Pageantly Absurd

Guys, yes, Duchess has certain female qualities that other female characters have not shown.  Ever since the Cerberus thing I’ve been trying to work out other ways to vary new female characters visually than just eyelashes.

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  1. Ryufire

    Even though King is stuck with Duchess for the Valentine’s Show, I much prefer Bailey for King at the event! :P

    • King Sandwhich

      I’m sure she’ll show up.

      • SilentWolfXIII

        Which begs the question: What’s going to happen when she sees King with another female dog?

      • Dragongal

        yeah, and then she’ll be like ” why are you with her!?”

        • Lenn

          Baily was just kind of flirtatious. It’s not like they were dating or anything, so if she does do something and if she does have feelings for him, she will most likely just redouble her efforts. IF, that is, she even shows up.

        • Alpha

          I think she’ll just run crying(but not before King see her in the crowd).
          She doesn’t seem to make a big fuss about things.

  2. Eli

    Very nice.

  3. Zukio

    Jumping through a ring of fire will make anyone adorable.

    • volkoseba

      I don’t know about that… was Johnny Cash adorable?

      • Aeonera

        he fell into one, doesn’t technically count

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      The guy in “Old School” disagrees…but the idea of King doing it is funny.

    • Ryufire

      Watching King going though it again while eating popcorn! XD

    • King Sandwhich

      Was Evel Knievel adorable?

  4. Nick (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    Rick, we could tell…

    • pet_panda

      ….And we are all sorry we bugged you about it.

      right children *looks around*

      • SilentWolfXIII

        *nod* yes father

  5. The Wolf Kin

    King was in a pageant? That’s a story I want to see.

    • Nick (from Radio Free Housepets!)


    • Zukio

      I think this might be the comic that the pageant was, but I could be wrong:

      • Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

        looks like it to me.

    • IceKitsune

      Same here

    • Xane

      I kinda figured this is what happened but more that Pete was intending to do so, not that it had already happened. I wonder if he won fair and square or if Pete cheated. (not that it would be hard for King to win on adorability alone)

      • The almighty 404

        I wouldn’t put it past Pete to have cheated to LOSE so as to humiliate King.

    • King Sandwhich

      Yeah, Pete might of cheated to win.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Remember how eager King was to live with the wolves? There’s no limit to how much embarrassing and painful stuff Pete could have crammed into the year or so he had King under his thumb… er… talon.

      I hope we see more flashbacks like this.

  6. cheetahwolf

    go King! he will win the king not sure on her being queen. hope he get paid well.

  7. IceKitsune

    Pete had him do a Pageant once? Why? I would assume just to humiliate him I guess.

    • senorpie7

      I do not really see the point in pure humiliation :/
      Remember, the point of Joel being a dog is not only the underlying game, but also to teach him a lesson about the hardships of being a dog! My 2¢

      • IceKitsune

        No it wasn’t, King just thought it was at the time. Pete turned him purely for the game and nothing more.

      • Thoth

        And I was under the impression that the only real reason for turning Joel into King was to try and exploit a rules loophole to gain a cheap advantage in a game. Everything else appeared to be a rather clumsy attempt at manipulating Joel / King into “voluntarily” becoming Pete’s avatar.

      • Xane

        Pete’s a huge jerk and was being mean to King for lulz. After the first King arc I thought maybe Pete was also trying to teach King a lesson but after awhile I figured that was just his excuse to keep Joel from complaining 24/7. I think he did it just to be cruel and have someone to torture.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Pete might have started out trying to get an advantage in the game, but the stuff he was doing was more along the lines of a mean little kid abusing his toys. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was half the fun of the game for him.

    • Crackles

      I’m guessing he just did for laughs and sorta humiliated him in the progress.

    • silverfang16

      Yeah it was totally for humiliation.

    • King Sandwhich

      Also, Pete is a fan of winning.

      • Dan

        Ok, I don’t mean to defend Pete or anything, but, has anyone elts, besides me, realized that all the things that Pete did to and made King do sounds more like things a strict and obsessive owner would do? Think about it; he made him eat dog food, what average middle class owner doesn’t feed their dog dog food, he didn’t let King use the toilet, how many dogs do you know use a toilet, so would you let your dog use a toilet unless you’re like Bruce almighty, he made King get his shots, all dog owners are supposed to bring there pets to get their shots, and he made King do a enter a pageant, not uncommon among pet owners.

