The Three S’s’s’s . . . s’

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  1. Dissension

    Delusional Steve. *giggles* That poor guy!

    • rtlstien

      Good to know that certain aspects of our world don’t exist in their world. Seems it’s more of an orphanage than a pound.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Except you probably don’t get to leave this “orphanage” by yourself.

        • Kohaku Nightfang

          Well not all the old orphanages were very nice either. Some of them were downright terrible and were horrid to the kids. For example the orphanage in Annie was just depressing.

          • Keldor

            I think Argent means that in an orphanage, you got to leave once you became an adult.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Right. Unless there’s some option to “defect to the wild”, the animals are in that wire cage for life.

    • Zukio

      Living with Car Salesmen can do that to you though.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      This being Housepets his owners arrived five minutes later and took him home.

      • Fawkes

        What it is, they forgot where they left him. Delusional Steve’s Delusional Owners XP

      • roguebfl

        That depends how many years he got for selling hot cars.

        • deathcloak

          are we talking dog years or human years?

        • roguebfl

          As it’s the owner, human

    • Valerio

      car salesemen.

    • gaboris

      Am I the only one who’ll dare to say it that Steve here reminds me of of Mile’s cub when he had an eyepatch on? :D

      • Frank

        Maybe they left him there because they discovered he was a wolf?

      • Rick Griffin

        Because this is a flashback, this means it is the SAME EYEPATCH, due to the law of incredibly improbable and unnecessary calling forward.

        • gaboris

          Ha-HA I knew SOMETHING looked familiar!
          Heh this made me laugh. Good one Rick. XD

        • Dragongal

          Wil this eyepatch thing fall into the plot of another arc? My guess, most likely

    • Onemanarmy11

      I actually made a few comics called “The wondrous adventures of Schizophrenic Steve” a few years back. Could they be the same person? 0.o

    • Draven

      I would probably be that guy.

    • AflacMan13

      Delusional Steve can be running gag. Inject him now and again “Family Guy” style.

    • the fry pwnr

      its funny how small they are. XD. *in a russion low voice* YOU ARE SO SMALL, IS FUNNY TO ME! *team fortres 2 referance*

    • ZincChloride

      OMG! That’s so sad DX They should have a place where all the “most-likely-never-to-be-adopted” pets can go or just be like “pet-employees” and such. Poor Steve ;3

  2. Ryufire

    Sooooo cute when they’re babies! I wish they remained that way forever :(

    • Zukio

      I do too, but then we would have missed out on the shenanigans that they pulled when they were older.

      • Fawkes

        Not really, they’d just be younger looking,

        • Ezhnopallaton

          But then No more King D:

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      But they are still cute now?

      • Zukio

        I think so!

      • Valerio

        absolutely so!

      • Maengun1256


    • Xane

      Someone needs to invent a Permanent Puppy. Current attempts like the Klee Kai and the teacup Yorkie definitely didn’t work out as well as hoped. Cute (some of them anyway) but still not PermaPup.

      • Gabi

        Wouldn’t PermaPup mean perma-break all the pillows, shoes, furniture and everything at reach, and wet the floors, and all those nasty things pups do until they grow up?

        • Xane

          They have to freeze right at that magical point when they’re housebroken and moderately well trained, but still soft and fuzzy. I’m willing to lose a few slippers to chewing in exchange for it! :D

      • Frank

        They exist. Breeds created to retain puppy-like behavior and appearance even when grown up. I think they call them “toy dogs”

        • Maengun1256

          Yeah my parents have a Min. Toy, tea cup Chiwawa (spelt wrong I know and don’t care) she’s 13yrs old human yrs and she still acts like a puppy and for the most part still looks it

    • Critter Rhode

      Now just think how cute a puppy version of King would look.

      • mcfish

        I cant. Whenever I do I faint of adorableness. Watch, *faints*

    • deathcloak

      but they can since they are drawings and you can keep them looking that way forever and ever and ever and ever and ever

    • Maengun1256

      Way way way to cute, and I love grapes facial expresion in both the first and last panel :) so angry for being woken up better get used to it Princess lmao

  3. Fawkes

    Puppies and Kitties and cages! OH MY!

