Celebrity Appearance
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  1. Ryufire

    Celebrity status! :P

    • rtlstien

      Do none of you watch television!? I invented it!

      • Zukio

        Thank you for the marvelous invention you have made!
        I bow before you mind enslaving excellency!

        • Frank

          Of course, the true inventor of television was merely trying to create a video-phone

          • Justme

            I tried that and invented youtube…

      • Bete Noir

        And he used his TV money to buy two of every video game console, and then he beat the crap out of every single game ever made!

        And that’s why any time a weasel and a buttload of electronics get together, it’s called a “Zoo!”

        • Doitean

          UNLESS ITS A FARM!

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        I thought humans invent television? Or are expected to.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          That’s what they want you to believe!

          • SecretAgent000

            You…you don’t mean…the…the….CANADIANS?!?

          • Yehoshua

            That’s not people, they’re penguins or something.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Are you denying penguin personhood?

          • Yehoshua

            Actually, arctic foxes deny it, I only carry the message.

      • Keldor

        Of course they don’t watch television! Miles hasn’t gotten around to inventing it yet.

  2. Zukio

    Hooray for Television!!! Also its cool that it took 5 of them to take down Jack!

    • Musclecar326

      Ha it is funny that it took 5 of them but i hope they know that there is at least another 10 more wolves left!

      • Zukio

        Man vs. Wolf!
        I think the wolves will win.

        • Lindseycrew

          MAN VS. WILD … wolf

      • AleyxJ

        Imagine: their family vs. 75 personnel

        • Valerio

          awesome to the 15th degree!
          I bet the scratches came from trying to get the cubs!

        • Dragongal

          probably. the PUPS probably just think it’s fun.

    • FreakazoidVocaloid

      But seriously, who watches television for the news when you can get the same info so much faster through the power of the interwebs?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        They obviously don’t use the interwebs or else they would definitely have recognized Keene.

        • FreakazoidVocaloid

          What? No interwebs? WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC!?

  3. senorpie7

    Well to be honest, I don’t watch tv :)

    • Zukio

      It’s really nice, you should try it sometime when you get the chance.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Outside of Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs?

        • River_Dragon

          There’s Criminal Minds, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Deadliest Catch, and that absolutely terrific Phineas and Ferb–where do those kids get the money for all the stuff they build???

        • Tynach

          Eeh… Doctor Who beats all of those ;3

          • Tynach

            That was supposed to be in response to River_Dragon.

          • Grip the Wolf

            True dat!

          • Pecan Crisp

            What about MLP:FiM?

          • Min

            You read my mind, my friend.

          • ReCreate

            @Tynach YES. SO YES. DOCTOR WHO ALL THE WAY. xD

        • Bete Noir

          Psych is a lot of fun.

    • senorpie7

      Well in the end, we have the internet!!!!!

      • senorpie7

        And, then in the very end, that’s what happens when you type your gravatar email in wrong XD

  4. Lunyk

    Woo! Television for the win!!

  5. IceKitsune

    You know since this would be a local AC it is rather hard to believe they haven’t heard of him. I mean they work with Animals all the time.

    • Lunyk

      But remember, these are “people”, quote unquote.

      • IceKitsune

        But their Animal Control they work with Animal in with a near by suburb that has a bunch of multibillionaire Animals in it. Maybe they just don’t recognize him by his looks then.

  6. volkoseba

    Everybody knows you’re supposed to play video games on those things, not watch the news!

  7. hirple

    Cue the “tranq dart to the knee” jokes.

    • Zukio

      As long as it’s not in the face.

    • Icalasari

      I used to make jokes about tranq darts to the knee

      Then I took an arrow in the knee

    • Random Guard

      I used to be in animal control, then i took a tranq in the knee.

    • FreakazoidVocaloid

      I took arrows and tranq darts to the knee before it was popular to take arrows and tranq darts to the knee.

      And I still don’t know how this silly meme got started in the first place.

      • Dragongal

        It was from a video game. you talk to a guard, and he says ” Yeah, I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.”

    • Foxstar

      That’s enough of a very tired old meme. No more.

      • gaboris

        THANK you! This meme hurts SO much. D:

      • Frank

        It is? I’d never heard of it


        still can’t seem to find anything

        • Argent Stonecutter

          It’s an obscure reference to some game where one of the NPCs is always saying something like “I used to be an adventurer like you until I took an arrow to the knee”. It’s not nearly as well known as some people think. Or as funny.

          • Glenn

            The some game in question is Skyrim, which is why it popped up around the same time as all the Fus Ro Dah stuff. It’s an NPC in Windhelm who claims to be an adventurer and, well, states taking an arrow in the knee. The more ya know. :D

          • gaboris

            I hear it EVERYWHERE and it drives me crazy! Sometimes I can’t understand how can random stuff like this be turned into a meme.
            Slyrim is all about the Shouts why not use that? -_-”

          • gaboris

            @Glenn: Not just one NPC, but almost ANY NPC in the WHOLE game that has to do with being a guard or an old warrior. It’s funny to hear the exact same thing from every single person when they are on different corners of the land. :D

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Sometimes a meme comes with its own inflatable shark.

  8. jood580

    hay didint he tell miles to invent tv

  9. McFly

    Please. Simon is the real ferret celebrity.

    • Lunyk

      Not David Ferraty? (or however you spell it?)(the golf guy)

      • McFly

        And no, Simon is MUCH more popular. ;)

        • Lunyk

          …Simon who?

          • McFly

            Simon Milton? One of the other ferrets, dude.
            Check the cast list.

