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  1. Xane

    I vote it’s BOTH! :D

    • Snowmon

      Second. (^.^)

      • Valerio


        • silverfang16


        • Draven

          Seventh. Motion carried, meeting over.

          • Ephesus


    • Dissension

      Let’s stop this pointless counting, shall we? = P

  2. Ryufire

    You go girl wOOt!

    • Valerio

      “Bailey, I owe you my heart and my soul…”

      • Ryufire

        *Blushes* “Oh Mr Butt you cutie it was nothing really* :D

      • Roadrunner


  3. Daggy


    Also, it’s because he’s cute. Definitely.

    • Valerio

      I can see a new line of action figures here

      • malinik

        so can i for some reason or at least some figurines =3

        • Valerio

          a Houepets! sticker album.
          That would so make my day!

          • storm

            i would love one of those!

  4. rtlstien

    And thus King is going to find Bailey even more attractive for saving his life in a sense.

    • Senorpie7

      Precisely my thoughts sir!

    • Valerio

      a-men, bro! *hi-five*

    • Barker

      And thus I want Bailey to become a regular cast member even more! At the bare minimum, she could be King’s friend with zero mis-placed loyalties in Bino. Sasha and Fox’s affiliation with him… another companion would be nice.

      And Sabrina doesn’t count!

      • ???

        Sabrina count.

      • Dragongal

        I second what barker said. They should have her move next door to King.

      • Valerio

        If Bailey moves to the Gardens, Sasha will get jealous.

        • Elwood Blutarsky

          Why, she’s dating Bino…and every other canine in the neighborhood.

          • Valerio

            Bailey! The first canine immune to The Call of Fido.
            Only Mr. Butt conquered her heart!

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            Good ole Fido, even the cats want him…and one got him.

  5. IceKitsune

    YAY! Go Baliey! Now we get to see how durable that watch really is.

    • senorpie7

      Well I suppose it is a symbol of kings soul, so I am pretty sure it does not hold any real material value to that dimension, other than holding it and stuff.

    • xhunterko

      Do we forget so easily that it practically fell from heaven and landed on his head with not so much a scratch on either?

      • senorpie7

        Ah but remember king, like the watch, is technically a no no. His mere existence is only physical to the universe in so many ways!

      • rtlstien

        Have you not seen All Dogs Go To Heaven? Water and watches don’t mix!

        • senorpie7

          Hey he made it out alive!!! *cough just

        • Barker

          I’m still tickled by this little reference.

        • silverfang16

          I was thinking about that too, but it’s not mechanical either…..so maybe it is waterproof?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            It’s a sports watch, they’re usually water-resistant.

          • silverfang16

            Bailey should be able to get it in time then!

          • Argent Stonecutter

            It’s also in the Australian Olympic colors, for some reason.

          • silverfang16

            Might be a coincidence, those colours do look nice together.

          • Jesse James

            As an Australian, I feel the green and gold combination to be absolutely atrocious.

            It’s probably just a coincidence though that the watch is in those colours.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            I still have a piece of green and gold sailcloth, cut from an old sail from Australia II. I think green and gold is a wonderful combination.

        • MrMutt

          It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

          • Grip the Wolf

            This comment is made of pure win.

          • valerio

            You win an internety

          • Draven

            You win a gold star sticker.

        • malinik

          nope they dont im pretty sure charlie learned his lesson with that

  6. Senorpie7

    Agreed, considering Fido actually helped him out once if I do recall, though he was sort of under conditions of, you know, no being born =)
    I do believe this act of heroism has solidified Kings crush on Baily. Any thoughts?

    • Seth

      Um, probably not
      the whole dog/human issue is stil there

    • Xane

      Joey tried to help him too, though I think he just wanted to play the hero for once (I feel bad for Joey, ostracized by the cool dogs and his creepy friends are geeky even beyond what he can tolerate). Really, he’d probably have a lot of friends if he’d just come out of his shell but considering how terrified he still is of Fido and the other K9 officers that’s not likely to happen.