        The only sign of abuse I have seen is having him jump through a ring of fire.

        And I know some of you are thinking “What about the time he wouldn’t let King go to the party?” That’s not being abusive it’s being a strict parent, or owner in this case.

        • IceKitsune

          I don’t think anyone is saying that Pete was abusive to King just that he only turned him into King to play the game with him as an avatar and to use a loop hole to get a better one. Hes a jerk no one can really deny that IMO, but no one is saying that he was abusive at all just an uncaring jerk.

        • Thoth

          It’s the Return of the Wall of Text!

          Well, lets see…

          Eating dog food wasn’t really a major point – but it generally isn’t claimed as one.

          As far as using the toilet goes, these pets are intelligent, civilized, and stand upright. There have been a few jokes about ferrets not using toilets, but no mention at all of cleaning arrangements for the neighborhood. Ergo, I’d guess that most of the pets use toilets; it seems to be implied.

          As for making King get his shots – why did Pete give Joel / King a body that needed them? For that matter, from what little evidence we have, Pete did take about thirty years off of Joel’s potential lifespan by transforming him – and tricked him into an after-the-fact “consent” to that.

          As for entering a pageant – would you enter a protesting, unwilling, child into one? After all, dogs in the housepets universe are a lot more like children than real dogs.

          Now, if you want direct abuse.. here you are;

          As noted in the comments for that strip:

          “Squashing the hopes of someone who’s already depressive, traumatized, and emotionally fragile is pretty cruel.

          It’s not like substituting the phrase “not just yet anyway” for “whoever said anything about changing you back” – or possibly producing a cup of something hot and saying “Merry Christmas” – after the “I’m real proud of you” would have cost Pete anything or changed anything – but it would have been a lot easier on King.”

          When Pete made Joel / King dependent on him, and took him as a pet, he took responsibility for his physical AND emotional well-being. He didn’t live up to that responsibility. Neglect and emotional abuse are still abuse, and every bit as cruel as using a whip would have been.

          There are still a few ways that Pete could be a good guy – but they’re becoming more and more far-fetched.

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            I’ve always loved reading your comments, Thoth. They are so well-thought-out (not saying nobody else’s are!) and dead-on that I can’t help but think you ponder every aspect of the strip the moment it’s posted for hours on end.

          • Thoth

            Why thank you! It’s nice to know that I’m not driving everyone crazy with my tendency to analyze things…

        • King Sandwhich

          Pete seems to be more interested in manipulation and humiliation then abuse. Also the wall of text reference reminds me of Res.

          • Dan

            As I said, I’m not defending Pete, I still beleive he’s a pompas jerk how go jump off a bridge with his broken wings for all I care. I’m just saying people portray him as the bad guy, but they can’t know for shore if Pete is good, bad, or neither. The only person who can know for shore is non other then the one who created him himself, Rick Griffin,

            However; though I do see Pete as a real jerk, I can’t realy see him as a bad guy. After all, with out Pete there would be no King, Joal would still be human and probly back in jail, he and fox would have never had become friends ( though I strongly think King needs to eventualy tell Fox his preveous identity and that will be the strongest test in their friendship) and he would never had met Baily.

            On the other hand Pete did probly shorten Joals lifespan by turning him into a dog, but remember this is housepets, the pets could possibly have the same life spans as their owners, after all this is a cartoon.

          • Thoth


            There being a King is amusing to the readers – but it has yet to be of any great benefit save, perhaps, to Sasha – but there’s some suggestion that she was “protected” anyway.

            Per the title of the first strip in “It’s a wonderful dogs life” Joel’s sentence was going to be time served.

            Friendship and a romance of sorts are important – and may well be worth a large chunk of lifespan – but neither seems really likely to have been arranged by Pete. The friendship helped mess up his scheme by bringing King to Dragon’s attention and the romance was well after Pete was out of the way.

            Per Rick, the lifespan of the Pets is about twice that of the various types in reality. Thus the thirty year estimate – although it does, admittedly, have a wide margin of error. For all we know, Pete gave King immortality (although that would contradict the next item) – or left him what was apparently his late twenties with relatively little time left.

