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  1. Dissension

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  2. Foxstar

    Going to say this once, people, cut out the Fox x King stuff in the comments, because it is disruptive to the conversation. First and only warning.

    • Wanderer

      Don’t mean to backtalk
      But I’m sure you’ve said it at least twice.

      • McFly

        He’s just trying to get a point across.

    • Blarg

      So are we allowed to post about Bailey and King then?

      • Foxstar

        Within reason, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.

        • Aeonera

          out of hand or out of mind? O.o

  3. Ryufire

    Poor ol King! :(

  4. slash0mega

    lol, accedental refresh showed the new coment.
    i was going to go to another site but accedentaly hit enter, glad i did :P

  5. YoyoDude

    stubby legged husky puppies!

    • rtlstien

      I don’t think we could handle the cuteness… we’d probably go into a coma after seeing something like that

      • Barker

        Especially given the then realized ship, the resultant familial relation between Fox and King, and the inclusion of more characters in the staggering cast line-up. On the other hand… petition for Bailey to move to Babylon Gardens!!

        • Valerio


        • Ozuan

          Definitely third’d.

          • Grizz

            This strip finally set me on the King train. Couldn’t board because of “cuteness” or situation. It took “Don’t say anything, just do what you always do and bury this deep inside where it will never see the light of day.” What a human thing to say…

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      I call ‘em corgskies.

      • Snowmon

        Well, duh if we called the Husgies then it be too hard to say it with…out… say…’n… HUGS!!!!!

        • Robin Bobcat


          Hmm.. this may have to happen.. where can I get a corgi and a husky at this hour…?

      • Tensa Zangetsu

        … That name… *Sighs*

    • Frank

      No! Stop thinking about it!

      • Volkenstein

        suppress suppress suppress!

        its not suppressing, nooooooo!

        • Snowmon

          Puppy love can do that to a person… :D

          • Barker

            That pun is facepalm worthy…. I over-reacted and head-desked, but still… ow…

        • rallyjr

          “Better to cast such things into the dark depths of Lethe, the river of forgetfulness” -Bumby

    • Valerio

      to DIE for!

    • Avan

      For those curious, I did a google image search for “husky corgi puppies”, and yes, the first page does have stubby legged husky puppies.

      incidentally one of the captions provided a rather apt name: “Huggies”

  6. AuvaAkita

    Wow, King is really talented! Thinking about all of that, while getting pulled in a hundred different directions by screaming kids! I need some of that concentration! Plus i do believe this is thee most that King has ever said at one time in a strip.

    • anon_omis

      I need som of that concentration too. School would would actually get done at my desk

      • AuvaAkita

        Send some my way if you get it before me! I really need to finish my homework lol

        • Barker

          Given my family consists of… well… that and how my dog reacts… that is impressive. Richter growls and snarls after a little while if he gets too crowded.

    • Pogiforce

      You know technically King hasn’t said anything in this strip. c.c

  7. Zenaku

    I wonder if King will survive this thanksgiving ithout something really bad happening to him. P.S love King’s face in last panel.

  8. IceKitsune

    Heh hes so distracted and also why doesn’t he just make the choice now anyway? Right now that’s clearly what he wants I don’t remember anything really stopping him. I mean they can’t (actually its more like they refuse to) turn him back into a human but shouldn’t he be able to make the choice now and since his soul would go back to human heaven it should make this easier. For that matter why can’t heaven just over ride the transformation anyway?

    • Valerio

      that’s the point!
      he’s in clear denial, he’s quite undecided, or he would’ve already made that choice. Since becoming a dog, he’s found a friend who’d actually fight to defend him, he discovered the first stirring of attraction, he’s building (slooooowly) a social life. That’s not something he can plainly ignore -and of course, he can’t also ignore the whole lifetime he left behind.
      And heaven can’t override because the game is apparently approved (or allowed within certain limits), plus King’s free will over this choice can’t be overridden.

      • anon_omis

        I lost the game

        • Robin Bobcat

          Nah, you get a saving throw, first.

