This Was About Christmas?

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  1. Zukio

    Yay Wolf Christmas is amazing!!!

    • avan

      hehe, and worth the wait ^.^

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      The gang’s all here!

      • Tynach

        Except Keene.

        • Zukio

          He’s enjoying it with some new company.

  2. Dissension

    Poncho’s got the sheep!

    Also, poor Keene!

    • Zukio

      All the pup’s want the sheep! Much fun can be had from one stuffed animal!

      • Dissension

        Indeed, yes, while simultaneously learning a lesson about teamwork in stalking prey and how to move and react as a pack.

        Alternately, it’s “every man for himself!” = P

        • Zukio

          I think it might be the 2nd option.
          Who want’s to learn on Christmas?

          • gaboris

            Oh believe me the wild life knows how to make learning enjoyable for kids so they don’ even notice that tehy’re learning… otherwise they’d never learn anything cuz they’re worse then humans. XD

  3. IceKitsune

    Yay! The whole Pack in one shot! People are going to want the middle as a wallpaper for sure.

    • Zukio

      I agree to wanting that as a wallpaper!

      • Valerio


    • Lophiiformes

      Indeed they would.

      • WolfBrother

        i would love this as a wallpaper. =3

    • lightwolf21

      Working on it. X3

      • Zukio

        Thanks for the wallpaper, it’s awesome and I am using it right now!!!

  4. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    I like everything about the 5th panel.

    and the 6th is pretty good too.

  5. Trollman

    Woo-hoo! That’s awesome.
    Though I’m questioning how “Four Finger Discount” Jack can hang garlands. O_o

    • Zukio

      Sheer willpower and awesomeness of his part.

    • Trollman

      Not saying he can’t. it’s just a tad… odd.

    • Erkhyan

      I vote for “The Force”. Or was it “The Schwartz” again?

    • Valerio

      you never read Jerome K. Jerome, evidently…

    • Lophiiformes

      The Matrix

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Wolf sense?

    • Xane

      Not really that hard if he’s using tacks or broad headed nails, just push the tack in enough that it sticks, then let go and use the hammer to get it in the rest of the way. Also I’m sure he’s been without the arm long enough that he’s overcome most of the problems involved. Though Elaine doesn’t look quite so sure either.

      If he’s using regular nails, a wizard did it.

  6. IceKitsune

    One of the wolves (the one next to Snow and Rodney I believe is his name) looks either jealous or mad (or both)

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      Y U SO MAD, Natalie?

      • Valerio

        cuz them two relatives are stealing all the time under the mistletoe!
        ‘Like, guys? it’s my turn NOW!’

    • Zukio

      A love triangle? Future plot points are being built this day!

    • Therolyn

      I wonder if its due to what seems to be mistletoe above Snow And Rodney?

  7. Erkhyan

    « Again » ? Oh, my…

  8. AuvaAkita

    And Keene is STILL in there! XD

    I wonder if the other ferrets will miss him or not!

    • Zukio

      I have a feeling that if they have not noticed in a whole month, they probably don’t miss him.

      • Valerio

        Keene WHO?

  9. Lophiiformes

    “We should ourselves lucky as well”

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      I think you may have miss counted, Rick.
      I mean missed count.

  10. Valerio

    OK, too much epicness in the middle strip to focus on one single wolf.
    But them girls cuddling against their mates…SQUEEEEE!!! :D

  11. Souji

    “We should ourselves lucky”

    I think count is missing. Great strip as always, though. Happy Holidays!

  12. Valerio

    Oh, Rick, it’s NEVER too late for a christmas strip after christmas!
    This is the most awesome so far!

  13. Rick Griffin

    Hey guys, I know about the spelling mistake, but I can’t fix it until like tomorrow afternoon, so stop bothering me about it, okay?

    • Lophiiformes

      Meh, it’s Christmas. It’s a great strip, even with the typo.

    • AuvaAkita

      We shall bother you to the ends of the earth! Cuz you’re just That Awesome! ; -)

      • Zukio

        We could bother him with Christmas carols, just to be festive!

        • Lophiiformes

          “I despise you, Mister Grinch!”


        • Zukio

          All I want for Christmas, is Housepets!

          • Phantom Tails

            I was gonna say the same thing.

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      yes, sir. whatever you say.

