See Ya Later

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  1. Ryufire

    Um what the heck! lol

    • Zenakuno

      Where’s the crocodile hunter when you need him?!

      • Phantom Tails

        I know, right!?

        • ThatGuyWithABurrito


      • Anonymous Justifier

        He’s dead, you jerk!

        • YuanWolf

          Well thank you Captain Obvious, but we already new that.
          It was a joke.

          • Valerio

            Death by Being Eaten by Gator, meet Death by being Wrestled to Death by Steve…

          • Tarkana262

            ^ I approve of this reference.

    • King Sandwhich

      I’m sure the kidnapper thinks it’s completely normal to give pets to his alligator as chew toys.

      • Draven

        Who said chew toys? Maybe Fluffy just needs a friend.

        • King Sandwhich

          He said “new toys”. I hope no one considers their friends toys…..

          • Fancore

            i consider my toys friends….


          • Normal Black Cat

            Hmm…but. The crocogator’s owner said he have “new toys” for him but he didn’t mention that pets is his “new toys”. So it’s still posible that his “new toys” can mean another “thing that have no life”. Like a doll.

            Then why he kidnap pets? Maybe he just want “more friend” in his crocogator’s birthday party. (plot twist) :3

            Such language!

          • darkgloomie

            or maybe the ‘gator does the protein-rich diet

          • Keldor

            Poor Fluffy! All the nearby pets are scared of him, so the only way he gets guests at his birthday party is if they’re kidnapped!

            And since alligators are probably illegal to keep as pets (though maybe Fluffy passed his GOE?), none of the guests can be from nearby, or else they’d recognize the place and Fluffy would be sent to the zoo.

        • King Sandwhich

          Although that’s a stretch it would be a pretty cool plot twist.

          • The face

            I don’t know, it could be that. And also, I think it’s an alligator

    • rtlstien

      Aww Fluffy is so cute. I can’t be mad at him/her!

      • silverfang16

        No, terrified will be fine!

        • Zarvain

          Would you like a side of spine jelly or knee shake with that?
          For this there may be a special for a combo dish, not sure though.

          • The face

            Why certainly! May I have a side of face sweats, too?

  2. Dissension

    My new favorite character! <3

    Also, I suspect Fluffy may have something to do with Maxwell’s slightly nibbled ear.

    • IceKitsune

      Yep I would bet thats it.

      • Lamandus

        yeah, there will be Blood!

        • Ryufire

          Wait, has there been blood shown in HPs before?

          • King Sandwhich

            Yeah, just a little bit ago when kitten Grape scratched Puppy Bino in the face. I think those red marks count as blood. Never bitten ear quantity though.

          • P0lo

            There has been plenty of catsup!

          • Lutryon Proca

            I was bored, so I checked everywhere I thought there might be blood…
            Grape killing a Mouse in “Mouse Mouse Revolution,” Joel getting punched at the beginning of “A Sinister Shadow” then getting tackled and arrested at the end, Bino in traction at the end of “Money Sharks,” all of the somewhat violent scenes from “Imaginate Too,” the Spirit Dragon fighting the Frost Giant in “We’re Snowed In,” and King & Joey getting roughed up by Boris & Yeltsin at the end of “Not All Dogs.”
            But, even though Joel did have a Bandaid after the punch…there was not one drop of blood.
            So, as far as I’ve seen, the only non-ketchup/catsup blood was Bino getting scratched a few strips ago.
            Though, I didn’t check to see if there was any blood imitating use of red crayon in any of the spot comics.

          • Keldor

            There was a whole lot of red crayon in the comic the wolf cub made, if I remember right.

        • Yehoshua

          Blood, blood, gallons of the stuff!

          • Corgiwolf

            He’s the kind of feline wreckage that you love!

          • SonarSnow

            You. Are. Awesome. Woohoo, MCR!

            And I can tell where things are going in this arc: NOWHERE GOOD :O

          • The face

            Exactly like the time I slammed into a car when riding my bike. I was crying like heck, my jacket was stained, and I still have the scar. This was when I was 8.

          • AflacMan13

            Ouch, that sounds painful. Chicks (or dudes, whatever your preference) dig scars as the saying goes.

      • King Sandwhich

        I hope Fluffy shows up in the present!

        • Snowmon

          Wasn’t he at the zoo with his cousin Wuffy?