        • Ozuan

          That grin… you evil person…

      • IceKitsune

        Actually from what I see Hes only conflicted because he met Baily before that he made up his mind. And Rick said the only reason he can’t just declare what he wants is because its not that simple (for some reason) Which actually also implies he had made up his mind before hand just that there is nothing that he can do about it right now (again for some unknown reason)

        That would imply that the rules of the U&U game are higher (or on par with) Heavens rules which just makes absolutely no sense at all IMO. And anyway taking what I said above as true they should be able to over ride it because again he has already made the choice.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I think he made up his mind when he made that doghouse for Sasha.

          • Valerio

            yup yup yup!

          • IceKitsune

            That was long before he even knew he had a choice so how can he make one before he even knew he had it?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            He made up his mind to accept it, then.

    • silverfang16

      Not really, I mean life is clearly better for him as a dog and yet it’s not like this was a willing transformation for him. In theory he really only has to make this choice before he dies right?

      • VOLK

        Main characters don’t die, only people of great consequence who aren’t themselves main characters die… Milton, for example. He died before you ever saw him!

  9. xhunterko

    Tyelenol anyone?

  10. Snowmon

    I stopped caring what “Joel” thinks when King thought about stubby legged puppies. As such, I’m not able to finish the strip. How does this strip end?

    • Rick Griffin

      It ends with puppie-ah, hmm. I’m not sure myself.

      • AuvaAkita

        Can we have a vote on how this arc ends? :3

        • Firewolf

          I VOTE PUPPIE-eh, yeah, um, Surprises are good :P

        • Valerio

          best end is a friendly kiss, and a first true step toward doggy acceptance.
          Admit it, Joel, despite Bino you’re far better off now.

          • AuvaAkita

            I totally agree! A kiss in this arc is a must!

          • silverfang16

            I am sure he had to deal with lots of “Bino humans”. Like the fat man from PETA.

          • Tensa Zangetsu

            Mr. Z agrees with Auva!

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Spot comes down and rescues King from Joel!

        • Draven

          That’s like trying to rescue Dr. Jeckyl from Mr. Hyde

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Spot (Professor) will use his Bilateral Bistable Bipartite Bipolar Bisection Beam to split each particle of Jo…king from its corresponding Humano-canine Universal Conjugate, delivering a King-free Joel and a Joel-free King.

          • Draven

            But to do that, an entirely new beingg would have to be created to house the Joel entity. Even if that were successful, it wouldn’t be the same King as before the split.

          • Frank

            Wait, not the other way around?

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Joel would be made of humano-conjugate particles, and King would be made of cano-conjugate particles. They would both retain the same memories, because otherwise they would have inconsistent timelines and that would risk collapsing the narrative dimension and you don’t want to know where that would end up!

          • rallyjr

            *head explodes*

          • Argent Stonecutter

            My work here is done.

          • Draven

            As is mine.

          • Barker

            You would leave the bits of head to be cleaned up by someone else….

          • Argent Stonecutter

            Don’t want to get bunny kuru!

          • darkgloomie

            The whole separating Joel from King poses another issue, though.

            What if Joel then decides he was better off as a dog? What if King just can’t adjust to being a canine and wants to be something he’s been the majority of his life, a human?

            How do you deal with that, huh?

          • rallyjr

            finally put my head back together, thanks for the help *sarcasm*.
            in repose to darkgloomie, a lot of people want to be something they’re currently not they just have to deal with it, Joel will probably go to prison or have to start a new life that he can shape into what he want and King will have it at the back of his mind as he enjoys his time with fox or just get caught up in them moments

        • Volkenstein

          Doh ok i’ll get the bucket.

    • Ryufire

      Hm, maybe when both King and Bailey kiss under a tree and King becomes Joel? Bino pops out of nowhere and takes her away! Or Pete being a Jerk decides to take King home way too early!

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Pete’s not in this arc. King has actually gotten himself into trouble for once.

      • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

        then king wakes up.

  11. McFly

    Poor soul, he’s dealing with juggling thoughts in his mind while being attacked by children.

    • Valerio

      talk about a Monday-day!

      • Cole

        And on a FRIDAY to boot..poor guy.

  12. ShiroNoOokami

    I highly approve of this new arc.

