From The Outside In

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  1. Ryufire

    Wow that sure looks like fun! :P

    • Valerio

      don’t forget awesome!

      • King'sLore

        And cute!

        • Valerio

          Snow got pink nose. Eeeeee!

          • MC_Hollis

            I also like how she’s holding both her and her mate’s leashes. >:3

          • Daniel

            She’s albino, see the red eyes?

  2. Xane

    Hippos taste like chicken!

    • AuvaAkita

      When does something NOT taste like chicken? lol

      • Therolyn

        When its actually chicken (only half joking there)

      • gaboris

        Depends on what is it that you’ve NEVER eaten before. I’m sure that’s not like chicken… go on try and prove it. This is basic quantum science. :D

      • Yehoshua

        Ostrich tastes more like cow meat, I know, I’ve tried.

    • silverfang16

      Or lard.

    • Kitch

      Cue “what chicken” and their consternation

    • Muddypaws

      YAY! BBQ’ed Hippo!

  3. hirple

    Those leashes are actually quite fashionable

    • hardcore hound

      yeah snow looks real good (with or without one on)

  4. IceKitsune

    Yay more wolves! Also I’m surprised the owner doesn’t know about the Ferrets program or that they didn’t call ahead of time to tell them they were coming. It would have saved a lot of trouble.

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      I don’t think the ferrets knew what the wolves were planning.

      • IceKitsune

        Well Miles could have called ahead of time anyway since it is a bit strange that a pack of wolves would come to a zoo. And I think the Ferrets program would be big enough that the zoo owner would have heard of it.

        • Valerio

          for what we know, the wolves *did* call the ferrets.
          it’s the ferrets that conveniently forgot to warn the zoo director and then enjoy the show on their TVs while eating popcorn :D

          • darkgloomie

            Or maybe they (the ferret) thought it’d be fun.

            They did install a pneumatic tube for the express purpose of using it as some super-speed slide…

    • Xane

      Miles does tend to be hilariously naive at times.

  5. leaffly

    Too late! They are already way out of place!

    • hardcore hound

      what do ya mean?

  6. rtlstien

    What a pleasant-looking family

    • Avan

      :O and we have names to go with them!

    • Valerio

      you can say that again!

  7. Avan

    Lol “innocent bystanders”

    • Barker

      Lol “the other Daryl”

    • Frank

      guilty bystanders!

      • Valerio

        guilty for fearing them wolves!

  8. Valerio

    too much awesomeness!

    • Ryufire

      ITS OVER 9000 *cough* Why yes, it is awesome :D

  9. Foxy

    Other Daryl??

    • Dissension

      “This is my brother Daryl, and this is my other brother Daryl.”

      • Rick Griffin

        Of course, now it’s flipped around

        • Xane

          “And this is my sister Daryl.”
          “Nice to meet y… wait what!?

          • Valerio

            “And that is my other sister Daryl.”

          • MrMutt

            ARGH! Too many Daryls. I can’t keep them straight.

          • Valerio

            “…and this is my cousin Oates… Hey! Where are you running?”

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Can we call them all Bruce to make it simpler?

          • valerio

            my vote for Waldo!

    • volkoseba

      Newhart reference. Probably too old for most computer literate people, but I’ve seen reruns…

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        I watch a lot of TV, so I’m well aware of some of the older references.

      • River_Dragon

        Now I feel old…I watched Newhart when it first came on–not just the Larry, Daryl and Daryl Newhart, but the original Newhart show as well.

        I think I’d better go find my cane and rocking chair….lol

        • volkoseba

          You’ll be 20% cooler if you get a sword cane.

  10. Dissension

    Snow is my favorite. <3

    • Valerio

      cousin Rodney is one lucky wolf!

      • AuvaAkita

        How can you tell who is who!? O.O

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          true. that could be the other Daryl with snow. but I assume the white one is snow and the old one’s Lucretia’s mother.

          • AuvaAkita

            Exactly! For all we know, Cousin Rodney could be the one wearing the yellow hat.

          • Dissension

            But that’s Daryl!

          • AuvaAkita

            I repeat my question…

            How on earth can you tell them apart? X3

          • rallyjr

            eye color

          • Frank

            The same way you tell apart Huey from Dewey or Louie

          • Argent Stonecutter

            But they’re not wearing caps!

          • Rick Griffin

            Rodney IS the one with Snow

          • Frank

            @Argent: Daryl is

          • Valerio


          • Argent Stonecutter

            But it’s all the same color!