      I figure the watch isn’t that fragile since it gave him a good crack on the head when it fell but that doesn’t mean pressing the buttons won’t do bad things to his soul. :shock:

  7. VOLK

    Baily is… Gandalf?

    • Profesor Rod


      Poor Pippin XD

      • VOLK

        Fool of a Took!

        • malinik

          AHAAHAHAHAH and who shall carry the ring?

          • VOLK

            Uhh… isn’t King short enough to be a hobbit?

    • Fawkes

      Gandalf: YOU! SHALL NOT! PASS!
      Baily: -Dives over into water-
      Gandalf: Oh.

      • Kaleb T.

        lolz, Epic rap battles of history. ha!

  8. jared

    Why is every random jerk trying to destroy King’s soul-watch?

    • MC_Hollis

      Probably just his luck :p

    • Snowmon

      It’s a Law of Nature. For every action towards King’s happiness, there’s a jerk to pull/push him back into misery.

    • Xane

      Because Rick is a cruel, cruel creator. :|

      “When in doubt, hurt the corgi!”

      • Snowmon

        “Yes, dear sir we are all cruel gods to our creations, for if we were not then we’d be bored with seeing rainbows and sunshine all the day long. We bring death upon perfection, so that it may become rewarding to earn it.” – Bridgett Folly, A statement against Mary Sues and Gary Stues everywhere.

        • Xane

          True, true, but King is hardly a Gary Stu and has suffered enough indignities for his stint with PETA (which he was starting to regret even before turning into a dog). He’s more of a cosmic chewtoy at this point, thus my current avatar… “a brief moment of genuine happiness”. Delicious Ponbon gumball popsicle on a hot summer day while hanging out with your best friend who’s inviting you to a party.

          Of course this comment will make no sense in a few weeks whenever I change my Gravatar. (King with Ponbon popsicle smiling at being invited to the 4th of July party)

          • Barker

            It… shames me to do this, but I’m going to reference Deep Space 9 for a point. This is kind of like Miles O’Brien who got shafted two or three times a season in episodes the directors called “O’Brien” must suffer. Since King was human at one point and has more strife, it’s easier to relate on a crisis standing to him which makes empathizing with his peril a good plot mechanic. The other cast members are… effectively children where King has been put in the environment from a human adult standpoint.

            tl;dr : King probably suffers because his suffering is suffering we’ll be more empathetic about since he sees most things closer to how we would.

          • Snowmon

            I agree with you Xane (and Barker), but Xane you must remember what King had to go through in order to get to that moment. He would have gone to jail if not for Pete. He would have never met Fox if not for Pete. King would be living as a feral if it weren’t for the Ferrets. King wouldn’t have know how much of a good friend Fox was, if King’s soul-watch wasn’t stolen by Bino. And King wouldn’t be getting the girl if he weren’t so helpless or Baily less heroic like her cousin.

            Essentially, suffering brings the good things in life a greater and deeper meaning.

          • Xane

            Yeah, I think all us King fans need to remember that he did deserve a lot of what happened to him, though Pete had no intention of helping him from the start, it was all just a ploy to steal his soul. I would like to see King be honest with Fox earlier rather than later. I’m pretty sure King is not using Fox or only misleading him to avoid retribution, his “I’m a loser” internal monologue showed how much he values his friendship with Fox and how scared he is to lose it. (“Hurt the corgi” is paraphrasing the Aladdin writer’s bible, where abusing Iago was always the go-to option to fill out a scene)

            …knowing Rick the end of this arc will be “Oh King, you’re adorable but I just can’t resist a tall man.”… cue the neighbor’s mastiff picking Bailey up for a date. :lol:

          • Volkenstein

            Well now you gone and gave him that idea now matey, King will get BAD END now!

          • Wanderer

            I have a feeling that even though King’s life gets better now, its about to change pretty soon.

      • Snowmon

        I mean… uh, when I’m in doubt I Hug a Pug.

