Picked The Wrong Spot
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  1. Xane

    Oh come on, no super mindblanking kiss? :D

    • rtlstien

      I’m loving these jabs at the superman movies ^-^

      • BanditRingtail

        Actually, I think the comics were known for doing that too. Some of the early ones had him “discovering” new powers all the time. He couldn’t even fly in the beginning, just “leap tall buildings in a single bound”. Still pretty incredible thought.

    • River_Dragon

      Yeah–the kiss would have been better. I can still see Lois Lane with that dreamy/blank look and then back to business…he he

    • BillyMT

      Ahn, can’t see Rick doing such a fanservice on his comic. Even more so on Peanut’s comic in his comic! XD

  2. Crackles

    Haha, oh wow.

  3. xhunterko

    A bit much?

  4. IceKitsune

    lol Randomly made up powers for when you need them are the best :D

  5. senorpie7

    Mmmmmm.. Romantic. Spot has a crush on her right, so why would he do that?

    • IceKitsune

      Because its a parody of Superman and that’s basically the explanation for why nobody knows Clark is Superman. (at least it was for a very, very long time anyway)

  6. AuvaAkita

    Haha, Superhypnosis solves Everything! lol

  7. jood580

    wow who could have dun that? (aww it falled)

  8. hirple

    Something tells me that spot should probably delete that recording that Stripe was making…

    • WolfBrother

      I don’t know, Stripe doesn’t have her microphone out at the time, maybe they didn’t catch the footage. still…wouldn’t hurt to use that Superhypnosis to make her delete it anyway

  9. volkoseba




    Can’t think of a coherent response, 5th frame too awesome.

  10. Firewolf

    lol, do not look directly at his eyes through these glasses, may cause eye damage, permanent brain damage, and SPOTty vision.

  11. leaffly

    Don’t you just love those random moments.

    • FlynnDawg

      Don’t you know? Housepets! IS random moments!

  12. McFly

    Good thing the building was condemned, because the workers wouldn’t have seen the blast coming.

    • MKarrow

      It’s okay though, cause I still see what you did there.

    • Dragongal

      It took me a minute…. I see whatca did there!

  13. Valerio

    luckily, Spot got super-hunkiness factor to win her heart…

  14. WolfBrother

    lol’d at the sound effect for Spot (Superdog) zapping Stripe with his superhypnosis…WHAM! XD haha awesome

  15. Russiarules1

    There’s nothing more healthy than a brain wash :)

  16. MKarrow

    As soon as I hit the 5th panel… I almost died. I had to plug my nose to stop myself from laughing and waking my roommate up.

    I mean, really… an eyeglass factory? That is so perfect. X)

  17. Kume

    Hmmm. is panel 6 a referance to homestarrunner’s Teen Girl Squad “comics”?

    >_> … <_< … if so "IT'S OVER!!!"

    • Xane

      Well where do you think all the Tish, You!s come from? The Cheat sold Bino a case way back when…

    • silverfang16

      It IS on lined paper! :P

  18. Sylvan

    This totally makes sense to Peanut XD

  19. Thoth

    Hard to do a “romance” plotline with superhypnosis around. It provokes doubts.

    • darkgloomie

      Depends. How can you doubt something, if you don’t know it exists?

      Stripe:”Spot(superdog)! Did you super-hypnotize me?”

      Spot(superdog): “Err… SUPER-HYPNOSIS!”

      Stripe(blank stare): “Uh… what were we talking about?”

      Spot(superdog): “Your crush on me.”

  20. Roadrunner

    Spot in panel 6 is pretty cute

  21. Volkenstein

    His Clark Kenting has been reveled! quick, brainwash everything!

  22. gaboris

    … Still better then the Superman movie version. XD

    BTW that mid-sentence WHAM is just awesome. :D

  23. darkgloomie

    … How does Super-Hypnosis facture in Spot(superdog)’s “Everything is punching|!” policy?

    Did he punch her brain with his eyes?

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      If you notice, there is a punching sound effect. so yes.

  24. Hoheh

    Spot is Spot, really. Clark Kenting, but even more-so.

  25. Kitch

    You missed a great opportunity for a Shout Out.

    “Where am I? Who are you? Who am I?”

  26. Lindseycrew

    I bet the people in the eyeglass factory are just fiiiine…

    • Argent Stonecutter

      It was condemned, so that was probably a planned demolition.

      • Therolyn

        Never know, you know how super villains on a tight budget can be like…

      • Lindseycrew

        Ahh, I see….. I bet stripe will be just fiiiiiine….

  27. Draven

    Inconvenient explosion followed shortly by convenient super powers, this comic has it all.

  28. Skimble

    Perhaps he’s using the royal Canterlot voice?

  29. WingedwolfGirl

    She probably won’t remember a thing that happened that evening.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “Did you really drop me from 10,000 feet?”

      SUPERHYPNOSIS *punch*

      • silverfang16

        This is the one time it can’t be solved with punching.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Superhypnosis is punching with your eyes!

          • Draven

            Superhypnosis is punching the other persons eyes with your mind.

  30. Grip the Wolf

    The Super Brain Surgery has gone horribly wrong! I must use the Super Does Whatever The Plot Requires Ray!

    • Tynach

      Oh, so get the crew from Star Trek to use tachyons on it?

  31. SilverZeo

    No “Forget-Me-Slurp”?

    I wonder would happen if Peanut would write a story that is convoluted that even his characters give up on him, having an Animalman/Deadpool moment.

  32. FerreTrip

    Well, Status Quo is God, whether you like it or not…

    • SilverZeo