    • gaboris

      Phew! Lucky I read this cuz I almost made a comment aboot it. :D

      • Caynine

        I know, same here! I was carefully to scan all comments. Still, it is a simple mistake and it doesn’t change the fact I love this comic! <3 Looking forward to a new year of them~

    • WolfBrother

      i didnt even notice the typo…oh well, its a simple mistake. keep it up Rick! you inspired me to pick myself up and start continuing the comic from my childhood. thanks a ton! =D

      • gaboris

        Interesting to hear that. Be sure to link it to your name if it gets on the net. :D

        • WolfBrother

          yeah no problem! it might be a while so just be patient lol. by the way its called “South of Nowhere!” and its an anthro comic similar to this one (thats what drew me to this comic in the first place) anyway i should have a site up for the comic within a few months :D

    • volkoseba

      We should ourselves lucky you even made the strip!

    • black fox

      theres a typo i dint notice well my grammer is hrabil so i cant tell the difrents good comic by the way also dont let pepol get to u

  14. Opdisk

    Who’s the wolf eating the candy canes?

    • Zukio

      My guess is Daryl or other Daryl, and he looks kinda fat…

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        Other Daryl. Dary’l’s the one with the Kwanzaa gear.

        • Valerio

          no, other Daryl is the one living permanently with Miles, as introduced to Peanut. Daryl is the eating-candy guy

          • Zukio

            But the tags agree with SRGNB right now, so are the tags mixed up?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I don’t think the tags are ordered based on the picture.

          • Zukio

            Yes but if you click them the Daryl tag leads to the Daryl introduced in “The Visitor’ Arc, while the other Daryl tag leads to the one recently introduced.

          • Dissension

            As seen [here], Rick switched Daryls on us. = P

          • Argent Stonecutter

            So where’s Bruce?

          • Zukio

            In the bat-cave?

    • xhunterko

      Candy? Read the box. Amazingly shaped ORNAMENTS. I hope he figures it out soon though!

      • John Willow

        i think it says “Amusingly”

  15. xhunterko

    Let me out…


    • Zukio

      Maybe later… If we feel like it…

      • Frank

        Or, quoting Shrek, “unless of course I can’t find you, or if I forget.”

        • WolfBrother

          wooo!…….Shrek rocks XD

          • WolfBrother

            wow sorry that had nothing to do with the comic…my bad. anyway i wonder how the time at the zoo will affect Keene, kind of like he comes out a different person. i dont know but i sure want to find out!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Well, apparently he came out as Karishad…

  16. Jesse James

    Cute comic.

    Been said already, but Four Finger Discount Jack hanging up the garlands is amusing to say the least.

    • AuvaAkita

      Don’t forget Uncle Deadeye who is hanging the decorations on the tree!

      • Zukio

        Doesn’t help when other Daryl eats them though.

  17. Elwood Blutarsky

    Looks like Natalie is jealous of Snow.

    • t-bone

      woah yeah she should be cus with looks like that she coul get any man she want’s.

  18. Zaitsev

    that middle strip has so much going on
    its amazing
    i need to lie down

    • Zaitsev

      also, in the strip with the zoo wolves chastising the miles’(?) pack
      Natalie is hugging Uncle Dead Eye
      why the jealousy in this one?

      • Zukio

        Uncle Dead Eye might just be her uncle or dad.
        They have similar fur color, but then again that’s not a good method to tell if they are directly related…

        • Zaitsev

          just a thought, a bit far fetched
          maybe she’s peeved because they’re hogging the mistletoe?

          • Zukio

            That is possible, but it leaves out the room for funny love triangles.

          • Zaitsev

            anyone else think Uncle Dead Eye’s shoulder drape thing would look better on Jack? Over his missing arm.

  19. BlueAnubis

    Alt text:
    And that’s how Equestria was made!

    • Dissension

      It is “and that’s the story of kwanzaa,” actually.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        I see no difference. : P

  20. t-bone

    yes fianaly snow is here! YES

  21. John Willow

    Joy to the world….the wolves shall sing!
    Let life…perplex…our king!
    The zoo it made us sickly, our bottoms really prickly
    Hey where the heck is Keeeeennnee…hey where the heck is Keeeennnneee….oh wheeeerrree…..oh wherrrreee….the heck is Keene!

    • t-bone


    • WolfBrother

      daaaang. that was awesome! u get a cookie *hands u a cookie* =)

  22. t-bone

    thank you rick and merry christmas to ya!

  23. gaboris

    Huh so this is the whole family… ya know when someone thinks aboot a number they tend to actually sense how small that number can really be. Since I first heard the pack has 15 members I kept thinking I won’t be able to remember all the faces and NOW I can almost recall their names without reading the tags… The brain is a weird thing. :P

    • Valerio

      that’s the power of awesome of this comic.
      And wolf awesomeness

      • Zukio

        Wolf Awesomeness Overcomes All!!!

