Romancing The Spot

Sorry for the Spot today so soon after the last, but my dog Apollo was recently attacked by a pit bull immediately after returning home from vacation.  He’s doing okay, but I will need some extra time for a few days.  Next arc after this should start on Friday

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  1. rtlstien

    Now I’ll laugh every time I watch the Superman movie.

  2. Draven

    She has a very good point

  3. IceKitsune

    Its ok Rick don’t worry about it.

    • Wanderer

      LOL Sorry for the Spot?
      Sorry that was just funny for some reason.

      • Sigmund

        Spot’s something different and very funny.

  4. volkoseba

    “Must… retain… feminism…”

    One of the best lines ever written.

    • Elena

      Except for the fact that it makes absolutely no sense. Why does she find it difficult to retain her belief in gender equality because she finds Superdog hunky? I can only assume that both you and Rick are people who believe that feminism and misandry are the same thing.

      • enty

        Or its a joke about the common portrayal of the feminist in movies.

        • volkoseba

          Or how some of the more radical members of the movement actually think…

        • Elena

          I can go along with that.

      • Rick Griffin

        Yeah It’s more what enty said; most of the time it looks like feminism = “good/better without a man” which is not the extent of the movement but is almost always the shorthand when trying to make a strong female character in a story (which then one writer seems to invariably turn around: oh she thought she was good without a man but she needs one after all, ohh strawman argument ohh)

  5. kimo

    oh lolol, that’s sort of… perfect!

  6. IceKitsune

    lol I love Stripes face in all the bottom panels

  7. American_Otter

    take as much time as you need with your own pet first, all your fans I think will understand the need.

    But fun comic poking fun at the old Superman movies, very nicely done.

    • Dragongal

      Hey, I would drop everything right now if it were my dog. And those pit bulls can be nasty! our neighbor has one that bit his arm, and chases me!

      • River_Dragon

        Pits are like every other dog breed–you have your well-behaved dogs and you have your problem dogs. In most cases, it’s the owners who are at fault for poor training, lack of training, or deliberately making the dog a vicious animal. My brother has a pit that we rescued–poor thing was abandoned and starving. He’s one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met, and only wants to love you. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, has a long haired chihuahua–that dog I won’t turn my back on. It’s already bitten three people, and all she says is, “Oh, well, they shouldn’t have aggravated her.”

        • Rick Griffin

          They’re like every other breed–up to a point. Pit bulls have inverted instincts compared to other dogs; most dogs are assertive/aggressive when there are other dogs outside their territory and curious/cautious when they’re inside, but for pit bulls it’s usually the other way around. Most people who own pit bulls don’t understand this or prepare for it, usually because they’re gentle with people/animals they’re familiar with.

          • R Dog

            Sorry to hear your dog got attacked. pit bulls are terriers and terriers of all types are prone to going after or even attacking other dogs and small animals. Hunting smaller and sometimes larger animals was what these terriers and bull dogs were bred for. Of course there is a big variation with pit bulls due to breeding so you have the ones that are just fine with other animals and the ones that try to hunt any animal that moves.

  8. jood580

    ok what is the problem in P.B.S spot is him

  9. senorpie7

    WHAT? only two thousand miles per hour?
    *pshhh* Everyone knows true romance can be acieved at only 3,000 miles per hour….GAWD

    • volkoseba

      Wrong. It’s over 9000!

      • jood580

        that is correct.

        • Jonathan

          Geez, you’re both wrong. That’s over 9000 DEGREES. With a Barrel Roll!

          • volkoseba

            That’d be more of a corkscrew than a barrel roll, no?

    • Grip the Wolf

      They are not even traveling at 2 raditz per hour!

      • FlynnDawg

        How DARE they!? Ugh, I’d write a terrible review for this movie, but this ain’t a movie. Also it’s Housepets!, I can’t do such an… an… I can’t even say how horrible that’d be! This sin is ineffable!

  10. jood580

    wow 7 people in 2 mins

  11. jared

    Oh, this should be interesting, I’m always game for a good parody.

  12. jood580

    make it 8…

    • Dissension

      Excuse me, are you counting the number of people making comments?