  13. falcon01

    ahhh the age old mental puzzle of who am I with the added twist of a species change, poor King/Joel, love can be such a…….wait, huskie/corgi pups? I WANA SEE!

  14. Firewolf

    STRAIGHT FACE IT KING! TAKE THE PAIN! XD And pshaw, Relationships *inset awesome face* I know right?

  15. Firewolf

    And FTR, LOVE the humans, especially that baby XD reminds me of Sweet Pea

  16. Russiarules1

    A short version of tug of war? Heheheh…
    Man, I am terrible…

    • anon_omis

      that took me as sec, but that made it THAT much better XD

  17. anon_omis

    Is it me? Or is King looking a little buffer than usual in the last panel?

    • AuvaAkita

      Possibly, or it’s because of that fact that he’s about to be torn into pieces!

    • Valerio

      because we can see him near children. The same effect applied when King met Keene. he looked buffer even then.

      • Frank

        Are you calling the children scrawny?

        • Valerio

          no. I’m calling ‘em small

  18. Jesse James

    Haha. Do like.

    I thought Joel would come to this conclusion once I saw the last comic, though it makes me wonder if he’ll ever decide to choose the dog path.

  19. anon_omis

    That took me a second to get, which made it that much better

  20. leaffly

    Just given in Joel. You are now King! You are attracted to a female dog now. Give in to the furry side.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      At the same time he’s getting more human but becoming more of a dog. He’s going in both directions.

      • Scruff

        And he’s getting closer to being able to actually choose, instead of Pete’s mental overrides.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        The moral of the story is that there’s less of a difference between humans and dogs than it might seem…

        • Elwood Blutarsky


    • Frank

      I just can’t get over how “you are now king” sounds

      • rallyjr

        its good to king

        • Volkenstein

          Heil to the King baby!

          • Valerio

            King rocks

  21. Elwood Blutarsky

    Well he hasn’t gone native…yet.

  22. silverfang16

    Come on King! Why do you want to be human again so badly anyway? You’ll just be arrested!-_-

    • Valerio

      AND be all alone, without a friend, save for your inmates.

      • Jesse James

        To be fair, the flip side is that if he stays a dog, he’ll have to eventually tell Fox that he’s really Joel. People find it surprisingly difficult living with a bad conscience.

        I’m not exactly sure how he’d go about explaining to Fox that he’s part of a cosmic game of “Universes & Unrealities” between a dragon and griffin though.

        • Darastrixen

          I’m sure that if he finally gets around to making his final decision [to stay as a dog], he could probably get Sabrina or Tarot to verify his story. I doubt that’d smooth the transition too much though; the reaction would go from “You really expect me to believe that?” to “That still doesn’t change the fact that…”

          • silverfang16

            Well no, but I think their friendship is strong enough to deal with it. King has really changed since then after all!

        • Tiberious

          ….or he can tell Fox that he USED to be Joel, but is now, and will continue to be, King.

          The implications of this minor grammatic shift are huge. He’d be admitting that while he’s been ‘the enemy among us’, his past mistakes are left behind with his human form.

          • Volkenstein

            I never really seen that work, they tend to still react as you would expect regardless.

  23. Oren Otter

    Just as long as this doesn’t go the way of Sandra and Woo, with someone saying “tell me less”, I’m happy.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      What happened to Sandra and Woo, I thought that was just a girl and her pet raccoon.

      • darkgloomie

        She asked the raccoon about how was it going with his date, then backpedaled when he started going into details

      • Frank

        It was never assigned a rating. That’s what happened. Housepets should be safe from that because Rick insists it stay PG

    • GameCobra

      You shoudn’t have to worry about it. We’re just the kind of fanbase i find that just gets too hooked to the cuteness and story.

  24. CharmingRice

    Stubby-Legged Husky Puppies would be cute, but Stubby-Legged Cyborg Husky Puupies would be awesome.

  25. AleyxJ

    I’m still just hanging on the happy fact that this is in Kansas :P

    • xhunterko

      Are you waiting for the line ‘I don’t believe we’re in Kansas any more so and so.’ to show up somwhere?

      • Volkenstein

        Sudden Turkish Adventure!

