Not As Dirty As It Sounds

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  1. Lunyk


    • rtlstien

      And here I was thinking he wouldn’t do something sneaky or silly, but I should have known better.

      I bet Keene is thinking “I’d rather be on that blasted helicopter than here!”

      • Lunyk

        When would he ever NOT do something tricky?!

        • Barker

          He might decide to just watch a situation unfold if it was already hilarious enough…. But we’ve yet to see one and we read this comic so probably never.

          • Lunyk

            Will it ever be hilarious enough for Karishad? CAN it ever be?!

      • Zukio

        Kinda wondering if this will be an experience that will make Keene a better Ferret. If so, Karishad is like an Anti-Fairy God Mother…

        • rtlstien

          I’m sure Karishad is just going to wear Keene’s collar and pretend to be him. None of the humans will know he’s a phony since Keene gave away his ID and Credit Card.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            And what will he do with all that money and power?

          • Valerio

            Think nuke.
            BIG one.

          • Tensa Zangetsu

            This was stupid on his part
            Uh… I can’t think of something that comes to mind right away

        • Valerio

          Keen will buy out the zoo, reorganize the staff and give a free pass for the pack.
          AFTER putting the current staff in the jell-o cannon and using them for target practice instead of the squirrels…

          • Grip the Wolf

            And he will add a new feature to the Kangaroo exhibit: an interactive database containing every Kangaroo joke he has ever thought of. Also, there will be enough puns in that zoo to take up every single bit of storage space…. on a 9001 terabyte hard drive…

          • Valerio

            and HAL 9001 will run as manager

          • Grip the Wolf

            No. GLaDOS will be the manager. At the first sign of trouble, the offending parties will be dealt with using a deadly neurotoxin. The employees will not be given a salary, but will be allowed to live as well as receiving grief counseling. Also, there will be cake.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            The cake is a pie!

          • Zukio

            If the cake is a lie, is pie the truth?

  2. Xane

    It’s just a beanbag toss guys! Karishad keeps eating the beans on us though.

  3. Ryufire

    haha that’s funny! :P

  4. Zukio

    Hooray for Karishad!!! And amazing trick!!!

  5. senorpie7

    well he seems to be pretty bad at answering questions that for sure! =)

  6. Lunyk

    Naughty, naughty fox

  7. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    This may be my favorite strip. lol

  8. Nick (from HP!R)

    Hmmm, I’ve gotten the strange desire to install and play World in Conflict thanks to this strip… Why?

  9. Onemanarmy11

    Ahhhhhhh, karishad, you little troll you.

  10. SilverZeo


    WOnder what Keene feeling now. Rage? Humiliation to which he sees himself a lollipop sucker or donkey? Not so rich? Or the the advance feeling of nakedness without his collar?

  11. Dissension

    And thus, Kari escapes from the zoo…

    *laughs hysterically in anticipation*

    • Lunyk

      Dun dun dun DUN!!

      • Lunyk

        That’s supposed to be dramatic music FYI

    • Xane

      I thought he’s always sneaking out of the zoo anyway! I swear I saw him leaving outrageous puns all over the Interblag when nobody was looking. :lol:

      The way Rick draws him is so gosh-darned cute.

    • Frank

      Oh, I can definitely see why Miles would call that “the bad part”

      And isn’t it your birthday today?

      • Dissension

        Indeed, yes, though that’s of minimal relation to the comic. x3

        • WolfBrother

          HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! XD…….now that i have that out of the way, i wonder what Karishad is gonna do with his collar…i smell T. R. O. U. B. L. E. (this is a song referance by the way ;D)

  12. McFly

    You know what they say, a clean thief always makes a stainless steal.

  13. IceKitsune

    It really doesn’t make any sense at all that no one has heard of him. Hes a billionaire Ferret that lives in the same town/city as the Zoo. The only people that it makes sense that wouldn’t have heard of him is Karishad and maybe the Cashier.

    Anyone else like the Police and especially Animal Control are just apparently absolutely terrible at their jobs then.

    • Rick Griffin

      He didn’t say he never heard of him

      • IceKitsune

        Rick it shouldn’t have taken him that long to check the ID unless the time between panels is in the whole strip is like less then a minute.

    • Lunyk

      But all ferrets look EXACTLY THE SAME.

    • Zukio

      I think they may have heard of him, but they have probably never seen him, so they don’t know who he is at first. I think they all know the name but not the face.

    • Valerio

      ferrets: getting in troubles in a minute sharp since the dawn of time! :D

    • Matthew

      thats what i said well last comic i did

  14. Lunyk

    So, is Karishad just going to steal his identity? But wouldn’t it be hard for a fox to impersonate a ferret?

