Cellar Door

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  1. Dissension

    Fox’s expression in the second panel is the best. <3

    Also, Grape is a tiny, tiny kitten. x3

    • Tynach

      Fox looks like he’s about to (try to) bite Max’s ear off! :O

      • Keldor

        I’d like to see him manage that while still being gagged…

        • King Sandwhich

          It will be interesting to see who does bite his ear off.

          • Saphron Cat

            I have a strange feeling that it might be grape

        • Keldor

          Whoever it is, I bet Max will totally deserve it.

    • IceKitsune

      Or Max and Fox are older then we thought they could almost be done being a kitten and a puppy.

    • GameCobra

      Same panel actualy shows Maxwell concerned as well. I can’t get enough of that face. But yes, Fox’s expression is just casually funny X3

      And i hope he said he hated collars.

      • Frank

        Remember, this is the tiny kitten he almost beat up yesterday

        • GameCobra

          I also get this funny idea that Fox is scared of Grape for embarassing reasons. =3

    • Frank

      Fox’s expression in every panel!

  2. Ryufire


    • Dontlookmenaked

      But Grape is just awesome enough

    • Dissension

      Grape to the rescue!

      • Crackles

        Cut the ropes, swipe the crazy person, save the day.

        Awww yyeaaah…

      • Valerio

        leave it to a girl to get a boy out of troubles ;)

        • Argent Stonecutter

          When they’re older, it works the other way around.

        • phosphorus

          FEMINIST!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

        • Dan

          Ha! I called it, I knew grape would save them. Go Grape!!!

  3. rtlstien

    I love all the expressions in every panel!

    Grape’s probably tops them though

    • Ryufire

      *A dizzy Grape appears* :P

      • efhosci

        Grape used LAND!
        It’s not very effective…

        • Weed-Sama

          Fox used CONFUSED FACE!

          Super effective!

        • Maengun1256

          So much for cat always landing on all Fours hehe

  4. xhunterko

    Are you sure it’s not a natural born instinc?

  5. kimo

    “i’ve always hated collars”

    • kimo


      • Valerio

        I must concede that.

  6. King Sandwhich

    Coincidentally a window is what Peanut and Res are currently trying to get into.

  7. Xane

    Face down on all four paws still counts as “landing on your feet”! Or at least that’s what every cat I’ve seen fall off a table seems to imply with the Glare of Doom.

    • Keldor

      “Now all the mice within a mile of here have hidden in their holes, and YOU think it’s FUNNY?!”

      • Frank

        What? They got the memo and I didn’t?

  8. Zukio

    Grape to the rescue!
    And by what the alt text says, I am guessing she did not land on her feet.

    • Ryufire

      She’s better than Sam Fisher! XD

      • Luke

        definitely better than Lambert. How many people get caught sneaking into a place they weren’t anywhere near, and get shot by their best friends THE SAME DAY?!

  9. IceKitsune

    Yay! Now to rescue them, shouldn’t be to hard!

    • Luke

      A wild kidnapper appeared!
      Kidnapper uses Catnip!
      Maxwell is now confused!
      Window sends out Grape!
      Gape uses Land!
      The attack missed.

  10. Dontlookmenaked

    And They Say Cat’s Land On Their feet >:p

    • Keldor

      She did. She just didn’t stay on them for very long.

  11. Kaleb

    Grape’s expression in the last panel. X3
    too cute!

  12. Draven

    Crazy cats, comin’ in outta nowhere and startling the innocent.

  13. SilverZeo

    Ha! Grape looks like Wako when he is doing that woozie-face!

  14. Val Kilmer Batman


    Also, I just took the time to notice Max’s ear isn’t torn up yet.

  15. Randomextra

    I really like grapes expression in last panel. I wonder what max wanted to say.

    • Crackles

      I’m guessing: “I’ve always hated you”

      • Keldor

        Once again, Max’s choice of last words is nothing short of astounding.

