Filling Up The 2 a.m. Slots
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  1. Ryufire

    Our Peanut buddy YAHH!!!

  2. Wanderer

    New years. Everyone makes such a big deal about it -_-

    • Obsidian

      Everyone with friends, yeah! \o/

    • Valerio

      Because this time I am ABSOLUTELY sure this new year will be awesome!
      Or my money back

      • Argent Stonecutter

        How much you paying for new years? I keep hearing I’m getting ripped off.

        • Valerio

          I pay each new year with a year of my life.
          Just wait till I win this lawsuit…

          • Frank

            But that’s actually a good deal! It’s better than good, it’s –as Wanderer put it– big! You’re getting 365 days, and next year brings one extra day for free!

      • the fry pwnr


    • rallyjr

      i get to make a big fuss about it cause it’s also my B-day :)

      • Maengun1256

        Well then happy early birthday

      • the fry pwnr

        yeah happy b-day!=] *shoots confietie*

    • Draven

      Could you imagine if someone celebrated every moment like it was that split second when the clock changes?

      • Aenbr

        I would avoid that person the the utmost of my ability. Going as far as developing methods of teleportation and, if need be, dimensional travel.

  3. Lunyk

    To preserve your immortal soul, this comic will always update on time.


  4. Xane

    After that it’s an all-new episode of When Animals Eat Other Animals.

    • Lunyk

      I love that show!!

    • T-Squared

      Then after that, it’s a new revamping of a TV show that flopped in the first place! 8D

      • Zenaku

        And after that it’s a rather pointless marathon of shows people don’t watch anymore.

        • Molento

          Which is, of course, followed by the marathon of a good show that nobody is going to watch because they turned their tv off after that marathon.

        • AflacMan13

          Then Fat Albert followed by the Bill Cosby Show.

          • the fry pwnr

            what ever happened to ”bill nye the science guy”? that was kinda funny befor my elementery sckool started showing it during science.

          • Maengun1256

            I used to love watching Bill Nye wen I was a kid every once in a while ill still go on youtube and watch it lol

    • Argent Stonecutter

      You know, nature shows in the HP! universe would be… different. I can’t see Steve Irwin getting away with poking the likes of Miles with a sharp stick.

      • Draven

        I don’t remember his sticks being sharp.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        “This ‘ere’s one of the most dangerous animals in Australia, if you get bit by one of these, you better have antivenom handy. At this time of day ‘es napping, so let’s give ‘im a poke…”


        “Crikey, lost another stuntman.”

  5. volkoseba

    I wish my TV would shut itself off before a program like that came on…

    • Robin Bobcat

      Really? Mine does. Though for some reason it refuses to turn on at all these days.

      • AflacMan13

        A remote through the screen will do that sometimes.

        • the fry pwnr

          wait what? why would you do that aflacman13. that is so violent…. I LIKE IT!

  6. IceKitsune

    Yay Peanut! What game is he playing?

    • T-Squared

      Maybe he’s learning a new language? XD

    • YoyoDude

      Solotarobo probably.

      • YoyoDude


      • IceKitsune

        Yeah its most likely that.

        • Koranos

          great game that

        • The_Rippy_One

          I am also enjoying it. Good taste Peanut. He probably enjoys the romantic sub-plot…

          • Lunyk

            Only if it involves cats.

          • The_Rippy_One

            It rather does :)

      • darkgloomie

        I bet when he gets about halfway through, he’ll be all “Hybrids? THIS. IS. MADNESS!!1!”

        and then King will, for some reason, feel his ears ringing.

      • BanditRingtail

        I know it is because I got that game for Christmas. =D It is awesome. Get it!

    • Dissension

      I’m thinking Solatorobo, for some reason. = P

    • Lunyk

      Mario? Zelda? Final Fantasy? Somehow I don’t think it’s Nintendogs…

      • jood580

        i think it would be Nintencats

        • Lunyk

          Poor Grape has competition… Those digital kitties have fwuffy necks… X3

      • Frank

        Nintendogs with Housepets! pets?

      • Bailey

        Its probably not Pokemon.

        • Frank

          Oh, I’d love to see how Pokémon would’ve resulted in the Housepets! Universe.
          “Pikachu, thunderbolt!”
          “Why? That doesn’t seem like the most–”
          *gets attacked*
          “Owwwww! You didn’t tell me to dodge! You’re supposed to tell me to dodge!”

    • JD

      It had better be Solatorobo.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        What is solatorobo?