          • Foxy

            That’s Daryl with Daryl

        • Sparks

          Snow is the white wolf on the left.
          Cousin Rodney is the brown wolf with the ascot.
          Daryl is the wolf with yellow eyes and a hat.
          The other Daryl is the wolf with yellow eyes and no hat.
          Lucretia is the one with dark blue eyes and blue leash.
          And Lucretia’s Mother is the old wolf.

          I believe that covers that.

    • Jinxed

      Second’d! <3

    • GameCobra

      She’s on my list as well in terms of unexpected. I can never get the idea of a female white wolf named Snow out of my mind that’s cute, innocent and motherly. <3

      • Valerio

        triple date!
        Peanut and Grape
        King and Bailey
        Snow and Rodney

        • GameCobra


          Grape and Maxwell
          Peanut and Tarot
          King and Bailey

          But i would find it funny if they needed Snow and Lucretia for babysitting.

  11. AuvaAkita

    Umm…i don’t think the zoo animals are included in the all-you-can-eat buffet.

    • hardcore hound

      why not?

  12. volkoseba

    Rodney :D

  13. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    I love that you named all of them instead of just putting “Miles’ pack” for all of them that weren’t named yet.

    • Xane

      I bet Rick’s probably tired of having to go re-tag everything whenever a minor character suddenly gains a name. :lol:

  14. Jesse James

    Snow has such nice red eyes. <3

    • gagi

      just like the Great Kitsune!

      and she look lovely

    • hardcore hound

      yeah shes real good looking!

  15. xhunterko

    Everyone’s an innocent bystander when you let wolves in the zoo.

    • volkoseba

      The wolves aren’t bystanders.

      • AuvaAkita

        No they aren’t, but everyone else is.

        • volkoseba

          Everyone is King.

          • AuvaAkita

            That’s cuz King is Awesome!! :-D

          • Therolyn

            You can say that again :P

          • Valerio

            all comments lead to King

          • Ryufire

            Forever King! D

          • WolfBrother

            LONG LIVE THE KING!!!

          • Whitekitsune

            Hey everyone, what’d I miss?

          • volkoseba

            You missed you.

          • rallyjr

            but it is ok you’re all over it

          • kingisawsome

            that was meant to go here by the way

          • volkoseba


        • kingisawsome

          @ AuvaAkita that’s my name…

  16. SilverZeo

    Daryl has a Phooey Duck imposter?

  17. coyoteBR

    Of course, now fans will want the Daryls to meet the Bigglesworths

    Enjoying a lot the concept of this arc.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      What about Larry?

      • Frank

        “One is a genius! The other’s insane! And-the-other-one’s-Larry!”

        • kingisawsome


          Ge Ni U S
          Geranium Nickle Uranium Sulfur
          Ba Co N
          Barium Cobalt Nitrogen

      • Grip the Wolf

        What ABOUT Larry?

        • Valerio

          If it’s Larry KING, it’s alright

  18. Alastar

    Oh yea, An entire pack of friendly wolves walking on two legs wandering the zoo is TOTALLY normal! No conceivable way They could be considered out of place! lol.
    What a defensive tactic against a charging bear! lol.
    I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • WolfBrother

      at least they all have their tags >.>

  19. jared

    They’re going to end up very much banned from that zoo aren’t they? Also Snow’s eyes seem to be a bit misalined, maybe it’s just me.

    • Keeshah

      banned? Noooo they were going to become a perminate exhibit of the Zoo

  20. Crackles

    Has it ever been explained what those necklaces are they all have? Wolf version of pet collars?

    • Keeshah

      That is there version of a pet collar tag.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Miles has worn one before.

  21. Therolyn

    I do believe Snow is the first albino we’re seen.

    • Xane

      That’s what I thought at first, but she might not be. Pit is (probably) an albino ferret and has pink eyes. Kevin is a normal colored dobie and has red eyes like Snow. Snow’s fur isn’t pure white like Pit’s fur is.

      • Daniel

        Not all albino’s are pure white either. My parents have a little dog that’s a partial albino because of the pink skin and white fur, but brown eyes. Albino snakes are often a yellow color.

  22. 1boredcanadian

    I’m asuming Snow is the guy with the red hat?

    • AuvaAkita

      Most would assume snow would be the light colored wolf with the red eyes, but i guess anything is possible.