  24. Firewolf

    LOL to the white wolf XD looks like she’s not taken yet and decides to curl up to him instead of he who is steamed XD Yay for pointless Background fun =D Merry Christmas Rick Griffin!

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      but that’s a female that is angry.

      • Firewolf

        How can u tell?

        • Dissension

          It’s possible if you compare the names in the tags with the visible wolves.

        • McFly

          The eyelashes, dude.

          • Firewolf

            Didn’t catch the lashes, they’re barely visible this time :P I’m usually the one to point em out XD oh well

  25. Kitch

    Who’s the one looking jealously(?) at Rodney and Snow?

    “Uhh, guys? That’s mistletoe. You’re supposed to be smooching.” :P

    • t-bone

      rodney is a verry lucky guy

      • Zaitsev

        I’d be jealous of Rodney right then.

        • t-bone

          good on ya mate! here i was thinking im the only one who’s into snow.

          • Zaitsev

            White fur and/or red eyes are among my favorites, she’s got both

          • Zaitsev

            its also why I took a liking to the great kitsune

        • t-bone

          same aye i hope snow’s going to be in more involved in housepets

    • rallyjr

      Natalie it the jealous look wolf…. i think

      • t-bone

        well with looks like snow’s she could get any man she want’s

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I think she would rather get a wolf.

          • Zaitsev

            Don’t think she would have much trouble with that either.

          • t-bone

            nah i don’t rekon she would…….but she’s into other wolf’s no doubt about it

  26. Vladimir Zharkov

    D’aaaaww that’s adorable

  27. t-bone


  28. FerreTrip

    Yay, triple strip! And yay, another wolf pack shot! And poor Keene, having to spend Christmas in the zoo. Hope y’all had a Merry Christmas!

  29. microbuss

    Well at least ONE isn’t naked XD
    Happy Holidays Rick ;-)

  30. twistedRin

    5th panel, ‘but i will admit, we should ourselves lucky as well’?

  31. FatalFox

    I’m always for more wolves!
    and king, I never thought I would even like him (considering his previous form and motives, but I love him now ^^
    happy holidays, everyone!

  32. lightwolf21

    Wait…how is…how does he plan to hammer in that nail? o.o

    • River_Dragon

      he could have had help hammering the nails in earlier. They wouldn’t be visible in the scene due to size, and then he would just have to loop the garland over the nails.

      Or he could be using push pins the same way–then he would only need the one hand.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        If the wall is soft enough and the nails have broad enough heads I can get it started with one hand like a thumbtack. And I’m nowhere as strong as a Housepets wolf.

    • River_Dragon

      Oh, never mind…just saw the hammer in Jack’s mouth. Heh…

  33. Tara

    The blind wolf is decorating the tree and the wolf with one arm is hanging the decorations on the walls. lol :p

    I wonder how in the heck he’s managed hammer in the nails.

  34. rallyjr

    Joy to the World , the Lord is co
    Would someone please gag him so we can get through this song

  35. SilverZeo

    “I’ll be home for Christmas… if only in my super fancy expensive helicopter…”

  36. Awad

    How does everyone know the names of all the wolves? I’ve been following this comic since before they showed up, and I have no clue who is who!

    • Zaitsev

      gotta watch the tags,
      got all their names.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      We’re just supernaturally observant!

  37. Lance

    Merry Christmas everyone! :3 thank you Rick for continuing to make an amazing comic that always brings a smile to my face no matter what mood I’m in or what I’m going though. you bring smiles to many, many faces. Thank You. :3

  38. Roadrunner

    Now it’s real happy christmas XD

  39. Anthromorphic Personification

    Wolves are such a proud race, I like the serious look on the wolf next to the conifer. Although you’d think King would look at little more cheerful for the families reunion since Mile’s outing…doesn’t ‘Joey’ have any family at all who miss him? I wonder if his ex-pets felt some remorse. Ah well, nevermind. Hope everyone’s enjoying their relaxing Monday

  40. brevex

    Heya Rick, love the comic followed it from start to finish x) Just something I noticed which I think is a typo, you wrote “we should ourselves lucky” I think there should be a “count” in there somewhere. It doesn’t bug me but you know for the printing and stuff it maybe a pain. Hope you had a great Christmas! On a side note if you have time ^^; I’m interested in why you chose the style you did for your comic as it’s very different to your dA work? I love both your personal dA style and the comic style, I just found it amazing that both came from one artist as they’re totally different.

