Too Cool For School

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  1. Dissension

    Well, now the dog tags and bandanna are explained. = P

    I like that Bino was just following Fox’s orders.

    • rtlstien

      Wonder when he became a bookworm…

      • Dissension

        Possibly after he was kidnapped for the first time! “Enough of the action star stuff, I’m settling down.”

        • IceKitsune

          I just though of something his first Kidnapping might have happened during this flash back.

          • Valerio

            a very distinct possibility, sir

          • IceKitsune

            Its also possible if it does happen here Grape may have some hand in saving him. Which might have softened his stance on Cats in the future and warmed the other dogs up to Grape.

            Though if it doesn’t happen now its possible that Grape just beats him up or tells him off and that earns her the respect of the dogs.

          • Shuma-Jindivi

            …I don’t think his attitude regarding cats changed much from then.

          • IceKitsune

            His attitude about dating cats and liking cat things (except Pridelands) didn’t change but he seems less harsh towards them and most likely would be less willing to do something like this.

      • senorpie7

        Maybe he just grew up?

      • silverfang16

        He has a personality overhaul apparently

    • Ozuan

      Yeah, it’s interesting that their dynamic became reversed.

    • Kitch

      Not really. The younger Fox is just using his bandana differently than his kin. =P

      The question is, when did he lose this paranoia?

  2. Lunyk

    Nice use of a bandana.

  3. Randomextra

    Fox looking like a bandit to cute

  4. Zukio

    Fox was quite the rebel child.

    • Zukio

      Also I think this is the first time we’ve seen what his collar looks like, unless its changed by now.

    • Maengun1256

      ALT TXT PLZ :)

      • Zukio

        The alt text is: “And put on some Black Sabbath–oh wait, we’re supposed to be quite”

        • Maengun1256

          Thank you Sir

  5. IceKitsune

    d’awww Fox is being all hard core. But hes just to cute.

  6. Lunyk

    Black trenchcoat? Deep chiz is going down…

  7. Maengun1256


    • the fry pwnr

      you forgot the”D’AWWWWWWWWWW!” but i agree……….. D’AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!! RICK….. you know what most people like me want to see……. PUPPIE D*head explodes do to imagenation overload*

      • Maengun1256

        Oh yeah how dare I for get that
        *BOOM* dangit there goes Kansas

        • rallyjr

          oh no, Toto, I don’t think anyone’s in Kansas anymore

          • Maengun1256

            Nope sorry the cuteness got the better of me lol

        • phosphorus

          Hey bro that’s my line

  8. xane

    Fox being pushy and aggressive? So what… Bino eventually ate Fox’s soul and turned him into a quiet bookish do-gooder? :eek:
    Also, huskypuppy!

    • Maengun1256

      Its like a Twilight Zone (and not the one with the Vamps and Werewolfs)

    • silverfang16

      I think Fox simply grew up while Bino never did. In the process Bino just kinda took over.

      Also yes, Husky puppy. <3

  9. Draven

    I think we all went through that phase at some point

  10. AleyxJ

    Bino is SOOO short! How big would a little king be? :P

    • Dissension

      About as tall as an average human of his age, I’d guess.

      • IceKitsune

        But a Corgi puppy would be really really short however :P

        • Dissension

          At this time, King was Joel, who still would have been an adult human. = P

          • IceKitsune

            I’m well aware of that Diss :P , I was saying that an actual Corgi Puppy would be very very short and adorable. Also Rick should total draw one in a background group shot just for the heck of it.

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            He’s off in college or something having the time of all-too brief human existence…or in jail having the worst time of his thankfully brief human existence.

          • Maengun1256

            Draw a king puppy and put that pick in the Bonus section that would be B-Awsome

          • Keldor

            Puppy King: What the?! This isn’t even canon! And I’d still be a full grown human too, this arc’s like only 5 years ago, tops!

          • Maengun1256

            Well we know that a puppy king won’t exsit but as a BonusPic that would Be awsome

          • Keldor

            Uh, that was my idea of the fourth wall breaking complaint that King would use if he were to be depicted in that way.

    • Zaitsev

      and Grape is smaller than Bino, must’ve been tiny back then

  11. Snowmon

    Fox going off to be the hero, why am I not surprised?
    Must resist “barrel roll” urges…

    • the fry pwnr

      LOL!!! ………………………………………. LOL?

  12. CrimsonFox

    hee hee… they have animal-sized instruments too

    • Maengun1256

      Ha ur so right

  13. Daggy


  14. volkoseba

    Silent Black Sabbath? What about a walkman? (it is the past, after all…)

    • Dissension

      It’s not that far in the past. = P

      • volkoseba

        True, but I have to imagine that pets this young wouldn’t be given the newest and most expensive technology by their ‘parents.’

