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  1. Dissension

    This is why I tend to avoid riding in helicopters unless absolutely necessary.

    • senorpie7

      Do you like roller coasters?

    • Lamandus

      No worries, most helicopters got Headphones with either big earcups, or active fading off of sounds from outside. (At least the medic-helicopters I was flying with ;P )

    • silverfang16

      I’ve never had an issue with sound once I got inside.

      • Dissension

        I have hypersensitive hearing.

        • gaboris

          I can hear your pain man, sometimes I almost go crazy here at home cuz I’m the only one that can hear the tv whistle. XP

          • avorin

            you too? thought the new LCD TV’s are thankfully quieter then old CRT’s. (mostly)
            always drove me crazy with that Beeeee…….

          • Tuctchone

            ikr but yeah thats funny even he reacts the same as king lol

          • Frank

            Oh, it’s the TV? All these years I thought it was just that the ringing in my ears happened to occur when the TV was on

          • Air

            Or simply the sound of electricity, which never stops in the house. I’m used to the high pitched noise by now.
            Older TVs use a lot of power, which is why you can hear them so easily.

          • Rick Griffin

            I can hear electronic whistles, it’s just that most of them don’t bother me. Certain kinds of overhead lights are really annoying though.

          • yehoshua

            Amazing how many furries suffer from the static leaks as much as I do. I’m home.

          • Daniel

            I used to be able to hear old CRT TVs whine, never heard it from my last CRT computer monitor or newer CRT TVs

          • blitz

            weird, more people like me. Delivering pizza, walked up to door and was met with one of those dog deterrent whistling devices. I was holding my free hand to my head and my left ear in my shoulder when i asked “what’s that sound” to the perfectly at home customer and he was like “huh? oh, the dog thingy? you can hear that?” “*twitch* yes, yes i can, here’s your pizza” *dashes for car*

          • Agent Sandwich

            Yup, me too. What’s bad is alot of cheap hotels in China still use CRTs and whenever I turn it on I hear a high pitched ‘BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP’

          • Yehoshua

            My dad used to be able to hear those CRT tvs when he worked for an electronics company. They asked him to listen and see if there was any bad tv screen. It worked.

          • Lamandus

            I also hear those whisle-noises, even the dog-whistle but still, I have no problem flying with a helicopter… my ears are getting used to that

          • Draven

            I never heard those noises, at least I don’t remember hearing those noises. If it is as unpleasent as it sounds, I’m glad I don’t remember.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Yeh, it’s coming from the flyback transformer, and it really used to bug me, I didn’t realize other people didn’t hear it until I was in college. I can still hear it but only if people remind me of it LIKE YOU SORRY BEGGARS ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!

          • Molento

            I can hear 22 khz, so I am always surrounded by high pitched sounds.

        • Profesor Rod

          It’s the ears. I tell you, man.

        • AflacMan13

          No the reason the old tv’s whined like they did is the cathode ray tube in the back (the reason why it was called the “boob TUBE” boob being the zoned out person sitting there staring at it) was shooting a laser at the screen. The screen, was in fact three actual screens, made of a microscopically fine metallic mesh, and each covered in a different phosphor compound that allowed the laser from the cathode ray tube to enter one side and then be split amongst the three screens to create the different pixels that created the colors in the picture on your screen. (thus why it is called a screen and thus why if you looked at it really closely you would see seperate dots of red, blue, and green)

          The high pitched sqealing sound you always heard was the Cathode Ray Tube Television’s “Pan and Scan” method of producing the picture. The “laser” aperture on the business end of the tube actually panned across the phosphor screens hundreds of thousands of times a second. The sound you heard was the tiny actuator motors actually moving the aperture in it’s image reproduction pattern.

          This is the source of that whining sound we all heard as kids and such. I could always tell if the T.V. was on back then… and so could Mom. :|

        • WolfBrother

          same here. i can hear that annoying whistle. in fact, when i was younger my best friend would use his dog whistle to get me to come over to his house. instead of just calling. it started to bother me but he thought it was the coolest thing in the world ;)

  2. Xane

    “Let me out with the snowboard at the top of the hill if I pick up enough speed I can land in the otter pool!”

    • Frank

      If he crashes into the japanese otter, that would be hilarous

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        I believe it was Chinese.