  9. Snowmon

    Rick, You’ve got a habit of performing the unexpected with something that should be obvious. I knew that King didn’t stand a chance. It’s really great man.

    Ps. I just noticed that Bailey has the same eyebrows as King. I wonder…

    • AuvaAkita

      Coincidence? I think NOT!!!

      • Valerio

        of course it’s not.
        Cute husky/corgi puppies must look like their parents :P

        • Barker

          Alternatively… it’s to give her profile shot something other than eyelashes to keep people from identifying her as a recolored Fox (even though they’re related, the same breed, and have slightly different proportions).

        • senorpie7

          Topic….resist urge…to..veeeeeeeer!!!

    • Argent Stonecutter

      I pointed out her corgi eyebrows a couple of strips ago.

    • lahi

      Amen. It’s also cool that her style is kind of minty don’t you think? which is why king finds her so delicious. sorry, i just had to pull that one…

  10. hirple

    Maybe King should just get a safe deposit box for that thing or something…

    • McFly

      It would certainly help. And at this point, he should definitely consider it. :)

      • Xane

        Not a smart move playing with it in public to begin with, nevermind while he’s around Fox who already knows that Joel’s name is on it. If King isn’t ready to tell Fox the truth then continuing to create scenes involving the watch is going to get him into a lot of trouble.

        • AuvaAkita

          I agree, i would’ve kept it in a safe place from the beginning, out of sight from anyone else who might tamper with it. But you can’t really blame King for the brat wanting to start trouble. King was just minding his own business to start out with when that kid showed up out of no where.

        • Nohbody

          Does Fox know the name on it, though? As I recall, the only one who got a good look at the inscription was King. Said inscription wasn’t exactly in “huge neon sign in the sky” lettering, either, but rather small (enough to require a zoom panel for the readers to read it).

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            Bino told him that it said Joel on the back.

          • Nohbody

            Whoops, you’re right. Exhibit $BIGNUM in why I shouldn’t trust my memory with anything.

            http://www.housepetscomic.com/2011/05/13/watch-out/ and the next comic, for anyone else needing a memory refresh.

          • Grip the Wolf

            Ummm… I think that you forgot to define BIGNUM as a variable. Let me help you with that.

            echo -n “What is the number of the new exhibit?”
            read -e EXHIBIT
            New exhibit $EXHIBIT has been created.

          • Grip the Wolf

            Whoops. I messed up the last line of code. Derp

            echo “New exhibit $EXHIBIT has been created”

        • darkgloomie

          Well, Fox has understood that the watch is important to King, even if he doesn’t know why. And “Joel” hasn’t appeared yet, so he really doesn’t have much to build his fear on.

          My guess is that ox is just waiting for King to open up with a story about how Joel was a nice owner if with some anger issues and that’s why he ended up with Pete and it’s been a trainwreck after another since then.

          That, or maybe Fox is the Great Kitsune avatar and already knows all this stuff and is just being polite and respecting King’s feelings.

          • Xane

            Silly. GMs don’t have PCs! They have NPCs! Therefore the Great Kitsune is Daisy and Joey’s Creepy Friends and Neighbor Dogs ;)

            On a slightly more serious note, Fox sure did give King a long, hard, suspicious glare when he wouldn’t elaborate on why he needed the watch so badly. He’s probably just waiting for King to be ready to discuss it since he knows King doesn’t like to talk about his past.

    • Valerio

      and then the bank got robbed and the safe boxes emptied…

      • Barker

        Yeah… King’s luck is too awful to risk his watch being… anywhere else.

      • hirple

        Cue the return of the nefarious villains DUN DUN DUUUNNNN

      • McFly

        Then let’s just say he bought his own safe, put the watch in there and hid it in his room.

        • Valerio

          And then he discovered the wolf cubs are REALLY good at picking safes…

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            bury it in the yard like any dog would.

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            they might not be that into digging.

          • Valerio

            err, they buried King in their backyard…

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            oh yeah. I forgot about that.

            bury it in someone else’s yard.