          • Lunyk

            Right, him. Sorry, this was around midnight, so I was tired. ^.^’

  10. Xane

    Hah, I was right. Rear full of tranq darts. I feel so bad for the wolves though. They were being polite and friendly and very gentle! Snow!? Uncle Deadeye!? Deathaxe!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    • Zukio

      Not Deathaxe!!! Not the Pups!!!
      Also, I imagine Lucretia fought to the end to protect them from the darts.

      • Draven

        She probably looks like a pin cushion right about now.

  11. AleyxJ

    Say, who IS that little fellow o.O? XD

  12. AuvaAkita

    What kind of network would celebrity talking ferrets be on anyway?

    • Zukio

      Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, Escandalo, or Animal Planet to name a few.

      • AuvaAkita

        Which ONE though? :p

        • Zukio

          I’d put my money on Animal Planet.

          • AuvaAkita

            I think that the ferrets have their own tv channel!

          • Zukio

            I would not put it past them.

          • Keldor

            So that’s the reason the Science Channel has all those ridiculeous, shiny, over the top visualizations of things…

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Discovery Channel. They bought Mythbusters.

      • Frank

        “Today we’re going to see if Nitroglycerin can really– Hold on, there’s just been a change of plans. Today we’re going to see if it’s true that the more something costs, the shinier it is?”

  13. leaffly

    How can they not know who he is?! If they don’t have a T.V they would at lest read the news papers!

    • Zukio

      My guess it that some people think all pets look the same, and that he looks like any other ferret to them.

  14. Snowmon

    Narrator: And that, young ones, is the story of how Keene saved Thanksgiving.

    Future Generation Wolf Cub: Oh, that explains why the ferrets now own the zoo and animal control.

    Narrator: No… Firestorm Brookwalker the III, that’s a whole ‘nother story…

  15. rallyjr

    it took 5 of you to take the “one-armed wolf” down and you want to continue?

    • Lindseycrew

      Beat Up Guy: yes
      Other Guy: really?
      Beat Up Guy: no

    • McFly

      “I better get a raise for this…”

  16. Dan

    Ha ha that guy to the left got beat-up by a one armed wolf :p

  17. GameCobra

    Keene: My head was on Futurama! You must’ve seen that at the very least!

  18. gaboris

    Well even if they had seen him on tv how should they recognize you? You ferrets look all the same.
    If ANY ferrets are offended by this then sorry I wasn’t meant to be FURist. Good luck figuring that one out.
    *I’m so smart with these.* :D
    (????: No you aren’t.
    Gab: Awww… :( )

  19. 1boredcanadian

    Well, should we tranq him or not?

    • FreakazoidVocaloid

      If you’re feeling brave, then go for it. It’ll be your head once his lawyers find out. In terms of danger, lawyers > pack of wolves

  20. WingedwolfGirl

    Who watches that? We have internet now.

  21. SilverZeo

    That depends, Keene. You watched that Kardashi wedding? Remember who was the groom?

  22. thefirstonethere

    consequences? i think not!

  23. xhunterko

    No. Why?

  24. Tattorack

    Animals in the zoo sightseeing the animals in the zoo, animals replacing the mayor, animals becoming movie directors, animals becoming citizens, ANIMALS BECOMING MILLIONAIRES!?!
    What has the world come to!!!???!!!

  25. Gunnar

    Oh god, panel 2 is great.

  26. Draven

    I’ve been told I look like a lot of different celebrities.

  27. Grip the Wolf

    You act like you haven’t ever been told what to do by a ferret before! Gosh, what’s wrong with you people?!

  28. Matthew

    I thought a group of animals taking over a major corporation would have been a big story that got them known every where also poor miles he got tranquilized GET WELL SOON! he may hallucinate for a while

  29. black fox

    hey rick do u read all comments??

    • Frank

      I think he does, but it’s impossible for him to reply to all of them. I mean, how else would we get all those neat alt texts?

      (also, he’s said so before)

      • black fox

        o well i gess i dint see him say it err. i mean rhit it lol

    • Foxstar

      He reads a fair bit of them.

  30. Ezhnopallaton


  31. Hoheh

    What IS he? That’s insulting!

    • Hoheh

      I’ll give them who he is, but what? Come on now.

  32. Jesse James

    Daawww, it’s cute when people are obnoxious enough to believe that everyone must know who they are simply because they’re rich.

    • Dissension


      …you mean they don’t? D:

      • Zukio

        Its a sad truth, that this world contains. If only we could enlighten the poor, and allow them to know about their wealthy overlords, so they will never make this mistake again.

  33. Firewolf

    Three words, “Don’t have Cable” thus you’re disconnected from it all, unless, you know, the other three words, “in ter net”

  34. chino doll

    of course i remember you, yuo are simon from tv???? what you mean you are not simon??? XD

  35. Dororo

    Classic Keene x2! XD

  36. spiritkitsune

    Keene in the last one: “Don’t make me angry you won’t like me when i’m angry”

    PS: No pic black fox.

    • Frank

      Seen Puss in Boot, have you?

      • spiritkitsune

        No, only Hulk.

  37. Lunyk

    Happy Forever Day!!

  38. Chazmeister242

    He is the ONLY famous ferret in the WHOLE world…..and they DONT EVEN KNOW HIM!!!! wow…despicable

  39. RancidRabbit

    What?! I’m caught up?! FINALLY! Great comic, Rick! I feel bad for Miles who was probably swarmed when trying to give the lady to a medic. “She fainted…” “WOLF!” “Not again”

  40. Sansash

    “The problem, of course, is that he has a high-pitched squeaky voice and is impossible to take seriously anyway” :D