      • jood580

        when i refreshed there was no one when i posted there was 7

      • volkoseba

        I think he’s counting the number of people who made comments before 12:03… and he counted wrong twice.

  13. leaffly

    It could have still been romantic if she just looked with out screaming.

    • volkoseba

      It’s kinda hard to keep your eyes open or your mouth shut at those speeds…

  14. Xane

    Oh that Spot!

    One does sort of wonder why Lois Lane was so interested in Superman after he dropped her while they were flying together.

    “But honey, I just saved an orphanage today. Doesn’t that earn me a second date?”
    “Did you drop them from ten thousand feet “just for fun” too?”

    • Sigmund

      Well Margot Kidder was crazy

  15. FunkyChicken

    Oh my God, best wishes to your dog.

  16. Wanderer

    Everything would look like a blur at that speed. Hooray for cartoon physics!

  17. hirple

    I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splen- *vomits*

    • Dissension

      *giggles* That’s one of my shower songs. :B

      • volkoseba

        Alright, that’s it… there’s no way you would’ve said that just for the sake of saying that. What sort of hidden message are you sending there? Assassinating the Prime Minister of Malaysia? What is the meaning of toomss?

      • McFly

        Makes me wonder what the rest are.

        • Frank

          If they follow the same vein, probably “The Circle of Life” and “Be our Guest”

          • McFly

            To be honest, “The Circle of Life” is one of my own. :)

      • hirple

        I was belting out some Gilbert and Sullivan in the shower last week… didn’t realize my roommate was home at the time.

        • Xane

          I can see Dissension doing that too.

          I am the very model of a squirrely individual
          I’ve information nuts, legumes, tasty grains and cereal
          I know the best of spots to harvest victuals agronomical
          And hide them safely in my tree, a bounty most botanical

          • hirple

            *…slow clap*

          • hirple

            I’m actually tempted to try to finish this song

          • Xane

            It’s hard to keep it from degenerating into a bunch of terrible puns by Filbert and Sullegume.

        • Rico

          Gah, utter tripe >.<

          After performing in my local G&S society for about 3 years, I can't stand the stuff… Though I can't help but sing along when I hear some… Bloody catchy tonic-dominant music :/

      • rallyjr

        …. what….

      • Draven

        You seem more like an “In the Jungle” type of person to me

      • GameCobra

        Oh i just~Can’t~WAIT!~To Be King!

  18. Sonic Fox

    That’s a fair point.

  19. RootsofOrigin

    At some point every reader came to understand this. So no worries. I hope your dog recovers well.

    Also, other titles that would have worked :
    “A Spot of Romance” or “Romance on the Spot”

    See what I did there?

  20. jood580

    i this how they met? really?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Stripe was in dire peril from one of Spot’s nemesises (suffering succotash) and Spot rescued her!

  21. RootsofOrigin

    As told by peanut

    • Vladimir Zharkov

      I doubt he got any help from Grape on this one.

  22. AuvaAkita

    Peanut should show his comic to the ferrets so that they can make a movie out of it!

    • volkoseba

      They’d probably make a movie out of Grape’s fanfic…

      • Frank

        In two parts!

        • volkoseba

          The second part being a musical just for the heck of it!

    • Ryufire

      If somehow the ferrets stumble upon King’s journal of his whole life (if he wrote one) that would be a Blockbuster hit!

      • volkoseba

        That… would be an interesting way for Fox to find out who King is…

        And it would probably make him less likely to end his friendship with king than simply hearing about it…

    • Dontlookmenaked

      I would watch that movie :D

  23. zeroslash

    This kinda sums up superhero romance to a ‘T.’

    I hope Apollo gets better, Rick. Take that lady and her pit bull down. ; P

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Here’s wishing Apollo a safe and speedy recovery.

      • anon_omis

        How speedy?
        At 2,000 MPH

  24. wigwam

    Hey babe, take a walk on wild side!

    • Frank

      And, uh, laugh in the face of danger?

  25. valerio

    I’m so sorry for apollo, rick! :(
    We understand, now take the time you need.

    • Ryufire

      No worries Rick take your time, Apollo is one tough pooch he can handle anything!