        • Maengun1256

          Yeah were talkin DiscMan now :P

          • volkoseba

            I had one of those… my musical tastes at the time weren’t the greatest, and the government hadn’t started the crackdown on filesharing, so I downloaded a bunch of video game music and Weird Al and burnt it on to a CD… I don’t think I ever made another after that.

          • Maengun1256

            I had like 5 of them things and still have them (gawd I feel old) and yeah I think we all did that lol,
            *hummin Mario Tune

  15. xhunterko

    Cats. They’re always planning.

    • Draven

      Scheming is more like it.

  16. 1boredcanadian

    Now Fox don’t try being Bruce Willis it can only end badly as many Youtube videos have proven…wait…black trenchcoat? Why can I only think of The Matrix?

    • 1boredcanadian

      *panics and takes both* So now what happens?

      • Maengun1256

        Ummmmmmm….. Hmmmmmmmmm…… Well that’s a first never seen any one take both, Well guess we will find out won’t we

  17. Zaitsev

    Wow Bino’s scrapes healed fast, also Fox being the assertive one is a change for the better, too bad it didn’t last

    • Dissension

      Fox is assertive in the present (when he needs to be!). As far as Bino’s scratches, they’re still visible.

      • Zaitsev

        Well yeah, but you can tell he isn’t the one giving the orders anymore. Maybe he’s utilizing the fact that Bino isn’t in charge yet? Just getting his kicks in before its over.
        But then again he doesn’t shrug away from Fido’s accusations, so he’s still got a backbone clearly.

        • JeffCvt

          But i thought that Bino and Fido were the founders of the club, so even if Fido is in charge, Bino wouldent have to listen to another member, even if he was older than him, right?

          • Zaitsev

            Maybe since Bino was so scrawny back then Fox could muscle his way into bossing him around, or some high octane maneuvers and/or trickery that would adhere to his action movie lifestyle.

          • JeffCvt

            But Fido is right there, why would he let Fox boss his little brother around like that, i mean fox should not really have any power in the club, right? (Plus Fido always tried to do the right thing even before he was a police dog)

          • Zaitsev

            Well maybe he knows that Bino is arrogant and is letting Fox put him in his place.

          • JeffCvt

            Must not have worked too well

  18. black fox

    Lol I like how bino still has the scrachis on his face

  19. Elwood Blutarsky

    Wow, puppy Fox was a jerk! Thank goodness he mellowed.

  20. the fry pwnr

    lol ….. trenchcoat thats priceless

  21. Valerio

    Fox was SO Johnny Depp-ish! :D

    • WolfBrother

      that is the FIRST thing i thought too. totally Johnny Depp-ish ^_^

  22. the fry pwnr

    Rick i must request to see puppie Daisy. just for the sake of everyone who enjoys this comic.

    • the fry pwnr

      all who agree say/type ”I”…. all who appose say/type ”nay”

      • Zaitsev

        I’d say a Sasha-Daisy combo platter

        • the fry pwnr


        • Maengun1256

          Yes yes

        • the fry pwnr


      • Maengun1256

        *Saying “I”
        *Typing “I”

      • Dontlookmenaked


      • Frank

        Actually it’s “aye”. It’s an Old English thing

        • Dissension

          Aye, it is thus.

        • Keldor

          Obviously we need to adjust it a bit:

          All those in favor say “I”. All those in disfavor say “you”.

          There. Adjusted.

  23. efhosci

    Boy, Fox sure changed a LOT. I’m definitely looking forward to that story.

  24. kupo86

    Whoa, Black Sabbath?!? Now it’s official,, Fox is the coolest dog around! (at least for me =p)

  25. rallyjr

    not an “action blockbuster” huh, well i suppose not, but then what do we call it when your best friend is was also once you worst enemy?

  26. Maengun1256

    Why is it when I post a Post about Fido being a Nerd it gets deleted? prob. Like this one will

    • Dissension

      Well, there are terms of service above the comment box. You’ll also find an e-mail address to contact the moderators there. That’s the preferred method for getting assistance with comments.

      • Maengun1256

        True that’s the route I should’ve went just didn’t see my comment being offensive or anything :(

  27. spiritkitsune

    Next comic

    Fox VS Grape…or is he just playing a bad guy for a K9 demonstration?

  28. camtheman16

    If I take the Trenchcoat + the Glasses, can I safely make a reference to JC Denton? (Your a nerd if you get the Reference, and should be proud as such :D )

    • Maengun1256

      Man I miss my PS2, oh Gawd I’m more of a nerd than I thought *facepalm

    • Nohbody

      What glasses? I don’t think Fido’s giving his over to Fox.

      Really, with the bandana as a mask plus a trench coat I was thinking of something a bit older.