            Of course. Pete did give Joel a far easier ticket into Heaven. While we lack a comparison between human and canine heaven, we can probably take it for granted that they’re both very nice. This would be one of the possible “Pete is a nice guy after all!” scenarios save for it failing to account for the gratuitous humiliation.

            The easiest way I see for Pete to be a good guy is still for King to somehow wind up substantially improving the legal position of pets – fulfilling what seemed to be Joel’s life goal and doing good for millions of pets. Something in his being a dog with a human skill set might be crucial to such a goal. (Who knows? Perhaps his registered name is Martin Luther King. That would be a long set-up, but “You’re a GIRL!?” was also a long setup).

        • Keldor

          Joel needed to see firsthand just much junk pets often have to deal with, in order to be able to judge their shortcomings fairly. He needed to realize that if sometimes they just snap, it’s not because they’re “just animals”, but because they have problems every bit as real as those of their owners. So in that sense, Pete’s treatment of King was rough love.

          That, and Pete remains kind of a jerk.

          • Dan

            I agree with you both, in theory.

    • Keldor

      Isn’t it obvious? Pagents like that give King a bit of extra Exp. Pete was just trying to power-level him up a bit.

  8. senorpie7

    It does make sense. King was transformed as a pure breed, so I suppose Pete made some dough off king at a show. And King, your collar is just fine :b

  9. Lenn

    I kind of liked not being able to tell what gender an animal was at first, really. Made me pay more attention to their personality rather than what I subconsciously thought they should conform to. It’s one of the reasons I like housepets so much.

    • Rick Griffin

      Well sometimes it doesn’t happen like that . . . I mean, many of the characters are obviously male, so the other way around ought to happen at least some of the time too

      • IceKitsune

        I’m gonna ask just to get it out of the way. Is this something only some female characters are going to show or is it going to apply to all of them?

        • Rick Griffin

          ALL THE FEMALES WILL HAVE THEM, GIANT ENORMOUS ONES no of course not silly

          • RootsofOrigin

            Be wary of where you vent Rick.

          • Dissension

            Aww, you got my hopes up. : (

          • Zukio

            I can’t wait to see how this will be used in the future.
            Also Diss, someday…

          • RootsofOrigin

            How close are we to breaking the PG rating now?

          • GameCobra

            LIPSTICK AND ALL!

            ok, sorry. just had to throw that in there X3

          • GameCobra

            In all seriousness though, Rick isn’t getting any closer to breaking a PG rating here unless he starts getting flashy with it, which would then be silly >.>

          • IceKitsune

            Now I just kind of wonder how far back the term “New” is going to go since Duchess showed up before and is therefore not new.

          • 1boredcanadian

            Right when my attention is going I see a comment like THAT by the creator. Man, I love this!

          • Dissension
          • WingedwolfGirl

            I can see it now, HOUSEPETS THE ANIME!

            All the females will wear short school-girl skirts.

          • King Sandwhich

            Characters usually don’t change appearance that drastically. I don’t think it’s adding as much as introducing new characters with features. Some are obviously male some female. On a lighter note a anime Halloween would be interesting.

          • zeroslash

            Honestly, I didn’t even notice it until you guys started mentioning it.

          • Tattorack

            This is a rather… strange conversation for Housepets…
            (Oh, and Diss; your giving a BAAAD example. You should know better as a Great Risu :P )

          • River_Dragon

            *snickers at the thought–Pets with “huge tracks of land*

            Seriously, though, if the tags hadn’t said she was female (and that strip at the dogshow last August), I wouldn’t have thought anything of it–she’s just beautifully marked.

          • RootsofOrigin

            When I first saw Duchess, my reaction was, “Oh, a new, female, smarty pants, okay.”

          • Alucai Vivorvel

            I’m fine with the “additions”. While it’s true real animals/pets don’t have them, I (for a very brief moment) was at first confused with a few characters. You’ve usually been good at making it relatively easy to tell, Rick, but on Duchess, I hardly even noticed. It just is so subtle, and I think it somehow suits her (like, she’s more grown-up than all the other dogs we’ve seen so far. Or something).

          • Tattorack

            Yes, it does suite her, now she really looks like she’s some high class thing.

          • Jesse James

            Thankfully my sarcasm metre isn’t broken.

    • GrapeFan

      I agree with Lenn. Rick, I think the addition on female characters is distracting and takes away from the personality of the dogs themselves. I never had a problem telling the males from the females. What they said was explicit enough.

