This Was About Christmas

Sorry I don’t have the full thing today, but with Christmas falling on a Sunday AND me being on vacation (again), it’s just not the right environment for me to have a full three strips ready.  You’ll get all that good stuff on your normal update time.

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  1. Ryufire

    Merry Christmas Housepets! :D

    • Zarvain

      MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!! (And you as well, thank you! =P)
      Or whatever Holiday you are celebrating if not that, whatever it is hope you have a good one! =^.^=

  2. Zukio

    Yay Sneak Peak!!! And Merry Christmas!!!

    • t-bone

      and a merry christmas to you to and every one out there

      • spiritkitsune

        Frohe Weihnachten!!

  3. IceKitsune

    Can’t wait for Monday! This should be interesting. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  4. AleyxJ

    Why am I still up?! Merry Chriztanukaah guys!

  5. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night(whenever night comes around for you)

    I await the update with bated breath.

    • Zarvain

      Try eating some holiday mints to help deal with the sardines. =)

      • River_Dragon

        In that case, it would be “BAITED” breath =)…but I understand the sentiment.

  6. THEendOmega

    lol. @ King’s expression. Panels 1-everything.

  7. Avan

    Oh cool, preview comic today :D

  8. SilverZeo

    King:Miles… don’t move. There is an arrow by your arm…
    Mile: It’s just a visual gesture saying that I moved my arm…
    King: Yes, I know, but it looks very pointy… in a very cheap way….

  9. Quib

    merry christma-hana-ramadana-quanzica to you!!

  10. wolf long fellow


  11. wolf long fellow

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! everyone!!!!!

  12. The Typo Police

    The first speech bubble in the fourth panel is wonky; it looks like it should be “…especially since now it’s time to prepare for Christmas!”

    • Frank

      I’m going to go with “it being like “now is the time” or “the time is now”

  13. The Moon Howler

    Merry Christmas, Everyone!
    And Happy celebrations to the others! (sorry, not familiar with other’s celebrations)

  14. Valerio

    Yay for traditional sneak peek!
    And count on the wise wolf to know better! :D
    Buon Natale, Housepets!

  15. Valerio

    My, Miles and King surely look fat today…

    • Zarvain

      To much Christmas fudge equals to much Holiday pudge.

  16. Anthromorphic Personification

    Merry Crimbo All !!

    I wonder what happend to the Milton Ferret; ah but Miles, the practical-up-and-at-’em-onwards-and-upwards wolf…good for him! Someone put King in a ‘lil helpers costume he’s sooooo cute. :D

    • Keeshah

      Krene is spending xmas as a zoo ferret!

  17. Zaitsev

    Miles eyes seem to be going back and forth between blue and grey.

    • Frank

      Visual trickery… they’re never blue.

      • volkoseba

        And I’m never Frank.

  18. WyldKAT

    Now is time prepare for Christmas?

  19. t-bone

    i relly hope that snow wolf will be in the next one.

    • Zaitsev

      I think she’s cute.

      • t-bone

        high five!

  20. Jesse James

    I love Miles’ optimism!

  21. Phosphorus

    Hey looks like miles is taking over the father position for king

    • t-bone

      no for real?

  22. Valerio

    Featuring, Tony Danza!

  23. Phosphorus

    I hope king becomes the chrismas Angel ;)

  24. Wilford B. Wolf

    So… what happened to the ferret?

    • t-bone

      he’s been riden dirty (he’s in jail)

  25. GameCobra

    I don’t know what Kwanzaa is, but this comic enlightened me. <3

    Merry Christmas to everyone also. And hug someone.

  26. Lophiiformes

    Happy holidays everyone!

  27. John Willow

    You put that arrow in because King had to duck right?

    This arc was a lot briefer than i suspected it’d be but still fun to read. I hope Keene got out alright but it’d also be funny if this strip ended with a shot of him still being in the enclosure

  28. WolfBrother

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL. i said holidays cause it covers everyone ;D

    • Frank

      I do think the Zulu don’t traditionally celebrate any sort of holiday this time of year because it’s the drought season for them. So unfortunately no, not eveyone

      • volkoseba

        Don’t we blow things up in celebration during one of the driest months of the year here in America?

        • volkoseba

          What I mean to say is… what does weather have to do with wether or not there’s a holiday?

        • Zukio

          Yay Fireworks!!! Those are nice around this time of year too, mostly for New Year.

  29. Frank

    Aw, don’t worry Rick. This is beautiful!

  30. jood580

    i tiped this on my kindle. Happy Holidays!!!

  31. gaboris

    From Hungary with an evil grin.
    Boldog Karácsonyt és Kellemes Ünnepeket! ;)

  32. Dan the Buizel

    Merry christmas everyone

  33. rallyjr

    Merry Christmas ….or happy Dec 25

  34. AuvaAkita

    Can’t wait to see the full comic :3

  35. Zaitsev

    every day I wait is pure torture…

    • Zukio

      Patience is a virtue…
      That I lack.

      • AuvaAkita

        My patience lasts only until i can no longer keep my eyes open lol

        • Zaitsev

          the wait was well worth it.

  36. 1boredcanadian

    Better late than never on my part but, merry whatever-holiday-you-are-celebrating-in-your-home day! I think that covers everyone, right?

  37. illeatyourself

    Lol. Nice aphorism.