    • Tom Flapwell

      *plays “City Escape” in his head*

      • Chazmeister242

        “Sonic Adventure 2 Battle” reference………AWESOME!!!!! <3

  3. rallyjr

    oh no this is so serious he had to take of his cool sunglasses

  4. senorpie7

    Oh my god!!! He has eyes! ;)

  5. lahi

    So he’s talking to miles?

    • senorpie7

      Yeah, I suppose miles is trying to dig himself out of that ever so perfect mishap with keene’s help! Yay money!

      • lahi

        They might have thrown him and his pack into the wolf den which I hope has enough room…

        • Frank

          Given how the other wolves reacted when they saw them, I’d say room is the least of their worries.

          • lahi

            Some certain pre-teen wolves might even like the place a little too much

    • Valerio

      other people call their lawyers.
      Wolves call their ferrets!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        It’s weasels either way.

        • Xane

          We can weaselly solve this problem but I’m still stoatally mad that you did this without telling us first!

          • Frank

            Hey, you don’t need to ferret over it!

    • Xane

      Or maybe Lucretia, since Miles might currently have a rear full of tranq darts…

  6. Barker

    Mr. Amori doesn’t seem very keen about not seeing his grand-daughter.

    • xhunterko

      Well. It’s amori.

  7. Oren Otter

    I couldn’t hear the dialogue at all over the background noise of the copter.

  8. Draven

    Helicopters and cell phones are indeed not good for splitting headaches.

  9. IceKitsune

    Panel 3 is missing a E in See. Looks like Money is going to solve this problem.

    • rallyjr

      this is an emergency there is no time for missing letters

  10. john

    Typo in third panel.

    • volkoseba

      I did se that.

      • Ryufire

        Me too’s! o.o

  11. xhunterko

    And even if you were passing notes, it’d be in all caps.

  12. Zukio

    I wonder if he really can’t hear or if it is selective hearing.

    • Valerio

      No, it’s selective bossing :P

  13. Elwood Blutarsky

    Wow, Keene’s a jerk.

    • Xane

      Well he pays enough for people to put up with it. Also he’s a ferret, it’s not jerkiness so much as innate weaselness. :lol: “Hey stupid, get in the copter before someone shoots you! Do we have to go through this every time you go out in public!?”

      He’s nice enough to give Miles a well furnished house and take in King when he was seemingly “abandoned” by Pete.

      • silverfang16

        Or another ferret was.

    • Valerio

      if I must have a jerky boss, I prefer to have one of the ferrets.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        “Quick, distract the boss by scratching him behind the ear.”

      • Frank

        “Hey…uh… boss… I didn’t have a lot of money for Christmas gifts this year so… uh… I just bought you a slinky and a pair of socks”
        “You’re promoted!”

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          make sure the slinky’s shiny.

  14. Ryufire

    Nah, I wouldn’t be to worried if he flown a Boeing 747! :P

    • Keldor

      You’d have a hard time landing one of those on the zoo’s premise though.

  15. jood580

    what i thout it was all most X-mas… o thats right this hapind durning the A Respite In The Country arc

  16. Wanderer

    That’s the Keene I know

  17. thefirstonethere

    Totally off-topic, but i have been wondering this for awhile now. Is Bino pronounced by-no or bee-no ?

    • Dissension

      Bino rhymes with Dino, short for dinosaur! – The Official Housepets! Rap

      • Xane

        Dino from The Flintstones was pronounced “dee-no” though, so that just makes me keep hearing it the wrong way! I still hear Bino as “bee-no” even though I know it should be the other way around. Someone get Prof. Killbody to go back and sneakily change the spelling in the first strip he’s mentioned. Baino. Byno. Baighno, Bhyno… rhymes with rhino!

        • Big Fan

          Just read it the out loud, repeatedly. It worked for me.

    • ShelbyAQD

      According to the information thread in the forums, it’s by-no. But doesn’t bee-no sound better?

      • Dissension

        I prefer the official pronunciation, actually. = P

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        I prefer the pronunciation that has similar phonemes to those found in Fido.

        • WolfBrother

          i too, also thought that it was pronounced “bee-no”. but after reading the official name pronunciation in the info thread, i must say, i do like the “by-no” way better but they both sound right so i find myself using both ways sometimes ^_^

          • WolfBrother

            haha my slow self just read the alt text…and once again it made me laugh out loud. i just love how Rick never ceases to make my day better :-)

  18. leaffly

    Part of real life we all must face: Bosses can be really… ah forget it.