  26. Gavinfoxx
    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      I prefer corgsky

    • darkgloomie


      Seriously, that just might make me diabetic by looking at one long enough…

    • Shuma Jindivi

      ……kind of weird……

    • Argent Stonecutter


  27. lahi

    one of these days he will submit to who he is now and not what he was then

  28. Gavinfoxx
    • Argent Stonecutter

      Now that one looks weird.

      • Frank

        Shh! Don’t let him hear you!

      • darkgloomie

        Is it just me, or the head looks GINORMOUS next to the body?

  29. Thalomine

    I really hope King goes native! After plenty of melting gears in his brain, of course.

    • Valerio

      c’m'on, dawg! YA CAN DO IT! JUST DO IT!
      (and you keep your loyal fanbase!)

  30. Profesor Rod
    • Valerio


    • gaboris

      Oh my and you actually found a pic about it… DANGED CUTE! XD… This does NOT help my case at all. O_o”

  31. Kitch

    Okay, maybe The J.A.M. was onto something in the comments for the last comic. Why else would King be actively thinking about having puppies with Bailey?

    • Frank


      • Kitch

        Yes. Actively.

  32. Valerio

    Poor King, everyone wants a piece of him, even his own mind :P

    • xhunterko

      A penny for your thoughts?

  33. gaboris

    Good to know at least ONE person shares my thoughts on the matter… even if it’s only King I’m still happy to see I’m not a completely lost soul. :D

  34. Volkenstein

    Apprently he buries his feelings deep down in his mind alot judging by the last bit of pannel 3, thats not gonna help matters methinks.

  35. Shadowcatcher

    Think King’s jumping the gun a little bit here. Other then saying he was cute when they first met, there’s nothing suggesting Bailey’s even interested in him, or not even spoken for, for that matter.

    • Indagare

      No, but he knows how *he* feels and is trying to tame his rampaging corgi hormones.

  36. Ferousoxide

    Prediction: King has major dilemma and tries to run away from it by going back to being Human
    *sad cry from fans*
    Joel realizes that his life as a human sucks and decides to go back to being King
    *Cheers all around!*
    other option:
    Joel stays human, he becomes determined to turn his life around and become a better person does something awesome that makes us all go yay

    • T-Squared

      yay. :D

      • Argent Stonecutter

        King turns back into Joel but keeps his doggy instincts. Wouldn’t that be weird?

        • Valerio

          aspirin, anyone?

  37. Tara

    At first I thought King had some sort of awkward third toe, but then I realized it was just the baby’s foot. :3

  38. Grip the Wolf

    I wish I could think clearly while having my appendages tugged by people… why do I even need that ability? That will NEVER happen to me.

    • Dragongal

      Smooth, you just jinxed yourself.

      • Jinxed

        Don’t worry, should that ever happen, he will be too concentrated to realize what’s going on around him.

    • rallyjr

      The next day….

  39. Grip the Wolf

    Also, the alt text made me want to ROFL. If I wasn’t in a classroom, I probably would have, too. I’ll have to stick with ROFLing in my head.

  40. Noir The Sable

    Huh… am I the only one who hopes Ol’ King Joel doesn’t go native and gets his old body back? o_o;

    • Volkenstein

      apprently! :P

    • Valerio

      yes you are

    • darkgloomie

      No you aren’t.

      Though I’m actually rather ambivalent about it all. I just want him getting his body back because people are going gaga over his corginess and I don’t really see the appeal.