      (And by “a bit older”, I mean “older than anyone here”. :P )

      • Kohaku Nightfang

        Hey I was thinking of old cowboy movies where the bad guys wore bandanna masks and sometimes trenchcoats so I wasn’t that far from your thought process. Also Is the Shadow part of an old radio show from before they had tv? It sounded like ti and that is seriously cool if so

    • Crackles

      My vision is augmented.

      • Crackles

        Also: Gunther? “Sticks and stones”

  29. gaboris

    Oh yeah just what the doctor ordered, told ya I can’t wait to see someone who was totally different. :D

  30. Lindseycrew

    Somethings about to happen!

  31. Tagat

    Puppy Fox is such a cutie :) I love him

  32. Valerio

    I don’t know if someone discussed about it already, but…
    Why aren’t cats allowed at the lecture? If it concerns safety measures (and the heck, folks, the argument ’stranger & treats’ has creepy implications), then puppied AND kittens should be lectured by Ralph. Especially considering that Fido considers it an official matter the ‘neutral stance’.

    • IceKitsune

      Fox and Bino don’t like cats (because they think they are planing something) So they went behind Fido’s back and put up the sign saying no cats. I highly doubt that Ralph cares that a cat would come to his lecture (because as you stated the lecture is good for both puppies and kittens), I think that Ralph is most likely going to try and stop Fox from kicking out Grape.

      • Nohbody

        Well, to be fair cats usually are planning something, often of the “sinister” variety. :P

  33. Lookatmyfakename99

    Dude, Fox was such a boss back then. What happened to him? D:

    • Valerio

      he got kidnapped.

  34. WingedwolfGirl

    Fox used to push Bino around? Totally unexpected.

  35. Valerio

    My, Fido was surely fluffy yesterday! :D

  36. Grip the Wolf

    This will be awesome.

  37. Lenn

    Wow, so Fox was the jerk back then…funny thing is, when it comes to poor peanut, he usually still is.

    Still waiting for you to come to your senses, Fox. Seeing how far you’ve already come, my hopes are high.

  38. kingisawsome

    I just noticed Fido’s F is missing in the last panel

    • legendario13

      oh my GOD ITS TRUE!!!

      kill him, kill him for this heresy!!!

    • Keldor

      The “F” is likely printed on only one side of the tag, so it might have twisted around so we see the back. Oh, Bino’s tag is missing its “B” in the second panel too.

      • Legendario13

        Dont try to apologyse for him
        hes going down, everybody leave the ship!…
        Nha just kidding.
        A little mistake will not kill nobody..i hope = (
        detales detales no one will notice them

  39. Shuma-Jindivi

    ……and then Fox got his butt kicked by Grape, which permanently changed his personality.

    • Tommyrazor

      Then that must have been one vicious butt kicking.

      • Crackles

        We all know Grape is capable of that. She’s just that awesome

  40. Whitekitsune

    Fido sure was a stringy little thing back then.. I think it’s sorta funny how Bino seems to be so used to getting hurt, that his reaction to being clawed in the face is to just ignore it. Oh, right. Obligatory Fox observation:

    His owner -is- a policeman after all. Action, adventure, etc. Maybe he told him a few stories.

  41. Jesse James

    Fox is so cute here. <3

  42. Lobogris

    Seem’s possible for me. Most interesting is the fact that he was transformed from an irresponsible puppy to a pretty smart dog.

    Talking about Bino, maybe his tendency to be ignored or hurt make him as mean as he’s today. I would really like to see if this flashback ends with Fox being kidnapped.

    Last thing: I’m not a native English speaker and I’m not sure what’s the correct pronunciation of Bino’s name. I suppose it’s BYE noh.

  43. spiritkitsune

    You know you have the power to meltdown the world with
    cuteness Mr Griffin.


  44. Sr_Mango

    Rick, I was wondering, have u ever thought of creating this comic into some sort of a cartoon show. I’ve been a long time reader of housepets and it would b pretty cool to hear grape and peanut have a conversation. Just wondering

    • phosphorus

      I know some people who are in the tv business and I’ve worked out a soundtrack with my ukulaylee and mandolin

  45. Spiritwolf

    We seriously need Puppy and Kitten Plushies of the cast…

  46. watchin'theParade

    Dying from aww overload. This arc is too much.

  47. FerreTrip

    Wow–Fido was a dork and Fox was pretty immature, and Bino…hasn’t changed much.

  48. JeffCvt

    Was Fox going to go do something on the stage, or was he going to try and find out what Grape was doing?

    • IceKitsune

      Perhaps its both, he is going to go on stage and do something (act like a robber perhaps by the way he was wearing his bandana) and now he is going to find out what Grape is doing.

      • Zaitsev

        I think Fox is just trying to look cool, or like an action star.