          • Valerio

            Raccoons find it. Zachary must intercede to take it back

          • darkgloomie

            Gift it to Sasha, or maybe Daisy. She’ll play with it a while, then forget it and put it in someplace she keeps all her stuff, safe forever after.

            though that may caus problems upon retrieval…

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Give it to Steward or Jeeves for safe-keeping.

        • silverfang16

          I like Jeeves, I bet it would be safe under his care.

  11. AuvaAkita

    Bailey to the rescue!!

    I hope she can find it…

    • Ryufire

      I hope it’s waterproof! 0.0

      • Valerio

        “Made in Heaven, can stand hellfires and the tartarus glacier’” lifetime granted”

        • ???

          hahahahahahaha! So funny! How come nobody made that joke before?!

    • lahi

      Don’t worry. the girl’s got skills.

    • Valerio

      you doubt BAILEY?!
      Grounded till next update!

      • lahi

        Amen! punish the heathen!

      • Grip the Wolf

        I find your lack of faith… disturbing.

        • malinik

          there is a heratic among us..

          • Grip the Wolf

            That is creepy! I just learned about heretics in history YESTERDAY!

  12. McFly

    Given that he lost the watch to the kid, I guess he would be considered helpless.

  13. Profesor Rod

    Fox thinks King is cute. Yay!

    • senorpie7

      Well due to my preference, I would like it to be Baily :)

    • Valerio

      well, Fox already said that King had a ladykiller’s muzzle ;)

      • McFly

        Well, he said ‘face’, but yeah you’re right, he did say that. :)

    • darkgloomie

      Lest we forget, King also has acknowledged the similiarity between Fox and Bailey… and he’s attracted to Bailey… not such a huge leap to think he *may* harbor some feelings for Fox.

      Ok, actually that IS a kinda big leap, but SHIPPING KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES, ESPECIALLY LOGIC ONES.

      • Nohbody

        Just FYI, in the comments of the “Thinking About Thoughts” strip, Foxstar (who is, I believe, a mod here) said to cut out the King x Fox talk.


        • Nohbody

          Erm, the emphasis on “is” was from an earlier version of that post. Please disregard the italics. :P

      • Foxstar

        I said to cut that out. King is hetro, and habors no feelings for Fox other then friendship. Don’t make me repeat myself.

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          it is a really good friendship. it doesn’t go beyond a bromance, though.

          • IceKitsune

            I’ve always seen them kind of like Blue Beetle and Booster Gold from DC comics really.

  14. Hi

    Yeah, go Bailey. Prove that you can’t be pushed around.

  15. Whiskers

    cue the countless shippers pointing out Fox calling King cute…

    squee :3c

  16. xhunterko

    Cookies to people who thought that Bailey would show up and defend King. Here you go.

    • Valerio

      *raises paw* just watch my entry for last comic.
      Or, better…BAILEY TO THE RESCUE!
      And after that, cuddles!

      • ???

        It was so easy to figure that i am surprised some peoples didn’t guess it.*Take a cookie and leave*

  17. Wanderer

    King just gets help from everyone.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      He gets by with a little help from his friends.

      • Valerio

        c’mon, King, your doggie side is just so popular.

  18. 1boredcanadian

    It’s Hero Husky!
    I couldn’t think of anything better.

    • Magnaliscous

      A hero Husky Zealot? :D

  19. Fawkes

    And of course, there is the fact that King is logically Nobility. I mean he is a Corgi, like the queens pets, and he is the King.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      He wasn’t born with corgi blood and got it later from an outside source. Is he the Housepets equilivant of Kate Middleton?

      • VOLK

        Being someone’s spouse doesn’t put their blood in your veins… so no, he’s not Kate.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          But what about a transfusion? Can you get nobility from a blood bank?

          • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

            since when did nobles ever donate blood? their blood is blue, so only other nobles get noble blood.

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Some of those baronets are a bit hard up. They might sell a pint now and then to pay for their Grey Poupon.