    • Xane

      Hmm, back here again! I actually became and off-and-on again reader when King was changed and Pete basically implied that he probably wouldn’t ever change him back. I don’t like the theme of forced transformations (the Metamorphosis creeps me out beyond anything ever). Really, while he’s doing well as a dog (Bino aside) and knows in the back of his mind he’d lose his new friends, especially Fox (even ignoring the issue of being Joel, it just wouldn’t be the same with him as a human/”owner” as it is while he’s a dog), why would he really want to stay a dog? He was what… mid-20s/early 30s? Maybe he didn’t have a lot of friends due to how he acted as a human, but I’m sure he has family and some friends that he misses. Even if your life sucks would you really want to be permanently torn away from it forever? Not to mention all the rights he no longer has, not being able to do what he wants (sure he can hang out with his friends but he can’t drive to the mall or go to the movies on a whim), and dying early, though Pete seems to have turned him into a young dog compared to his relative human age. I think today’s thoughts only confirm that while he’s accepted being a dog for the time being he definitely does not want to be a dog forever (even if he is ridiculously adorable). He also hasn’t changed all that much from the way he used to be (short – hah!- temper, repressing his emotions, still thinking of dogs as nothing but “animals”). The only way I see him staying a dog is if at some point he’s forced to choose being a dog vs one of his friends getting hurt. He really needs to tell Fox the truth before he is changed back, though. I don’t see any chance of forgiveness if Fox only finds out when he sees him as Joel again. The Spirit Dragon could probably fix any other related issues of turning back (i.e. “escaping” from jail charges, etc) once the game is over.

      …or if he falls in love. I get the feeling Rick is just teasing us with this storyline though, it’s not like she lives near him anyway.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Xane: if forced transformation creeps you out, don’t ever read anything by Jack Chalker.

      • Noir The Sable

        Yeah, this pretty much sums up the entirety of my opinion to a ‘T’, save for the discomfort part (to me, the concept of forced transformations is just another plot object, like a stuck elevator, a vampiric curse, or an outbreak of dysentery). I’ll also agree on that “dog forever versus losing a friend” moral choice he’ll potentially have to make — after all, the mere presence of that watch of his is just asking for disaster, likely in the form of a vindictive Bino with several gallons of petrol.

    • rallyjr

      i do want him to have a happy ending whether that means get his body back or not but I’m mostly hoping he find joy in being a dog since he seems better off especially since if he turns back to Joel would have to go to jail

  41. The almighty 404

    Boy, Bino sure looks muscular, even moreso than usual.

    • darkgloomie

      I KNEW we were missing something!

    • VOLK

      There was a dog named Bino on Fox News yesterday. No joke.

  42. Fawkes

    I have a half Alaskan Malamute half corgi. I assume they’d look about the same… I’ll post a link!

    Ramzil ->

  43. Kitch

    We need Two Twig back to draw romantic (romantic ≠ adult) pics of King and Bailey. :(

    (does not equal to, in case the symbol does not show)

    • Valerio

      totally this

  44. VOLK

    Is King a human in a dog body, or was Joel a dog in a human body?

    • FerreTrip

      I’m pretty sure it’s the first, given the first panel. But nice philosophic question :3

      • VOLK

        How would he know? ;)

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Because he’s really a butterfly dreaming he’s a philosopher.

          • VOLK

            I wonder what the implications of that would be for the DND game…

  45. FerreTrip

    Oh, Bailey’s a husky? Might just be me, but I thought huskies would be a little bigger in this strip…*shrug* Oh well, don’t criticize what’s already good. (Though now I think of it, the eyebrow spots were a dead giveaway.)

    Poor Joel. Both on the fighting-with-animal-instincts and fighting-with-being-fought-over-by-brats fronts. X3;

    • Kitch

      Fox is a husky too.

  46. Kitch

    King looks totally nonplussed in panel 4. And it’s hilarious.

  47. Silver Guardian

    “If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, don’t even think about it.”

    “How can I not think about it, if I’m thinking about not thinking about it?”

    “…I think you’re over-thinking it.”

  48. SilverZeo

    Call me stupid for not know how dogs and kids work out, but I am sure it should be the other way around when it comes to pets and kids. When company is over, it’s usually the pets who want to bother them and have attention. If anything, they should be harassed by aunts and uncles, they’re the ones who like the “squishy kissy” face with kids and pets.

    • Xane

      Well Housepets! dogs seem to have slightly better manners than our dogs (Peanut specifically knows that you don’t sniff humans like you do other dogs!) but they’re still bouncy and playful. But King isn’t a “dog dog”, he’s a human.