          • King Sandwhich

            Perhaps, I think it’s been along time. I can’t seem to remember. Hope your’e right!

    • IceKitsune

      Of course that could actually be a Red Herring that Rick is setting up and it really is either Grape or Fox.

    • SilverZeo

      Seems to obvious that he/she ate it… maybe Max did something needless something stupid to get away from the reptile, only to find out the “pet” is friendly… like how kids did stupid stunts….

    • silverfang16

      Good point.

    • GameCobra

      I suspect Grape is Bestest Best Friends with an alligator who is totally not named Fluffy.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      If Fluffy does it I’d bank Max causes it.

  3. Xane

    “Okay this is gettin’ real weird right about here”! Hmm, do gators talk in this universe?

    • Xane

      …aaaand I missed the “aww” in panel 3 :P

    • Dissension

      By complete and total coincidence, your question is answered in the third panel of today’s strip.

    • RootsofOrigin

      Somehow I convinced myself it was a yawn. Until now.

  4. Randomextra

    I hope its friendly

    • Ryufire

      It is friendly just like Louis the Alligator from Princess and the Frog movie I hope :P

      • King Sandwhich

        I does seem eager to use pets a chew toys though…..Perhaps it will learn the error of it’s ways.

  5. King Sandwhich

    Afraid of an alligator bite to the ear Max?

    • Ryufire

      Its bound to happen! o.o

  6. IceKitsune

    Ok then this stranger is weird very very weird.

    • Lophiiformes

      What? You never kept a pet crocodile/alligator?

    • King Sandwhich

      Not as weird as as Psychic Pets, or a magical Griffon god.

      • Lophiiformes

        Or Gary Busey.

      • Snowmon

        Or a platypus…

        • RootsofOrigin

          LOL platypus.

      • SilentWolfXIII

        What about a whimsical liopleurodon

        • The face

          What about liopleurodon-O’s

          • SilentWolfXIII

            Oh, now you’re just being silly : P

      • Shuma-Jindivi


        • SilentWolfXIII

          ha, I’d like to see the wiki page for that species : P

  7. Draven

    And we all thought the kidnapper was from PETA

    • King Sandwhich

      Alligators and Crocodiles eat live animals in the wild, so it’s ethical (sarcasm)

    • silverfang16

      Might still be, never know!

      • Keldor

        Nah, can’t be from PETA. They wouldn’t mind the eating other animals part, but to keep an alligator subjucated as a pet… Totally unacceptable.

  8. xhunterko

    Somethings fishy here.

    • RootsofOrigin

      That’s a reptile.
      Also, you could have said, “Something’s fluffy here.”

      • P0lo

        Looks like they’re in a scaly situation.

        • RootsofOrigin

          That’s more like it!

          • darkgloomie

            Still not snappy enough, though…

          • Phantom Tails


  9. Zukio

    Who needs a guard dog, when you have a crocodile or a alligator.
    I can never tell which is which.

  10. Lunyk

    Carp. And why is the crocodile named Fluffy? Not Scaly or Slithery?

    • Xane

      That’s the Samoyed’s name.

    • Salenstormwing

      I had a pet turtle named Speedy. Irony is a great method for naming pets.

  11. senorpie7

    Hahaha! “carp”

  12. Lophiiformes

    Ah, Carp

    • Ryufire

      Double crap!

      • Lophiiformes


      • pet_panda

        triple carp

        • Draven

          Now I’m hungry.

          • Ryufire

            Double carp with MD’s pink slime!

        • Phantom Tails


          • justacritic

            Enough, everybody knows that salmon is in. Carp is too bony for my tastes

          • Phantom Tails

            ^ Killjoy……

          • Keldor

            Sheesh, you don’t have to carp on about it…


        • Aeonera

          oddly enough, carp can be more dangerous then crocodiles/alligators:

          • Keldor

            I wondered when someone would make a DF reference XD

            Anyhow, this simply makes it a suitable explicative.

  13. RootsofOrigin

    Is Fluffy a crocodile or an alligator?

    • Xane

      Fluffy is clearly an interior crocodile alligator.

      • Zaitsev


    • Ryufire

      It looks real to me! o.0

    • Snowmon

      Crocodile. Alligators are more likely to keep their mouths shut.

      • Snowmon

        Plus where the teeth are is a clear sign of which is which.
        That and you can’t call an Alligator “Fluffy”. That’s just stupid.
        Oops language… I typed the “S” word. :(

        • RootsofOrigin

          I’m going to ask “why?” And hopefully get an answer.

