Where I Wanna Be
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  1. Ryufire

    Where I wanna be is with King!

    • Valerio


    • silverfang16


      • Talonstripe

        Dedication FTW considering the fact that your icon is today’s King’s face.

        • silverfang16

          I like to grab my King avatar early, I will keep it unless I can find a nicer one later.

          • AuvaAkita

            I totally agree!

          • Molento

            Amen to that

          • Molento

            Umm, I was supposed to have an avatar…

          • Molento

            oh, there it is!

    • Tensa Zangetsu

      Who doesn’t!
      I can tell this’ll be great!

  2. senorpie7

    I find this interesting and want to know where it goes! Does anyone else sort of get a “Down at the farm” arc vibe building here??? :D

    • Barker

      I’m more interested in the fact that it’s a Fox and King arc. Specifically one that doesn’t stem from Pete or Bino. Also, ROAD TRIP!

    • gaboris

      I got that vibe, but with WAY more kids. XD

  3. rtlstien

    Yeah for King!

    I know how he feels… I would be one of the people trying to pet him (children aren’t the only ones who are allowed to!)

    • Valerio

      pet him, hug him, squeeze him, nom his ears…
      That li’l guy SCREAMS cuteness. Who knows…perhaps this time we’ll see if Fox was right about his buddy being a real ladykiller…

  4. Dissension

    Ack, large, Midwestern families. *giggles*

    Luckily, mine isn’t large. Then again, I’m not sure Arkansas is considered ‘Midwestern’ by most people.

    Also, I like that Fox reads while walking and, apparently, conversing.

    • senorpie7

      I believe fox is the only male talented enough to do that, and don’t think I am being sexist, I AM a guy. I have tried that and it is hard! I can’t even study and listen to music :(

      • rtlstien

        Really? I practically can’t study without music. Without music I easily get bored an my mind starts to wander into the realms of my fantasy.

        Took me days to find my way out once.

        • McFly

          Same here.

        • Talonstripe

          ditto here, i usually use the earphones that completly block out sound…which is also why i didn’t hear my alarm stating that the comic had been updated(rough estimate of time)

        • senorpie7

          Yeah, surprisingly that might be the reason why. When I listen to music and study, I read the pages yet I only listen to the music. Then after a few paragraphs I realize I have been reading without comprehending… Lol

        • Draven

          That happens to me weather or not I listen to music, music just give it structure though.

        • Tensa Zangetsu

          Music I’d my only sane factor… And this comic, and the people on it.

      • Barker

        Peanut might give him a run for his money.

        And I… uh… can’t study without background music of some kind. >_>; It means I test horribly since I can’t listen to anything, but music just helps me focus and allows me to burn through my workload really easily.

      • xhunterko

        I have to argue that Peanut probably could!

      • kisaki

        But Peanut can finish reading BEFORE he even walks!

      • Hera Ledro

        Actually, he’s looking away from the book in panel 1. While this is an admirable talent (one that happens to escape me Q.Q), and one that Fox and/or Peanut would likely be capable of, Fox doesn’t seem to be demonstrating it here. He’s looking slightly to the side of the book. Easy mistake, though ^.^

        • Dissension

          Yes, I realize it’s not depicted on-frame, but they were presumably walking and talking before we saw them, so I daresay Fox was doing all three. Otherwise, why walk with an open book? x3

          • Valerio

            or, they could be sitting on a bench?

          • senorpie7

            Well, Fox usually walks. I am certain they at walking right now!

      • PikoPikoKing1337

        Ieah, I tried to walk and play my GBA at the same time…..I decided it was a bad idea after running face first into a mailbox.

    • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

      I wonder what Dickens novel Fox is reading.

      • rtlstien

        I want to say A Christmas Carol, if only because it can be a set up for a Christmas Arc.

        • Frank

          The turkey dinner also fits it nicely

          • Grip the Wolf


          • McFly


          • Shadow

            Hmm.. I was wondering what that turkey was doing there.
            Love invader zim!

      • Kamron

        Its title is Dickens and it’s actually by Aaron Borges.

    • silverfang16

      I find it fairly easy, though it usually means my heart is not in the conversation.

    • Valerio

      I have no problems at all walking while reading. I have developed my own radar sense for obstacles :P

    • yehoshua

      I can, I enjoy multitasking in my reading and on my iPad.

  5. Roadrunner

    Well, King again! wow

  6. Exulen

    extended midwestern family? sound like my mom’s side of the family.

  7. hirple

    I never noticed that King has stumpy little Corgi arms! D’awwww

    • Ryufire

      Ooooh I sooooo want a King stuffed toy!!! @_@

      • Valerio

        Rick, that would be a total soldout!

