceKitsune

    They do look cute together in the first two panels. She can act pretty well.

  13. AuvaAkita

    I think King would be a great actor considering how much of a drama queen Duchess is.

  14. Camtheman16

    If she goes and tries to turn Karo on Collie, does that mean she thinks she can’t win? Or just that Collie’s just good competition.

    • Xane

      Every little bit helps…

      • Camtheman16

        I don’t see her harassing every other newcomer :b

        • Nohbody

          We don’t see it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not happening.

          That said, I get the impression that there’s a special enmity between the two from the past, and that’s why Duchess is making special efforts to sabotage Colleen.

          • Xane

            Also, she might think Colleen is the only real competition she has.

        • Frank

          Naw, she just hates colleen

    • King Sandwhich

      He looks like a Disney character.

      • Camtheman16

        I personally love the first 2 panels…They dont seem creepy at all O.o

    • Crackles

      It’s not like she thinks she can’t win, but more like she sees her as a threat.

  15. GameCobra

    So cute, and yet so staged.

    • Tailz

      We already knew she was using him but that little quote droppen the bomb. :(

      • ThatGuyWithABurrito

        Im pretty sure king new too before this point even

  16. SilentWolfXIII

    And they say romance is dead

  17. leaffly

    Well… At lest he still got paid.

  18. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)


    • King Sandwhich

      Did you fall out of your chair?

      • 1boredcanadian

        No, he got dropped by somebody.

        • 1boredcanadian

          Perhaps his internet provider.

          • Keldor

            Nah, that would be a *WUMP*, not a mere *wump*.

          • Gary (from Radio free Housepets)

            *Face palm* “Wump” because that’s what happens to King in third panel. Which is what I like about that panel. >.>

  19. Zaitsev

    That first panel seems like the kind of picture you’d see in a family of serial killer’s house.

    • King Sandwhich

      Oddly smiling faces. Then you hear children laughing when there shouldn’t be. Then it’s time to run….

    • Valerio

      yup. It has a…scary quality

    • silverfang16


  20. King Sandwhich

    I just realized this is the first time Housepets! has been on leap day!!!!! It will be another 5 years before it can be on a leap day again.

    • River_Dragon

      Five years?

      • King Sandwhich

        I apologize, 4 years. It still is it’s first leap day though. As long as it keeps going it will 4 years until Housepets! is on it’s second leap year.

        • Keldor

          That’s assuming that the next leap year falls on an update day, which is only 4 in 7.

    • Camtheman16

      Unless it falls on a Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday :P

      • King Sandwhich

        That’s why I said can. Not sure it will happen. It will be it’s second leap year though!

      • River_Dragon

        It will. February 29, 2016 is a Monday.

        When in doubt, check the calendar–lol

    • King Sandwhich
      • River_Dragon

        Don’t you just love his videos? He’s great–especially when he talks about COFFEE!!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Nobody can predict a leap day! Certainly Microsoft can’t, they just had a 10 hour outage of their cloud services because of that. :)

      • Score

        Ha, it’s like the year 2k scare except it *actually happens* and does so every 4 years.

  21. cheetahwolf

    well, King should be crowned because well… HE’S KING!!!
    Oh yes!? She too, because the nuke power bodyguard said so.

    • King Sandwhich

      She does have royal name too add to her chances too.

      • Zaitsev

        Do duchesses get crowns?

        • King Sandwhich

          They can not always.

        • silverfang16

          Well, they get land. : /

        • Wut

          I have a feeling that this one isn’t and is going to have a HUGE tantrum.

  22. Kalasnokov

    hmm it feels like this is going well this far, too well… something is wrong, i can feel it.

  23. Stevie Maxwell

    Was the strip title intentionally misspelled?

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      What, you mean “Acheivement” instead of “Achievement”?

      I doubt it, but it’s such a minor mistake…
      ah, who am I kidding? Also, the commenting rules don’t bar being a spelling nazi~!

  24. Camtheman16

    Snugglepup *Snrk*

  25. Valerio

    That’s a lady who knows WHO she wants ;)

  26. GameCobra

    King almost looks like a puppet on Duchess’s lap!

    • Valerio

      In her intentions, he supposed to be

      • GameCobra

        I’ll bet, but i somehow started picturing Pete o.o

        • Baxtrr

          Well, of course you picture Pete. With Duchess, Colleen and Karo, he has three perfect vain spoiled souls who would willingly act as his avatar if appropriately bribed… it’s just a matter of which one to choose. Mua ha ha.

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            Please, not Duchess. We don’t know anything about Colleen or Karo (besides what they look like and how they’re just as uppity as Duchess herself), but we have seen a lot more of Duchess, and I somehow can’t imagine her becoming Pete’s avatar.

    • cheetahwolf

      well he is being used as one for the dog show

  27. Valerio

    King must have learnt to smile like that in panel 2 after his first snuggling session with Bailey.

    • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

      I second that.

  28. falcon01

    If King looked any cuter in frame 1 the universe would explode in a puff of candy and glitter

    • SilentWolfXIII

      Huh, I never quite imagined the apocalypse occurring like that. . .

    • notU

      his eyes creep me out in the first

      • GrapeFan

        It’s the fake, glazed look.

        • notU

          its still creepy

          • Wut

            That is very true.

    • Valerio

      …Just like mandy when she actually smiled.

    • Draven

      I thought chocolate rain would be involved.

  29. Barker

    Been… preoccupied and just got caught up with the comic. This Duchess….. I think I’m in love. <3

  30. notU

    haha king got owned XD

  31. Kilo Key

    In panel 1, it looks like king is plotting to murder someone.