  26. xhunterko


  27. Draven
  28. McFly

    Spot: “The female species, such an enigma…”

  29. Toboe

    Awwwww…. Poor Apollo! I’m sorry. What breed is he?

    Be sure to take good care of him.

  30. Nick (from HP!R)

    I see Peanut is improving.

    • Xane

      I agree! I do kind of wonder if Grape is reading/suggesting over his shoulder again, but this is great. Witty jokes and not making Spot the perfect boyfriend from the start.

      As much as I like King, I want a dog like Peanut! (King would probably bite your face off if you tried to hug him anyway) :lol:

  31. 2MK

    Attcked by a pit bull?

    Well that’s…………….random.

    • Frank

      Hey, at least it wasn’t a bull pit!

  32. AleyxJ

    1st panel: St. Louis Arc? I should know, probably :P

    • AleyxJ

      Derp-a-derp-a-herp. Lower left.

  33. xenocalypse

    I notice that the characters of the “Spot” comics are becoming more active in romance. What’s that say about Peanut?

    • AleyxJ

      Age, possibly? He could be drifting from his old state of mind to that of an adult, passionate one.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Or he just thinks it would be fun, it’s Peanut after all.

  34. lahi

    Tell apollo get well soon! and tell that pit bull to watch himself at night…

  35. Crackles

    Somehow this instantly reminded me of the Imaginate, too! arc, when Spot carried the lioness princess from danger. It was supposed to be a romantic rescue but we all know how that turned out.

  36. gaboris

    Also lucky thing you didn’ show the part where they hit an insect cuz whit that speed… well THAT wouldn’t be an ordinary bullet. :D

  37. John willow

    I’m very sorry to hear about your dog, hope it’s recovery is swift and easy.

    Also I laughed really hard at this one “two thousand miles an hour”, bwahahahah

  38. Profesor Rod

    “This relationship is moving too fast!” rofl

    And don’t worry Rick. Take good care of Apollo.

  39. Lindseycrew

    Funny strip, also I’m sorry about your dog.


  40. Renkun

    all of us unterstand thats Rick and i must say i like the strip from spot and stripe long time nothing but that’s is great.

  41. WingedwolfGirl

    Windburn. XD

  42. T-Squared


    • McFly

      Because it’s in the Cliche Romance Manual.

    • Frank

      Because the Big Ben clock tower was de-romanticized by J. M. Barry, Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, the Statue of Liberty by Don Bluth… must I really go on?

  43. Noir The Sable


    No worries, Rick, we all understand. Hope Apollo gets better soon!

  44. the big step that needs to be taken

    hope your doge gets better i’ll be praying

  45. Grip the Wolf

    Spot (superdog’s) face in the third panel.
    That is all.

  46. gagi

    Hehe, I always thought it was kinda rude of superheroes to do that to normal people, or take them into the upper stratosphere. I mean a normal person (or a cat) could catch a cold like that.

    • volkoseba

      You cannot pick up viruses from low temperature, and it’s extremely unlikely that you’d run into any in the stratosphere…

      • gagi

        You seem to be smart wolf person :) I just wanted to point out it would not be good for ones body. If not the cold (virus), then the frostbite and the lack of oxygen would surely do the trick.

        • volkoseba

          This is true, heartburn :P

  47. Pogiforce

    iiiii can shoooow you the world!

    Shining shimmering spleeendoor!

  48. Anon124

    What’s up with all the romance lately? Is it me or Did Rick find a new girlfriend or something?

    • Frank

      Well, I believe last arc had been in the works for quite a while, and as they said above, this one really only reflects on Peanut. “A bit of Spot and Bat-Bat”, well, there’s not much of spot for Bat-Bat to dislike, is there? and the strip before that, well, Fido and Sabrina go way back

    • Rick Griffin

      Romance used to be a significant chunk of this comic way back when; I just thought I’d get back to some more of that

      • volkoseba

        So was orange soda… what happened to orange soda?

        • Frank

          ask again around New Year’s

        • Dissension

          I wouldn’t say orange soda was ever a significant part of the comic.

          • volkoseba

            Perhaps not, but it’s still funny.

  49. andrew N.

    hope everything goes well with your dog – maybe you can develop a vet/cone ark after this

  50. Draegwolf

    Ouch man, sorry about your dog. Hope he get’s better.