          • Snowmon

            :) me too…

          • Snowmon

            Mostly it’s due to genetics. Crocodiles are just designed with their teeth outside their mouths.

          • RootsofOrigin

            Well now I know. Thank you.
            But I actually meant why an alligator named Fluffy is something that ends with “tupid”.

          • Snowmon

            Oh, Alligators are a little more traditional than those outback Crocodiles. They prefer all those fancy names like Abigail, Jezebel, Samuel, Louis, and Wally.

          • RootsofOrigin

            Where I’m from, most alligators are named Fluffy, Mittens, Captain Kibbles, and Rockstar Hawk.

          • Snowmon

            See how untraditional you are? lol. :D

          • RootsofOrigin

            I’m beginning to wonder why you know so much about fancy alligator names.

          • Snowmon

            So I know I guy… who happens to play football in Florida…

          • Snowmon

            He sure cries a lot…

          • RootsofOrigin

            Oh sure, push it off on the nonexistant football player with knowledge of fancy alligator names.

          • Snowmon

            Okay, fine Ya want the truth?
            >:( My baby brother is a crocodile. There, I said it! Happy now?
            Mama said that it was only a skin condition, but we knew. Oh, how we knew… He was always a little different than all the other strangely colored kids. Even the green kids from “Canada”. :(
            I’m going to go hide my face in shame now…

          • RootsofOrigin

            Thirty minutes before 12:00 Snowmon made my day. :)

    • Lophiiformes


      • RootsofOrigin

        Oh boy did that make me laugh. Thanks.

      • Draven

        Beat me to it

    • Sleet

      Probably an alligator. Rick’s been on an alligator kick apparently.

    • Keldor

      The teeth look too small for a crocadile, so I’m going to go with alligator.

  14. Kingisawsome

    Alt txt plz?

    • Xane

      “Such language!”

      • kingisawsome

        thank you

    • Zukio

      Alt Text: Such language!

      • kingisawsome

        thank you also

    • Dontlookmenaked

      Such Language!

      • kingisawsome

        and thank you

  15. Snowmon

    So THAT”S… how he looses his ear… maybe… With Rick you *never* really know…

  16. AuvaAkita

    Oh Carp! This is one tricky situation!

    • avorin

      i’m sure their all gonna be just F.I.N.E

      • Frank

        Frequently, yet Irregularly, Not Entertained?

        • avorin

          .Freaked out
          .Emotionally unbalanced

          • Keldor

            Fiscally Irresponsible, Notwithstanding Errors.

          • Keldor

            Fully Irreverent – NOT Enlightened.

          • Keldor

            Fantastically Incredible, Not Egotistical.

          • Keldor

            Freaky Individuals Never Elope??

            Ok, I’ll stop now >.>

          • avorin

            no no keep going….. or are you
            feeling Inadequate, Needing Encouragement
            or maybe you have Feelings Inside Not Expressed
            because i think those are all funny, Intelligent & Nutty Expressions

          • Keldor

            Filibustering Idiots Need Employment?
            (Why? They got voted out of the Senate, you see…)

            Flattery Is Not Exemplary?
            Fake ICBMs Never Explode?
            F.I.N.E. Is Now Expandable!
            Falseified Intelligence Never Edifies.
            Fiery Incense Needs Expunging.
            Forceful Interactions Negate Espionage.
            Fear Induces Negative Emotion.

  17. pet_panda

    i don’t think this is where max hurts his ear folks…if that reptile did get a hold of his ear, there would be a lot less of it left. but this is the housepets universe so who knows!

  18. Crackles

    Grape is so brave.

    • Ryufire

      I would look to Grape for leadership! :)

  19. RegularBird

    Fluffy isn’t very fluffy.

    • SilverZeo

      Fluffier than Fluffy the Porcupine from Wayside books…

    • River_Dragon

      Why does “Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear” keep running through my mind?

      • Keldor

        …Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t very fuzzy, was he?