    • Foxstar

      No, that would be a innocent bystander

  23. Russiarules1

    I find this hilarious.
    I have no idea why ._____.

  24. rallyjr

    a true family experience, impending fiasco included

  25. lightwolf21

    New character bombardment! @_@

  26. Frank

    Hey, I just noticed something: Miles is not in the picture!

    • Foxstar

      Correct mouse. He’s not tagged.

      • Frank

        Well, I kind of assumed that if he was the one leading the trip, he would… oh never mind

    • Xane

      I thought Lucretia was Miles at first, then realized Miles wasn’t tagged when I tried to find her in the strip.

  27. Firewolf

    Snow=My new for sure fav female character in this comic. Albino wolf is a cute one.

  28. Ryufire

    Could Snow be pure as white Snow? o.o

    • Frank

      And everywhere that Mary went, she was sure to go?

      • Draven

        Let’s hope Snow won’t follow Mary to school one day.

  29. gaboris

    Ya know it’s kinda interesting to see how people’re going to react to something like this in a world where animal can actually talk. :)

    • Frank

      well, from what we’ve seen….
      Peanut: It’s a were-wolf!
      Grape: He’s just a regular– let me sleep!
      Bill: There’s no way any of this is legal!
      Ferrets: Get in the car

      • Xane

        I’m actually surprised there isn’t more screaming going on seeing what the reaction to one lone wolf (Miles) in the city was. Maybe people who go to the zoo are assuming that any wild animals there are friendlier than most ferals. I still think it’s funny how easily Keene let the giant predator five times bigger than he was in his limo. Weasels know no fear!

  30. Tara

    Am I the only one who first thought that the white wolf as a big white ferret? :p lol

    I love Grandpa Wolf by the way, he’s adorable.

    • McFly

      I think the old one is Lucretia’s mother.

    • Kitch

      Exactly what it says on the tin. It’s Lucretia and her mother.

      • Tara

        Wait, where does it say this? :o

        • Tara

          Oh never mind, I never noticed the little text up until now. :p

  31. WingedwolfGirl

    *dies happy*

  32. thefirstonethere

    So Rick…… who is going to be Mr. Scrooge this year!? (There can be only ONE) 0.o

    • Frank

      Or he could reference a different christmas classic?

      • rallyjr

        ya, someone could wish they didn’t exist

  33. WolfBrother

    one of the ferrets i would assume. they ARE the only ones with tons of money, but they do tend to spend it constantly so i don’t know how that would work out

    • WolfBrother

      my bad, that was a reply to thefirstonethere, i forgot to press the reply button. oops ^_^

  34. Grip the Wolf

    I love to exploit loopholes! And in reference to the title text (the mouseover text), I think that a shot is more of a reason NOT to get bitten.

  35. Valerio

    mum approves of Lucretia’s suggestion

  36. Kitch

    Remember, the Daryl we know is actually “the other Daryl”. Miles introduced him originally as “my other brother Daryl”.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      So now regular not previously seen Daryl is branded as “Other Daryl.” He’s probably the one with the previously seen Daryl but who knows.

  37. Valerio

    Director, Sir, this is Security: We contacted Animal Control. They just went on strike.

  38. Kitch

    Our Daryl wants to work at the zoo? lol

  39. Roadrunner

    oh wow… O_o

  40. izzaswizz

    i want to se more comics of king he`s so cute and i want him to stay a dog

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      He’s offscreen listening to all this…plus you don’t want to OD on him when this comic has so many fun characters and may have just added a few more.

    • McFly

      We just had a whole arc dedicated to King, you’re just gunna have to wait, buddy.

  41. Tattorack

    Old gramps looks like “proud of ya son”.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      But that is her daughter.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        Perhaps she’s going senile.

  42. FerreTrip

    Oh, dear…I love the wolves so much. So socially awkward and adorable. X3;

  43. Argent Stonecutter

    OK, is the brown wolf with Snow Rodney or Daryl?

  44. Spirit Studios 2010

    Hmmm… Snow. White wolf. Red eyes.

    Then there’s Tarot…

    Is anyone else seeing this, or am I just paranoied?

    • Snowmon

      Perhaps, you’re just paranoid. Snow’s an albino wolf and they’ve clearly been dating for a while.

    • jood580

      “snow.white” = snow white

  45. Muddypaws

    Bears! The other white meat!

  46. Snowmon

    Obviously, the parents should have kept their children on the leashes.
    :( That would sound so wrong, if we weren’t talking about wolves.
    No, wait even that sounds a little off…

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      actually, they do make leashes for little kids.

