Dogs Who Stare At Water
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  1. Ryufire

    King you silly dog you :D


      Oh sweet sweet hypotheticals:) LOL

  2. Cm4F

    Haha, I love it!!!

  3. Dissension

    Normal pets: Not caring about the supernatural since forever.

    • lahi

      “…Sooo you’re saying that if i pee on this tree heaven will snipe me with lightning bolts? awesome. lets give it a try.”

      • Flexico

        I LOL’d!! =3

  4. Daggy

    This was really cute. Love Fox’s tail.

    • Dragongal


    • Valerio

      my, Fox’s back surely looks buff today

  5. rtlstien

    That’s deep Fox.

  6. IceKitsune

    lol and Fox just doesn’t care at all.

  7. hi

    This is cute. It’s a great way for King to actually tell him what’s going on but not saying the whole truth.

  8. VOLK

    Pete? Pete who? ;)

  9. The Wolf Kin

    This may be my favourite Fox/King strip so far. It’s very cute, as well as it has that touch of humour at the end.

    Here’s to hoping King remains a dog, like he should. It would be sad to lose him as a character.

    • Valerio

      *toasts* amen to that

  10. Barker

    Tough sell is tough. Looks like King is as conflicted as we predicted last week. It’s odd that his reasoning immediately jumps to Pete when given the relativity riff. Does this mean he’s on the dog side of good living in his mind and not just in our hopes?

  11. AuvaAkita

    Hahaha! Just when King starts to Hint about his human nature, Fox doesn’t want to hear about it. But when Kind doesn’t want him to know about it, Fox is all over the situation XD

    • Valerio

      that’s FOX for ya!

    • anon_omis


      • Frank

        The goddess of kindness?

        • Frank

          Oh, right. Misspelling of “King”. I feel stupid now.

          • AuvaAkita

            This is why i need to stop staying up so late! X3

          • Rico

            I do like the way your avatar matches your comment each time x3

    • silverfang16

      Seriously…all he needs to do then is not care about this! Easy right? :3

    • darkgloomie

      I stand by my ridicolous claim that he’s really the Great Kitsune’s avatar :p

      IT ALL MAKES SENSE! Actually, it doesn’t. That’s why it’s a ridicolous claim.

      • Tynach

        Didn’t you know? Sasha is the Great Kitsune!

        That’s how she can seem like a ditz with little intelligence, except little bursts of pure genius that seem far beyond her abilities.

  12. Chibiwolf61

    Wow King.. That was the best thing you have asked for quite some time!

    • Valerio


    • Yehoshua

      He asked if Bailey smelled better, that’s a good question.

  13. Xane

    King should know this already, if he were to remember Fox’s angry tirade at him and his partner when he was locked in the van. But… yeah. Fox has a good dad, big allowance, lots of freedom. King was tormented with Pete and while not “bad” isn’t exactly “paradise” with the crazy wolf pack…

    Time to tell Fox the real truth, King.

    • Ryufire

      Ouch the truth always hurts! o.o

      • Therolyn

        Painful…but the truth can set one free

        • Valerio

          …and friendless.
          Not to mention he’s already free from prison.

          • silverfang16

            I don’t believe that. I feel that Fox, after getting over the shock, would accept it and continue to be his friend.

          • Valerio

            time to have some drama in the meantime, in pure rick’s style. I so hope you’re right…

          • Therolyn

            Drama is nice to see in the right doses. Looking forward to finding out the result, if it does all happen.

      • John Willow

        I dont see how the truth would help in this situation, or it being necessary. If Fox reacted badlyand told him to stay away from Bailey then King would be forced to think “Ok, i’ll be a human again”. What he should do is just keep quiet and try the deciding experiment, a date with Bailey, that’s if she even wants one.

  14. MC_Hollis

    Don’t throw this away, King. Go NATIVE!!! I would >.>

    • VOLK

      Well… he does live with the wolves now [no owner], and in a town with laws favorable to animals, so the disadvantages would be diminished a great deal… but there’s always Pete… and Bino…

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        But he’d still be living with wolves, not a plus as he sees it.

        • VOLK

          Better than Pete or an owner…

    • Valerio

      Not to mention 100% share, kingy-boy!