          • VOLK

            A transfusion doesn’t make your body produce that blood…

            if it’s just the blood that counts though, would that make it a temporary partial nobility?

    • malinik

      thats kinda where i think he got the name…

  20. Wanderer

    Yes king is definetely cute :D

  21. Valerio

    King, your cuteness has just been outed!

  22. Valerio

    also, today’s comic shines with HUSKY AWESOME EPICNESS

    • Ryufire

      Heck yesh! Panels five and six Bailey is flying like Krypto or Spot! :D

  23. SilverZeo

    The Legend of King? He always get capture at some point while everyone else does everything…

    And would it be wise to pick on pets who can tell people what you have been doing?

    • Volkenstein

      well EXCUUUUSE me King?

      • rallyjr

        you are not excused

        • Volkenstein

          awww :<

  24. Magnaliscous

    I can’t help but think if this for whatever gets out of that lake http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d0ZMmSqq-g&feature=related

  25. Valerio

    Bailey gets the watch.
    Fox gets the brat.
    King gets the cuddles.
    brat gets intensive care.
    Here’s hoping for happy ending *cheers*

  26. LupisLight

    THAT was an epic dive. Way to take action, Bailey!

  27. Elwood Blutarsky

    I didn’t see this coming, that is why this strip rocks.

  28. Elwood Blutarsky

    Swear to Dog? Oh King.

  29. Hopper200456


  30. Ozuan

    We all know where this is going… anyone up for a wet fur contest? (slash wet kid contest)

  31. Nohbody

    The feminization (so to speak) of “jackknife” (the dive) was worth a chuckle all its own, aside from the actual punchline panel.

    And for those who can’t read the alt text with a phone browser:

    ‘Hey, she’s like a more proactive version of YOU’ ‘I will also pretend that was flattering’

  32. Rahiros

    … And then she’ll walk out wet, and King will go to the hospital for severe nosebleed. XD

    • Valerio

      Now you made *me* get a nosebleed!

    • Rahiros

      I also forgot to add: “That fool of a Took!”

  33. leaffly

    Honestly… Does anyone have personal respect for other people stuff anymore? Poor King.

  34. AuvaAkita

    I can see why King likes Bailey, just look at those eyes!!
    That color really stands out from the rest of her body.

    • tbird000666

      her eys are to die for!!!!

    • Draven

      I too am entranced by her eyes.

    • Valerio

      the eyes of an amazon!
      Bailey can tame King’s heart with those eyes.

  35. Shuma Jindivi

    I have to mention again, that since the soul-watch fall from heavn to earth without broken, I highly doubt it can be……

    • lahi

      Surviving cosmic projectiles only tells how hard headed king is.

      • Nohbody

        It also does say something about the projectile as well. Throw an egg and then a stone at the same brick wall, see which one survives the encounter.

        That said, even if the watch could take a full Iowa class battleship salvo, that says nothing about waterproofing, either. :P

  36. gaboris

    Heh funny how many people called this. :D
    I’m afraid this is the cue for shippers to start “Squeeee”-ing again in the next few strips. :P

    BTW in the second panel that MGS like “!” is just funny. XD

    • Valerio

      Give the King some lovin’ :D

    • Tommyrazor

      I agree with you there.

    • Jinxed

      Indeed, Rick is way over due to give us something to SQUEEEEE at/about.

  37. Tensa Zangetsu

    “Swear to dog?”
    I swear to bob I better not have been the only one to notice this!

    • Xane

      I thought it was funny. I guess Joel really is going native. :lol:

    • Volkenstein

      IT BEGINS!

      (Kings “oh god do i stay dog or go human” deal)

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      I find it funny he’d say that when he knows for a fact that Heaven itself is actually real.

  38. lahi

    I swear, if that guy was MY cousin he wouldn’t be for very long.

    • Valerio

      get in line. I still must test my new taser…ohh, and there’s a pond too…

      • Jinxed

        If anything, the pond would lower the potency of the taser.