    • Ryufire

      Oh Happy Joy! :P

  4. rallyjr


  5. Zukio

    Peanut’s Manic Energy sounds fun!

    • Ryufire

      It sure does :)

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Only because we didn’t have to live with it.

      • McFly

        This is so true, it hurts…

      • Valerio

        I can handle that. handled many pups and kittens in my life. :D

    • Valerio

      he sounds fun, looks fun, acts fun…
      *instant adopt*

      • Zukio

        I would do this too if I could.

    • Xane

      Housepets Energy Drinks! New flavors include Manic Peanut, Hyper Kevin, and Ferocious Grape!

      • Akai

        And for a limited time only, Mystery Mr. Bigglesworth! If you can guess the flavor, win a prize! See contest rules for details.*
        *Contest rules are not displayed anywhere convenient and the odds of you winning are so small, you might as well not participate.

      • Rick Griffin
        • Xane

          Hah. I was thinking more of her propensity for violence but irrational is funnier. I guess that means it wouldn’t actually be grape flavored!

          • Zukio

            I think if you dump a lot of sugar into a Grape flavored drink it could make you irrational.

          • mcfish

            No, it would be different every time, the ultimate irrational drink!

        • dave

          Making reference to an alt text that is over a year old… bravo, I say

        • Keldor

          That doesn’t work — Irrational Grape is a new flavor, and this is a distant flashback! Unless it’s a relaunch? Hmm…

        • Maengun1256

          Well at least no one got physically chucked outa this one :)

          • Keldor

            …at least not yet…

      • Zukio

        The second Batch could include Mystic Tarot, Mischievous Max, Shocking Bino, Insane Tiger!
        Now I just wonder about the flavors.

        • Xane

          Bitter Bino, more likely. Don’t know about the others, but Tarot would probably be lime flavored. All that green and all.

          • mcfish

            Tiger would be orange just to be a jerk, Max… chocolate? And yeah, bitter apple for Bino

          • Keldor

            Chocolate is much too sweet a flavor for Max. He’d be licourish or something… Actually, that would be a good flavor for Sabrina too.

        • Project Tyrasa

          Don’t forget the mango marvin, rootbeer ralph, and dynamite daryl flavors.

          • Project Tyrasa

            Oh and double daisy.

          • mcfish

            Yes, licourice.. and I get this odd feeling that sabrina is a lemon or a sort of blue-ish.

    • efhosci

      Gasp…we’ve discovered the unifying force of nature! Peanut’s maniac energy is the solution!

    • Maengun1256

      No idea wut ur talkin about :p

  6. Dontlookmenaked

    I… Just feel sad now (poor Steve) :(

    • Ryufire

      I wander what’s happening with Steve till this day?

      • Maengun1256

        Prob still waiting :( poor guy

        • Maengun1256

          Its okay ill bring steve home with me

          • mcfish

            He is probably very very old by now, he was an adult when Grape and Peanut were babies. *gasps * he could be dead!

          • Zukio

            Actually their lifespans are longer in the comic than they are in the real world, so Steve could still be alive.

          • Maengun1256

            He’s still alive and iam goin to bring him to his forever home :)

    • Jared

      I will take Steve home! A grey cat with an eye patch? Yes Please! He’ll be my first mate in the pirate ship I call life!… Or my small one bedroom apartment :(

      • Valerio

        Now I NEED to do write something with Steve!

    • Xane

      Yeah, I think a lot of cats and dogs in the real world probably feel the same way. Any day now! Any day and mom and dad will be back and love me again! I was a good dog, wasn’t I!? They’ll be back, I’m sure! :(

      Is he a cat or a dog? He looks kind of catty but also looks like he has a cold wet dognose. Actually he kind of looks more like one of the wolves.

      • Valerio

        Assuming the pound is divided in ‘cats’ and ‘dogs’ sections, and that peanut got to try to know all dogs present, it is safe to assume that now he ventured in the ‘cats’ section.
        hence, Steve = cat

        • Draven

          I think his ears and tail (the bit of it) say cat more than being cell neighbors with Grape.