        • The_Rippy_One

          An adventure game where you control a small mecha that can grab and toss stuff. It is fairly amusing. The characters are mostly anthro-canines and -felines. A high percentage of the voice work is, for no discernible reason, French. Or yelling. “Salute!” is how the main character starts most conversations.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Sounds like something for the next Tarot-powered Imaginating.

          • Therolyn

            Its one of the games that’s on my ‘might purchase’ list. Sadly however I yet to see it anywhere.

          • AlexBC

            The reason for the french is because its part of CyberConnect2’s little tail bronx series, and they fleshed out the story long before hand (the first game in the series being Tail Conserto). basically, they are speaking french because the Shepherd republic is basically this world’s France area. while the first game is set in the world’s England.

  7. senorpie7

    Ugh, that reminded me of that show called tiddler’s in tiaras. On another note, does peanut have a pap? :)

    • senorpie7

      …psp :/ sorry auto correction

    • McFly

      Looks like a DSi.

      • senorpie7


        • McFly

          It’s likely.

          • Peanut

            hey im back after my interwebz went down (not that u care…) i think its a 3ds although it can be a dsi note the lack of third cameras

          • Therolyn

            Its definitely not a 3DS that’s for sure. DSi sounds like the most obvious possibility.

    • anon_omis

      Its shows like that that make me hate people

      • Valerio

        it’s people who watch shows like that that make me hate them

        • anon_omis

          I didn’t say I do!

  8. Jjkronos

    Peanut got a new dsi and is playing solatorobo…sweet.

    • Jjkronos

      By the way, solatorobo rocks!

      • facade kitsune

        other than yes that was the best thing i got for Christmas this year
        it should be saying salué because solatorobo is based in the french speaking shepherds republic

        • The_Rippy_One

          I did not know that…That is actually really cool. Thanks!

      • gaboris

        Huh, looks interesting. Too bad my last GB was an SP. :P

        • Argent Stonecutter

          My last GB was a color, and the only one I still have is the original fat B&W one. I’m amazed they’re still selling GBs… what do they have over iThingies and Androids?

          • gaboris

            Why can’t I reply to this?

          • gaboris

            Seriously this is almost like YT where it never told me what’s wrong with my comment and just kept crying about not posting it… -_-”

          • gaboris

            Why is the word bu77on filtered? I actually had to revert to 1337 talk… -_-”

          • Argent Stonecutter

            The touchscreen mafia doesn’t like you talking about them.

          • gaboris

            I’m no afraid of no mafia. Bu77ons above ALL! :D

  9. 1boredcanadian

    I like some shows in that first category but it really has gotten out of hand quite badly. Thank goodness for web comics.

    • McFly

      You can say that again. ;)

      • Lunyk

        Thank goodness for webcomics!

        • Valerio

          thank goodness for Housepets!

    • anon_omis

      Agreed. everyone is trying to piggy back off of Deadliest Catch.

      • senorpie7

        Yeah, I have also noticed an abundance of shows on discovery like deadliest catch, only blown up and dramatic, instead of paying respect to those who work to make our lives better.

        • anon_omis

          There are people who do that?

  10. AuvaAkita

    TV Announcer: Hear We GO! 5…4…3…2…1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
    Peanut: *looks up from his GameBoy* Huh? What just happened?
    Grape: It’s the start of the New Year Peanut, last year is now history.
    Peanut: WHAT!? I Missed That!!! *pounty face*
    Grape: Don’t worry, this thing happens every year.

  11. Gatuno

    OMG!, Peanut has a new DSi

    I love it! and Peanut, of course

  12. Lindseycrew

    YAY! Peanuts back! Also….what channel talks about other shows from other channels?

    • RancidRabbit

      I think I’ve seen Nickelodeon commercials on Cartoon Network before.

      • anon_omis

        Some networks own more than one channel. I know Discovery has had TLC commercials on it

    • Frank

      Channels who are so desperate for money, they don’t care if they send viewers to the competition in the process?

      • The_Rippy_One

        Given the commercial (and shows) in question, that doesn’t seem like such a big worry…

      • senorpie7

        Well if a channel is that desperate, there is a possibility they could profit from the competition channel by advertising them. It is rare and dies not last long when it happens.

  13. hirple

    I think life would be better if TV announcers were a bit more like this. Instead of, “Up next, a gem of classic 50’s cinematic romance”, we’d get, “Up next, a vaguely racist 50’s B-movie with a plot that’s not worthy of an elementary school play – we’re only putting it on because it was cheap enough for the station to be able to afford it. But hey, it’s 3 in the morning, so what do you care?”