      • Frank

        Uh… are we talking about the same character here? So far all we know about her is that she goes to the salon, uses a parasol, enters dog shows, and is pushy. Don’t you think with a personality like that, she should have such a body?

      • Arwen

        Whoa! Am I seeing double?

    • King Sandwhich

      I think there were character off from the start that were unmistakably male though.

      • Keldor

        …Like Grape!


        • Alucai Vivorvel

          …Oh, hey little Max. I see your ear’s not bit off yet. Let me solve that for you.

          Hey, Grape! Over here!

          • Keldor

            “Hah! My ear only gets bitten before I find out about Grapes femininity, but since I’m making this joke, it’s clear that I already know, thus making your ear biting attempt invalid!”

            “That doesn’t even make sense. If you already know, your ear should already be bit… Maxie, don’t make me retcon your ear for you and then balance them out, okay?”

        • King Sandwhich

          Grape’s unmistakable maleness is debatable, I actually thought Grape was a girl from the start as her personality reminded me of some women I know and for some reason the name Grape never sounded masculine to me.

  10. LupisLight

    Ooh, better hope Bailey doesn’t find out..

  11. RootsofOrigin

    Yikes. If Rick is responding to it, then I’m a bit worried about how heated these alleged Duchess discussions were getting.

  12. RootsofOrigin

    Also, King is a sellout.

    • Zukio

      Actually I think he’s doing this to be able to afford a phone so he can call Bailey.

      • RootsofOrigin

        Already making predictions are we?

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Or he just wants cash, who here wouldn’t do that for easy money?

        • RootsofOrigin

          Not King apparently, who already jumped through a flaming hoop of fire.

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            Yeah but Duchess won’t him repeat it.

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            Or will she?

      • Keeshah

        I’m thinking that too.

      • King Sandwhich

        I think Bailey might show up unprecedentedly instead of him calling her.

    • Xane

      He did make a resolution to enjoy his life as a dog rather than thinking of it as a bad thing. As long as he’s in the pageant just for fun (which I doubt Duchess will let him do) it would be in his best mental interest to just go with it!

    • Frank

      It actually scares me that Dutchess knew she could appeal to this… rather human trait

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Who doesn’t like money?

      • silverfang16

        Well they do use money after all. We have seen Fox spend his allowance.

      • King Sandwhich

        The Ferrets certainly love their money.

  13. Thoth

    Joel / King would be better off asking what “handsome pay” means for a dog, even without Alt-Text word play…

    • Frank

      “What’s all this?”
      “You’re payment”
      “But it’s food!”
      “Yup. Enjoy it, dog”

  14. Randomextra

    I love the look of kings face when asked to jump through fire.

    • Sansash

      And that would be the cutest thing in *this* strip
      (Following King making a snowdog in the last one)

  15. Sonic Fox

    Wow, Pete really knows how to mess with a guy.

    • Frank

      Remember the Sears photo shoot? Seems like that was only the tip of the iceberg

      • Argent Stonecutter

        It looks like the iceberg was on fire!

        • Frank

          Oh no! That means it melted while King was still on it!

          …I actually can imagine Pete doing that…

  16. coyoteBR

    Nice touch showing part of the “Or is it?” kitsune statue. There’s several Housepets characters i like more than King, but i can’t wait to see where this is going

    • RootsofOrigin

      Somewhere in Grape’s room is the feather of an “emu”.

    • Frank

      “Lovely little sculpture you’ve got here. Is it Meiji era? Or perhaps Shōwa?”
      “Yeah… er… something like that”

    • Keldor

      So I went back to see if there was an “emu” feather anywhere in Grape’s room when Res climbed it (there wasn’t), and I couldn’t help noticing that her Pridelands poster was missing. What would Res’ reaction have been had he seen it?

  17. Zaitsev

    That is pretty adorable

    • RootsofOrigin

      What is the world coming to when we consider adorable corgis jumping through hoops of flaming fire “cute”.

      • Zaitsev

        Anthropomorphic talking corgis at that.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Actually that would be very cute in the real world.

