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Okay guys I am still not quite sure how I am going to handle this
From what I could estimate, there were about 25 or so sales of Book 2 before I corrected the misprint. Here is what I am going to do.
If you have a misprinted copy, please mail it to me. Contact [...]

The Frugal Wolf

Yup, the whole comic is currently on fire. I’ll throw sand on it or something and it’ll be up when it’s up, maybe 1-1/2 hours

Hey Guys! Christmas times are here again, so why don’t you buy a couple dozen copies of each book for your family? But wait, there’s more! Use one of these codes when you purchase on Createspace to get $2 off each book!
Book 1:
Book 2:
Use code: LST4JYZD
This deal will end on December 15

A Holiday Extravaganza