  15. SilverZeo

    Could have been worse… he could be talking about a sort of bad dub an anime movie…

  16. hirple

    Given the choice, I’m not too sure what I’d do. I mean, I’d love to do whatever I wanted all day, but I also like being able to reach things on high shelves.

    • VOLK

      That’s what the wolves are for, no?

      Or he could just get a ladder…

      • hirple

        or one of those mini-trampolines (which is, incidentally, the cutest option).

        • VOLK

          And the option with a 100% chance of injury.

    • SilverZeo

      Don’t forget to drive, oh and sweat glands, you’ll miss those.

      • silverfang16

        Dogs have those on their nose and feet. :P

        • SilverZeo

          You really want to have sniff of sweat and snot together, let alone trying to wait in line for a burger in the summer?

    • darkgloomie

      Two great reasons to be human:
      Alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all human’s problems!

      Also chocolate. I don’t know how that dog-safe chocolate-free chocolate works, but I like my chocolate chocolicious.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Orange Soda!

        • Rico

          Who likes orange soda? Kel likes orange soda.

          Ahhh here’goes!

      • Score

        Chocolate for pets is pretty much just chocolate without theobromine (the caffeine-like substance)

  17. Valerio

    King, you gave it a try. You heard the voice of wisdom. Now, please, QUIT IT! Go native and have fun! That’s an order, son!

    • Zenakuno

      I second that order!

    • jood580

      i third the order

    • rallyjr

      his secret will eventually come to light

  18. Valerio

    let’s just hope that Fox thought King’s ranting is due to his fear of getting committed with bailey…

  19. lahi

    King needs to take multiple chill pills in 5 different flavors imported from several countries

    • rallyjr

      i don’t see that ending well

  20. Ryufire

    Why would King even say that? He should be having fun with Bailey, go running in the field together, laughing full of joy. But then again his human side is curious it didn’t hurt to ask Fox but he didn’t care one bit lol!

    • Valerio

      that’s colled one HECK of a dodged bullet, King.
      Panel 8 should have been something like the corgi hugging the husky and saying him ‘thank you’

  21. zeroslash

    I never realized how short King was until now, heheh.

  22. Shiranai

    Schrodinger’s cat.

    That is all.

    • LapfoxFan

      Lol! :D

  23. Shuma Jindivi

    Freedom is a complex topic……

  24. Tara

    King has absolutely no tail! :o

    Don’t Welsh Corgis have little nub tails? :3

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      King does have one, see the strip after he broke out of Pete’s pet carrier, .but it’s hard to see unless in close up because it is tiny.

    • Rick Griffin

      Actually I did draw it here on the picture of his sitting on the log but it doesn’t show up well

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I think King would have been be happier about being a dog if he’d got a nice swooshy tail with the rest of the doggy componentry.

      Though he’d probably have a few uncomfortable weeks until he learned to control it when sitting down.

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        I guess he got short changed in that department. Given how he was human it’s not like he’s missing anything he had at the start.

  25. anon_omis

    Now I dont know what I want. Of course I want King to stay a dog, but at the same time I want Pete’s plan to fail

    • Valerio

      pete’s good enough to make his own plans fall by himself

      • anon_omis

        Also we don’t know what’s happened to him since we last saw him

        • Valerio

          nothing good, one hopes

          • rallyjr

            well last we saw he was stuck in heaven with a broken wing while his buff girlfriend was chasing him for breaking the law… wouldn’t it be ironic if he was in jail?

    • silverfang16

      Pfft, I don’t think King staying a dog will make Pete’s life any easier.

    • IceKitsune

      Except that King is actually wrong. Pete’s plan doesn’t exactly hinge on King staying a Dog it hinges on him accepting being his avatar. Its just if he doesn’t choose to stay a dog it makes Pete’s plan completely impossible instead of 99% impossible. Because again there is almost no way that King is going to accept being Pete’s Avatar at this point anyway.

      • anon_omis


      • Argent Stonecutter

        King isn’t the sharpest spoon in the drawer, you know.

      • Rick Griffin

        Yes, but Pete’s plan to do that however he was planning can’t go forward at all if he stay human, or at least he thinks so.

      • darkgloomie

        Well, Pete’s plan doesn’t hinges on him being a dog. It just can work as long as he isn’t a human (as, apparently, was in the rules the Cosmic Nerds agreed: “Only Cats and Dogs as Avatars” and “No Weird Time Junk”)

        King was there and heard the conversation going, so he knows those rules, and he saw Pete’s character sheet, which means that he knows that whatever Pete’s planning, he’s a key element to it. Not to count the whole “Not All Dogs” arc.