    • Frank

      He said he was going to fix it when he gets a chance:

    • WolfBrother

      i thought the same thing too about his art. his dA art is much more “cartoon realism” this is just more comic like i guess. still awesome and much better then mine (i draw in a style really close to this comic—its kinda scary) but regardless i was shocked that is was drawn by him as well.

  41. GameCobra

    Merry Christmas everyone! *runs off with the crib*

    • Frank

      *sends Three Wise Men after him*

      Though now that you mention it, it doesn’t look like the wolves are doing that

      • Zukio

        Would have sent the Shepherds, but the wolves ate all the sheep…

        • Frank

          Oh, right. These are the kind of shepherds that will look all night for one missing sheep. Sounds like they’ll be gone for a while.

  42. Nikolai

    Wow, that “Karishad” dude from the zoo is a jerk. He leaves Keene there and no one can get him out? Kinda harsh.

    • Dissension

      Karishad: He has company, not like I left ‘im in the lion enclosure… sheesh, some people.

      • Zukio

        I wonder, how does Karishad spends his Christmas?

  43. matticus

    Do they really have the blind wolf hanging up Christmas lights?

    (if he isn’t blind sorry he just looks that way)

  44. Timet

    Is one of the females missing an arm as well or is it just me?

    • Dissension

      It’s just you. *holds up your arm* Want it back?

      • Zukio

        I would like it, one can never have too many hands, or arms for that matter…

        • WolfBrother

          or faces…..mmmmm faces ;D friendship is two friends munching on a well cooked face together—that is all.

          • Frank

            Having done a course in computer graphics, I shudder to think how many faces it would take to render that scene

          • Zukio

            I have a feeling that what will be under the Christmas tree next year will not be presents…

      • Timet

        ~steals arm back~ … you’re funny… not

  45. Lunyk

    Aww adorable wolfie couple curled up under mistletoe

  46. cesarinthewhitedragon

    I wonder if keene will learn his lesson :P

    • Maengun

      Fur like a day maybe :p

  47. Zaitsev

    Wait a second, both Elaine and Natalie are tagged in this strip and their introduction strip “From the Inside Out.” Who’s to say it isn’t Elaine fuming over Snow and Rodney?

    • Xane

      Rick said in the comments that Natalie was the smaller wolf clinging to Uncle Deadeye. Elaine is the one with the double earrings.

      • Zaitsev

        Ah…It seems trivial, I don’t know how much more we’ll be seeing of those two anyways.

        • Zukio

          We can only hope.
          A lot of hope….

  48. Maengun1256

    Ok I have to admit I came across this comic about 3 weeks ago and have been reading it almost non stop it seems like I can’t get enough of it, Love it, Keep up the Great work Rick and BTW hope your dog is doin fine.

    • Maengun1256

      Oh yeah and Happy Holidays to everyone out there

  49. Zaitsev

    I should mention this comic has placed a physical need within me, I get really, really down unless I can get some sort of housepets fix at least every 30 minutes.

    • Zaitsev

      not sure whether this is good or bad…

      • Zukio

        It’s a great thing!!!
        Unless, of course, you need to see a doctor because of it… Then it starts to get pretty bad…

        • Zaitsev

          I feel like I’m going to turn in my over-the-break work and get failed because all that can go through my mind is freaking housepets
          having friends over is getting awkward, I can’t think of talking about ANYTHING but housepets, and most of them aren’t too crazy about the “furry” scene, so I just have to sit there twiddling my thumbs till someone suggests something else.
          Totally worth it mind you.

          • WolfBrother

            wow man……ur just as crazy as i am! XD jk jk its all good bro, just chill when u have company thats what i do cause i’m working on my comic all the time and when i’m not, i’m thinking about Housepets! tis a harsh mistress, the world. oh well, i gotta get back to that crazy place called my thoughts. good luck! ;)

          • Zukio

            Do what I did…
            Strap them to a chair and force them to read and love it…
            Now all they talk about is Housepets!
            …And restraining orders…

        • Maengun1256

          I am right there with you I spent the last couple of weeks reading it and I can’t get enough of it ME WANTS MORE!!!! Lol

  50. Argent Stonecutter

    I wonder if Ponch asked the wolf gal from the zoo pack out.

    • Frank

      She could probably talk the zookeepers into letting her. But the zoo’s alpha wolf, now that’s another story

  51. Argent Stonecutter

    I wonder what Karishad did to tick off this bear?

    • Zukio

      Something lovably funny and painful.