        • malinik

          but water conducts electricity… wouldnt it make it worse for the person IN the water…

          • Jinxed

            The person is already acting as a conducter when hit with a taser. The water would take some of the electricity away from the person.

      • lahi

        Let’s not forget who’s in the pond valerio

  39. Tech

    the funny part will be when she come back up and King sees it in slow motion

    • Valerio

      *sings Psychedelic Furs’ ‘Heaven’ *

    • Volkenstein

      Oh the poor poor fool……

    • anon_omis

      If only she had head hair to whip back.

      • Grip the Wolf

        … and forth!

      • Valerio

        bond girl dog anyone?

      • Tech

        that’s why she’ll come up with seaweed on her head ;P

  40. Suran

    So we may see a love story between a human turned digg,
    who desperately tries to deny and an aggressive female in the position to push him to his luck.
    For him this would be awkward while she would not understand why he is holding back.
    This could be funny! :)

  41. Kitch

    I’m starting to think Cerberus is using Bailey as an avatar.

    • T-Squared

      Oooooh! You’re on to something there! :D

    • Valerio

      that would be so cool!

  42. silverfang16

    Perfect, between the Fox and this new female Fox King with have stoppable protection! Even against this new human version of Bino. :3

  43. Right 2 Live

    I’d have to say…um…nope! Notta clue!

  44. Jinxed

    I just noticed how tiny Bailey’s legs look in panel 6.

    • Nohbody

      The rest of her back there isn’t exactly huge, either. :P

      Seriously, just a perspective thing plus some comedic exaggeration.

      • jinxed

        I know

  45. Xane

    I love the way Rick draws the characters “tiny/from a distance”. It’s adorable and also strangely funny for some reason. Extra-tiny King here and while he was on the Great Kitsune’s gaming table. I also thought mini-Bino falling off the cliff in the Naked arc was funnier than if it had been a closer detailed pic.

  46. anon_omis

    In case it wasn’t said already, Bailey is looking pretty buff in this strip.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      …”even moreso than usual.”

  47. Black Cat

    Offically Love Baliey… will she become a more frequent character? i hope so…

    • Valerio

      she surely became instant uberpopular, a true record for a female nonmain (for now) character

  48. Draven

    Some part of wants to believe that Bailey knows exactly what the watch is and it’s importance.

  49. Corgiwolf

    Yes! More Bailey! If King doesn’t end up with her can I have her number? :3

    Also, as part-Corgi myself, I can vouch for the fact that it’s the cuteness and helplessness both. It’s a quite powerful combination, especially when you learn how to use it. And it seems that King is finally getting used to being a dog. I mean, just, look at how much he’s changed… also I think this is helping him to realise that animals are able to “see the world past their own noses” (see Your Heart is Full of Unwashed Socks for what I mean).

  50. Corgiwolf

    Yes! More Bailey! If King doesn’t end up with her can I have her number? :3

    Also, as part-Corgi myself, I can vouch for the fact that it’s the cuteness and helplessness both. It’s a quite powerful combination, especially when you learn how to use it. And it seems that King is finally getting used to being a dog. I mean, just, look at how much he’s changed… also I think this is helping him to realise that animals are able to “see the world past their own noses” (see http://www.housepetscomic.com/2009/12/21/your-heart-is-full-of-unwashed-socks/ for a history lesson). Which is good for him, because I think overall he’s happier and better off this way.

  51. John Willow

    Why do i get the feeling that Bailey’s going to turn into a fifty foot dog with three heads

    I hope King doesnt do anything stupid like go all grouchy because she interrupted the fight. I’d like to see some hints of romance between him and Bailey right away.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      Nah, Cerb’s a different breed and different color.

      • John Willow

        Then i’m going to bet that the next strip goes like this.