        As you outlined, Kitsune, it not that it’ll work if King stays a dog, it’s just that it’s impossible if he becomes human. And as long as there is hope…

        (random note: is it just me or King is incredibly cute in the 7th panel of the strip I linked?)

      • Xane

        Well we’ve already seen that Pete can switch who he wants to pick as an avatar. It was originally “The Cat” (or GRA… wait, maybe Pete was going to use Gravatar!). Obviously Grape but one never knows since it was purposely left vaguely specific. He then switched to Joel/King. I get the feeling the only reason he keeps trying is because he was specifically told to leave King alone. He could switch but now he doesn’t want to just to be stubborn.
        We also really don’t know if Pete is truly evil or just “kind of a (huge) jerk”. Kitsune says he doesn’t want his gaming to harm the participants so he probably would not let Pete go too far (Pete might try it anyway though). Tarot’s predictions about soul shattering may partially be due to her need to be as melodramatic as Dr. Orpheus. While they were all at the D&D table in their true forms, Pete and Dragon acted more like friendly rivals, with Pete being the powergamer who annoys the rest of the players (we also don’t know if there are more players!) than a force of good and evil barely tolerating each other. Yeah, scrambling King’s brain for a moment was kind of evil but he knew it wouldn’t stick so for him it was probably just a joke (His expression when he said “Oh, details.” still makes me laugh).

        We’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        The other problem with this is that Kitsune implied he isn’t going to go back to human (if he ever does) until the game is over… so whether he goes native or not Pete will still get his shot(s) at him, and by the time it matters Pete won’t care any more… he’ll be off to (cheating at) the next game.

        • IceKitsune

          Well Pete won’t get unlimited shots at him, he will have to pick an avatar eventually and if King won’t do it (which its extremely unlikely he would without some massive change in circumstances or personality) Pete will have to pick some one new or lose the game. I also have a feeling that Pete is going to be bared by either Heaven or Kitsune (or both) from messing with King even after he has an Avatar as punishment for stealing Kings Fate orb thing.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Well, point is, King’s not doing anything to foil Pete by staying away from Bailey.

    • Tendo

      I must be the only one who would want King to become human again

      • IceKitsune

        No your not, I do to and quite a few other people do as well.

        • Xane

          Me three. I’m conflicted because I’m a King fan and I would like to keep the corgi around, but really he’s not meant to be a dog (and he’s not very good at it either!) so in the end I want to see him changed back. For me the best solution would be for him to be able to change at will but Heaven apparently doesn’t like the paperwork involved for that kind of thing. Rick’s a good writer, I’m sure whatever he comes up with to resolve King’s story will be greatFive years later… three years after U&U ended
          “Tarot, is Dragon still with you?”
          “Oh hi Joel! Well, not like she used to be, but I can still contact her when I need to… what did you need?”
          “I just… want one more day with my friend. One last day as King.”…I’m pretty sure that fanfiction has already been written a dozen times over by now.

          • Argent Stonecutter


            Joel: Well, I kind of need someone to bail me out again… yeh, I’m at the Police… no, the other one, you know, where the Sargent has three heads.

  26. xhunterko

    Aaaaaand that’s a wrap!

  27. MChammerpenguin

    I was reading this while listening to The Scientist by Coldplay and it really hit me how even though as a reader this seems completely silly and what not, but if you were in King’s position this would be an unbelievably complex situation.

  28. Elwood Blutarsky

    In Bill’s defense, those 12-hour shifts are on a motorcycle living the fantasies of anyone who ever saw an episode of “CHiPs.” Pretty liberating as far as jobs go.

  29. Duce

    He should stay as a pet but if he does go human I hope Baily goes human with him.

    • Valerio

      double EW

      • darkgloomie

        Yeah, who wants to see those furless freaks?

        [I iz sarcastic]

    • silverfang16

      So we can lose both of them?! That is a terrible insult good chap!

      • Valerio

        get torches and pitchforks!
        I’ll take the straw for the fire!

        • jood580

          i’ll git the hores

  30. leaffly

    It is really a choice. What else can you say? Our life, our choices, our way of living.

  31. Volkenstein

    And exit stage right!

