Hey!  I am now entering the shirt.woot derby! How about you vote for this?  Remember, to vote on shirt.woot you have to have purchased a woot item beforehand.

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  1. metaecho

    It’s part of the ‘things that start with A’ derby? Neat idea.

  2. Frank

    “No, I’m not lost in Egypt right now. Whatever gave you that idea?”

  3. ShelbyAQD

    It took me a bit to realize what had happened there. XD I’d vote if I wasn’t so cheap!

  4. tm

    What creature is on lead of Anubis? I know, Egyptian god with crocodile head is Sobek, but hadn’t Sobek human body?

    • Rick Griffin

      No, it’s Ammit

      • Oren Otter

        Is that a god? Would that make him “god Ammit”?

        • Erkhyan

          … okay, I never even thought of that pun. But yeah, this is a divine creature named Ammit, the Devourer of Souls.

  5. Negarro Foxpaw

    Voted for! An interesting concept, too. Certainly caught Anubis’ attention there.

    Hopefully, theme (and shirt.woot submission guidelines) permitting, you could submit some comic-related designs to future derby runs!

  6. tahrey

    I went and looked and I couldn’t find it :(
    I don’t think I fully understand how that website works…

  7. Min

    I thought Ammut had a lion’s forequarters?