    • Zukio

      He just got the collar and not the tag, so he could just say that he misplaced the tag.

      • Lunyk


        But what would a collar alone do, except to get him out of the zoo?

        • Zukio

          Enough to allow more Karishad shenanigans.

          • Lunyk

            Ah, wonderful Karishad shenanigans…

    • Valerio

      you underestimate the power of KARISHAD!

    • Frank

      Definitely capable of identity theft

  15. Valerio

    …leave it to Karishad :D

    • McFly

      New t.v. show, perhaps?

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      “Who else but Karishad?”

    • Valerio

      1-2-3-4 Happy Fox…

    • Zukio

      The Karishad Zone!

    • darkgloomie

      “Everybody Loves Karishad!”

    • Valerio

      Karishad’s Anatomy

    • darkgloomie


    • Zukio

      Karishad Trek

    • valerio

      Karishad’s Flying Circus

    • darkgloomie

      Un Karishad al sole

      • Valerio

        you win, Sir!

  16. Crackles

    Oh snap, Keene got outplayed.

  17. SilverZeo

    That guy in the yellow scarf has a VERY dirty finger nail…

    • Zukio

      Could it be a torn nail?

    • Frank

      I think it’s just a bruise

  18. Lance

    haha…sneaky fox. I wonder what the fox is planning?

    • AuvaAkita

      I have a feeling he’s going to take over the zoo with that little collar there, or something that’ll cause major havoc X3

      • Grip the Wolf

        I think that “Karishad taking over the zoo” would be included in the general category of “Things Karishad might do that will cause major havoc.”

  19. AuvaAkita


    Karishad saw his opportunity and took it…BIG TIME!!!!

    I love Karishad XD

    • Zukio

      Everyone loves Karishad! Except maybe Keene right now…

      • AuvaAkita

        Keene isn’t very keen on his surroundings right now, he’ll have to get back to you later. XD

      • Valerio

        Keene must be considering a new pair of furcoat slippers right now.

        • Zukio

          Hopefully not fox fur…

  20. RancidRabbit

    The need for ID in some places. You think they’d recognize the bossy ferret. XP

  21. Sonic Fox

    Wonder what Karishad’s motive is. You know, other than being annoying.

    • Valerio

      The question that answer itself…

      • Keldor

        Just like Max, only worse. Stranger too.

  22. Evil_Pie

    Why do I have Don Knotts saying the cornhole part in my head?

    • anon_omis

      Crap now I do too!!

  23. Roadrunner

    lol it’s so funny haha

  24. Vorpal Dragon

    Either Karishad is going to buy the zoo, with the ferret’s money, or, Keene is going to sue the zoo until he owns it. Either way, Karishad is awesome!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Or the ferrets are about to lose all their money? Given they do occasionally do good with that seems unlikely.

  25. Elwood Blutarsky

    What’s cornhole? Do I want to know?

    • Muddypaws

      Anything like “Shoots and Ladders”?

    • Valerio

      A game born in germany, it was done with rocks. You get a rock, you throw it in a hole placed at a certain distance.
      Then someone thought of replacing the rocks with bags filled with a pound of corn. And then the game got exported into US as ‘Cornhole’
      It is played in Italy with the same name as well.

  26. Muddypaws

    I’m sorry Mr. Milton, but your CARD has been DECLINED!

  27. xhunterko

    Aaaand now the lawyers will be called.

    • Valerio

      LOL, if the manager thoughts a single ferret could stir trouble, imagine the other 5…

  28. D.Z.

    I went to college. I was in a frat. I went to tailgates. So I know what cornhole is.

    Still, Rick, that was a deliberate choice of word and you are SUCH a troll. :p

  29. Sevin


  30. silentwolfxiii

    Like i said, hammering in a nail with a sledgehammer. . .

  31. Firewolf

    What the where did the fox come from!? XD

  32. Ryufire

    Smiling faces tell lies do they? o.0

    • anon_omis

      Yeah, they don’t tell the truth.

      (can you dig it?)

  33. Jesse James

    Oh dear, that pun in the alt text was so terrible. lol

    • Valerio

      A real PUNch

      • Jesse James

        My favourite PUNchline in the Spot comics was always Spot settling something with a villian like a man, and giving him a glass of punch.

        Okay, so it’s not really a punchline I just wanted to use the word punchline in my sentence.

        … Punch. :V

    • anon_omis

      At was the alt text?

      • gaboris

        Don’ know if you’re asking for the alt text, buuut…

        Alt text: ‘Pesky rodents, always escaping’ ‘I’M A CARNIVORE YOU IMBECILE!’ ‘What’s the matter? Not very Keene on your surroundings?’