        What? You think this is the first time he’s had cause to say his last words?

        • coyoteBR

          Nope. In fact, according the mith about cats, Max can say his last words 9 times in some countries, 7 times in others :D

        • Frank

          Not really. He probably recons if he’s going to die, he might as well say something that would normally get him killed anyway. You know, “go out with a bang” and stuff.

          • Keldor

            Max just can’t stand the idea that his last words might be something *less* snarky than usual.

    • zeroslash

      Well, falling out of a window and slamming onto the floor could put someone in a daze. But that’s just me.

      Also, your avatar is amazing. I’m hungry now.

  16. valerio

    Aaaand another series of intriguing facts no one had mentioned!

    • Crackles

      Yeah it’s kinda funny it never have brought up before. Though I think this is why Maxwell thought Grape was the coolest cat he knew.

      • Ryufire

        First impression always counts! :)

        • Keldor

          Well, technically they’ve already met…

        • King Sandwhich

          They don’t really know each other yet though.

          • Keldor

            We don’t really know how many times Max and Grape have met before this. I’m betting more han once.

          • IceKitsune

            I’m sure that they didn’t hang out much before or after this they most likely only saw and talked to each other in passing since they lived right next door to each other. Or else Grape would have no reason to complain about not hanging out with Cats much since Max knows all the cats in the neiborhood.

      • Keldor

        Who says they never brought it up? It’s just that whenever it was brought up, the camera man had conviently switched scenes, thus cevering it up for dramatic purposes.

        • Keldor


  17. efhosci

    Well, Fox, you wanted a blockbuster, and you got a blockbuster. Are you happy?

    • Keldor

      “When I said that, I meant *I* should be the hero, not the helpless hostage!”

  18. Draven

    Grape doesn’t even really know them and she attempting to rescue them herself. Running to Mom and Dad would probably work better.

    • Shuma-Jindivi

      But its her habit to solve problems with……direct actions……

    • Frank

      Remember, until a few days ago, she had no mom and dad to run to.

      • Draven

        And earlier that very day, Fox almost attacked her and she called Max a jerk. I’m surprised that Grape is rescuing them at all.

      • King Sandwhich

        If she thought they didn’t deserve rescue because she doesn’t like them she would be no better than Max.

      • Keldor

        We don’t really know how much time has passed between Grape’s adoption and Fox being kidnapped. Seems likely that these were just the two big events from Grape’s kittenhood that came to mind for Peanut to talk about rather than them being particularily close together chronicalogically.

        • Kohaku Nightfang

          Although the comic doesn/t support them being that far apart

  19. CannonFodder

    Do I smell a Red Vs Blue reference?

    • Phantom Tails

      I sorta see it, though it’s been awhile.

  20. Calatin

    Love you Donny Darko reference in the comic name even if it wasn’t intended :D

  21. Shirosune

    Grape has come to save the day…as soon as her world stops spinning that is.

    Also, I love the range of expression Fox is managing with out the use of his mouth.

    What I’m seeing from panel one to four in order.

    Fox: Why me…? -> I’m going to maim you for this… -> What in the…!? -> Th-this can’t be for real…

  22. Sonic Fox

    So much for always landing on their feet.

  23. Camtheman16

    Ooooh, smart grape is smart! How do you suppose she found out where they were, and where they were being held captive? Also grape, your such a small periwinkle you :3 Stop being so cute!

    • Keldor

      If Grape’s anything like my cat, then she just happened to be walking across the cellar door when all of the sudden it gave way and popped open!

      • Camtheman16

        Is your cat purple and talks? If so….want.

      • Pogiforce

        she said she came in through the window. She might have been walking by and saw them in the cellar. realized that was the kidnappers house. decided to break in and help. kinda fell on the way though.

        Another thing, the fact that it’s a cellar means that it’s a house, likely in the cul de sac. You may recall that Pete had moved in with King in the “Empty house” in the area. It may not even be relevant but perhaps the empty house is that way because the kidnapper got arrested and his property seized?