    • jood580

      i would like that

    • Lunyk

      Life would be much better that way.

    • rallyjr

      so we are all agree, TV should be like this

  14. Kajex, Sorcerer Supreme

    Hey, what about talking head news show? Sound bytes and political banter galore!

  15. Erkhyan

    Nom d’un chien! La classe!

  16. Eric

    If only TV advertising was that truthfully accurate! Haha!

  17. CannonFodder

    What ever happened to Keene?

    • Robin Bobcat

      Zookeepers just relabelled the exhibit ‘Rare Amazon Screeching Ferret’.

      • Therolyn

        I’d pay to see that exhibit

  18. Dan

    YAEH!!!! and were back to Peanut and Grape. Don’t get me wrong, I Love King and the wolves, but I think it’s about time we get back to our favorite cat & dog dueo. I was starting to miss them.

  19. Lophiiformes

    Coming up next, Pawn Masters!

    • Phantom Tails

      Pawn Stars perhaps?

      • 1boredcanadian

        Meanwhile in 8 Mile Detroit “Hey, we have a show like that!”

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Nah, Pawn Masters would be a competitive show based on the other side of the table, with teams fanning out through the city trying to get the best “loan” on their dodgy-looking “collateral”.

        • The_Rippy_One

          But that would put them into competition with “Fence Masters!” And those guys don’t need it – their still recovering from the bout with the lead from “Fencing Masters.” That was no proper way to resolve a trademark dispute…

      • senorpie7

        I like that show :)

  20. Valerio

    Peanut’s cuteness FTW (For The Waffles!)

    • WolfBrother

      mmm waffles…peanuts cuteness deserves all of them =3

      • Draven

        With extra syrup

  21. gaboris

    Come on I love Deadline occupation and Real stories of treasure hunters. Why make fun of them… OR if it was just fun with good shows then where’s Mr Grylls. :D

    Anyways those model things are still messed up so I agree on the last one. :/

  22. Kaleb

    If TV was that truthful I might actually start to watch it again… or not.

  23. SilverZeo

    ………. is that the one Simpsons TV that that encourage Homer to become a limo-driver?

    Gotta love the bluntness of it, even TV sick of itself… either shows suck now or we’re becoming old…

  24. Argent Stonecutter

    Time for Grape to turn the tables on Peanut here, that tummy is just asking for a cat attack.

    • Maengun1256

      Indeed yes he is

  25. Draven

    This calls into question every reason I THOUGHT I enjoyed Tv, and Christmas, and New Years.

  26. Lahi

    Hes finally back!

  27. Perfesser_Bear

    It’s so true. Trans-Holiday tube is awful. I think I’ll spend the weekend catching up on web comics, instead.

    I didn’t like Deadliest Catch when I saw the one-off documentary years ago, and I never watched the series. Now it seems to be the basis for so many ‘Reality’ shows it’s ridiculous. That’s happened to Ghost Hunters, too (spare me the ’scream and swear’ shows). What I’d really like to see is a show where the presenter worked a real job for three days or a whole week, learned to do it well enough to point out the hazards and pitfalls. Dirty Jobs is a good start, but I get the impression that host Mike Rowe is a little tired of it, and that will eventually transfer to the audience and bye-bye, show.

    And, say it with me kids: Stage Mommies from H…

  28. Kytan

    Quick peanut change it to sifi for the twilight zone marathon! Do it before it’s too late!

  29. Tendo

    Peanut playing on the DSi was cute, but the comic itself felt like it was trying a bit too hard to tell people what they already know about TV anyway, I mean, when you need an entire paragraph just to describe your satire…

  30. John Willow

    I wish all channels could have blunt voice overs like this, when i look at recent episodes of the simpsons i die inside, but sky has nothing bad to say about them which i am hoping is because they pay them not to have opinions.

    Here’s my own little spin on this strip.

    “And now on CNL (Canned Laughter Central), we bring you back to back episodes of Nine and a Half Beavers, a show which sets you up with a funny pilot just to dissapoint you for twenty more weeks. Then tonight at ten Charlie Sheen proves his bloated wallet yet lack of career choices in Junk Monkeys!”

  31. Muddypaws

    Welcome to NEW YEARS DAY… 105 day’s left until the Tax Man Cometh!

    • Maengun1256

      NO!!!!!!!!! Don’t remind me

  32. tigerbitten

    I LIVE for the New Years Twilight Zone marathon! XD

  33. FerreTrip

    …I gotta get Solatorobo. GOTTA.