    • Valerio

      at this point, Fox must have decided King is in ‘rant mode’, and has learnt to avoid that :lol

    • darkgloomie

      Exit Fox, pursued by faux-hypotetical ranting

  32. McFly

    Aaaaand, Fox has left the building, folks.

    • Valerio

      a cookie for you! :D

      • McFly

        Thank you, thank you very much!

  33. Frank

    Ah, yes. That pesky word “you” and it’s multiple interpretations

  34. Rudi

    If King ever tells him the truth, I have a feeling Fox would just tell him to lay off the fizzy water …

  35. Draven

    Next up! King skips stones along the lake while staring at it’s mirror like surface, pondering all that is and will be.

  36. Argent Stonecutter

    King is sooooo subtle here.

    • Draven

      His subtlety is so subtle its almost unnoticeable.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        It’s a subtlety reverse zone! I bet King would be an ace at Calvinball.

  37. Jesse James

    Great comic imo.

    Fox’s reaction in the last panel doesn’t surprise me in the least and makes me wonder when/if King will tell Fox he’s really Joel.

    • Valerio

      if King got a grain of salt and wants one chance to make up with Fox, later, he can only tell he was Joel’s dog (hence the obessions with the watch) and that he ’scouted’ for him in search of dogs to kidnap easily.
      That would make Fox suffer, but would avoid maiming, considering what Fox promised to do to Joel and fatso PETA guy

  38. The Typo Police

    “Privilege” is misspelled.

    • Rick Griffin

      I was aware of this last night but didn’t have time to go back and fix it

      • The Typo Police

        Then I shall follow up with a recent one you missed! “Says” in the third panel of the 11/14 comic.

        • Jesse James

          Typos! On the internet!

          • The Typo Police

            Not on my watch.

  39. GameCobra

    King, you lost your bro moment the second Pete was brought up. D:

  40. Jesse James

    Possibly, but that wouldn’t alleviate King’s conscience by simply telling lies. Judging by the comic, King is longing to tell Fox that he’s really Joel.

    Even shortly before he was arrested, Joel thought of coming clean to the police, though granted he was hoping for a more lenient sentence, so that shows that Joel’s conscience is surprisingly strong.

    If he does come clean to Fox (which I hope he does) I will be very interested in Fox’s reaction because of the bond they’ve developed.

    • Valerio

      something on the likes of:
      Fox – ‘King, this is Bino. You know, Bino, right?’
      King – *nods*
      Fox – ‘Bino, please express to King what i think of him. In the most physical way possible’

      • darkgloomie

        I think you’re being overdramatic… It certainly wouldn’t end well, but Fox is much too a nice guy to do that to King.

        If anything, he’s gonna punch his face in himself, in memory of their fake(as perceived by him) friendship

        • valerio

          well, fox would owe bino for the two times he hit him to defend king…
          (Valerio: drama king!)

          • darkgloomie

            We’re talking of Bino, though. Anything that is owed to him by a bond of friendship is invlidated by the next stupid egomaniacal ploy he cooks up.

        • Xane

          I want to believe this. I want to believe that Fox would be hurt, and upset, and distance himself from King for a bit but, in the end, forgive him.
          Then I remember the sheer terror on his face when Bino mentioned that Joel owned the watch, and I wonder whether Fox is over it, or if his happy demeanor is covering a lot of repressed emotions from his kidnapping.

        • Jesse James

          darkgloomie shares most of my opinion.

          Fox is pretty nice, and if King explains his circumstances hopefully Fox will (eventually) forgive him. After a bit of physical violence. :P

          Though it’s very easy for people (dogs?) to hold grudges.

  41. Jesse James

    Annnnnd epic reply fail.

    Above post was in response to Valerio.

  42. 1boredcanadian

    Aaaaaand I’ve fallen out of my chair by laughing too hard.

  43. kes

    Smart girl.

  44. Elfe

    I thought King would shoot a Hypothetical some time, but I thought it would be more direct, like:
    “Fox, What if one of your best friends went up and told you they where really like… hmmm… *faux pause* Joel, but turned into a dog?”

    • valerio

      ok, pal, i’ll have a hypotetical for you…
      How MANY sodas, THIS time?

      • 1boredcanadian

        None, but after this adventure he might need a few.