        That would mean at one point Fox, King’s best friend, was held captive in King’s basement.

        • Frank

          Pete’s house was supposed to have disappeared with him. I think we can suppose it appeared with him too.

          • Keldor

            If that were the case, then Peanut would have had a much stronger arguement that Pete was a supernatural prankster than just his name and appearence.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Houses appearing out of nowhere means nothing when the ferrets are around.

  24. dragonking

    Was reminded of a doctor who episode. Poison Sky and Sontaran Stratagem.

    “How’d he get in, intruder window?”

  25. The_Rippy_One

    If no one said it last page, thank you for finally explaining Fox’s “not again” comment from back when he was being kidnapped by PETA. Enjoying it immensly. however you spell that…

  26. Tsunemara

    Ummm am I the only one to notice that the bite is missing out of max’s ear? Will we get to see how he earned that bite in the next few comics?

    • IceKitsune

      Nope everyone kind of did when he first showed up in this arc, and we most likely will find out how it happened soon.

    • Keldor

      We’ve all been talking about that for the last three comics. Why?

      • Tsunemara

        Oh I just didn’t pay attention the last few comics, lol. Got back from a long trip and have been kinda out of it.

  27. Ryufire

    Maybe the neighborhood watch guy probably had a guard dog close by and bit Max’s ear while trying to escape!

  28. Keldor

    Max, not an expert on criminal psychology. Riiight.

    • Frank

      Not an expert yet

      • Keldor

        Oh, right, he’s still only at “journeyman” status at it now.

  29. Lunyk

    This is so interesting, the way the two different times connect, where Grape always leaves windows unlocked in the present because she needed to in the past. This is a really well-thought-out timeline, and one that I for one am really enjoying reading.
    Could someone please give me the alt text? (can only use my iPod)

    • IceKitsune

      did…did you know that cats have to learn to land of their feet? is the alt Text

      And your right this could be why she leaves it unlocked, but she it could also just be so Max can use it when he needs to. Like when hes locked out of his house for example.

      • Keldor

        Window locks are generally on the inside, so she could unlock it from her room. Also, what sort of kidnapper holds pets hostage in their own house?

        I’m betting that they end up running away from the stranger’s house, only to find out once they get to Grape’s house that the door is locked and so are the windows right when they need to get in to hide the most…

        • IceKitsune

          That is very possible also. However she could still just leave them unlocked for Max so she doesn’t have to wake up if she is asleep when he wants to come in.

    • Jesse James

      That’s a great observation there, I would never have thought about that. :3

  30. P0lo

    I think not gagging Max was a tactical error on the kidnapper’s part.

    Then again it’s probably hard to act out a strip when neither character can move or speak…

    • Frank

      I was staring at your avatar so long, I almost forgot to read your comment!

      Maybe you should ask yourself what Fox did to deserve being gagged

      • Pogiforce

        It’s also possible that the kidnapper simply ran out of gags. How far ahead did he think this through?

        • Draven

          He clearly had at least a red gag. The intuitive kidnapper would have gaged Fox with his own bandana though.

  31. Valerio

    GRAPE! You are runing my dramatic confession!

  32. SilentWolfXIII

    so that’s what jigsaw does in his free time. . .

  33. Camtheman16

    WAIT! Confusing thought?! When did he learn grapes name? He called her kid last comic…So in between then and now he learned her name?

    • Dissension

      That would assume Maxwell did not know Grape’s name when he referred to her as “kid,” which is not necessarily the case. I use nicknames for people whose names I know.

      • Pogiforce

        plus hte fact that Grape already knew Max was a bully seemed to imply they were at least familiar with each other. Surely familiar enough to know each other’s name at least.

  34. Zaitsev

    This comic has at least 4 good profile images in it.