      Also I’m sure if you brought a real corgi to a family with 2-10 year old kids they’d be dying to snuggle it and play with it. Heck, I have a hard time resisting wanting to play with the dogs I meet on my daily walks. So not fair walking by that new shepherd pup and not being able to play fetch with him! But I doubt the owner would appreciate it ;) I actually thought at first glance that the larger kids were a bit too old to be fighting over the puppy but then I remembered that King is very very short so they’re probably pretty young. :D

  49. Roadrunner

    The Anguish of King.

  50. Corgiwolf

    Oh Sirius, I’ve seen them in real life. They’re cuter than anything a picture could convey. DO WANT :D

    And this whole “thinking about thoughts” thing is making me think of Supermassive Black Hole by Muse. “I thought I was a fool for no one / But ooh baby, I’m a fool for you.” I think this song accurately describes King at the moment, actually!

  51. Z24

    Oh, give it a rest, Mister Butt

  52. rallyjr

    this is a bit off topic but when ever i think of King the lyrics to Riot by Three Days Grace pop into my head

  53. 1boredcanadian

    Are human faces going to be a normal occurrence now?
    And he really should do something about that painful tugging sensation.

  54. Hopper200456

    I didn’t realize how cute the top half of King’s head was.

  55. Aero

    Nice little monologue there King.

  56. Zzz

    I mean honestly you would think this would happen all the time in a place with more than one intelligent species, love isn’t exactly logical.
    *cough* reminds of Avatar *cough*
    Well except pets are like 7 feet shorter and not blue. But whatever.
    p.s. This arc is awesome, King is my favorite character. XD

  57. friendly100

    I don’t quite understand why the majority of people post BEFORE 10 in the morning. Then again I’m posting at 10 at night so I can’t really complain.
    Anyways, I’m actually kinda hoping the comic does focus on King for a little while. Oh and I really wanna see what Fox’s ‘family’ is like. Can’t wait for the next one. <|:3

    • Volkenstein

      Most likely different Time Zones.

  58. Matthew

    King is contemplating his feelings for the new character while hes being torn apart by children more as the story continues!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Volkenstein

      i sence a running gag…

      • Matthew


  59. Matthew

    I love thanksgiving considering i was born on it so happy birthday to me! :foreveralone:

  60. Shaex
  61. Shaex

    Forgot this one! Oops! (spoiler: Cuteness is still overwhelming)

    • rallyjr

      almost looks like King

  62. TheRen

    For some reason, this arc’s art seems a bit more simplified. King doesn’t have his usual flair this time. I’m not sure I like it…

  63. illeatyourself

    Aaaaaahahahahaaaaa! I can kind of relate to that! Most people (I think) end up crushing on an anime character or something like that when they’re too young to know better. I’ve been there. Not fun.

    • Volkenstein

      But Kings crushing on a actual person, at lest in the comic, and hes a adult.

    • VOLK

      Nope, it’s just you.

  64. Mirror

    “You are not attracted to female dogs *or at least you tell yourself that*”

    Even his rational side is undecided?

  65. Jeb

    Metacognition, eh?

  66. Chunktesta

    I just got here from the first page, and MAN! how the style have changed!
    on the other side it is looking like king won’t return to human life, or if he does, then he will want to back

  67. Kohaku Nightfang

    OMG look at the adorableness! I can’t handle how cute it is *dies*
    PS-The corgi-husky and the corgi-german shepherd are the cutest of them all

  68. Stupid Foxette

    No comment.

    • The Randomest Person

      Then what do you call that? :P

  69. Tatsu

    In all honesty I am the minority here. He should be his human self.With an appreciation for being a human with new understanding of the world around him from different view

    I mean a Animal messed with his life.You guys all brush over that.
    But in any case I hope he goes back to becomming a human, starting a new life, and all that . He was a human. As cute as it may be..Fridge horror if he gets stuck that way. He may like it but how much is his horomones and such acting on his mind. And what about his human life? It may suck but everyone here is espousing escaping. He should man up, go back to being human and deal with it.He would live a lie..and even if he told everyone..he’s not a dog. He’s a human. Even in a different body, it’d be like one of the humans with another creature portrayed here.

    Meh sorry just always odd people want a character to go his or her way but..I rather just nbatural character devlopment.

    • IceKitsune

      I agree with you I think he should (and will) choose to become human again.