      • Xane

        Strangely, he seems to act more like a dog when he’s drunk than when he’s sober! I think that if he was full of orange soda again he’d be more likely to forget that he was human at all than to let it slip that he was Joel!

  45. FerreTrip

    King’s getting antsy…

  46. J.J.

    Gezz… King!

    Keep this up and you’ll discover Religion (or create one).

    Stay a Dog, King. You’ve been far happier overall.

    • Valerio

      hear! hear!

  47. jmillart

    Closest he’s come to telling Fox though.

    • Valerio

      closest to suicide

      • rallyjr


  48. SleepySandMan

    Fox/King as a cat….hmm…….
    Alt Text : “How about a cat? What if you could–oh, you’re gone”

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      It would be kind of interesting to see the comic’s dogs as cats (or vice versa). Someone on the forum drew Joey as a cat.

  49. Matthew

    Do normal have to deal with this?

  50. Profesor Rod

    King raises a good question here.

    I actually would like to be a dog. They have simple lives, don’t have to worry about much but to have food, water, shelter and perhaps a little fun from time to time. But King also has a point because not all dogs are lucky to have a home, means to stay healthy and happy.

    There’s also other things that would make me think twice. I don’t know how much does animals live in the Housepets! universe. Do they live longer for being kinda anthropomorphic or do they live the same time as our animals do? Me, as a furry, would love that by a supernatural force (but not Pete, please!) I could be turn into an intelligent animal, but lifespan and no warranty that I’ll stay with food, home and health really makes this a not simple choice. There’s also lots of things you can do as a human and not as an animal as well, but in HP! why would you care? You can operate a Nintendo DS with a paw! :D

    • 2MK

      What do you mean lifespan?

    • Thoth

      Pets in the Housepets universe live about twice as long as they do in reality. Ferals have been implied to have that potential with good care, but how much of that potential they manage to fulfill likely varies a good deal – even barring the all-too-common early, violent (and generally not onscreen due to the PG rating, although there was one revolutionary mouse) death.

      How much of that applies to Joel / King is an open question.

      At one extreme his current body could be a magical construct – ageless, virtually invulnerable to injury, and capable of recovering from everything up to and including death in a few moments offscreen. That wouldn’t seem likely to fulfill the game conditions of him being a cat or a dog as the Housepets universe would define those terms – but Pete is a power-gamer, and it might well fit the definition in a nearby cartoon universe, which he could argue was close enough. He did recover very very quickly from an explosion in his face after all – although his bump to the head took much longer to recover from and his “shaving accident” lasted until it was no longer funny. Still, this theory could still be argued; perhaps the bandage greatly slowed up his cartoon healing by reminding him that the injury existed.

      On the opposing extreme, he might be an ordinary dog of his human age – perhaps in his 20’s or 30’s. By that standard he might keel over from old age at any moment. That doesn’t seem likely either – there’s no apparent advantage in that for Pete, and the Great Kitsune probably wouldn’t approve at all – but we don’t really have any evidence against this theory either, even if it does have even less to support it than the first one.

    • VOLK

      They live as long as Rick says they live, period.

      And once Rick dies, they all die, unless he gives this comic to another author.

      • Thoth

        And Rick, of course, is where the original information comes from.

  51. Chazmeister242

    being human in my opinion is a big responsibility in itself. But all of the extra stuff like relationships, reading writing, math, ect. is all a responsibility of a human these days. If thou was a mutt, they would not have the chance to have these responsibilities. Living simple to me is like living a lazy life….becuase you could do so much more when you are given the chance… i would like to be a human

  52. Grip the Wolf

    The entity didn’t promise you cake, did it?

    • VOLK

      This was a triumph…

      • Grip the Wolf

        I’m actually listening to “Still Alive” right now….

  53. kyle m

    the more i read into this comic… I wish i had the choice between being a dog and a human, oh why couldn’t i stay out in the woods like i did growing up with the wolf pup i met. the more of this i read he more i wish this would happen to me!!! “yells out load and then calmly says” hope king can figure all this out. guys don’t be afraid to look me up on facebook, i attatched the link, if you want to say anything to me. (i hope the malevolent entitie’s heard me.)

  54. Grip the Wolf

    The entity promised me cake…. but all I got was a narrow escape from a pit of fire!

  55. Firewolf

    What if you could be a fish. You’d get to swim all the time and eat bread.