  20. Valerio

    Oookay, and now we know for sure that Fox hadn’t been kidnapped by PETA the first time…
    Ten minutes? So Fluffy lives in Babylon Gardens…hmm…

    • volkoseba

      I dunno, this guy seems just about as humane as any PETA member…

      • Valerio

        depends: if he was referring to ‘toys’ as inanimate objects, then yes.
        I doubt that because PETA members, as far as we’ve seen so far, and by their own policy, are supposed to ‘hit and run’ to “set free” the pets, not to keep them bound and gagged in their homes…

    • Keldor

      Babylon Gardens is just a subdivision I think, not the whole town. 10 minutes of driving can get you a long way, easily 5 or more miles, so we’re probably not in Babylon Gardens any more.

      • Valerio

        ten minutes at the speed of a New York taxi driver, man, and in a subdivision you’d likely to attract unwanted attention at that speed!

        Source – I live in a suburban community

        • Keldor

          Most roads around here are 25-35 MPH, the smaller subdivision roads being 25, with the bigger ones 30-35. Once you get out of the residential area, which is only about a minute drive, the speed limits get faster, up to 45. Finally, there’s the Interstate, which runs through the middle of town, and goes from 55-65 MPH, depending on how close you are to downtown. It’s about 5 minutes away from my house. Hence, around here, 5 miles is quite typical for a 10 minute drive, so long as you don’t hit too many red lights.

          • Phantom Tails

            I couldn’t help but think that what you said, sounded like Manhattan, Kansas. =p

          • Keldor

            Colorado Springs, which has about half a million people, so it qualifies as a small to medium city.

        • Keldor

          On the other hand…

          I bet it feels like a lot more time has passed then actually has when you’re hanging onto the bottom of a moving car. Thus, when Grape says ten minutes, her sense of time was likely rather skewed, so it’s more of a wild guess.

  21. Kalasnokov


    • Valerio

      Lick Elliot saying ‘Frick!’

    • GameCobra

      No cussing!

  22. zeroslash

    Son of a carp, this is going to be interesting.

  23. Grip the Wolf

    Max can’t make a suicide pact! He has too much to live for!

  24. Jayrith

    Those brutes! They should be ashamed of themselves, to use such language in front of such a young kitten, not to mention being NAKED in front of her virgin eyes! Poor Grape, scarred for life!

    • Keldor

      Well, they are male, after all. It’s part of their condition. :-P

      (I should probably note that I am a guy too)

      • King Sandwhich

        Grape went on to date Max..huh.

        • RootsofOrigin

          I didn’t know that.

        • Keldor

          I mean all the ones that are naked up front of Grape, which quite nicely excludes her.

  25. RootsofOrigin

    No one thought to comment on Grape’s heroics except Crackles.
    For some reason everyone is focused on the Crocogator.

    • King Sandwhich

      Well it is a Crocogator after all.

      • RootsofOrigin

        You act as though you’ve never seen a Crocogator before.

        • Keldor

          Don’t be silly! It’s obviously an allidile!

          • Keldor

            Allodile? Alligile? Crocadator?

  26. camtheman16

    If I had to take a shot, I’d say that’s a crocodile…Which is really quite strange. My reasoning for it being a crocodile, is the tooth hangs out near the back. Alligators don’t have any teeth hang out when there mouths are closed, yet a tooth hangs out near a back. Though, its also very likely its a Alligator, considering Crocs only live in one place in the US, a very small part of southern Florida. And since this is in the US, an Alligator would be easier to get, while a Croc I think isn’t even legal to own(Though seems this guy doesnt mind breaking some laws).*End Speculation*

    • Snowmon

      Did you know that it’s illegal to tie your alligator to a fire hydrant in Florida?

      Hm, that was random…

      • RootsofOrigin

        Someone did something really dumb to make that a law.
        Either that or they’re just trying to cover all their bases. Those whacky Floridans?

        • Karriban

          It’s likely just a random law passed for the heck of it to prevent said situation. For instance, it’s also illegal to tie a giraffe to a light pole in New York. You can’t shoot whales from your car in Tennessee either.

          • Keldor

            Those elected lawmakes have to pass something to justify their existance. At least it wasn’t a new government program…

          • RootsofOrigin

            I need a moment to take in this information this plethora of new information.
            I have to bask in its radiant tupidity.

    • Keldor

      I kinda doubt that alligators are legal to own either. Also, alligator teeth stick out of their mouths when they’re closed – it’s more a matter of by how much.

      • Draven

        It’s actualy a matter of which teeth. When their mouth is closed alligators have only top teeth that show, while crocodes have top and bottom teeth that stick out. Since Fluffy’s mouth isn’t completely shut, it’s hard to gauge.

