Comic is coming along nice, but my computer keeps teleporting randomly around the house. I’ll try a dimensional anchor and get it out as soon as I can, maybe have an hour extra to go

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  1. Dissension


    Or not. The choice is yours.

    Either way, glad to wait for you to wrangle it into submission.

  2. IceKitsune

    Darn teleporting computers :P oh well we can wait

  3. Xane

    Try anti-magic field instead!

  4. Frank

    Egads! It’s the daylight savings time effect multiplied! Save your data!

    • Frank

      Oh, I misread it as “keeps teleporting randomly around the hour
      I must be more tired than I thught

  5. volkoseba

    Call mr. Bigglesworth over. Put him in every room. When it teleports, you’ll know what room it goes to.

    • Frank

      But that would exclude the ones who are girls!

      • jood580

        they all are called Mr.Bigglesworth

      • volkoseba

        The girls are Mr. Bigglesworth too, and if you’re referring to the fact that I said “him,” it’s because I wanted to use a singular (putting one thing in several places gets your attention) but no gender neutral one exists for living beings. (I don’t want to call the Bigglesworths “it,” do I?)

        • Apples

          “They” is acceptable as a gender-neutral, singular pronoun. It especially works in that case, because ‘they’ could also be seen as referring to the entire group of Mr. Bigglesworth.

          • AntiGrammarNazi

            Okay fine. He should have said, “Call mr. Bigglesworth over. Put they in every room.”

          • volkoseba

            “They” may commonly be used as a gender-neutral singular, but common usage does not make something correct.

            Besides, in this case I was avoiding using a word that could refer to more than one person because that ruins the humor.

          • volkoseba

            And what AGN said.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            “Put one in each room.”

  6. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent


  7. Avan

    Oh no! I have a final tomorrow and I really should get to sleep but I’m going to stay up regardless because its HOUSEPETS and that overrides any need for sleep I have, nomatter how much I may regret it later.

    • ShelbyAQD

      I feel your pain. It’s warm and fluffy, so can I have it?

  8. jood580

    i had to go to bed friday do to files on fire
    well i gess i can wate…
    RAGE must have comic to night!!!

    • jood580

      ZZZ m-u-s-t read ho-us-epe-ts

      • jood580

        words that have -’s are slow

        • volkoseba


          I just made something fast AND slow.

  9. AleyxJ

    Nothing bungie cord could help, nevertheless make interesting : J

    • volkoseba


      Computer’s gone, bungie cord isn’t… or maybe they both went.

  10. Keeshah

    Looks like Pete got loose!!

  11. Pea

    I’m having a similar problem right now, actua

  12. Argent Stonecutter