Yup, the whole comic is currently on fire. I’ll throw sand on it or something and it’ll be up when it’s up, maybe 1-1/2 hours

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  1. Dissension

    Oh, well that’s cool, then.

    • ReCreate

      Cool … cool? no. it’s not cool. ITS ON FIRE. FIRE IS HOT. x3

  2. Xane

    Well that’s what you get for letting Darth Vader Sanchez run amok!

  3. senorpie7

    Well then, thank you for telling us… And try a-b-c rated fire extinguishers next time, as we are not exactly sure what material these comics are made of an how the will react to chemicals….or just use sand XD

  4. SilverZeo

    Who did this time? Peanut again or one of the cubs? Can the ferrets rich enough to buy and misuse meta-fiction?

  5. Fuzzypaws

    Clearly you need an ECF fire extinguisher on hand for situations like this. Extremely Cute Fuzzies are too important to trust to any generic means of fire suppression~

  6. Valerio


  7. volkoseba

    Sandy burnt comics :(

  8. Draco_2k

    Why does everything I love catch fire?..

    • Valerio

      it’s the fire of love and passion that did it!

  9. Profesor Rod

    Whu whe whi wait what? O.o

    How do you do to make binary files catch fire?!

    • Xane

      By overclocking them!

      • senorpie7

        Over Clocking…files?!! Waahhh??? This must be AMD we are talking. Those things get hotter than the sun! Intel all the way!!!!!

        • volkoseba

          Have you compared them on a dpd (degrees per dollar) basis?

    • Profesor Rod

      Oh you guys all crack me up XD

  10. RootsofOrigin

    Only at Housepets!

    That sure raises, I can assume at least, some questions.

  11. xhunterko

    Quick! Stop drop and roll!

    • senorpie7

      The files you mean!

      • Valerio

        no, that’s drop and drag!

        • Tormod

          Oh Valerio.. you’re so silly. ^^;

  12. jood580

    um did the trap go of to soon? i should have put a fail safe on it.

  13. Keldor

    Rick: “Argh! This comic is terrible! I can’t let anyone see this, I can’t even stand seeing it myself!” *Throws comic in fireplace*

  14. Dwoodyruff

    I er uh…I swear i did not have anything to do with random fires occuring…this time atleast…

  15. Dontlookmenaked