I’m moving my domain registration from GoDaddy to Joker, which may take a few hours to a few days. If the site goes dead for a little while, it’ll probably be because I didn’t update the DNS fast enough.

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  1. IceKitsune

    Ok then.

  2. yehoshua

    Good luck Rick!

  3. Lophiiformes

    Good luck!

  4. volkoseba

    SOPA gonna getchu! You made some pop-culture references somewhere, I’m sure of it!

    • Zukio

      Why so serious…?

      • volkoseba

        Do you know how I got these scars?

  5. Draven

    Because of the GoDaddy supports SOPA thing?

    • Rick Griffin

      GoDaddy has LOTS of PR problems, SOPA was pretty much an excuse to get out the door.

  6. zeroslash

    I guess this isn’t a joking matter.

  7. Kitch

    Personally I moved my stuff to Namecheap.