  18. Ryufire

    He will probably be paid handsomely in doggy treats instead! :(

  19. Xane

    Alt text for you tabby users. Er… tablet. “by paid handsomely I mean you’ll be paid by a someone very handsome”

    So he’ll be paid by Boris? :D

    • xhunterko

      Tabby users? All right! Which of you are using your cats to read the comic with! Fess up or I call animal control!

      • Keldor

        “it’s not my fault that my human is a moron. I had to do something to give them a bit of class.”

      • Yehoshua

        Not me, I swear!
        Sent from my Siamese cat.

  20. Gary (from Radio Free Housepets!)

    King has a “good” collar? o.O

    • Xane

      Maybe a gift from a friend. Maybe one of the few things left lying around when King/Pete’s house vanished overnight (the papers being one of the others, I guess).

    • RootsofOrigin

      Zing! Heyo!

    • yoyodude

      Seems to be wearing it in the second panel.

  21. xhunterko

    Well, I’m sure King was a hot dog afterward.
    *gets bricked*

  22. McFly

    When someone is playing hard to get, always bring up the possibility of pay.

    • King Sandwhich

      Whoa that subject is slippery slope, let’s keep this PG.

      • Alucai Vivorvel

        what’s a little potential romance gonna do? I feel some people are too sensitive about the PG rating. What’s wrong with a few mature undertones/overtones?

        • King Sandwhich

          I think you’ve missed the point. I was slightly joking, but there is some concern. “playing hard to get” usually refers to difficult to seduce, the second half of the sentence states that if this is the case pay money. Paying for shall we say “romance” seemed like a subject we should probably avoid in Housepets.

  23. SilverZeo

    King gives up personal dignity for money? SIMPSONS DID IT! SIMPSONS DID IT!

  24. Pogiforce

    It’s kind of funny to think that once upon a time King was human. “I’ll get my good collar.” he’s so much a part of the pet community now, it’s like it’s natural to him.

    • Xane

      King is actually better at being a dog than a people. Remember, when he was drunk he didn’t accidentally start doing human things, he started hitting on other dogs. Probably has a lot to do with the way Pete scrambled his little brains though. His name was unlocked but I’m sure a lot of the transformation magic is permanent until he’s changed back.

  25. efhosci

    Say, isn’t that the kitsune statue in the foreground? I wonder what Duchess thinks of THAT?

    • RootsofOrigin

      That she’ll buy it off him. It won’t be that hard apparently.

      • Frank

        But what if all she has is Sterling Pounds?

  26. 1boredcanadian

    King, you sellout! Who am I kidding, I’d do the same thing. I believe Pete was having fun while King was not. Just out of curiosity when did the pageant happen, before or after the watch?

    • Dissension

      Since Pete lost control of King before the watch incident, the balance of probability is that the pageant happened first.

      • 1boredcanadian

        Yes I just happened to remember that “after” I let the comment go. What I meant was at roughly what arcs timeframe do we asume it happened in.

    • Frank

      Say… where is that watch? If King finds out how to use it, maybe he can tilt the odds in his favor.

      • Alucai Vivorvel

        But… that’d be cheating! D:

        • Frank

          Cue The Fairly Odd Parents’s rulebook!

  27. AuvaAkita

    Well, at least now we know what will get Kings attention lol

  28. Elwood Blutarsky

    Oh look, Pete’s back. That bird really had fun off panel during his time as owner.

    • Foxstar

      It’s a flashback.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        I know, he hasn’t been King’s owner for over a year but if Pete did that imagine all the other offscreen “fun” he had with King.

  29. notU

    what are they going to do with money?

  30. notU

    will king ever get a break

  31. Alexander

    Someone remind me… Cerberus thing?

    • IceKitsune

      Cerberus the guard dog (from the Not All Dogs Arc) that beat up Pete and arrested him (also used to date him) was at first confused for a guy by a lot of people because she was big and imposing and Rick just doesn’t want that to happen again.

    • Frank

      There were too many comments along the lines of “WHAAAT? CERBERUS IS A girl(s)?!?!?”

  32. Kitch

    Cell phone to call Bailey GET!

  33. gaboris

    Wait so when a poor guy pays a girl to date him that’s lame, but when a rich person does it it’s just classy or something? DANG that’s so unfair! I could’ve just funded pity dates then back in school. D:

    • Frank

      I… don’t think this can be called a “date”…

  34. Kalasnokov

    is that the golden fox statue Duchess is looking at?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Looks like it! “Continuity! A sign of a quality comic!”