      • camtheman16

        Definitely not enough to be seen. :P But if he does own a croc, Ill be impressed. Alligators *Can* be kept as pets, just very hard to keep it secret.There was a man in michigan, who owned some alligators, and they got loose. Police department wasn’t too happy to hear that :/

        • Keldor

          The alligator pictures I looked at had the top teeth fairly clearly visible with the mouth closed, especially toward the front. However, fluffy’s mouth is partially open, so you’d be able to see the teeth clearly no matter what. Thus, we have to fall back on secondary features. Alligators have blunter noses that crocs, but we csn’t see the end of fluffy’s nose, so that doesn’t help. The best indicator I can think of that’s visible in this picture is tooth size. Croc teeth are rather larger than gator teeth, and mesh together in a distinct WW shape, whereas Fluffy’s teeth are small looking, and uneven. This indicates to me that he’s an alligator. Finally, there’s the caption, “see ya later”, which pretty clearly is a reference to “see ya later, alligator”. Therefore, I think it’s fairly clear that Fluffy is an fact an alligator.

          • Snowmon

            Here’s a wild idea. Ask the guy that created Fluffy what he’s supposed to be. That way we can tell him how little research he had done on his reptile…
            Or a not so wild Idea… Just accept it as a Crocogator, or an Allidile. Whatever and move on with our lives.

          • Keldor

            Bah! That’s a copout! XD

  27. LoneWolf

    This whole arc is disturbing.

  28. IceKitsune

    You know we never did get the answer to how Grape ended up in the pound in the first place. And with the way she is acting and the things she did to get to this house to save them I’m actually guessing she might have been a stray and was picked up off the streets.

    • WingedwolfGirl

      Most all unwanted puppies and kittens end-up at the pound.
      Can’t imagine who wouldn’t want Grape though!

  29. Maengun1256

    Well didn’t see that coming lol

    • McFly

      Who did? ;)

  30. King Sandwhich

    Wait a minute this is titled see ya later…. as in see ya later aligator! Maybe this is an aligator!

    • RootsofOrigin

      I actually figured out why that was the title a while ago, but never made the connection.
      I am dumb.

    • Snowmon

      Guess we’ll find out In A While…

      • RootsofOrigin

        I don’t get it. :)

        • King Sandwhich

          It’s a good bye sang. See ya later Alligator. For awhile crocodile.

          • RootsofOrigin

            I know. :)

          • King Sandwhich


          • Valerio

            Cara Mella, morta Della, manda Rino Baci Nella

  31. leaffly

    This might explain where Max got the bite mark… Not that I am trying to be obvious but I am just saying…

    • IceKitsune

      IMO while its possible it was Fluffy who did it, I think Fluffy is going to turn out to be a Red Herring in this case. It’s just far to obvious that it should be the Alligator/Crocodile who bit Max’s ear. I think its still either Grape or Fox that does it. More likely Grape as Fox looks to terrified to do something like that.

      • Dontlookmenaked

        Why would Grape Hurt Maxwell’s ear?

        • IceKitsune

          He either does or says (or both) something stupid and insensitive and gets her angry at him.

        • Keldor

          This is Maxwell we’re talking about. Do youreally have to ask why someone would be inclined to bite his ear off?

      • leaffly

        Glad I learn what a red herring means. True but it would make sense where the big bite come from since after all it is still just a young pet.

  32. avorin

    son of a charming young woman!

    that’s…… a big lizard.

  33. silverfang16

    I am really failing to see why Fox has any issues with cats after this.

  34. Smallfoot

    Based on the facial expression on Fluffy’s face, I can imagine him pulling a Lenny:

    “Oh boy, oh boy! New friends! I will hug them, and pet them, and love them all to pieces. Ya know, I used to have a little friend, but he don’t move no more….”

    • Crackles

      “I will hug them with my teeth”

    • zeroslash

      “I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George.”

  35. [color=#ffe400]Smokofenek[/color]

    I very love kitten Grape ^^ She is so cute :3

  36. Lindseycrew

    W- was….was that an alligator?!?!?

  37. Corgiwolf

    If they’re “dead anyway”, it already is a suicide pact! Silly Max, doesn’t listen to his own words.

    And I just have to get it out of my system: A wild Magi-Carp appeared!

  38. Kitch

    Thanks a lot, Grape. Now you have a scaredy cat AND a scaredy dog to deal with.