          • Xane

            Yeah, especially now that I notice the tail is long. Housepets! cats have very fluffy tails, even the shorthair breeds look like they have snowleopard tails. So fluffeh!

  7. volkoseba

    Schmaltzy? How’s that for a kitten’s vocabulary…

    • Barker

      Not to mention a 2 year old’s.

    • Valerio

      That’s GRAPE for ya!

    • roguebfl

      That’s settles it Grape’s original owner was Druish Princess ;)

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        Funny, she doesn’t look Druish!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It’s the Calvin effect.

    • mcfish

      What does schmaltzy even mean?

      • volkoseba

        Excessively sentimental.

        • mcfish

          Ah.. where’d she learn that? Delusional Steve?

  8. McFly

    Looks an awful lot like Rockstar Hawk with that eyepatch.

  9. IceKitsune

    lol poor Steve.

  10. rallyjr

    and for all of you that are on your phones
    Alt Text : “Coincidentally, Delusional Steve’s former owners were used car salesmen”

    • Vladimir Zharkov

      The prices are, c-c-CRAZY!

      • Valerio

        one internet and one cookie for you, sir!

    • mcfish

      Thanks heaps! Kindles don’t have alt text (slight brag)

    • Maengun1256

      Thank you know all the used car salesman jokes make sense lol

  11. Dontlookmenaked

    Gosh, I just keep reading this :o

  12. leaffly

    Poor Grape! Back then she didn’t understand much about how much the “owners”(parents) love Peanut! POOR GRAPE! SO YOUNG!

    • Maengun1256

      She also didn’t relize that this day would change her forever (she will never again get a solid nap) :)

      • mcfish

        No, didn’t she nap once for 2days straight?

        • Maengun1256

          Well if she did it was a rare thing

  13. The Wolf Kin

    Goodness, they are so much cuter as youngsters. The same expressions on little kid heads and bodies make the expressions just so much more effective and hilarious,

  14. xhunterko

    Yep. Classic Grape.

  15. Draegwolf

    Kitten Grape would make an adorable plushie…manic energy XD

    • Phantom Tails

      I’d like myself BOTH kitten Grape and puppy Peanut plushie.

  16. KJOokami

    The three S’s’s’s’s’s: Stupid, schmaltzy, and Steve.

    • kingisawsome

      don’t forget stray, seized, or surrendered to fill all S’s’s’s’s’s

      • volkoseba

        Sibling, someone?

        • volkoseba


  17. Vlad the Cat

    Aw, both are still looking cute but im sad about Steve a bit now

  18. SleepySandMan

    Even as a puppy Peanut’s neck is still buff.
    *head exploded form the cuteness of it all*

    • Xane

      Unlike Bino’s :D

    • SamBlob

      Well, at least it’s better than having your head explode with dark forebodings….

  19. Randomextra

    Aww so cute. And thanks rallyjr for alt text

  20. Faved

    Kitty Grape! (Again)

  21. regularbird

    And here I thought Grape had previous owners because of her older name o3o

    • TheBrigeedaRocks

      Oh, I’m sure she had owners at some point but I doubt they were that nice if she’s in a pound and doesn’t like the idea of owners being “mom” and “dad”.

      Er, not to state the obvious of course.

    • Rick Griffin

      Shelters usually name the pets they take in if they don’t have one

      • IceKitsune

        So I guess she was a Stray then?

    • IceKitsune

      We don’t know if she was a Stray or not actually. She just means She doesn’t have an owner now. Since she had a name I would assume she was Surrendered or Seized. (Going with Surrendered myself since she hates calling owners Mom and Dad) I guess it could be a Shelter Name though.

    • Valerio

      Grape once stated to Mrs. sandwich she didn’t want to feel abandoned again.
      Possibly, she was given to the shelter as a kitten from her previous owners

      • Maark30

        Grape’s previous owner might have been animal show people and something in her was not good enough to be in show so they abandoned her (which could explain the original name and the hatred (or lack of understanding) of the ‘parent’ position) or she had a “Crazy Cat Lady” and something happened to her. Both of those would leave a heavy mark on the poor girl.

      • Keldor

        Or perhaps she was born a stray and her mother abandoned her.