    But yay for more sitting on the couch and ignoring the TV, wasting power! And nice DSi, Peanut. Guess he didn’t get a 3DS for Christmas?

  34. Tea Leaves

    What game is he playing?

    • overzen

      I’m 99% sure he’s playing “Sola to Robo: Red the Hunter.” I dare say it is probably the furriest video game out on the market right now. Oh, and it’s super fun! :D

  35. Kaorii

    New Years Only represents one thing to me: Another Year to be a proud cub fan…who hangs her head in shame come october :) It’s not a bloody big deal, it’s a lame holiday.

  36. Jakrummy

    I’m guessing Peanut doesn’t have a 3DS yet

  37. overzen

    YES! I have been having so much fun with Sola to Robo. Peanut should be Red for Halloween. :D

  38. ExtraCheese

    Is… Is that a DSi?

  39. WolfBrother

    wooo peanut! lol this strip made me laugh so hard. also i was wondering what game he was playing cause it said “salut”. thanks for clearing that up The_Rippy_One =)

  40. GainMerde

    Just went through the whole comic today…. but actually for about the third time by now. Well the last time was at least a year ago I think, so there was plenty new stuff…

  41. Maengun1256

    And next up we follow a bunch of Italians around and watch the argue

  42. Jesse James

    I didn’t really get it until I read the comments about how he was playing Solatorobo: Red the Hunter.

    Maybe I should get that game…

  43. Kurra

    Thank you for making commentaries like this Rick. Just, thank you. :3

  44. Tea Leaves


    • Dissension

      No, “Salut!”

    • Jesse James

      “Salut” means “hi” in French.

      It’s a very informal greeting, basically.

      … Or at least that’s what I recall from when I did French oh so many years ago in highschool.

      • WolfBrother

        yup. its what you would say to your close friends. its really more like “Hey” then “Hi” though in France its becoming more popular to say in semi-formal occasions. with most people though you would say “bonjour” in the morning, “bonsoir” in the evening, and “bon nuit” at night. Yes i know French ;P

  45. Profesor Rod

    In fact I’ll have a quad dose of ponies on January 1st.

    THANK YOU DK! :3

  46. the fry pwnr

    i don’t get it…. but i’ll geuss that it is funny, soooo…lolXD?

    • Tom Flapwell

      It’s pretty straightforward as a mockery of New Year’s TV marathons. *Too* straightforward if you ask me. I don’t care for “Mad TV”-style heavy-handed satire where the speakers seem to criticize themselves on purpose.

  47. any

    to me this is like a book so………….. I LOVE IT!!!

  48. rederci939

    Overproduced banter and fake subplots that would make a DISNEY sitcom roll it’s eyes!?!

    Please kill me now T_T

  49. Phosphorus

    i love how rick makes the comic both hilarious and clean
    something for everyone to enjoy and laugh to
    yeah, i just wish they made more stuff like it

  50. Maengun1256

    Can’t wait to ring in the New Year Housepet style :)

  51. wolf long fellow

    Happy New Year Houspets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. CheshireDCat

    This is how i shall spend my new year as well.

  53. Maengun1256

    Well I thought there would be a new strip up unless this is going to be the start of arc #50 which will be epic

    • Dissension

      The comic updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

      • Maengun1256

        That’s right, I should have known better, but it was wishful thinking lol

  54. TJC

    Salut? On the DS?
    Does somebody play Solatorobo 8D?

  55. KaiAdin

    OMG Solatorobo <3 hehe awesome game X3

  56. Billy MT

    How can you guys guess it’s Solatorobo by only a chintzy “salut”? XD

    BTW innit a bit late to play that? Solatorobo has been on since August. Today we play Mario Kart 7 and Fire emblem Sacred Stones :B


    • zeroslash

      Rick recently got it for Christmas. Plus, I heard the French language is used frequently in the game, but I don’t have the game to be sure.

      • Erkhyan

        All of the voice clips are in French. The main character’s standard greeting is “Salut!”

  57. Draven

    What about vaguely unrealistic survival show, or team of people trying to find ghosts? Not even shovin’ buddies?

  58. wolf long fellow

    you rippen on those types of shows?

  59. wolf long fellow

    just asking not a threat

  60. Maengun1256

    Goodluck on the Domain Transfer Rick Hope it goes smoothly for you and hopefully there will be min. down time

  61. Grip the Wolf

    I must have gone back in time to when Nintendo still made Gameboys! …or, the news anchor knows absolutely NOTHING about video games… so, probably the latter then.

  62. the fry pwnr

    ds. wow