For a different reason! I started a little late, but it’s a double strip and I’m attempting doing the inking in a physical medium, we’ll see how it works!

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  1. Zukio

    I’m just glad the comic did not catch on fire again. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Dissension

    Ack, using physical media increases the probability of the comic actually catching on fire!

  3. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    as long as nothing explodes, I think we can wait.
    even better if something DOES explode, but only in the strip.

  4. volkoseba

    Housepets… in a physical medium… in this arc? WOO!

  5. SilverZeo


    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Who’s Sopa?

      • SilverZeo

        That Internet Lobist deal that going to pull the plug on over 80% of videos on YouTube as a well as fanart everywhere…

        • Zukio

          But would,or could, SOPA really claim Housepets!? I can see a little infringement here and there but I think that’s just fair use.

          • SilverZeo

            Well, they may have to make Tiger off, seeing how is a mock parody of a certain comic cat… not that Davis would mind, as he seem a good sport about those “minus” comics, but they are going to have to go if pass…

            Oh, and I have been meaning to show Rick this slice of pet life anime with super science and plot convenient magic that has a this snobby ferret who is insanely rich…

  6. Valerio

    Rick, I know you want to cover Karishad’s misdoings, but I *still* can smell the fire from here…

    • volkoseba

      Are you sure that’s not the stove? You should probably check on that…

      • Zukio

        That stove might be because of Karishad too…
        Go to happy and safe place Valerio!!!

  7. Apples

    By this point we can stop saying the comics are gonna be ‘late’ and now address this new timeframe as our new “on-time.” What was previously known as “on-time” will now be considered early.
    Guys, todays comic is right on schedule! 8D

  8. The Wolf Kin

    Hmm, a new take on how the comic is assembled. This will be interesting.

  9. Wanderer

    Physical like on paper?

  10. xhunterko

    I was hoping it wasn’t gonna be when you announced it. But ah well.

  11. Fred

    I would not have known that the inking differed from your traditional process if you hadn’t pointed it out. Does this mean that it was successful?

    • Rick Griffin

      Why, yes, yes it was. It still has several problems that I’ve always had with traditional inking but the enlarged size of the original really helps.