        • IceKitsune

          I’m sure we will find out before then end of this arc which it is.

    • River_Dragon

      Poor Grape; she was so upset about being collarless. No collar, no id.

      • volkoseba

        Naked with strangers walking by every day.

  22. Phantom Tails

    You mad cuz you bad? :3

  23. FoxBlood35000

    Yay maniac energy! I guess Grape saw that better then having to deal with delusional Steve. :p

  24. Valerio

    and when Peanut realized the truth about pounds, he’ll refuse to leave until grape comes with him!

  25. Vlad the Cat

    I wonder who is doing all of the photos (given that this is still the album Peanut is showing to Rez) O:

    • LoneHowler

      There is probably only one or two photos like Peanut and Grape standing togeter with the Sandwiches in the background holding the adoption papers. Peanut is reminiscing, telling a story and they are filling in with their imagination. As a trope it’s called a flashback

      • Vlad the Cat

        I know, that wasnt the point.. Oh well. x3

  26. Shirosune

    Why is that when I see kitten Grape saying schmaltzy it makes it so I hear her voice in my head as that of Yzma from Emperor’s New Grove after she’s been turned into a kitten?

    Also, Puppy Peanut reminds me of myself when I was a kid.

    …makes me feel a bit sorry for my parents.

    • Xane

      “Looking for thi… Is that my voice? Is that my voice!? …oh well!”

      • Zukio

        I love the end of the movie.

  27. Valerio

    kitten grape is MEGAcute when she’s angry!

  28. Vlad the Cat

    I want Grape’s face without the fence in the 4th panel, IT SO.. uh.. AWESOME !

    • spiritkitsune

      Come and get it.

  29. anon_omis

    Can someone please explain:

    1) how do you get car salesman out of Delusional Steve?

    2) the meaning of the word Grape used at the end of the second panel?

    • Vlad the Cat

      For the car seller thing: the Alt-Text. Some nice person posted it above

      • anon_omis

        My next question is could you explain what the Alt-text means?
        ((I know what it is, just not what the one in today’s strip means))

        • Zukio

          It’s kinda like CRAZY EDDIE’S CAR SALE!!! showing that Delusional Steve might be the way he is from living with car salespeople like this. This is just my guess at it though, I’m not completely sure either.

    • Zukio

      Schmaltzy-Of, relating to, or marked by excessive or maudlin sentimentality.

      • anon_omis

        If that’s what it means then I think she is using it wrong

        • Zukio

          No she’s using it right I think. She’s saying he’s overly attached to his owners or ‘parents’.

  30. Valerio

    Rick, a suggestion: Grape’s name tag should be ‘Princess Periwinkle’, IMO, since we’re referring to the shelter period. whaddayathink?

    • Keldor

      Hehe, yes, I second the motion!

    • Frank

      but what would that make Peanut’s tag be?

      • Valerio

        Still puppy peanut, since that was his name from the start

    • IceKitsune

      He could keep it Kitten Grape and put Princess Periwinkle in Quotes or Parentheses/Brackets next to it. I think that would be better.

  31. Fatalfox

    wow, you can tell Grape has really warmed up to him since then, they’re besties now.
    and poor delusional Steve, I’d honestly think they’d given him the shot by then (not like I’d want that)

    • River_Dragon

      It’s obviously a No-Kill Shelter–lucky for Steve.

  32. Firewolf

    Who’da Thunk Lil’ Grape would be so cynical o 3o

  33. Ozuan

    Aw, love at first sight. Heheh.

  34. reaperofuria

    just imagine there cute little voices ^_^

    • Frank

      Oh that’s right! I was imagining their grown-up voices. Fail!

      • reaperofuria

        i know right but when you really think ablut it what DO they sound like

      • Maengun1256

        Well really there still not grown up just yet, just a lil bit older ;)

  35. Corgiwolf

    Grape is channelling Angelica from Rugrats here. (That, or I’ve been watching that 90s Nick special on telly too much.)

    Also, her expression in the fourth panel is just…  so classic Grape. :3

    • River_Dragon

      There is no such thing as “too much ‘Rugrats.’” One of the best cartoons ever made–till they did that “Rugrats Grown-up” crap.