      • Alucai Vivorvel

        Quality vs Quantity, I always say!

        …yeah. Sure, let’s go with that. That way I can explain away why my comic’s been on hiatus for so long… erm… nevermind.

        At first I thought that it was just some golden fan… or something. But now I see it!

        • Alucai Vivorvel

          What’s ironic about the first line of my post, is that not only is Housepets! a quality comic, but it also updates frequently to boot.

  35. ZunaUmbreon

    Ahh money, the cause AND solution too, ALL of lifes problems :D

  36. Tailz

    Besides her more female features, Duchess seems a lot more bossy than I thou… wait, you’re giving me a million dollars? What was I talking about again :/

  37. Draven

    That ring doesn’t look so bad,’it’s big and King is small. Seems like it would have been more difficult to jump through your average doorway.

    • Nohbody

      The ring is also closer to the viewer. There’s probably not quite as much a disparity in size as perspective makes it appear in that frame.

  38. Lionbone

    The alt text made me giggle :3

  39. VariedCookies

    I don’t know why, But I really like Duchess.
    I’m not sure if it’s the fact she’s British, or that she talks posh, or that I like Salukis… Maybe it’s all three. :P

  40. WingedwolfGirl

    Some people will do anything for the right amount of money.

  41. Nintendosagafan

    lol when i read “paid handsomely” i think about that guy with the glasses XD

  42. Kitch

    No, King! You have to ask if it will be money payment!

    • silverfang16

      He won’t. :(

  43. roguebfl

    That solves the issue of f Pete gave him papers or not.

  44. The_Peanut

    King isn’t gunna get paid squat.

    • Xane

      Daisy wins again! “Hi, I’m rich!”

      • Alucai Vivorvel

        She’ll pay him with Invisible Money™, the best kind!

  45. PawesTwistSoulstar

    They’re soo adorable!!! >.<

  46. Z24

    Alt text: Genius

    Wow, King really had it tough with all the embarrasment

    Wild guess, Bailey will be at the party, heartbroken to se King w/ other.

  47. AthiosDvK

    I predict shenanigans at the upcoming pageant/show/thingy. King’s definitely gonna be the center of attention.

  48. Mat'Ra

    Don’t do it king! She pays in kibble! ITS WORTHLESS OUTSIDE YOUR DICOTAMY!

    • Sansash

      Dicotamy? Wait what I don’t even

  49. 1cedGuardian

    Anything with King makes my day, freaking love him!

  50. King Sandwhich

    King could use the money to buy a cellphone to call Bailey like he wanted to do, but the wolves had no work to offer. It was mentioned earlier in the comments. Just a thought.

  51. Firewolf

    Heh, well, I like the new look X3 it does look more feminine and doesn’t look corny or nuthin, good job person who can draw a million times better than me! X3

  52. Nohbody

    You know, I can’t help but wonder if the alt text for this strip was included as a red herring, like Fluffy snapping at Max in the flashback in the last arc.

    • IceKitsune

      Most if not All the Alt Text are Non-canon I believe

      • Nohbody

        That hasn’t stopped other speculation in the past. :P

  53. Lionbone

    Kitsune’s gold statue on the first panel :D

  54. Z24

    2nd panel alt text: “You DO know that I have 4-inch legs, right?”

  55. CrimsonFox

    D’awww! King jumping through a ring of fire, how cute!

  56. wusky

    i love your comics they seem so real lol keep up the good work i read and scaned threw them all in two days pretty sweet ….. ps are you a furry lol

  57. Dan

    I can soo see Dutchess with a Russian accent.

  58. wusky

    great job

  59. Thraxus908

    DANGIT!!! Finally up to date on this comic… i was kinda hoping it would last forever…..

    • Camtheman16

      I thought the EXACT same thing, when I read through the entire comic!

  60. Matthew

    Kings body is weird in the second panel whats up with that?

  61. gamer35

    its all ’bout da cash see. Thats what changes my opinion about every thing.
    “We’ll get paid”
    “did i say no? i ment to say lets go!”
    Thats what King is like at the moment. ant way money or no money i would go.
    Im the school Geek. so im single. my point is it is a excuse to have a temp. lady friend

  62. Ryufire

    Do hope Duchess keeps her word on the payment part lol!