        • SomeRandomGeekNamedBrent

          I think plushies of ANY of the HP! characters would sell fast. except maybe Pete. or the limerick guy.

          • Valerio

            nah, even Pete would sell.
            The nefarious villains wouldn’t sail

          • Valerio

            sell *selfbricks*

  8. McFly

    Better hope it’s not like what happened to Peanut and Grape when they visited their relatives.

    • silverfang16

      I picture the children being…miraculously similar.o_o

  9. Elwood Blutarsky

    Whoa, King and Fox arc, that’s actually pretty unexpected this time around.

    After King’s last adventures it’ll be interesting to see him in what appears to be a fully comedic arc. He could use a breather.

    • silverfang16

      Right, we can move on from spiritual tortures to physical. :P

      • Argent Stonecutter

        “When in doubt, hurt the corgi.” — adapted from the “Aladdin” TV show “bible” where it was “When in doubt, hurt the bird”. The bird, of course, being Iago.

    • Big Fan

      And yet, that expectation would make this the perfect arc for King’s secret to be revealed!

      • Elwood Blutarsky

        Doubt it, who’d actually believe him?

        • rallyjr

          who would want to believe him? cause i am fairly certain Fox wouldn’t want to believe his best friend is his worst enemy

          • Elwood Blutarsky

            Bino? Fox doesn’t actually have much of a rogue’s gallery, Fatty was more evil and he’s rotting in jail.

          • Thoth

            What, the confused and easily led one who kept disagreeing with the kidnapper?

  10. senorpie7

    Oh yeah, classic king fml face palm at last panel!!!

  11. xhunterko

    Poor King can’t seem to catch a break can he?

    • Valerio

      Fox’s still his best buddy, that suffices.

  12. Valerio

    Sorry for the caps, but I really needed to see this. yay!

  13. Valerio

    My heart goes to you, King.

    • Ryufire

      We salute you King! ;)

    • silverfang16

      Oh yes. Holidays with kids. *shudder*

  14. Valerio

    Now, I also hope this, being a ‘country vacation’ arc, won’t end up in tears as well…

  15. Napu

    Oh, there’s no place like someones home for the holidays

  16. Elwood Blutarsky

    Maybe Fox’s cousin will return and be named.

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      And she did in the next strip!!!

  17. randomone

    Never a dull moment for King I see.

  18. Valerio

    Panel 1: King looks exactly like Ralph when he did his ‘bad bat imitation’ number
    Panel 3: Fox looks just like Peanut while he was going ‘Pew Pew’ during his…stay at keene’s

  19. Valerio

    Also: King gets to go to country and not Bino, yadda yadda!

    • silverfang16

      Yep, Fox prefers King over Bino. I so wonder why… -_-

  20. silverfang16

    Oh no…..I smell hundreds of avatar choices coming.

    • Ryufire

      I…smell it too’s! :)

    • gaboris

      Seriously there should be an online application for creating these avis of yours… hmmm… I think I got my first project after I make my own thing going. :p

    • AuvaAkita

      I don’t smell a thing :-P

  21. MKarrow

    I didn’t know King was a poet! Depressing, yet inspring. Bravo!

    … I’m hungry now. -_-’

    • AuvaAkita

      Can i interest you in some turkey, potatoes, and cornbread? :3

      • silverfang16

        Thanksgiving is coming. ^_^

  22. Valerio

    aaand, of course, since Rick teased us with the awesome cozyness image in panel 3, that will be the only thing we will NOT see… :?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      He tweeted that it was going to be fox and king last night. So maybe he’s not a total tease.

      • Valerio

        ‘last night’?
        What did it mean?
        Link to tweet plz?

        • Valerio


  23. gaboris

    King ya poor thing you are never left to rest like if SOME force of the universe would keep dragging you down for the sheer entertainment of a bunch of other lesser forces. :D

    • Tensa Zangetsu

      We can guess who… It’s a certain fox

      • yehoshua

        Why would you or Sleet have anything to do with this?

        • Tensa Zangetsu

          Don’t be silly! It could be you too!
          But I meant GK

  24. Argent Stonecutter

    I don’t get the “real bucket seat” bit.

  25. IceKitsune

    This should be quite the interesting arc for sure. Can’t wait! :D King in panel 3 is adorable I love the look on his face.

  26. Kitch

    This reminds me of the beginning of “Dog Days of Summer”, the first two strips compressed into one. :P

  27. Nick (from HP!R)

    Hurrah for new Fox and King! #housepetscomic

  28. Grip the Wolf

    I feel your pain, King. Not the bit about being turned into a dog (unfortunately), but the bit about tranquility always escaping whenever I think I find it. Keep up the great work, Rick. I’m glad you’re feeling better, too.