  36. gaboris

    Pessimist and naive. This chemistry was made BEFORE the time of time. :D

  37. Frank

    Hello, Grape? He just said maniac energy. Maybe you’d like to pay attention to that?

    • IceKitsune

      I’m really kind of wondering how he convinced her to come with him. Can’t wait to find that out.

    • kingisawsome

      now i don’t know if rick mistyped it or what but i see MANIC not MANIAC
      not yelling just had to put words in bold

      • Keldor

        I doubt it’s a typo – manic is a perfectly valid word for peanut. Mind you, both manic and manaic could possibly apply, depending on whether peanut had much sugar lately…

      • Val Kilmer Batman

        “Manic” is an adjective, “Maniac” is a noun.

        Further confusion: not all maniacs are manic, and not all manic people are maniacs.

      • Frank

        Collins English Dictionary lists maniac as an alternative for maniacal, and almost the same definition as manic (manic can also be used to “denote” mania, not just being afflicted by it).

        Strangely, no other dictionaries do.

  38. Argent Stonecutter

    Grape in panel 1 reminds me of King.

    • Keldor

      She does seem to have mastered King’s trademark expression, yes.

  39. Crackles

    Kitten Grape is such a boss. Also so cute when she’s angry.

  40. Lindseycrew

    This is exactly what I thought would happen

  41. Crackles

    Peanut is actually a bit taller than Grape in this comic. I think it’s a nice touch, emphasizes nicely the fact he’s older than her.

    • coyoteBR

      It also shows the hardships of life and the pound make her already more mature than Peanut, assuming he was always a pet. Hence the agressiveness.

      Plus, if you’re called “Princess Periwinkle”, you must be tough to survive. :p

  42. Val Kilmer Batman

    Delusional Steve’s line INSTANTLY made me think of Little Orphan Annie.

    Obviously he will be adopted by Mr. Warbucks and live happily ever after.

    Right, Rick? RIGHT?!

  43. SilentCobra

    I love the look on Grape’s face in the last panel! ROFLMFAO!

  44. drasingan

    Poor steave=(.

  45. Whitekitsune

    What a grumpy kitten.. You’d think she would jump at the chance to get out of there, even if it’s with some crazy pup like Peanut.

    • Valerio

      I don’t think getting abandoned would improve your mood… :?

    • Xane

      Maybe she’s been rejected enough times that she doesn’t get her hopes up anymore. At least we know this story has a happy ending, though Rick could pull some twist on us like her not being their first choice (though the fact that they’re about to head to another pound rules that out).

      Also she’s a cat! (so would that make her a sourpuss?) ;)

  46. Grip the Wolf

    All of us know somebody like Delusional Steve…

    • Draven

      And I you don’t, you are that somebody.

  47. phosphorus

    Grape reminds me of king right now

    • Camtheman16

      I agree. But she still didn’t say how she got there :3

  48. Baxtrr

    Schmaltz is a Yiddish word that originated from German. It means rendered fat, usually chicken fat, and is used in cooking to make food sinfully rich, delicious, and bad for you.

    These days it’s been appropriated to mean “overdone, sappy, and needlessly sentimental”. The word is coming back into vogue, since no one remembers what “saccharine” is any more. :)

    • Keldor

      “Saccharine” emphasizes the sappy sweetness part more, since it’s a varient of the chemical name for common sugar.

      • Baxtrr

        Well, if you’re going to be pedantic, saccharine is actually not sugar at all, it’s an artificial sweetener, which is why the adjective “saccharine” has implied overtones of fakery. But never let pedantry get in the way of a good punchline. Or as a friend of mine once said, “Actually, ‘pedant’ isn’t a verb.”

  49. Tattorack

    Grape! Hardcore from the start!

    • spiritkitsune

      She just needs a hug.

      • Zukio

        I’m pretty sure Peanut wants to hug her if he can.

      • Draven

        Don’t we all?

      • Maengun1256

        *hugs for grape* *hugs for steve* *hugs for peanut*

        • Maengun1256

          You know what HUGS FOR EVERYBODY!!!!