  39. T-Squared


    • T-Squared

      Sorry, but I’m the kind of guy who likes reptiles, whether they’re dangerous or not. :D

  40. black fox

    I think I know how max got the bite in is era

    • Lindseycrew

      WOW, even though max is possibly about to face an alligator, I never thought of that happening

  41. WingedwolfGirl

    Theory time.

    The three of them will get out of this situation completely un-harmed, un-scathed, and with no “bite-marked” ears.
    Max will then say something completely stupid, and Grape will shred his ear for saying it.

    • Valerio

      I like it

    • GameCobra

      Pretty much what i’m trying to sum up too… but there’s too many theories! argh! D:

    • IceKitsune

      Yeah I think that is likely as well.

    • Crackles

      I would bet on this, because well.. Max has the tendency of saying all the stupidest things in the wrong moments. :D

  42. Marine Fox

    Make a run for it!!

  43. Jesse James

    Lol Fox and Max in the last panel. Awesome strip!

    I doubt Fluffy is the cause of Max’s bitten ear. Fluffy just looks a little too big for that.

    Fluffy is awesome. <3

    • Lindseycrew

      Maybe fluffy may take a nibble

  44. phosphorus

    Daaaaaaaaawwww puppy fox looks he’s going to wet himself
    Also fluffy looks adorable

  45. Ruffy

    are you…carping with me?

  46. microbuss

    lol you watch Fluffy will be friendly hehehe

    • T-Squared

      Oooh, I hope so! :D

      At first he’s all *OMGSNARLROAR! D8<*

      Then he's like *Wanna be my friend?! 83 *

  47. Tattorack

    Ain’t that just a cute d-…
    … its a croc…

    • Keldor

      A dogidile!

      • Tattorack

        Considering its ‘playfulness’, puppidile.
        (And that could come in for the best… or the worst…
        But knowing that they’re all grown up and such now…)

  48. Phantom Tails

    Carp indeed. Carp indeed.

  49. Critter Rhode

    When I saw the “awww” I heard it in the voice of this dog at the 0:28 mark ultimate talking dog.

  50. Argent Stonecutter

    Crocs aren’t a problem if you know they’re there: they have very weak muscles to open their jaws with, if you hold their mouths closed they can’t do anything except wriggle.

    • T-Squared

      Yeah, that’s good up until they use their superior strength to wriggle their way out. :D

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Tie a rope around their mouth and laugh as they try to reach it with their tyrannosaurus-tiny arms.

        • Aeonera

          pretty sure crocs can kill you pretty effectively without their mouth, tail swipes, crushing, etc, etc

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Not if you’re sitting on their backs, laughing at their ineffectual attempts to reach their comically huge helplessly-bound jaws.

  51. Grip the Wolf

    Don’t kill yourself Max! You have so much amusement to provide by living!

  52. Z24

    Fluffy’s my new favorite character

  53. FerreTrip

    Wait…”Fluffy” is an ALLIGATOR?!

    And noice. It’s kinda epic imagining all this in true little-kid voices rather than the more teenaged ones I normally give them (though I know they’re all supposed to sound like children, I think)…

    • Wolf Brother

      i always give them more teenage voices anyway, just cause they look and act more “teenager-y” in my mind. either way, seeing them as babies is just….adorable beyond belief. =)

  54. legendario13

    well now you only have to scape without being caught or killed by that alligator and his crazy, psicopath owner ….


    • Valerio

      only one question.
      When is lunch?

      • legendario13

        do you like it bloody, medium or well done…?

        • Valerio

          as long as it comes with a gator doggy bag…

          • Tattorack

            I REALLY hope The Force or any other galactic medium of universe energy is with them….

  55. Wolf Brother

    i do believe this is where max’s bitten ear comes into existence. and Valerio, thats terrible cause the only thing on the menu right now is adorable pets….Tsk tsk

  56. Pogiforce

    Well I’m certain this throw the PETA theory out the window.

  57. Pogiforce

    For some reason though I think the impression they’re chewtoys for the gator is just a misunderstanding. Because up til now, I don’t think we’ve ever seen any character in any real physical danger. Sure the K9s got captured by thieves once but they were never in any real physical danger. Not like, say, getting eaten by a gator.

  58. efhosci

    I only realized after looking at this for the second time that the door in the background is where Grape and the others are.

  59. Hawkstar

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      • Phantom Tails


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  69. wolf long fellow

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