      • Frank

        Buttons and Mindy!

      • Snowmon

        Sorry, it’s bad enough that we treat our pets like kids, we do not need to treat our kids like pets.

        • River_Dragon

          I used a leash on my kids when they were younger–better to have a three year old on a leash when dealing with him and a one year old than have him run out in traffic on a whim while I was dealing with the other.

  47. Freebro

    “The Other Daryl”, what?

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      Miles has at least two brothers named Daryl.

    • rallyjr

      cloning, it was only a mater of time with the Ferrets

  48. Z24

    How is a leash supposed to work when you’re holding it yourself?

    • Xane

      It’s just a loophole, the zoo is relaxed/disapproves of the leash law in the city/county and only requires the leash to be worn, but it doesn’t have to be held by anyone (though Lucretia might prevent more trouble if she was holding onto the kids…).

    • MKarrow

      Ever heard the term “restrain yourself”?
      Yeah, that’s what it means.

      • jood580


  49. Argent Stonecutter

    Dang, Snow is cute.

    • Xane

      I love the look she’s giving Rodney, “Oh you…”. And as mentioned above, her holding both leashes is adorable.

      The other Daryl looks unamused at his wacky brother.

    • Frank


    • Draven

      I think delightfully adorable would be better.

  50. Draven

    This makes me wonder if wolves would like pizza?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Hippo pizza would be awesome.

      • Draven

        With giraffe bacon bits on top

        • McFly

          Well, it wouldn’t be bacon if it came from a giraffe. ;)

          • River_Dragon

            Why not? They make turkey bacon.

          • McFly

            *Facepalm* I guess this world just can’t get enough bacon. ;)

  51. Ozuan

    INFILTRATION COMPLETE. *sneak sneak*

    • valerio

      err…now HOW do we get out, boss?

      • Draven

        “Why would we need to leave? We have all this food here.”

        • jood580

          yes Boss! food food food for daz

  52. George

    And how I would enjoy to be there with them, I’d be playing with them all especially the kids uh, pups. Since I’m especially fond of canines, especially wolves. Thanks for a really great comic, have a happy holiday.

  53. valerio

    “Err, Sir, a group of visitors are cuddling the visitors.”

    • Xane

      Especially once they visit the petting zoo area! Hee, I wonder what their reaction would be if they’re mobbed by children like Peanut and Grape (and King) at a farm. They’re quite well behaved for ferals.. maybe the pups would nip.

      I’d still totally do it! Don’t take me camping, I’d try to hug the wildlife (guys I’m kidding… again).

  54. Otookee

    Sadly, things didn’t go nearly so well in real life here at the Minnesota Zoo, and the wolf who tried to tour the zoo was shot. :( :( :(

  55. black fox

    wow u add a whit wolf and im not sher but is the whit wolf the only cariter with red eyes??

    • Frank

      It’s called albinism. It’s a medical condition where the body produces no pigments at all, so the hair appears white because it’s simply refracting light, and the eyes appear red because, with the iris having no color, the millions of blood vessels underneath it become visible

      • rallyjr

        or she could be part vampire…

      • hardcore hound

        man i wish i had that medical condition it dont sound to bad

        • Draven

          Except for the fact that anything as strong/ stronger than a high watt lightbulb will give you sunburn.

  56. Draven

    I love how motherly Lucretia’s advice is

  57. hardcore hound

    why do people fear them………. they ain’t hurting nobody its all good in the hood man

  58. kilo key

    Strange how most of the problems in my life have been solved by acting like I have rabies

  59. WolfBrother

    love the white wolf! i can tell this arc is either going to be adorable, hilarious, or disturbing…or maybe a totally awesome combination of all!!!! cant wait =D

    • jood580

      who can wesa cant.

    • valerio

      you’re talking about THE RICK, man!
      Awesome combo is his standard!

  60. Black fox

    Lol that to festival time using a I pod tuch

  61. Xaldin

    Hey, do you guys know of any other cartoons like this one that I can read/keep up to date on. I just spent the last hour reading these from the first panel all the way here and was wondering if you guys knew any other ones like it?

  62. FlintFang

    Who’s that pale wolf? She’s… um she’s pretty.

    • Dissension

      Looking at the tags and using process of elimination leads us to the logical conclusion that the albino wolf is “Snow.”

  63. DatGuy

    I read Daryl’s line in Ellis’ voice.