        Bailey – “Here you go cutie!”
        King – “Fahbwa…gwabwall…ssaa”
        Bailey – “Huh, bit low on brains isnt he?”
        Fox – “Actually i think he likes you…a lot”.
        Bailey – *makes a smitten face* “Oh, well if he ever recovers tell him that i’d love to howl with him sometime” *Leaves*
        King – *Eyes stretch even wider*
        Fox – “What I tell you, you got one good looking face…”

  52. FerreTrip

    Let’s hope that watch ain’t like Charlie’s…(I know it isn’t already, but you should know what I mean.)

    Totally not another thing making King want Bailey. Nope, totally not. Just a bunch of action scenes in slow motion to show off Rick’s talents.

  53. One-Who-Howls

    So I’m Not The Only One Who Noticed The Whole DOG-GOD Thing. XD

  54. illeatyourself

    I like how the kid’s tag is “brat”. I can’t think of any other name for him that would be better!! Although why he did that is beyond me.

  55. Rererak

    Who votes to see the short kid dumped into the river?!

    • Onemanarmy11

      You have three from me! :D

    • rallyjr

      I’m going to save my vote for something more…. memorable :]

  56. Chazmeister242

    I wonder how long it took to draw a face THAT determined on her face…….

    • yehoshua

      Drawing faces on faces is serious business after all.

  57. Grip the Wolf

    Part of me wants to know what the rest of King’s sentence in panel two was, and part of me is glad that he didn’t get to. On an unrelated note, I got a NEW GRAVATAR!!! YAY!

  58. Onemanarmy11

    Housepets should definitely be a Saturday morning cartoon. WHO’S WITH ME?!

    • valerio

      absolutely so!

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        of course I agree.

        • storm

          same here.

        • storm

          me too.

        • Draven

          With an awesome theme song.

  59. Jesse James

    Fox’s comment is so true. lol

    So helpless and cute. <3

  60. Jesse James

    Also swear to dog was hilarious. Especially when dog is spelt backwards. /pointingoutthejoke

    • jmillart

      Previously he said “son of a charming young woman.” As a dog, who is a charming young woman?

  61. Matthew

    Good evening no news tonight.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “When in doubt, hurt the corgi.”

      • Matthew


      • Xane

        Hey, that’s my line! :D

        • Matthew

          I started the housepets news gag i call it unless you wanna be a reporter?

          • Dissension

            Matthew, I’m pretty sure Xane was replying to Argent Stonecutter, since their post is nested at the same level as yours.

  62. jmillart

    Why does everyone through his poor soul around.

  63. eblanton35

    is it just me, or does baily look too much like cerberus in http://www.housepetscomic.com/2011/04/25/three-good-reasons/ ?

    • malinik

      a heavenly symbol?… maybe… o.O

  64. jmillart

    Is Baily wearing ‘dog tags’ like war dog tags.

    • VOLK

      I don’t think those come in blue…

  65. Matthew

    Daw, Fox called King cute~ <3

    • Matthew


  66. Firewolf

    Nice Perspective in Panel 6 =D we’ve been learning about that in art class. Lol, if you look at her paws alone, they’re kinda cute X3 cute lil paw

    • Valerio

      is there *anything* about her that isn’t epic cute?

      • Firewolf

        Well what about her…..well, maybe the….no, hmm, Then perhaps her……wow, you’re absolutely right.

  67. Fiorini

    Forgive me if I tl;dr’d the comments and missed a comment that already pointed this out, but I was re-reading the archives, and I noticed that Bailey has been around longer than King. The first Christmas. http://www.housepetscomic.com/2008/12/25/housepets-christmas-edition/

    • Volkenstein

      smeg hes right!

  68. storm

    omg there none left to read what do i do now :( i love these comics

    • zeroslash

      Just wait a little longer; the next comic will be posted up soon.

  69. FlintFang

    anyone know what the title alludes to?

    • Volkenstein

      A type of dive i assume

  70. BillyMT

    Flashbacks of Lassie coming to mind… Oh whait, there’s no well. |P

  71. Justice193

    this Dog is suspiciously familiar looking… I just can’t quite put my finger on it yet :P