  19. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    Wait, I just noticed. Does the fact that it’s the River Ridge zoo mean that the city is called River Ridge, or does someone named River Ridge own the zoo?
    and if the former, did we know that already?

    • IceKitsune

      I highly doubt River Ridge is a name of a Person. Its either a company name or a City name and since normally cities own zoos I’m assuming its the name of the City.

    • Valerio

      surely not Louisiana’s River Ridge, given the normal snowing pattern in winter.

      • dave

        nah, i don’t think it would have to be the city/town name. there is a mall where i live called River Ridge Mall, actually, and that’s not the name of the town. it is possible i guess, but not necessary

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          I suppose that’s a good point. we’ll have to wait for Rick to clear this up.

        • IceKitsune

          The thing is while its possible that its owned by a company or a person and not the city that is very rare. (since zoos, except those that are very small which this clearly isn’t, are very expensive to maintain.) So until Rick says other wise I think its safe to say its owned by the city and River Ridge is the name of the city as its unusual for a Zoo to not be named after the city that owns it at least from what Ive seen.

          • Keldor

            Zoos can also be named after geographical places. For instance, the zoo in Colorado Springs is called the Cheyanne Mountain Zoo, since it’s located right up next to the base of Cheyanne Mountain.

      • Frank

        Black Friday is usually in November

        • dave

          i think this is a flashback though, unless i got confused

          • donimo

            your not confused it is a flashback

    • Argent Stonecutter

      River Ridge is west of East Ridge, obviously!

    • Frank

      Why not simply being on a river ridge?

  20. McFly

    Well, at least you can try to buy something for your granddaughter.

    Also, Keene better hope the train doesn’t have any safety problems, cuz it’ll try to cover up its tracks.

  21. Muddypaws

    (Radio sound effect chopper sounds) Foof Foof Foof Foof Foof…

    News Reporter: “There’s a situation at the River Ridge Zoo. It seems the Zoo is being bought out by some filthy rich Ferrets!”

    • Valerio

      wouldn’t be surprising if the Milton Estate owned a LARGE share of the stock already…

    • Grip the Wolf

      When you say “filthy rich”, do you mean it in the usual sense, or do you mean that they’re filthy AND rich? Because I think that either of them would work…

      • Argent Stonecutter

        He’s only filthy if he misses the otter pool!

        • Grip the Wolf

          Why do so many people keep referring to the otter pool?!

          • Xane

            Because otters are awesome.

          • Grip the Wolf

            I would argue, but I can’t think of any reason to do so.

          • Xane

            Don’t worry, wolves are just as awesome! But waterweasels are cute too!

          • Grip the Wolf

            No objections here!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Because… helicopters, snowboards, ferrets, it’s OBVIOUS.

  22. gaboris

    Well NOW I’m real interested in how is a ferret gonna help a pack of wolves in a zoo. It’s just SO funny to say it out loud. XD

    • Valerio

      “It’s easy, pal: MY lawyers are MEANER than yours!”

      • Keldor

        “Also, I have more of them.”

        • rallyjr

          so a vicious pack of lawyers?

  23. lahi

    Is the cast page going to update any time soon?

    • Frank

      What, with all 12 pack members?

      • Valerio

        AND Bailey

      • lahi

        Nah. just with the people Rick is going to keep with. I guess that’s a hint that most of them won’t be kept in the story line or arcs very long.

        • donimo

          but still some of us would like to now some back ground

    • Foxstar

      The cast page updates whenever Rick feels like it. It just got updated earlier this year.

      • lahi

        When people love your comic so much they are bound to get over excited. Which makes time seem to move at the speed of a brick

  24. Lindseycrew

    So the Milton ferrets are billionaires that can have the money to get anything they want, yet they don’t know how to use half of it….THIS COMIC IS AWSOME!

  25. Argent Stonecutter

    Safety violation! Mister Milton should be in a chil… er… ferret safety seat!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      He paid to have that law reviewed and overturned so it’s all good.

  26. WingedwolfGirl

    Keene, parachuting into the zoo by helicopter. AWESOME.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Bungee jumping would be even more awesome.

      Or a remotely extended pneumatic tube.

    • Draven

      It’s not hard when your so small that a pillow case works as a parachute.