  34. Argent Stonecutter

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

  35. rallyjr

    this is the greatest and most dangerous thing Karichad has done, that we have seen…

  36. Freddytoop

    Swiper done swiped his collar.

  37. Frank

    Chuck Jones would be so proud!

  38. Yehoshua

    Well, let’s just be thankful that nobody got hurt this time by Karishad (directly at least).

  39. gaboris

    DANG IT! I can’t stop imagining that other ferret with the voice of a hillbilly from old cartoons. :D

    • Argent Stonecutter

      If he pulls out a banjo, run!

      • 1boredcanadian

        I happen to love banjos I see but cannot hear.

      • Valerio

        because you didn’t listen to them playing ukulele

  40. Lindseycrew

    Uh oh!

  41. GameCobra

    And then Keene finds a lovely girlfriend and stays poor forever!

    … That would be the day =3

    • Valerio

      Mr. Steward, please meet the new Milton Industries board.

  42. WingedwolfGirl

    Thank you Karishad, you have greatly helped the situation. …Not.

  43. Kitch

    Since we already know they got through this (since the wolves were home at the beginning of this flashback), I suspect Karishad is going to be shipped elsewhere after this (if Keene doesn’t decide to have other not-so-nice things done to him).

    • Zukio

      I’m pretty sure Karishad will escape Keene’s wrath, and then show up later to rub it in his face with more signature shenanigans.

  44. Tuctchone

    ah the cliff hangers and anticipation never lets up i must know what happens next!!

  45. Niko

    Hum, seems a bit much to lock a domestic ferret in with wild ones after stealing from him. And now the wolves now have no one to come to their rescue. >.<
    Karishad is funny sometimes. But other times… not so much.

    I'm REALLY curious to see what situation/predicament the wolves are in at the moment. Like cages or cuffs or a big enclosure or folded neatly in half and placed in an envelope.

    • Xane

      I’m wondering why they’re locked in at all, since most of the animals don’t really seem to be “caged” so much as having a “pen” to live in, easily able to sneak out for Scrabble tournaments. Of course with weasels it’s probably so they don’t kill themselves trying to chew on the shiny Christmas lights.

      The wolves are probably all sleeping soundly in cages in the Animal Control van. Poor Miles. He just wanted to have fun with his family!

  46. Keeshah

    Why is Karishad allowed to roam the Zoo freely at will, an not kept tightly locked up in his fox enclosure?

    • Valerio

      it’s obvious you never tried to lock up KARISHAD!

      • Therolyn

        The very idea of trying to brings horrible images of devious tricks that cause hilarious (for others of course) outcomes.

        Now if I could only be even half as tricky…

  47. 1boredcanadian

    Wait, was the third guy someone that works there or was it some random person that stole his credit card while he wasn’t paying atention?

    • McFly

      It says he’s a cashier in the tags, so I kinda doubt he’s stealing it.

  48. Argent Stonecutter

    “So what’s that domestic ferret doing in there with the black-footed ferrets?”

  49. Grip the Wolf

    Karishad should watch out, unless he wants a repeat of this:

    • Frank

      But how could anyone in the Housepets! universe get a…
      Oh, billionaire ferrets. Never mind

  50. Rider098

    So he gave out his ID, collar tag, credit card AND his collar. Based on the later panels of a tag-less collar, I would assume he did NOT get any of those things back. Oh this will be entertaining!

    I will continue to brace myself for the inevitable Corny Karishad joke.

  51. FerreTrip

    Oh. Oh dear God. Karishad, applause, sir, applause.

  52. Indagare

    Why does this remind me of Inana’s decent into the underworld from the Epic of Gilgamesh?

  53. pierrot90

    Sneaky fox is sneaky!

  54. FlintFang

    I see what you did der.

  55. Chazmeister242

    near explosion….probably

  56. Sansash

    I imagine that black-footed ferrets enjoy throwing prairie dogs at holes when they play… then they probably cant stop themselves from diving after them in mid flight.

  57. rallyjr

    i don’t know what it is but i have this feeling like something is terribly wrong, oh look ferrets

  58. Tattorack

    Oh crap…

  59. Fawkes

    Such is life.

  60. My Fate in My Hands

    WHoa there, Kerishad getting out of the zoo is like breaking the 4th wall!!! O.O

    • Frank

      The zoo has only 4 walls?

  61. Tahoe

    Black-footed ferrets! =D =D =D

  62. SilverZeo

    How the 1% of the 1% meet the 2% of the 60% that wasn’t with the 99%…

    • Fawkes

      Could you repeat that in English.

  63. Deezy

    This was a recipe for disaster from the get go… this is what happens when you dont treat your butler properly.

  64. Sansash

    Not As Dirty As It Sounds? ….Doesn’t look like Keene knows that.