So guys, I am a guest of honor at Midwest Fur Fest in Chicago (Or, well, technically it’s Rosemont), which runs from Nov. 18-20.  I’m going to have a table in the Dealer’s Den which I am sharing with Root of The Dawn Chapel, from which I will be giving autographs and selling books and other cool things, INCLUDING bookmarks, acrylic tags, and a large number of comic drafts from when I was doing them in pencil earlier this year.  (There’s also a few non-Housepets things but I don’t think that matters here SO) if you’re planning on coming down you could stop over and throw money my way, I mean say hi!

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  1. IceKitsune

    Sadly I can’t go but I hope you have a great time Rick!

  2. Karlos

    From what I can say from your post Mr. Griffin, it looks like you were waiting for this event with anticipation :) Wish you having a lot of fun and spending time well there.
    By the way, I never knew you once destroyed our world with your orbital laser cannon. :)

  3. WakeRider

    Hmm, I wonder if going would be any fun for me and a friend. I defiantly would stop by and get book 2 with a signature. Get some pictures with the cool fursuits and all. idk…

  4. David

    the other half of HP!R will be there and will DEFINITELY be dropping by :P

  5. King'sLore

    Wow, the day your going to your convention is also my B-day. Nov,18. What a coincidence. Although, I did what a comic post on that day.

  6. Frank

    Whoot! Rick Griffin in person! Er… in danroo-son?

    Oh well, it’s not like I can go anyway

  7. mocha chino

    hehe see you there now i know what spend my money on annnnd i can buy your book with your autogragh right… youll be there all day right? kuz i wont be able to stay long :(

  8. valerio

    MY KINGDOM FOR A GREEN CARD! AAAARRGH!! *facedesks till coma*

    • Frank

      *Hands Valerio a Monopoly card. It is green.*
      Wow, a kingdom all to myself.

      • valerio

        i hate you now

  9. Senorpie7

    I really look forward to meeting you! Plus, this is super convenient because I LIVE in Chicago baby!

  10. Xane

    I wanted to go but I really don’t have time (or funds) to go to non-local cons. Le sigh. Now I really want a King t-shirt and a Firefox Has Crashed print.

  11. rallyjr

    “once destroyed the world with his orbital laser cannon” learn something new everyday; hope you enjoy your trip

  12. TougeFoxJ.D.M.

    I REALLY wish I was able to go, but I’m stuck here in good ole’ Kentucky with no means to get out there. If I was able to go, I would definately give you my moneys….

  13. MrMutt

    Have fun and crash the parties. :D

    • Kaorii

      You should see the party I just had this afternoon. Ever see a fursuit try and wakeboard ? rofl I bailed more times than I should have haha.

  14. Kaorii

    I’ll try to swing by sometime tomorrow to get your autograph. I’m actually from chicago, so it’s a short drive for me (had to pick up my Wolves tickets over at the Allstate arena). I was just spending the day catching up with some surfer roo buddies from Melbourne.

    Also Happy Thanksgiving to you, Rick, and all of your fans ;)