The Frugal Wolf

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  1. Dissension

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  2. Ryufire

    Miles at his finest lol!

  3. Valerio

    oh my

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      now you know how many you need to include in your fic.

      • Valerio

        *crackles knuckles* I LIKE a tough challenge.
        more wolves, more fun!

        • IceKitsune

          Well Rick said they only come and visit every once in a while so you won’t be using them all the time since they don’t live in the house.

    • silverfang16

      Yes, apparently the whole pack came.

    • 1boredcanadian

      Fifteen wolves in a zoo.
      Hmmm, you know thats a good name for a terrible sitcom.

  4. Someguy

    Hope it’s a good movie! : D

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      it’s the zoo

      • hirple

        Thank god – the popcorn would’ve cost a fortune.

        • Frank


          Wait, maybe they’ll spend that much on cotton candy anyway

          • rallyjr

            but then again they might not spend anything on food…

          • silverfang16

            Why? That’s what the other animals were for…..right? Right? Oh dear….

          • Draven

            Followed by no deer.

  5. IceKitsune

    I predict a lot of screaming coming up also Security Guards.

  6. SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

    big family. fun.

  7. Avan

    I see the leash ordinance is still in effect.

  8. IceKitsune

    Miles family is huge, are they all living at that house together or did some come from the woods just for this trip or what?

  9. Avan

    oh, and alt text for the browser-impaired:

    “Our original plan was to utilize your age ranges to our advantage, as most of my family are each under six years old and are thus eligible for the 4.99 ticket, while a good many are under three and eligible for a free pass anyway, but this turned out cheaper.”

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Ah even more loophole abuse

  10. Jesse James

    Oh man. I laughed so hard.

    *is guilty of using coupons in the same manner*

  11. MKarrow

    I love Miles :)

  12. lahi

    Miles makes everyone speechless with his wolf like majesty

  13. jared

    Wolves on leashes…at the zoo…this can’t end well

  14. LupisLight

    Never a dull moment with Miles and his pack! I’ll bet this is one day the zoo staff will NEVER forget….

  15. BlueAnubis

    “Enough leashes for most of them”

    …. Well… as long as there are almost enough, I suppose it’s alright.

  16. Tara

    Miles, from what I remember is really tall and yet he’s barely tall enough for the ticketing booth.

    What about us shorter folk who aren’t 7 feet tall?

  17. Valerio

    One would give ticket for free to such a cute wuffie! :D

  18. gaboris

    Ya know on the last strip I didn’t get the joke, but seriously now I’m kinda ashamed to admit that. No matter how many rights animal have in this universe a bunch of them acting like a family all on their own still sounds weird. XD
    Anyways I guess we can all feel sorry for the ticket lady. Anyone who worked in places like that knows how tiring can people get. :P

  19. Zeek

    Miles is quiet the gentleman, no wonder its always the kindly gentleman always turning into the werewolf.

    • Valerio

      or, in Miles’ case, a werehuman

      • Indagare

        I think wolfwere might be more appropriate, since ‘were’ already means ‘man’. Of course, that would make Lucretia a wolfwif…

  20. Sylvan

    Oh Miles, so thrifty :3

  21. WingedwolfGirl

    Their wolves, at the zoo.
    She should ask if they’re checking in or checking out.

  22. WolfBrother

    haha i like how he says that he brought enough leashed for MOST of them XD

  23. Valerio

    first panel.
    makes me WANNA scritch’n'ruffle Miles’ head. :P

    • Frank

      But he’s still a wolf!

  24. Xane

    I knew Miles’ pack had to be a lot bigger than what we’d seen so far! I wonder how many of them are cubs.

    Is it just me, or is the way Miles’ expressions are drawn often make him look inordinately innocently cute? You would think he would look a lot more “mature” than the pets but, for instance, the strips where he first goes to the city (both the happy first panel and sad third panel), where Bill comes to the house asking for his license, and yesterday’s strip (first panel) he often has this innocently happy (or puppydog sad) look.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Guess the extended family came in from the woods for a visit.

    • valerio

      if traditional pack rules are respected, it’s only the three cubs, since only the alphas mate to give birth

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Is Miles still alpha, he did leave for the city…of course he does have a biggest paycheck (or at least equal to his brother Darryl).

  25. Grip the Wolf

    Cashier: I’ve heard of animals breaking OUT, but breaking back IN? This is ridiculous!

  26. jood580

    awww cute

  27. leaffly

    Ah the loopholes. Just like what Mr. Peanut does.

  28. Pogiforce

    fifteen isn’t a multiple of four, three of those wolves are gonna have to pay.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      They made three copies, that’s four coupons altogether, so they have one extra.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Oh, never mind, they BROUGHT three copies, but as the alt text says “a good many are under three and eligible for a free pass anyway”.

      • Pogiforce

        the alt text is referring to their age, not to the number of wolves left over. though rereading the strip again, it looks like the cashier lady is saying they all get in free just because she says so. Though my first time reading it I just got the “I don’t care I don’t like my job” vibe from her, not that she was letting them all in free.

      • Pogiforce

        and I just realize by that you mean the three left over could all be under three, and still get in anyway. Though usually coupons can’t be combined with other offers.

        again all irrelevant since apparently cashier lady doesn’t care enough to charge right now.