  52. illeatyourself

    Wow. Not only is there a wolf missing his right arm and yet putting up tinsel with a hammer and nails, but there is also some ADORABLE furry romance going on on the right side of the middle panel. Why not make a side story for that pair? And is that guy behind them fuming because he didn’t get the girl? WHAT’S THEIR STORY!!? O.O

    • illeatyourself

      I honestly think that pair looks as if there is some sort of enormously romantic story behind their relationship and that it should become a side story for the comic.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      The pair is Snow and Rodney, as seen in the first of the two “wolves at the zoo” strips.

      That’s Natalie behind them. She’s the one who was holding on to Uncle Deadeye in her previous appearance in the second of the two strips.

      Click on their tags and all will be revealed.

  53. Maengun1256

    Is it midnight yet, I NEED MY FIX!!!!!

    • Zukio

      While waiting for your fix, you can reread the old comics.
      Not the same as a new one, but still effective.

      • Maengun1256

        Its not the same but I dont think I could ever get old of this, so yes your right very effective lol

        • Zukio

          Good, and I see that you changed your avatar to Darth Vader Sanchaz! Now all we need is a Deathax!

  54. Elwood Blutarsky

    And the moral of the story is “Be nice to your helicopter pilot or else karma will get you.”

  55. Elwood Blutarsky

    It’s pretty cool the Christmas arc always ends in the legendary ‘triple strip.’

  56. Zaitsev

    OK… either my roommate is secretly into housepets too, or I refreshed this page in my sleep.
    menne menne tacole satana satana

    • Maengun1256

      Well just bring it up to your roommate kind of non schalantly<— def spelt wrong lol i think never know unless u ask

      • Zaitsev

        That’s some risky business things like this comic (what they consider furry) are looked on like how bino looks on cat-lovers.
        I will report my findings on the morrow.

        • Maengun1256

          Well dont do it bluntly lol, but do keep us posted, we(I) would like to know how it goes over hopfully well, and not put an awkward feeling between you two just beat around the bush a lil bit

          • Zaitsev

            I walked up to them and brought up my computer was strangely refreshing pages when I was asleep, and that her computer was acting fine, she got it, should I use this evilly or as a way to be able to talk about it whenever I can’t/don’t post on here?

          • Maengun1256

            Well that would have to be up to you to decide what was her reaction wen u said something

          • Zukio

            And if she is interested in it, make her a bigger fan! Show her some of the cuter comics if she’s on the fence!

          • Zaitsev

            She seemed flustered and a little embarrassed, it took her a while but she realized that 1: not only was housepets open on my computer, but 2: I didn’t keep it up as some big thing, I don’t think I’ll tell anyone who doesn’t need to know, two people to talk about it is better than one.

          • Zukio

            So are you in the process of converting her to becoming a Housepets fan, or was she always one?

          • Maengun1256

            come on what chic doesnt like puppys she’ll love it

          • Zaitsev

            She seems interested, but I’m not going to push it, especially since we both know the other is furry now, and if anyone found out it would get painfully awkward, I did email her a few of my favorite arcs though.

          • Zukio

            And one last perk to making her a Housepets fan is for her next birthday or Christmas present you can get her one of the books! And then read it when she isn’t looking!

          • Zukio

            And one last thing you don’t have to be a furry to like this comic. A lot of my friends read this comic, and most of them are not furry. Housepets is awesome cause anyone can read it!

          • Maengun1256

            yes indeed

          • Zaitsev

            that is true, but people can and will assume so…

          • Zukio

            Anyway in the end we can all agree that Housepets is awesome, and that Wolf Christmas was great! I can’t wait to see the 50th arc!!!

          • Zaitsev

            oh snap that’s right! Completely slipped my mind

          • Maengun1256

            well Zaitsev all i can say is, dont push it to far with her cuz if she’s on the fence about it now she might jump off and run the other way, but on the other had you two could become the next Peanut and Grape lol ;)

  57. Maengun1256

    Ill be honest I had no idea about this stuff (furrys) until i was in rosemont attending a car show which just so happend to be right next door to the MFF this year and at first my thoughts were negative untill i started looking more into it needless to say next MFF I am going to make every atempt that i can to go and check it out

  58. 1boredcanadian

    Is it weird that this is almost exactly what my Christmas was like…except for the wolves…and someone stuck in a zoo…but other than that it’s the same. Just think of the wolves as people and you’ll get it.

  59. Lucky

    Does the wolf with the missing arm have a name? Hes somehow become my favorite character, and I love seeing him. >3<

  60. Sansash

    On the fifteenth day of Kwanzaa my true love gave to me… 15 wolves a’howling