Ring Out The New Year
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  1. Ryufire

    Grape is BACK!!! :D

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      And Max is losing consciousness.

      • valerio

        and l iz happy! :-)

      • GameCobra

        feathers flying about? Max is in heaven.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Looks more like paper.

          • GameCobra

            …actually, you’re right. I forgot about the book =(

          • the fry pwnr


    • senorpie7

      I must admit, it has been quite some time since we last saw these two!

      • gaboris

        Yeah I started forgetting that there’s actually a purple cat in the story. XD

    • the fry pwnr

      hey remember ” FOR THE LOVE OF MAX I WILL SUCK AN END OF A CANDY CANE AND STAB YOU WITH IT!”? this is what reminded me of it. that made me almost rofl.

    • the fry pwnr

      yes Grape is back… and now needs a medic for max…… oh well. XD

  2. volkoseba


  3. AuvaAkita


    • Zenaku

      Or a slow motion pillow fight!

      • t-bone

        now thats what im talking about aye…….but slow as

  4. IceKitsune

    lol that had to hurt.

  5. Zukio

    I’m guessing that hurt Max a lot.

    • Maengun1256

      yes i called it WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • the fry pwnr


  6. Zaitsev

    Took me a while, but ouch.

  7. SilverZeo

    Peanut: GRAPE! Someone stole all the outlines to everything that can be consider background in the house!

    • 2MK

      This isn’t animation, you know.

    • Ferousoxide

      I knew there was something up with that background that was different. I kinda like it XD

      • SilverZeo

        I think that is because they’re in focus, most of time, it a tight close up on the characters and everything in the background is blurred.

  8. Lindseycrew


  9. YoyoDude

    I remember the first time we used memory foam pillows for a pillow fight. It was pretty intense.

  10. Lindseycrew

    Also what’s contraband?

    • Zaitsev

      something barred by law/regulation
      generally something of ill repute. Can refer to outlawed substances/items
      like the use of chemical weapons in war.

      • Zukio

        It’s also something the Marquess of Queensberry would not like.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      New movie coming out next year.


  11. kyle m

    wow hehehe wasn’t expecting that. maxwell please remind me if i can ge tmyself turned into a dog not to have a pillow fight with memory foam pillows, atleast not without the proper head gear. Why can’t i find a malevolent entity, looking for someone to use as a pawn in there board game, what am i doing wrong “screams to the heavens” i hope the entities heard me.

    • River_Dragon

      You WANT to be transformed; that’s the problem. Joel was neither looking for nor expecting the transformation, and thus, he was chosen.

      Or–instead of looking for a MALEVOLENT entity, you should try looking for a BENEVOLENT entity. Either way, I think they’re in short supply all the way around.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      You’re the kind that goes around chasing embarrassed werewolves yelling “bite me”?

      • Tommyrazor

        Lol that actually sounds like something I’d randomly do. Then again I am also dumb enough to try to strap a zombie to a chair and force feed it cake.

        • Draven

          You too? I’ve always wondered if zombies like cake.

          • The_Rippy_One

            It’s cake, how could they not like it? And yes, that behavior distresses werewolves to no end…

          • Qin Ugimachi

            Bah! The cake is a lie!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            It’s not a sin to lie to zombies.

    • Frank

      You know, that would make a good story arc

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I wonder what werewolves are like in a world where the wolves are already humanoid. We know they have werewolf stories, from Peanut’s first reaction to Miles.

  12. 1boredcanadian

    But Grape is it as effective as Broom To Your Face?

  13. McFly

    Look at the bright side, at least it wasn’t a frying pan…

    • valerio

      yup. In fact, it was like a brick!

    • Zukio

      What degrees are allowed for those?

    • zachzemsen

      Perhaps it was hidden in the pillow…?

      • McFly

        Pssh. Like Grape would do that to her boyfriend. ;)

        • Zaitsev

          What if Peanut put it there to get Max out of the picture?

          • McFly

            That seems a little out of character, dontcha think?

          • IceKitsune

            I agree with McFly that would be rather out of character for Peanut.

          • Zaitsev

            or WOULD it?

          • gaboris

            Conspiracy theorist shippers? Oh my goodness what’s NEXT??? O_o”

          • Zukio

            So what type of shipping would this be called?
            Peanut X Frying Pan?

          • Lilaeris

            To be honest, I giggled mostly about the ‘out of the picture’ part

    • GameCobra

      Considering it’s a pillow strike from someone that he originally thought was not a girl, i’m sure he’s seeing more positives than negatives right now at least X3

    • Argent Stonecutter

      ♪ ♫ ♪ Always look on the bright side of life ♪ ♫

      • Zaitsev

        That song has led many a fool to their demise.
        It is a somber irony

  14. The Wolf Kin

    Hmm, I can see why Max would outlaw memory foam pillows. That stuff is dense.

  15. xhunterko

    What if it’s 59? Is 59 still okay?

    • WolfBrother

      yes 59 is still okay :D also YAY GRAPE IS BACK!!!! XD

      • Keldor

        59 is clearly below 60, and thus contraband. 60 should be alright, though, since it isn’t less than 60.

        • Zukio

          So 60.00001 is fair game?

          • gaboris

            I’m lost! What are you ppl talkin aboot? O_o”

          • Frank


          • gaboris

            Oh… okay it’s just weird for me to take 60 degrees as a humane temperature. XD

    • gaboris

      Oh and BTW why is the temperature important? Does memory foam get harder if it’s… cold… not hot? What kind of a temperature is 60F° again? -_-”

      • Tuctchone

        memory foam gets harder the colder it is so yes

        • Tuctchone

          it would be like whacking somebody in the head with a brick

          • Draven

            Or a pillow shaped cement block.