  50. Renkun

    Somehow it looks like the father of the pack of wolves, has not one of the small, so a similar eyepatch?

  51. Lionbone

    Am i the only one who had an urge to hug Delusional Steve?

    • Valerio

      *raises paw*

    • Vlad the Cat

      *raises paw* and the two little ones aswell obviously

  52. Tom Flapwell

    Peanut had owners but no collar then?

    • Indagare

      He escaped his collar in the last comic.

    • Foxstar

      He slipped out of his collar last comic.

    • Maengun1256


  53. Z24

    I bet all the pound is cheering for hsi escape

  54. megaman64

    wow no Kitten Grape gravatars yet.

    • camtheman16

      This suprises me as well….Perhaps puppy Peanut is more cute?

  55. 1boredcanadian

    Wow she act’s almost the same now as she does in the future…I mean now…I mean…er…um…OUCH! Time travel and flashbacks make my head hurt…

    • Frank

      “The main problem with time travel is not the possibility of killing your own grandfather, but simply one of grammar”
      –Douglas Adams

  56. thefirstonethere

    soooooo was she stray, seized, or surrendered.

    • Valerio

      surrendered is the most probable option. She’s still got an issue about feeling abandoned.

  57. Zaitsev

    Adopt the G.R.A.P.E.
    1234, fight!
    Stick to the P.E.A.N.U.T.
    Get ready to ignite
    You were just a P.E.T.
    Catching all the lights
    Just easy as A.B.C
    That’s how we make it right
    (sorry if you don’t get it, had to change more around than what I had in my head)

    • Zaitsev

      Oh man I just realized I didn’t point out the reference, its the song D.A.N.C.E. by Justice…lol

  58. phosphorus

    i wish he’d make a subcomic were all the housepets were babies, not like in the past, but if they were all babies now, like a alternite reality or something

  59. thefirstonethere

    bring on the mauling from Mrs. sandwich!

  60. Parry

    Of all the names you could have used, you HAD to use STEVE?!?!?!?!?!

    • Indagare

      There is a one Steve limit.

  61. Kuro Fox

    Anyone remember that Peanut didn’t know Grape was a girl untill much, much, much, MUCH later?

    Just pointing that out to crush all the thoughts of “let’s make them a couple as kids!”

    • camtheman16

      Good idea! We wouldn’t want to break canon now would we? WOULD WE?

      • Kuro Fox

        No we would not.

        And “Knee Capper” here makes sure of it.

  62. Maengun1256

    Ok Rick 2 questions, when can we start putting in orders for plushies and 2 what is Earl Sandwich’s wifes name?

  63. Argent Stonecutter

    Good thing Peanut’s smarter (or less sarcastic) than Bailey. Or else:

    “Hi, my name is Peanut! What’s your name?”

    “Get back in your cage you stupid dog!”

    “That’s a funny name for a cat!”

    • Zaitsev

      “nice to meet you, stupid dog”

      • spiritkitsune

        No no, it’s get back to your cage.

        • Zaitsev

          That’s her first name

  64. MrMutt

    wow. Took me a day to figure out the stupid nagging “What the heck is s’s’s’s. . . . .s’?” That’s just mean on my poor little mind.

    p.s. s’s’s’s . . . . s’ is for Stray Seized or Surrendered ….. and Steve.
    p.p.s. Now, don’t break my mind if I’m wrong. :)

  65. Maengun1256

    Such an angry lil putty tat, Dawwwwwwww its so cute

  66. Russiarules1

    Drake & Josh.
    Enough said.

  67. Camtheman16

    Wonder if he’ll post tomorrow…

    • Dissension

      Who’s “he,” if you don’t mind my asking?

      • Camtheman16

        Idk im crazy by now…But I was thinking Rick :3

        • Dissension

          In that case, the comic updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Midnight Central Time (GMT – 6).

          • Camtheman16

            Ever hear of a schedule change? :3

  68. LoneWolf

    This is a really disturbing arc.

    • IceKitsune

      How so? Its very cute IMO.

      • Zukio

        It might be the cutest thing I have ever seen…
        *Eyes are glazing over*

  69. storm

    aww grape is so cute as a kitten but why is there no gravitar of her yet?