  51. Kitch

    Romance doesn’t work at Mach 3. One has to wonder what Lois Lane was put through flying with Supes like that.

  52. FerreTrip

    Spot went by the Arch? Maybe that’s why a ship decided to blow its horn right behind us when we were playing there over the summer tour–it was saying hi to him. :3 (Honestly, we thought it came from the trombones.)

    I hope your dog gets better, Rick {:(

  53. Dansuke

    I had a dog named Apollo. We had to give him to someone else though. I hope he gets well soon.

  54. microbuss

    Another Big Mouth comic ROFLMAO

  55. Elwood Blutarsky

    Perhaps we’ll finally learn why Spot is into dogs who are dead ringers for cats.

    • IceKitsune

      Because Peanut is attracted to cats (namely Grape) and Spot is Peanut basically. I don’t think there’s going to be an explanation beyond that really.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Yeah, Stripe’s a Grape expy of course but I’m not sure if Peanut is exclusively into cats (he’s dating Tarot and he cares for her).

        • IceKitsune

          I didn’t mean to imply that he didn’t care for Tarot or that he was only into cats, just that he is and that is the reason Spot is dating Stripe (who is as you said an expy for Grape).

  56. Foldo

    Yay! France! :D (okay, just a cliché, but still!)

  57. BikerTrash

    1st time leaving a comment evar:

    And I am sure the owner of the pit said how shocked they were that it was such a gentile loving dog… it must have been your dog that antagonized it!

    Pitbull owners are strange.

    Hope your dog mends quick.

    • R Dog

      Um, no jerk owners are strange. I have pits and neither attack other animals, in fact they live with cats that beat them up regularly. I also don’t let them run off leash or uncontrolled because dogs are predators and terriers are prone to attacking other animals because that’s what they’ve been selectively bred for for hundreds of years.

      • Frank

        Wait, are you calling the pitbull a jerk, or the owner a jerk?

  58. Roadrunner

    They’ve got to be more fluffy

  59. Chazmeister242

    I think he just needs more time to draw baily and king…thats what this is……(i am sorry for your dog btw, my dogs have been attacked as well) But im just saying i THINK he is building up tension……

  60. shatofox

    lol thats funny abit ples no comint on my grammier i just have bad grammer

  61. Aenbr

    Very cute comic, Rick. I feel sorry for you dog though.

  62. Codykinz

    Best wishes to your pup.
    Disappointing a bit to me how few people give their condolences.
    I’d imagine your pets are somewhat inspiration for the comic, and probably great emotional support and personal pleasure.

    I hope your doggy friend recovers quickly!

  63. Draven

    I never had a wounded dog, but if my rabbit got hurt I would feel pretty bad.

  64. GameCobra

    Stripe’s screaming is so powerful it went between the panels o.o

  65. Jesse James

    I think pit bulls are banned over on this side of the world.

    Hope your doggy gets better. <3

  66. Ferousoxide

    Hey, Peanuts getting pretty good at delivering the punchline in his little comics.

    heh, comic within a comic, comiception

  67. Insigma

    I’m listening to “A Whole New World” while reading this strip.

  68. WolfBrother

    Sup everybody!!!! this is my first time commenting yay ;D anyways, i happened across this comic like 3 days ago and i instantly fell in love with it; read all of the archives in one day. keep what up what your doing Rick, and i’m sorry about your dog, i hope Apollo mends quickly =)

    • volkoseba

      Welcome, good sir!

      • WolfBrother

        thanks very much volkoseba! its good to be here =-)

  69. Draven

    How is the Taj Mahal romantic? It’s a crypt.

    • volkoseba

      …perhaps because it was built by the Shah of the Mughal Empire in memory of his third wife? (I’m sure he loved his 3rd wife very much if he did this for her…)

  70. Lindseycrew

    If you notice, spot gets slightly angrier as panel moves on.

    • volkoseba

      If you don’t notice, it still happens.

  71. WolfBrother

    sorry that was a typo. its supposed to be “Keep up what you’re doing Rick…” ^_^

  72. Hoheh

    The moment. Stripe just butchered it. Adorably. And justifiably.

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