  16. rallyjr

    poor Max
    Alt Text: “Inform the Marquess of Queensberry”

    • AuvaAkita

      Someone needs to explain the alt text to me, i am lost.

      • River_Dragon

        From Wikipedia: The Marquess of Queensberry rules is a code of generally accepted rules in the sport of boxing. They were named so because John Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry publicly endorsed the code,[1] although they were written by a sportsman named John Graham Chambers. The code of rules on which modern boxing is based, the Queensberry rules were the first to mention gloves in boxing.[2] The Queensberry rules are intended for use in both professional and amateur boxing matches, thus separating it from the less popular American Fair Play Rules, which were strictly intended for amateur matches. In popular culture the term is sometimes used to refer to a sense of sportsmanship and fair play.

        (I know that some people disavow Wikipedia, but I have found it to be reasonably accurate for the most part.)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Because of his name, the Marquess of Queensberry got into a lot of fights as a kid, so came up with these rules about where people are allowed to hit him in self-defense. – apologies to Terry Pratchett.

  17. Molento

    Owch, also, this is the closest to the comic I’ve ever posted- I feel an empty sense of fulfillment :D

    • t-bone

      true aye

  18. FantasticMrWolf

    Those pillows are so comfy, but so very painful in a fight! XD

    • the fry pwnr

      i got hit by my baby cosin with that same type of pillow, the funny part is when it happened i was asleep.XD…….. after that i cased him down the street for that.

  19. Keldor

    Ring out the new year. I take it the ringing part is the type of ringing that your ears do?

    • Kohaku Nightfang

      I think it was a reference to a boxing ring since the alt text has to do with boxing

  20. valerio

    Now, THAT’S a good way to start the new year, woot!

  21. Lophiiformes

    Gotta be careful of those memory foam pillows. They can bite!

  22. jood580

    BOOM pillow to your face!!!

  23. gaboris

    BAH! Max just can’t take a beating, I got way bigger hits from my ex while playing. :D

    • t-bone

      yeah nice one buddah

  24. Frank

    I’ve never had one of those pillows. Now I know not to get one! thanks!

  25. malinik

    first one of peanut and grape in a whiel now i like it

  26. GameCobra

    Poor Max. But look on the bright side: You can consider it a love tap from Grape <3

    • t-bone

      now thats my kind of love tap nice one buddah

  27. Valerio

    Maxie got pink pads.
    That’s friggin’ cute!

    • Frank

      Um, all cats have pink pads. At least in this comic

      • Valerio

        yup, true. I’m used to think of RL cats.
        But still, on Max the pink pads are even cuter.

  28. GameCobra

    Next Comic: Tarot is flung out of the room because Peanut left a copy of “Gone with the Wind” in his room unattended.

    Peaceful Family indeed.

  29. Perfesser_Bear

    Owie — those things were designed to adjust slowly, not instantly. They won’t wrap comfortably around one’s noggin on impact, instead expending their energy more like, say, a sack of spuds. I haven’t tested one yet, but I can imagine the effect is not improved as the thermometer goes down. My condolences to Max!

  30. Draven

    Regardless of the pillow, that must have been some hit to knock Mac back like that.

    • Draven


  31. microbuss

    the memory foam or Temperpudic matresses are easier to move if they are FROZEN LOL

  32. Acey Winters


  33. 1boredcanadian

    We already have “broom to your face” and “frying pan” what do we call this new attack?

  34. Kohaku Nightfang

    Poor Maxie. Well I’m glad Grape and Max are back. Now all we need is some Peanut and Tarot.

    • Zukio

      Yeah, but I don’t think Peanut would hit Tarot with a pillow like that.

      • Chazmeister242

        I think Tarot would see it coming, dodge it, then let the pillow come back and hit him in the face for even THINKING of hitting a female….just sayin!!!

        • Zukio

          My thoughts exactly!

          • Maengun1256

            Ready to “Take over the world” team pup

      • GameCobra

        Or Tarot unexpectedly uses her powers on one of Peanut’s possessions and sends herself flying.

        Hey, it’s possible. Not that i would like to see Tarot hurt, but in a comical sense, i think it would be cute X3

    • Crackles

      Peanut and Tarot? Dude, they’re offpanel relationship.

  35. Russiarules1

    I still don’t get it…

    • Zaitsev

      Memory foam gets tougher/more solid when the temperature lowers
      the alt text references guidelines for amateur and professional boxing.

  36. TheRen

    I was really hoping we’d hear more from Grape, Peanut, and the rest of those guys! I started to miss them quite a bit.

  37. Phosphorus

    Anyone notice how adorable grape looks and also, what about karishad? There has to be some bigger arc including him considering he has keenes collar.

  38. Sansash

    I always love these full frame comics. :)

  39. Tara

    Aw, Max’s big paws are so cute. :3

  40. efhosci

    When Grape’s in a pillow fight,
    you can bet that her ammo’s not light.
    It feels like a brick,
    and unless you’re quick,
    the damage will be more than slight!

  41. Kurra

    Hey, nice change to no outline backgrounding. :}

  42. Hoheh

    Soft things, when cold enough, stop being soft.

  43. FerreTrip

    Mmmmmm, physics…or is that blood?

  44. Draven

    Genuine remorse, an unusual look on Grape.

  45. Firewolf

    LOL Oh those COMFORTABLE pillows X3 just like a cloud!

  46. the fry pwnr

    if you dump it in water and freze it, you can use it like a slide. XD