        • IceKitsune

          Also very possible

        • JeffCvt

          Well, he is the only dog who puts on a leather jaket in the winter, no one else has more than a scarf

          • Zaitsev

            He’s just a dog who can appreciate a classy leather jacket

          • JeffCvt

            That he is

  49. Lionbone

    So much talk about a bouncer made me want to see Rex as a puppy… gotta love those chubby cheeks

  50. Barker

    I thought I posted a comment, but I guess my squeee was too high-pitched to be heard. And puppy Fox might be the best thing since King.

  51. Dan

    I love how fox has his bandana like he’s some western outlaw and actin all tough.

  52. LoneFox

    Ah yes the trench coat! Details, details!

  53. Jesse James

    Also this comic has me wondering how old officer Ralph is.

  54. Dansuke

    Hehe! I liked seeing this yesterday. It’s like a birthday present but it’s for everyone! Best kind of present! :D

  55. Grip the Wolf

    Now he’s ready to rob a bank!

    • spiritkitsune

      Fox in the bank:

      “Hands up!! I have cuteness and I know how to use it!”

  56. Tattorack

    Black trenchcoat………..
    O_o!!!!!! Fox = The One!?!

  57. Mat'Ra

    So, having taken the last 2 days or so to read through the ENTIRE history thus far published here. Approving nods all around!

    As for Fox taking on Grape? A battle worthy tale! Popcorn anyone?

  58. SilverZeo

    No way… Fox? He is a…. NERD! Who still thinks black trench-coats are still awesome and cool?

    • coyoteBR

      Yep, but some years ago, they were trendy. Since this is a flashback history, we must not think in nowadays terms, but … ::ahem:: go ahead with Fox’s “Pup Fiction”
      Now I’m thinking about a scene…
      Peanut: Where did you get this handerkerchief?
      Grape: It’s not a handerkerchief, Peanut, it’s a bandana
      Peanut: Where did you get this bandana?
      Grape: Fox’s.
      Peanut: What about Fox?
      Grape: Fox’s dead, honeybunny. Fox’s dead :D

  59. Caylen

    Hmmm, I coulda sworn there were more pages then this….oh well. I wonder if the cat invader backstage is Sabrina…

    • JeffCvt

      Its Kitten Grape, dident you read the comic when grape scratched bino in the face?

      • SilverZeo

        Actually, she cut the sign, Bino’s face was in the way

        • JeffCvt

          not the point

        • Pogiforce

          are you sure she didn’t cut Bino and the sign was just an innocent bystander?

  60. Chaseodon

    Fido. Such a Nerd and Buzzkill

    • SilverZeo

      Cause making sure his neighborhood chums NOT being doggnaped (as Fox would be sometime in the future) and make sure they don’t cause trouble with the adults by messing around with their cats. Let’s all listen to the dog that going to wear a black trenchcoat with a yellow scarf on his face who chooses to start fights with a girl kitten…

  61. Caynine

    Bawhahaw “Not yet it isn’t” -loves on puppy Fox-

    • phosphorus

      I would love on fox but the cuteness caught me on fire and destroyed Kansas and also because I might kidnap him myself ;)

      • Keldor

        And thus we now know the story behind Fox’s first kidnapping – dragged away by a rabid fan…

  62. Alditha

    And here we have a perfect setup for a Clint Eastwood (extract) moment…or something similar. I wonder how Grape is going to deal with Fox? Oh the witty scenarios do open up! :D

    • Jesse James

      A part of me is hoping Grape deals with Fox the same way she dealt with Bino.

  63. Keldor

    You know, I had a thought. Even though Bino and Fido started the GoDC, they weren’t particularily respected members of the community at this point. Bino only got respect for being Fido’s brother, and Fido himself got respect for his hard work training at the Academy. At this point, Fido was likely just considered another dweeb, like Joey, and Bino not much better, leaving Fox as the cool pup on the block.

  64. Pogiforce

    it’s funny that fido actually looks OLDER here, because he has grandpa specs on his nose rather than cool guy specs above his eyes.

  65. Pogiforce

    also, isn’t it amusing that the only ‘old’ dog at the good old dog’s club event is Sergeant Ralph? Everyone else is puppies.

  66. phosphorus

    well… hopefully mean ol’ fox will get humiliated by grape and learn his lesson..
    i wish bino would learn HIS lesson, too much ignorance

  67. Kalasnokov

    all Fox need after his coat is black sunglasses, then he will be like straight out of matrix

  68. phosphorus

    fox is such a dork, thats why i love ‘im

  69. phosphorus

    well as a puppy atleast

  70. redwolf

    It seems like the only one who has really changed over the years is Fox. Fido is still awesome, Grape is still a little Malicious but a sweetheart at heart, Peanut is still a loveable-goofball, and Bino is still…Bino. Thank God Fox mellowed out or he might have been as popular as Bino