  29. kingisawsome

    yays more Fox & King

  30. SilverZeo

    Taking on bets! What’s going to happen to King at the end of this arc? The being that returns his destiny back to heaven shows up and the Corgi has to make the way back to give it to him? Will he return back to the wolves more exhausted when he left?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Nothing, I’m betting this is a purely physical arc with no magic at all.

      • SilverZeo

        No plot twists even?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          No mystical ones.

          • silverfang16

            I am with your bet, besides King needs a break to forget about his fate for a while.

    • IceKitsune

      I can see an off chance of maybe one of the Kids figuring out his secret some how. Or him telling one of them of some reason, but even I consider that unlikely; possible but unlikely.

  31. Rocket Knight boy

    That last panel made me lol

  32. Ezhno Pallaton

    KING! YAY!

  33. 1boredcanadian

    Something tells me this will be a fun arc.

  34. Frank

    By “children” does he mean puppies or human boys and girls? And does King know which one?

  35. Kurra

    YAY EYE FLOATERS! wait, I hate them, they ruin the view of the sky. but yay that joke XD

  36. Grip the Wolf

    King, run while you still can! I don’t want you to die!

  37. BillyMT

    Double facepaw. I feel sorry for King XD

    • Elwood Blutarsky

      I don’t, hey free meal right?

      • silverfang16

        I don’t think he pays for them at all though…

  38. KnightPuppy

    Irony: 1
    King: 0

    • rallyjr

      i think irony has few more points

      • Frank

        She’s been spending them

  39. AuvaAkita


  40. Brien Wolf

    By the way, glad your feeling better Rick! ^_^

  41. sonic id furreh!!!

    UGH! ai HATE eye floaters! DX

    • BanditRingtail

      I have one myself. It’s provided me hours of amusement. ^.^ Yeah, I get bored easily. XD

    • FerreTrip

      Dating this comment right now: OMG IRATU

      As for me, I don’t mind them much. They don’t happen very often nowadays.

  42. FerreTrip

    Poor King. ^^; Well, at least it should be a bit better than spending it with wolves…right?


    Dohoho. I like where this is going.

    • Tensa Zangetsu

      Dohoho. Me too.

  44. Wanderer


  45. Onemanarmy11

    Awesomesauce! King and Fox are back! :D

  46. Firewolf

    lollll XD Every kid ALWAYS chases the Corgis! =D

  47. mocha chino

    panel two king look like he has a cross instead of his chess piece

  48. malinik

    hmm wherever he goes children have to be… must be a curse…

  49. Chazmeister242

    Man King…..look at what u got urself into now!!!!!

  50. Matthew

    *french accent*Quickly to ze meme generator! If thats ok with you rick.

  51. Carlitos

    King and Fox!!! happy to see them :D

  52. GentleCorgy's#7COMBO

    And that my good King is check and mate by your good fate.

  53. illeatyourself

    Oh gosh that was too funny!! And it’s nice to see King again! I missed him!

  54. Hoheh

    Kids might be more pleasant for him if he wasn’t adorable. King is in for cuddling, attention, and severely limited peace. A lot of it.

  55. King'sLore

    Wouldn’t it be nice if King got in to a love story?

    • John Willow

      It would be, but it would also be kind of weird since he used to be a man. He seems to have embraced being a dog though

      • King'sLore

        That’s the point of it. The complications make it more interesting.

  56. Tattorack

    Ah, King ALWAYS gets something with a catch!
    (BTW, when did he become a poet?)

  57. John Willow

    I’m getting a feeling that this will be kind of like when Peanut and Grape went to their uncle’s

  58. PunchyDoxie

    I love that Fox is reading Dickens. XD

  59. rederci939

    Ah, midwestern families during Thankgiving, fun times…
    Difference for me being that I’m one of the youngest (fifth from I think) and being sixteen half my cousins are off to college. Also, my family isn’t THAT large, only about two dozen… assuming most of my cousins in college come for the holidays.
    Anyway, if for King it’s gonna be anything like my Thanksgivings usually are, I hope King likes turkey, billiards, and Austin Powers.

  60. aJacks

    omg, eyefloaters!

  61. MistingWolf

    I think the “but” before “bad” shouldn’t be there.

    I don’t comment often do to the tirade that’s usually there by the time I get home to check the update, but I couldn’t help this one.

    Still love the comic, especially the characters’ development!

  62. MistingWolf


    Way too late.

  63. one blood heart

    what ever happend tothe ferets

    • Dissension

      One of them was featured within the last four arcs. :3