    • Phantom Tails

      *uses it for Facebook*

  35. Shuma-Jindivi

    I just rememberd that by this time, Max was still unaware of Grape’s real gender, along with all the others; which sounds pretty wierd now since the comic has become coloured…

    • Valerio

      she wasn’t combing her eyelashes back then ;)

      • Shuma-Jindivi

        I mean, with the bright purple colouration, it becomes hard to imagine her being mistaken as a male…

        • Zaitsev

          well there are at least 6 female cats named MR Bigglesworth

        • JeffCvt

          Yea, but color isn’t always an indication of gender in cats ether, I’m sure there are some cats that didn’t look like their gender before Grape came along.

        • King Sandwhich

          What about Zachary? He surely shows colouration doesn’t matter towards gender. Other animals haven’t even pointed it out. Also I am american but spelling it “color” instead of “colour” at this point seemed weird.

    • GameCobra

      From a Pet’s sense though, they probably mistook her actions as a guy rather than a girl. they probably thought the same way too from our understanding.

  36. Argent Stonecutter

    So, it looks like Res is narrating the alt text.

  37. GameCobra

    All sound effects courtesy of Grape shall be purple =3

  38. The Wolf Kin

    This entire page is completely awesome. Also, adorable.

    • Valerio


  39. GameCobra

    Fox: “Oh no… it’s the kitten that beat me!

  40. T-Squared

    I cracked up when I saw the 4th panel. XD

  41. WingedwolfGirl

    Suddenly, Grape!
    Outa friggin’ nowhere.

  42. phosphorus

    fox’s expression in panel 1 and 4 are adorable

  43. Grip the Wolf

    Intruder window!

  44. Matthew

    I just want milk

  45. Kitch

    What would’ve been funny is a Non-Sequitur Thud where she used her old name.

    • Frank

      “My name’s not Grape! It’s P– oh wait, it is.”

  46. 1boredcanadian


  47. Valerio

    Heh, I like the idea of this tiny little kitten to grow into the neighborhood’s tough kitty :D

  48. Z24

    So Fox, what you have to say about this?

  49. ~Moo~

    lol donnie darko-ish title. perhaps its best they need to learn it, a natural ability to land one their feet implies a natural inability to remain in high places (clumsy/unbalanced).

    • Keldor

      Or just a natural recklessness when in high places.

  50. Xuncu

    “In tru da window!”

    • Grip the Wolf

      This message has been brought to you by Henry VanStatten.

  51. JL

    With what Rick said we can accurately guess Grape’s age as being less than 3-4 weeks old.

    As nobody stated that, I just did.

  52. GameCobra

    And then Max watches CSI everyday since this day.

  53. ShadowclawFC

    Panel 1- *whimper*
    Panel 2- >.> Really?
    Panel 3- what the bleep?!
    Panel 4- We are so doomed…

  54. legendario13

    i love max sincerity…
    he knows how everything will go…
    while fox its imagining it..
    then he see grape and thinks “she came to rescue us?!” ” we are ruined… again”


  55. Alucai Vivorvel

    Panel 1 and Panel 4 Fox is almost a total copy’n'paste!

    You escape my wrath for now, Rick.

  56. ThatGuyWithABurrito

    Kitten Grape never looked cuter!

  57. AuvaAkita

    Grape is here to save the day!

    No how are they gonna get out?

  58. Dragongal

    REMEMBER!!! male pups and kits LOOK bigger than females. AND max can’t know that grape is female.

    • King Sandwhich

      I think Max is just a little older. They don’t have to be 100% anatomically correct after all, they all walk upright and grape is purple.

      • Keldor

        If they were human, then Max would be in fifth grade, and Grape would be in first grade. How’s that? :-P

  59. gaboris

    Meh I bet she just fell down by accident. :D

  60. Aenbr

    Love the alt-text. Time for Grape to save the day or get captured trying!

  61. Rennis

    I don’t know about you guys but I see Hogan’s Hero’s playing in my brain right about now…

  62. Wolf Brother

    these comics just keep getting better and better. =D Fox’s expressions are pure gold, so cute!