  27. Reptle

    Trigger Happy TV reference on first panel? It was the first thing that came to mind and got a good laugh out of it. It’s exactly how the show artist would perform while talking on his gigantic phone. ^^

  28. Frank

    I can see Miles asked for his right to make a phone call

  29. Grip the Wolf

    I’m sorry, you’ll have to speak up. I’m wearing a towel!

  30. FerreTrip

    See his granddaughter? What is Keene doing to this man? Or what…? O_o;

    • Foxstar

      The pilot was supposed to see his granddaughter by taking Keene to where he wanted to go. By the ferret changing his mind, now that won’t happen.

  31. Matthew

    I dont get it

  32. sonic id furreh!!

    ai feel bad for Mr. Amori :c

  33. Dororo

    Classic Keene.

  34. QRS3000

    Why does Keene only have a splitting headache if the helicopter noise is bothering him? Wouldn’t he be having a migraine? I’m not a doctor, or anyone else who works in the medical field, so these things often confuse me. Also, those helicopter seats sure look a lot comfier than the ones in the Washington D.C. Police helicopter I rode in. At the very least, riding in a helicopter feels a bit different from riding in an airplane.

    • Xane

      The difference is the cause and the level of pain. A headache is what you get when the neighbors play Rock Band on their 1000 watt Klipsch speakers for eight hours straight the day after Christmas (or from riding in a noisy helicopter). A migraine is a medical condition caused by a chemical imbalance in your head with often unknown causes that’s like someone firing railroad spikes coated in pool acid and pepper spray into your brain from a cannon. I’ve never had one, but ask any migraine sufferer and they’ll tell you “it’s nothing like a headache”.

      • QRS3000

        I appreciated your answer to my question. I’m sorry if what I said was ignorant. If it was then I think it would be as bad, or maybe worse, than telling a severely depressed person to “just deal with it”. Anyway, isn’t this the second zoo arc we’ve seen? Yes, I know this is not the first time we saw the zoo in color but I think that was in a one-off. I also see that there’s still a chance to buy the Housepets! books with a $2 discount for each book on Createspace but I highly doubt my coins would fit through the pipelines of the internet. Also, I do not have a Createspace account. Does this mean it would be better for me to B&N and buy it for the completely fair price of $31.18? Would Rick get more of a profit because the book is being sold for more or is it just a retail mark-up? Is it possible that Rick would end up getting less of a profit than if I were to buy from Amazon? I think that would be unfair to Rick if that was the case.

        • Xane

          Nah, it was a legitimate question. A lot of people with a really bad headache say “I have a migraine” because they just don’t realize what a real migraine is. Also unless you’ve been diagnosed by a doctor you really don’t know if it is or isn’t. Usually it’s so painful you literally cannot move or do anything at all but lie down, but not always.

          I can’t really help you with buying the the books though. I’m guessing createspace is the best way since that’s what Rick posted links for.

  35. SilentwolfXIII

    Why do I have this horrible sinking feeling like when someone says they’re going to hammer in a nail with a sledgehammer?

  36. Zeek

    Also love your expressions, the second panel is my fave! XD

  37. RG

    Heheheheheh! This is hilarious! XD

  38. spiritkitsune

    I like the details in this comic.

    His pupils have to adapt to the light when he takes
    of the shades.

    You really put your heart into your work.

    • Xane

      Actually that’s more often Rick’s standard expression of shock/surprise/Peanut’s brain crashing yet again, but I like your interpretation better.

      I’ve often wondered why the police dogs and Keene wear sunglasses/visors all the time. Fido apparently has vision problems (nearsighted?) but the others seem to have standard issue visors. Pit’s an albino ferret (probably) so he’d have sensitive eyes but I bet Keene just wants to look cool.

      • McFly

        Nah, I doubt Pit’s an albino because I’m pretty sure albinos have red irises. When Pit first debuted, he had blue/gray eyes.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Dark eyed white ferret is a common color. A lot of dark eyed whites are deaf.

          • McFly

            Well, Pit’s certainly not deaf.

        • Xane

          Eh? Pit’s the pure white ferret who’s always had light pink eyes. He doesn’t show up much, and actually he only had sunglasses on in the strip where he’s wearing the diamond jacket. Keene’s the one here who’s wearing the sunglasses all the time… it’s funny, he looks much more serious and mature when he has them on, otherwise he’s just a cute little weasel.

          • McFly

            I know which ferret is which. Also, Pit’s eyes are pink? I really couldn’t tell. I’ve always had a hard time seeing light colors. :|