        • Xane

          Rick did clarify in the forums that he wasn’t counting his three cubs in the deal since they would get in for free anyway. Someone else commented that he would have expected more pups, which I agree with just because I want to see a half-dozen wolf cubs running amok!

          • Pogiforce

            There is forums?

          • Dissension

            Yes. There’s a link to the forums above the comic and we also suggest people visit them to discuss things not directly related to the comic. [ link ]

  29. Volkenstein

    Marty isn’t there cause hes back in the Future! *shot*

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Knew I shouldn’t have loaned him the Bricklin, course the DeLorean’s in the shop.

    • McFly

      No, I’m right here.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        You bring the book back from 2015?

        • McFly

          Nope, I destroyed it. :)

          • Ozuan

            Well that was smart. Why didn’t you do that in the first place?!

          • Frank

            He’s actually learned something in the last 26 years!

  30. Pogiforce

    Also cashier lady must be british because what american says “sacked”?

    • Dissension

      I do. = P

      • Ozuan

        Well then. That must mean you’re a British spy. Or this is an awkward conversation. Either way.

  31. volkoseba

    Is that all of them, or did some stay at home?

  32. mathgrant

    What the. . . ?

    You’re showing a human’s face in this comic?

    • Pogiforce

      wait, did the bandits from the ghost arc show their faces?

    • rakaydos

      One of the comics linked above, we saw “Bill’s” face- the human who liked his steak rare. “Wait, we were supposed to COOK the meat?” *facepaw* “I knew we forgot something!”

    • Dontlookmenaked

      They did show Joel’s face (who is mostly known as King)

      • volkoseba

        And the fat guy he worked with.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      He’s been showing a lot more of humans lately. This isn’t Peanuts.

      • valerio

        peanut approves

      • Z24

        Also, They don’t speak baby-talk

  33. Dontlookmenaked

    I did not know that was Miles until I read the comic description and the last panel… I’m dumb D:

  34. FerreTrip

    Miles is a very intelligent wolfie…and OMG A HUMAN!!!!11!!one! DDD8 */sarcasm*

    What’s gratis?

    • Frank

      “Free” in practically all other languages.

      The catch is this: Gratis means “it costs $0″; you should never say “I was a prisoner and now I am Gratis”

  35. Timmie

    hehe Turn the wolf cubs loose in the petting zoo! Of course the human kids will think the adult wolves are for petting… freaking out their parents!

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      That won’t end well

  36. John Willow

    Man…that ticket lady is sooo uuuugglly!!

    I love how well spoken Miles is, unlike me : ) I predict a lot of Zebra’s running for their lives

    • Frank

      I’m pretty sure Zebras and wolfs don’t cohabitate

  37. rallyjr

    wonder if they have collars on

    • Volkenstein

      well, they have leeshes for most of them :P

      • Bailey

        Most of them?

        • FlintFang

          the others can be carried?

          • AuvaAkita

            That’s what the strollers that you can rent are for :p

  38. xhunterko

    Yes, we’ll all hold our own leashes. Is that a problem? Okay, we won’t hold hands I promise!

  39. black fox

    she whusint especting wolf lol

  40. Ozuan

    Free… just can’t be beat.

    Also I like where this is going. (straight to Miles’s stomach ba dum bum pisssh)

  41. FlintFang

    It’s okay they brought leashes for most of them. Oh, wait.

  42. AuvaAkita

    ….and so the chaos begins!

  43. Wuri

    The cashier is sure going to have a story to tell at the dinner table.

  44. Firewolf

    Oi, o 3o you draw very good people! *no surprise rly ;P*

    HA! Supporting leashing the kids are we? ;P *briicked* X3

  45. Regular Bird

    Oof, I think the wolves are gonna have a good eat.

    • valerio

      and thus the unions had to enlist new members after each downsizing

  46. valerio

    Your attention please
    Humans are not snack food. They are available for free interaction at the screaming zoo
    Thank you!

    • Therolyn

      I’ll have to go see this fabled ’screaming zoo’ for myself!

  47. Tuctchone

    oh how ironic the co-worker doesn’t show up and they get in for free this mayhem is never ending

    • Tuctchone

      ahh why do i suck at this

      • hardcore hound

        at what?

        • Frank

          at remembering to put the e-mail that makes his avatar show up

  48. Tattorack

    “Sir… what are you doing to that gazelle!?”
    “Wath doth *swallows* it look like?”
    “Well… they’re for looking at… not eating”
    “Wha-!?! I come all this way to LOOK at food!?! That’s madness!!”

    • Draven

      Madness? THIS IS HOUSEPETS

      • WolfBrother

        THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!! sorry…i had to. ^_^

        • hardcore hound

          nice man lovein it ;)

  49. Kaleb T.

    So wait, let me get this strait. Are the tickets free or absolutely free?

  50. Lindseycrew

    Is it just me, or could housepets be a show that could be on cartoon network, or another channel like that because I would think it would be a hit!

    • Indagare

      Several people have mentioned that they’d love to see a Housepets! cartoon. It’s extremely unlikely to happen.

      • Frank

        Hey, I’d do it. I just need someone to provide for me in the meantime

  51. SilverZeo

    Are the jerk-humans the only ones who faces we can see?

    • Dissension

      I dunno, are you saying this employee is a jerk? How about Officer Bill, Fox’s owner? = P