    • Valerio

      he makes me remember of JD when he daydreams something pleasant.
      In King’s case ‘pleasant’ is a relative term

  32. Tailz

    In some way, I kinda expected her to do something like that :P

  33. gaboris

    Yeah these are the things why I don’ really like characters like her… still interested how this goes on. :)

  34. TheFoxWolf

    Wow, King is smiling! He looks adorable on the second panel and I just can’t wait to see what kind of character Karo is!

  35. Lionbone

    I was about to ask why does he still put up with her, and than i remembered that he is about to be payed ~handsomely~

    • Valerio

      he’s already been paid, and with a handsome wad of cash.
      He just better not to burn all the credit in a single call to Bailey ;)

      • Alucai Vivorvel

        I seriously doubt that, but maybe watching YouTube videos if he doesn’t have a data plan will. :P

  36. cesarinthewhitedragon

    oh my god, king was absolutely adorable. so bad its all completely fake! XD

  37. Argent Stonecutter

    Uh, Dutchess, we’re still on the stage. You need to stay in character until we get back to the green room.

  38. Tegs

    Cutest. King. Ever.

  39. WingedwolfGirl

    Not sure why everyone find’s panel one so creepy. It’s kinda like a portrait, the kind you see on a desk or hanging from the wall of a family room. It’s cute!

  40. phosphorus

    King is cuter than a puppy, so then how cute would a king puppy be?

    • IslaKariese

      Oh god don’t even joke about that GAH now I’m gonna be thinking about a puppy King all day! All. Day.

      • Xane

        Rick needs to draw this, even though he was never actually a puppy.

        Of course he’s so short right now he’d probably be about one inch high as a pup! :lol:

        • Alucai Vivorvel

          I can just imagine him drawing an entire one-panel page saying in big, bold letters: THIS IS BABY KING.
          And beneath you see the ugliest human baby you have ever seen.

  41. Elwood Blutarsky

    Green living? If only King had bothered to learn about solar power they’d have this thing clinched.

  42. IslaKariese

    Both have sickly saccharine smiles that both warm your heart and chill your soul… the latter much, MUCH more than the former.

  43. Grip the Wolf

    This is just like almost every competition I have ever participated in…

    • Valerio

      did you have to smile like a mannequin and hold your dog on your lap while blabbing nonsense?

      • Grip the Wolf

        Actually, I was referring to the part about sabotaging other contestants…

  44. tiagoling

    I believe that Duchess’ and King’s theatrical acting are Oscar’s worthy

  45. Keldor

    Duchess truely is quite the charming young lady.

    • Camtheman16

      Or the son of one :P

      • Alucai Vivorvel

        Eh… no, I don’t think so.

        • Alucai Vivorvel

          Yes, I know you were referring to what King exclaimed when his fate-watch landed on his head, but that just doesn’t work here.

          Saying the daughter of one, though…

  46. Tattorack

    I hate to see King humilliated like this!
    (As if Pete wasn’t enough!)

    • Valerio

      hey, at least this time it’s for a good cause.

  47. Justacritic

    “And the winner is Joey and Squeak!” Come on you know that combination would tug at the heart of any crusty old judge

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Squeak’s a purebred?

      • Pogiforce

        I don’t think it was every said they absolutely HAD to be purebred to run. it’s just the stuffy purebred dogs like Duchess and Colleen who emphasize it because they think it’s important. and probably the judges too.

        • Elwood Blutarsky

          They likely do have a rule contestants must be dogs though… or King.

  48. Agent Sandwich

    I’ve figured it out now! King looks like Elmer Fudd in panel 1!

    By the way, this strip should have went like this instead:

  49. Elwood Blutarsky

    Have to hand it to Duchess, she’s actually outshining King here.

  50. RennisPuniceusTora

    King will find his happiness again someday, with the help of a curtain husky girl xD

    • Pogiforce

      curtains? What do curtains have to do with it?

  51. rallyjr

    a smile looks good on you King

  52. Z24

    First panel: Looks like all of the sudden, Duchess is going to make King talk while drinking water…

  53. Dan the Buizel

    -_- how is it that i kinda expected that to happen….

  54. Quicksilver

    Wow… I think, I have character, which I hate from the bottom of my heart and wish that she will experience the same on her own. This is just plain mean.

  55. pokemonhistory

    wait he wan’t human? so I think he can do it like a piece of cake

  56. Pogiforce

    that face in the first panel makes me think of the simpsons, for some reason. :S

    • Xane

      Can’t sleep, corgi will stare at me.

  57. legendario13

    Yuck!….. king’s fake smile make me sick.

    everynody knows that king is cute only when he is not trying to be.

  58. legendario13

    NODY ——> BODY

    sorry, my bad!

  59. John Willow

    King’s face is just adorable in panel 1

  60. Draven

    This really IS like a highschool dance

  61. Solario the Visored

    Ah, that Duchess… What a “charming young woman”. :|

  62. FrozenBottle

    Poor guy. Cheer up! There’ll always be Bailey.

  63. Onemanarmy11

    I cried with laughter at the third panel. “WUMP”

    • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

      I second that! xD

  64. Kasper

    King looks… really, really fake in the first panel.
    But oh well. Adorabru in the second one. <3

    • Jesse James

      “Good clean wholesome fun”.


  65. Z24

    Next panel: swimsuit competition

    • dibs

      putting on more clothing to go swimming, hmm…. i like this logic!
      on the other hand, they could have special swimming collars…

  66. dibs

    i wonder if any other familiar faces will show up in the show… i’d be really amused to see Kevin or Fido, for some reason, i just think that would be funny

  67. omenaapple

    Any first-time-reading-Housepets? /rises paw
    First time waiting. ; ~;
    The comic is awesome, btw. Love the characters. GO KING!

  68. Argent Stonecutter

    NO panel 1 avatars?

    I am disappoint!

    • Z24

      The “unwanted puppies” avatar’s still trendy